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  1. MIM307

    Gymboree To Close All 900 Stores

    Me too. My youngest still wears their clothes. They are such a good quality and if you hit their sales, good prices.
  2. MIM307

    Reputable coin dealer

    That's it. Thank you!
  3. MIM307


    I didn't realize Ridge had passed away. That saddens me. I always enjoyed her posts and learned a lot from her various sources. Schmoop and I also had the opportunity to PM a bit from everything from our kids to Subarus. She was a class act.
  4. MIM307

    Reputable coin dealer

    I agree. Dave treated me very fair. I knew what value I had, but thought I would check out the Hampton Inn people. The guy was a shyster. He accused me of being a coin dealer and wouldn't give any info at all. Then offered to buy a couple of pieces at waaaaaay below value. I said no thank you and left. There's also a guy in Clearfield that my brother dealt with but I can't remember his name. He owns a jewelry shop downtown. He was fair and very knowledgeable.
  5. MIM307

    Your First Computer Experience?

    Me too First computer at home was probably when I was in 10th or 11th grade and it was from that company that you could tell them exactly what you wanted/needed and they would send the computer ready to go out of the box. Gateway??? The boxes had a cow print on them.
  6. Dinner was on the table when he got home...but only cause it's my night to cook. Dinner best be on the table when I get home tomorrow night. We both bring home the bacon...and cook it too. 😉
  7. Exactly. The best thing a man can do to "help" a woman is support her and care about causes that are important to her. Learn what it looks like when she experiences discrimination and how you can be an advocate in those moments. We don't need saving, we need support.
  8. I heard the song on our local station this morning on the way to work. I managed to continue driving my car without calling my husband for assistance. Someway, somehow us fragile, defenseless females will overcome the adversity of Christmas song lyrics and continue on conquering the world.
  9. MIM307

    Hootie And The Blowfish Reuniting

    Tickets are pretty affordable too. $30-$60ish. I saw them years ago on my college campus. We might go to this one too. They put on a great show.
  10. I feel like the Jesus I know and love would be ok with non-believers using His birthday as an opportunity to show love to each other, spend time with family, be kind, and share gifts. Perhaps in those moments they will have the opportunity to see Jesus in those around them and come to know His love too.
  11. Polo, it annoys me too, but I feel that God would see it to be more important to be helping those less fortunate during Christmas than to be worrying about most likely a non-believer has to say about renaming Christmas. Merry Christmas to you
  12. It seems to me if you want to find something to be outraged about, you will find it. I scroll right past these stupid news stories when they pop up on my newsfeeds. I'd rather project my anger to and focus my energy on the kids in our own communities that do not having winter clothes, Christmas presents, and food than worry if a cartoon character from 50 years ago is racist or if someone is trying to take Christ out of Christmas or if some idiot is trying to rename Thanksgiving the National Day of Mourning. Let's all use that energy and anger for something more productive!
  13. MIM307

    DuBois Mall

    I was there yesterday. It's decorated nicely and there is an area for Santa in front of Penney's. A couple of the seasonal kiosks are there too - the calendar place and Hillshire Farms.
  14. MIM307

    School Closings And Delays

    The games postponed from this weekend at DuBois will be played in Karns City on Monday, November 19th. 1A game is at 4pm and Brockway vs Ridgway will follow at 7:30.