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  1. Oh I know what the restrictions said. I'm just relaying a fact. 2 houses were bought and sold during the "closure."
  2. I saw that too but am curious about it, as I know of 2 houses that had sales completed in the last week or 2. I'm not sure if they started before the shut down or not and that that somehow allowed them to complete the sale now??? Who knows. These 2 houses are definitely sold and have people moved into them as of today.
  3. If only we could get our priorities together... Yes let's offer pick-up liquor but not allow hair salons to re-open. This is getting frustrating. If there is no new cases today, that marks 14 days since Jefferson County's last new case. 14 days seems to be the magic number for virus decisions. Where's the data on moving from yellow to green? What's the plan? (Rhetorical question).
  4. Ditto. Mine has about 130,000 miles on it and still runs like new. 30 mpg really helps the wallet too. Regular maintenance and that's about it. Of course I damn near broke my dad's heart when I traded my Escape in for the Outback 5 years ago... Dobby - I've had good luck at Thomas Subaru in Bedford. Great prices and service. Give them a call and see if they have any used inventory that will meet your needs.
  5. MIM307

    No flags??

    FROM Jefferson County Veterans Affairs Facebook Page May 12, 2020: I have been receiving calls from individuals concerned about Flags not being out at Cemeteries for Memorial Day. Over 10,000 Flags plus Grave Markers have been distributed on April 24, 2020 with the help of volunteers for Jefferson County Veterans to be placed on graves before Memorial Day May 25, 2020. They were issued to our local Veteran Service Organizations/Funeral Homes/Cemetery Associations who requested them and so they can place them on grave sites of each our Veteran. This is not a small task and they do this voluntarily annually in order to honor our Veterans and I thank them all for what they do to honor them. I ask for all to please be patient, especially given the horrible weather we have had recently. If you'd like volunteer your time to help place flags on grave sites of our local Veterans, I highly encourage you to call one of the local VFW posts, American Legion posts, or one of the many Cemetary association in our area. I'm sure they'd welcome any help they can get. Thank you. Respectfully, Krupa Steele Jefferson County Veterans Affairs Director
  6. My dad is a die hard Ford guy. He just got a new Ranger. Its really nice and rides great. The dealership was ecstatic to get his 2008 Ranger with a standard transmission.
  7. MIM307

    Ohio Reopens

    You haven't seen judgement from ME. I have seen you, and others, make numerous comments about people wearing masks in cars. I am tired of the whole thing. Wear a mask or don't. Just knock off the judgement.
  8. MIM307

    Ohio Reopens

    If you see me driving with my mask on, it's because I either have another stop to make or I am on my way home. Mask gets put on with clean hands and taken off with clean hands. But please continue to make assumptions about people's behaviors that are truly no concern of yours. Honestly, the whole mask debate has truly brought out the worst in people. Wear one or don't but stop judging people who make a different decision than you.
  9. Personally, I don't take mine off until I'm home. I don't want to touch it, and my face, while my hands are still dirty from the store. I don't really like the thing. I just like removing in with clean hands and placing the dirty mask directly in my laundry.
  10. Some may disagree, but I don't really see our state's response, or lack of response, as political...by either party. I see state governments trying to figure out what the best response is with data that may be flawed. I see the federal government trying to figure out it's role in helping the states. I see failures and successes and I see fear at what the coming months might look like both in regards to the virus and the economy. What I don't see is one political party trying to exploit the virus in hopes of winning election in November.
  11. New people are always welcomed! The meetings are the 4th Monday of the month at 3 Sigma in the Business Development Park. Here's the contact info from the website:
  12. Come to the next committee meeting! I'm sure they'd welcome new ideas. The committee is really trying to hold the 4th as usual but many of the performers, bands, etc can't commit to traveling. I think we'll see food stands, perhaps some local acts performing, the car show, quilt show, art show, etc and of course the fireworks still happening in Brockway on the 4th. Family Day in August is still on. The brand new Italian Heritage Festival over Labor Day weekend is still on.
  13. The issue with the parade is that the committee hasn't been able to secure bands and other performers due to the uncertainty and those groups inability to travel. In addition it would be impossible to maintain any kind of social distancing during the parade. I spoke with the 4th Chairman yesterday. He's committed to having some kind of celebration, if at all possible. No one loves the 4th more than him!
  14. I'm sorry you had to deal with this too. My dear friend received the letter notice for her deceased father. It was addressed the same away as your son's. Only it didn't have a paper check. The $1200 was direct deposited to his account. She had left the account open to take care of any final expenses in the second year after his death. She called her bank and they advised her to just leave the money there and await instructions from the IRS. What a terrible, terrible, terrible mess.
  15. MIM307

    Last Dance

    It's fantastic. No one does a sports documentary like ESPN.
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