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  1. I hope you can use this year to try something completely different or find a new tradition for your family to enjoy.
  2. My 17 year old niece was called a "communist c-word" when she asked a customer to put his mask on when he entered the restaurant she was working in. Thankfully, her manager was able to quickly have the man removed from the restaurant. Just because you don't see it happening doesn't mean it isn't happening. There are idiots on both sides of the mask debacle.
  3. Normal Thanksgiving here too, but no one in our family travels more than an hour or so to be there.
  4. Fact. A woman of color was called the n word. It was caught on camera for all to see. Fact. You make an attempt to justify such behavior by bringing up an article that also shows racism and ignorant behavior. Fact. You have yet to state that the racial attack on Fetterman's wife was wrong. You want to see hypocrisy? Take a look at those facts, and then take a good long look in the mirror.
  5. You judge the azzhats that justify one bad behavior with another. Party on Fed, party on.
  6. Where do you stand with the video Fetterman posted? Stop trying to justify bad behavior with more bad behavior. It makes you sound like a spoiled toddler
  7. The truth is, a woman was called the n word for simply going to the grocery store. Trying to justify that appalling behavior with some political party he said/she said article is quite simply disgusting. Call a spade a spade. End of story.
  8. I would have probably left ours in savings too, but since we are both in "essential" fields I felt comfortable spending a little Plus 3 months working from home convinced me that NOW was the time to finally do those home remodeling projects we had been putting off for awhile.
  9. Real ballots or applications for a ballot? It seems like a lot of people are receiving applications to apply for a mail-in ballot, but not the ballot itself. When I voted by mail in the primaries, I had to send in quite a bit of info the Jefferson County election board to get my ballot issued. I was notified that they received my application, processed my application, and then approved my application. I received an official mail-in ballot about 2 weeks before the primaries, filled it out, and sent it back in. This fall, I've received numerous emails and mailers reminding me to apply for a mail-in ballot. Since I will be voting in person, I just disregard them. I've also received mailers that look very much like ballots, but are in fact mass mailings from the political parties. If you are receiving real ballots, take them to your county election board and ask why.
  10. We banked ours for awhile and then stimulated the economy with some home improvements. We'll do much the same with another one.
  11. I'm curious. How many on here really and truly NEED another stimulus check? We talk a lot about not agreeing with/not wanting government handouts, so is the stimulus any different? Do you truly need one? Just like everyone else...I'll take one if it's issued, but I don't need it. I think that's the issue that really needs looked at by the government. How do we get the money into the hands of the people that truly need it due to COVID vs just throwing money at everyone to win votes.
  12. I think you are just looking at the percentages, not the number of people actually allowed. For reference: Indoor venue: Venue that holds up to 2000 people can have 400 people in attendance Venue that holds up to 10,000 people can have 1,500 people in attendance Venue that holds up over 10,000 people can have 1,000 - 3,750 in attendance Outdoor venue Venue that holds up to 2000 people can have up to 500 people in attendance Venue that holds up to 10,000 people can have up to 2,000 people in attendance Venue that holds up over 10,000 people can have up to 1,500 - 7,500 in attendance At least there's some clear cut math with this edict that doesn't leave event organizers guessing on numbers.
  13. I voted by mail in the primaries due to being out of town. I was surprised how involved the application to get a mail-in ballot was. I've received a couple of emails reminding me of the due to date to request an mail in ballot for the Fall but since I plan on voting in person, I' haven't done anything with them.
  14. It doesn't give the recovery numbers, but you can look at cases by zip code: https://experience.arcgis.com/experience/cfb3803eb93d42f7ab1c2cfccca78bf7/
  15. MIM307


    Soccer games on Saturday. Soccer games on Sunday. Wash, rinse, and repeat every weekend until end of the month.
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