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  1. I agree 100%. A tool that should have been useful has completely dismantled our society.
  2. I do consider all sides and research them, exhaustively. That's why I no longer consider the YouTube videos you choose to post here factual. It's propaganda. Nothing more. The only side I am on is the side of true, factual information being presented. Shouldn't we all be on that side? I posted a link to a news site a few months ago. Despite that site making its sources readily available, if was deemed unacceptable by the majority here. That's not looking for the truth or considering all sides. That's sticking your head in the sand.
  3. I also find it disturbing how so many of these links are posted and yet the "information" in them isn't verified or linked to studies that can be verified. We have become so distrustful of the MSM that we now view any non-MSM source as legit. It's truly frightening how many people believe information to be true because "I read it online or watched a YouTube video produced by a random doctor." Truly scary.
  4. It seems missing from these attention grabbing headlines and knee jerk responses is the fact that the National Guardsmen are actually being housed in hotels, when not on duty. Leave it to the MSM and it's faithful sheep to follow that story right along. Oh...and I searched for information on Duck Duck Go first but am sharing a Google link below. https://www.newscentermaine.com/article/news/politics/were-ok-maine-national-guard-soldiers-in-dc-say-theyre-sleeping-in-hotels-not-parking-garages/97-f7ad88d5-6a78-4dc4-9b88-dba05f86a94b Party on.
  5. MIM307

    Masks again

    Trump REMINDED states of the constitution's separation of church and state. Big difference.
  6. Teachers are now considered essential workers. Many local districts submitted their "healthy and safety plans" declaring them as such.
  7. MIM307

    Masks again

    Um pretty sure the constitution mandated churches were separate from government, not Trump.
  8. MIM307

    Masks again

    Churches have ALWAYS had the choice to open 100%. It is up to each church's governing body how to operate. Separation of church and state and all of that.
  9. MIM307

    Masks again

    FYI the mandate Biden imposed is to require the wearing of masks on federal property. This was NOT mandated under the previous administration. So it is in fact something new. 😆
  10. I can't find it anywhere. Not in clips from the 6:30 news, not on the ABC news site, not in print articles. What you think will happen is very different from what is actually being reported. I don't disagree that media can fear monger but posting about what you saw or heard without links to back it up is pretty much the same thing. If you want to see the fear mongering stop, look within. If you don't want your political and controversial post debated, don't post it in the Message Board to begin with.
  11. I'll pass on using You Tube for any "learning." What I want is the specific article/story that says Wray is asking for Martial Law from ABC News. Have you seen it?
  12. I use DuckDuck Go and have for a couple of years. As ABC News is a MSM source the article/story Jaman referenced should have easily come up on a Google search. It did not.
  13. I have Googled about every combination possible and can't find an ABC News story regarding Wray, FBI, or Martial Law from today. Can you provide the article or a link to the news report you are referencing?
  14. Does anyone realize that Chrissy Teigen often posts things that are very much so tongue in cheek? She's funny. She's sarcastic. She's self-deprecating. Remember humor? Remember sarcasm? Oh the good old days. Now back to the regularly scheduled programming.
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