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  1. Pretty similar to posting Malibu pictures as representative of all of California. I have done mission work with my church in Honduras. Your pictures represent about 1% of what the country really looks like.
  2. Agreed women and minorities are encouraged to apply in the construction trades, and other skilled labor fields, because they are currently under represented in those fields. I am also aware that union shops pay women the same pay as men. Thank God for unions. Are you aware that on the national level, Caucasian women earn less than men doing the same job? Factors that play into the wage gap are highlighted below. Analyzing the most recent Census Bureau data from 2018, women of all races earned, on average, just 82 cents for every $1 earned by men of all races.3 This calculation is the ratio of median annual earnings for women working full time, year round to those of their male counterparts, and it translates to a gender wage gap of 18 cents. https://www.americanprogress.org/issues/women/reports/2020/03/24/482141/quick-facts-gender-wage-gap/
  3. Pretty sure women in Pennsylvania are effected by federal issues like VAWA, Title IX, and wage gaps. But way to miss the point. Carry on with your "outrage"
  4. Spare me the fake outrage. Where were these lawmakers when Violence Against Women Act was nearly allowed to expire in 2019? Or when a school has a Title IX complaint? Or when a woman makes .79 on the $1 a man makes? Talk about PC run amok. This is nothing more than political grandstanding.
  5. CBS must not have gotten the memo. There was a 10 minute piece on the crisis at the border this morning during the 7am hour.
  6. A perfect example of why the separation of Church and State continues to be vitally important in our society.
  7. Jeff Tech has adult programs. My guess is he was enrolled in one of the adult programs that shared shop space with the high school class. Students with learning disabilities aren't educated at high schools past age 21.
  8. MIM307

    Amish Doughnuts

    The Chris Moore store, beside Sheetz in Brockway, often gets Amish donuts on Saturdays. They are huge and delicious 😋
  9. Facebook. Bible quotes. Enough said.
  10. This is actually laughable at this point. Have you been on Facebook today? I just counted 4 friends with Bible quotes and devotions posted TODAY. Please stop spreading propaganda. You are becoming as bad as the MSM.
  11. The medical professional that administered my Pfizer vaccine stated that no 3rd dose was needed at this time. Many vaccines require additional doses, known as boosters, in the months/years following the initial vaccinations. This is not a new concept. Viruses change and vaccines are updated accordingly.
  12. When I received my first shot, the nurse providing the shot indicated that I would see some immunity benefit from the first shot but not achieve nearly full immunity until after the second dose. I was encouraged to continue practicing COVID safety protocols during the 3 weeks between shots. I received my 2nd dose last week. The nurse told me at that appointment that it takes 10-14 days after the 2nd shot to achieve the vaccine's full level of immunity. I will continue to practice COVID safety protocols for the next 2 weeks.
  13. That's what the project is going to do. And as a result all Main Street traffic will be routed directly down the new connector to Evergreen in a very residential area. It will also mean anyone wanting to access the Drug Store won't be able to do so from North bound on Main St. Talk about a run around to get into a business. This entire project offers no improvements, creates more problems, and is a total waste of taxpayers dollars.
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