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  1. I am so very sorry you had to experience the trauma again through such a careless mistake. I am angry for you at the lack of compassion that was shown to you by the Courier staff. It's inexcusable. May you find some peace today as you mark this a horrible anniversary. Much love to your family.
  2. MIM307

    Faith Marie

    Faith, and your entire family, continue to be in my prayers. Much love
  3. We avoid this section of 64 every year when we go to the Outer Banks. It's too tight for the amount of traffic on it.
  4. On a recent trip to the western US, this was the norm at all grocery stores we visited. Other shops offered the option to purchase a reusable cloth bag for your purchases. Costs on the reusable bags were .50 - 1.25, depending on size. Shops had not problem with putting your merchandise from one shop into another shop's reusable bag. One of the store owners I spoke with said the community had been plastic bag free for about a year with little problem. As for when I'm home, though, I'd miss some plastic bags. We use them to line smaller garbage cans, pick up after the dogs on walks, and other various messy tasks around the house.
  5. I made no assumptions. I responded based on the vague info you provided and included the word probably.
  6. Your post is confusing. Are you saying that the Boro police department is/was ineffective and that's why out of town police chiefs had and DA's had to come make arrests at Sheetz? Or are you saying that PSP isn't enough police protection for Brockway because their response time to your neighbor's house for a non-emergency (probably) matter was 25 minutes?
  7. Honestly most of Brockway, Snyder Township, has been served by PSP for years. The borough of Brockway is geographically tiny in comparison. So I am pretty sure there isn't a need for an armed militia during the few weeks of this law enforcement transition.
  8. Honestly if I was a former first lady and kept my mouth shut during the attacks Trump dished out on my husband, the last thing on my mind would be coming to Melania's defense. What's the old saying? You lay down with pigs, you're gonna get dirty. That being said, the White House decor looks lovely, as always. I always enjoyed watching HGTV's special on how the theme and decorations were chosen and the hundreds of volunteers that made it happen. I wish they still did it.
  9. In this case, I'm thankful for social media. Without it, and teens' need to post everything, these boys wouldn't have been caught and could have hurt others. Makes you wonder if many serial killers from years past had social media, would they have been caught before moving onto humans?
  10. MIM307

    D9 Sports

    Check out ExploreJefferson.com they ran a nice story on it a few weeks ago
  11. I use Mrs. Meyers brand. All natural. Dishes are clean with no taste/odor.
  12. Smartwool has always served me well. Maybe take a trip to Hepler's just north of Brockway. Angel and her staff are very knowledgeable and have tons of different sock options to choose from.
  13. MIM307


    The big difference between the fondly remember days of yesteryear and today isn't just helicopter parenting, sue-happy people, or wimpy kids. It's truly a loss of community. Sure I was allowed to ToT with friends from the time I was about 10 or so but I knew that everyone in my community knew who I was and wouldn't hesitate to report any indiscretions to my parents. On the flip side, I also knew most, if not all, of my neighbors and would have felt safe to stop at any house to ask for help if needed. That's not the world we live in today. The sense of community, and safety that comes with it, has been lost.
  14. Don't feel sorry for me. I have a happy, fulfilled life. My family has what they need, but maybe not all that they want. Because I work in a field that feel is my "calling," my family benefits from having a happy, healthy, and loving mom/wife. If I were to take another job just for more money or better retirement package, my family would suffer but have more money. Wonder which is better?
  15. I don't disagree with much in your post, but I would point out that it is truly up to the individual what he/she can live on and/or how that individual chooses to live. My magic number for income necessary to live the life I want may be drastically different from yours. Does that make my number not enough or not good? Nope. Success is measured differently. Sacrifices necessary for success are also different from individual to individual. We, as a society, need to stop using our personal measurements as a barometer for our neighbor's.
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