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  1. It's actually a big myth that life insurance is void in deaths by suicide. Your life insurance policy will still pay out, unless the suicide happens within the first 2 years of the policy. https://www.policygenius.com/life-insurance/does-life-insurance-cover-suicide/
  2. I'm not one to spread gossip. This came from individuals directly involved. The information that was shared with me was that there was not enough interest from DCC boys to continue to co-op for football and wrestling.
  3. I heard there wasn't enough interest from the DCC boys to continue the co-op...so I would think there would just be no football or wrestling option for DCC boys.
  4. Brockway boys' basketball also played up in the mid 90s under the Bovaird/Hughes era. Consistently adding teams that tripped them up in the play-offs, for example George Jr. Republic, in order to be able to compete with the WPIAL teams come play off time. Brockway softball also did the same thing in the mid to late 90s. Played DuBois, Punxsy, and Clearfield 2x each in regular season - and won. Power rankings for strength of schedule came out around this time and actually awarded teams for playing, and winning against, tougher teams with better play-off seeds. Back then only the district champ, and sometimes runner up, advanced out of districts and into the state play-offs.
  5. The co-op with Brockway and DCC will not exist in Fall 2020 that's why Brockway can move down to small school. Male enrollment for just Brockway is 119.
  6. My guess - youth coaches are hard to find and when there's a volunteer, no one really cares about if they work at a rival school district. Teachers can work in one district and coach in another, especially if it's the district she/her family resides in. The article says she lives in Chicora. That's Karns City SD.
  7. I have heard nothing about a DuBois/Brockway co-op. The junior and sophomore classes in Brockway are very small. Sports participation numbers fluctuate as a result. I do disagree that the midget program is a successful feeder as they struggled to fill a 7-8 year old team this year. The new youth flag football leagues are hurting midget programs around the area, as is the rise of youth soccer. The kids are still there, they are just participating in different sports. Brockway's band and cheerleaders marching to the field before the game is as much of a tradition as feeding the players a pre-game dinner at the SOI. Friday night football traditions run deep in most local towns. A co-op with DuBois gains nothing for Brockway and IMO would be a very stupid move. The DCC co-op is enough.
  8. I was in college. Just walked into my 9am class and the prof came flying down the hall saying turn the TV on. We all sat in silence and watched as the second plane hit. I remember walking back to my apartment afterwards and noticing how silent the campus was. I think everyone was in shock.
  9. D9Sports.com usually has the majority listed.
  10. Think of it as a caramel crustacean
  11. My thoughts always turn to Christmas when our Christmas Club comes due at the end of September. I love this time of year when my kids express a want and I can say "why don't you put that on your Christmas list?" Lol. No shopping started yet. A group of us usually takes a day in early November and heads to Altoona for some shopping. What I can't get that day, I buy online. I like to be nearly done by Thanksgiving so that I can just enjoy the holiday season.
  12. I actually tried lobster ice cream when I was in Maine a few years ago. It wasn't bad. Kind of a salty/sweet combo.
  13. I should have added, I have my pictures stored electronically too. We use an external harddrive. It plugs into the USB port of the computer, or my camera, so easy to move pictures from device to the external harddrive. Once you figure out your scanning situation, you might want to look into an external harddrive instead of thumbs. Lots of storage and relatively cheap. I wouldn't try to take pics of pictures with your phone camera for the reasons you shared. Just suggested Snapfish for the printing of the pictures you already have on your phone. The external harddrive also can be connected to my phone, via cable, to transfer my phone pictures to it.
  14. MIM307


    It's so fun to watch. We took the kids yesterday. It was a gorgeous day for watching ball on the hill.
  15. For the pics on your phone, upload to Snapfish. If you download their app, you get 100 free prints a month. I use Snapfish for all my picture printing. Great quality at good prices. Plus they provide online storage of my photos. It's my photo backup storage solution. I love the phone uploads, as it let's me print pictures of my kids that I took with my phone. I am still old fashioned and print pictures and put in albums. For the scanning of all the other pictures, I think it would be quicker to take pics of the old pictures and upload directly from your camera to a thumb drive. Good luck!
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