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  1. I have bought from Yoder's in the past. Great quality and reasonable prices. I also second Nikon's advice. Many local Amish can build just about anything you want, at a cheaper price than in their stores. If you are looking to drive north, I might suggest you check out Fred Barefield in Brockway. He has a Facebook page Designs By Fred. Absolutely beautiful pieces and he can do anything custom you want. Check out his work!
  2. You might enjoy reading the book "Educated" by Tara Westover. Homesteading isn't as pure and free from evil as you may think. I found her book to be eye-opening and simply amazing. It's well-written and reads quickly.
  3. A child should never be put into a situation where he or she has to defend themselves "confidently." A child should be protected from such horrors by the adults in his or her life. I do speak to my children about what to do if someone touches them inappropriately. You can believe that I do not expect them to defend themselves from such atrocities. That's MY JOB. To PROTECT my children. Both "parents" failed their daughters. If the Amish Elders were aware of the abuse and did not turn the couple into the police, they are equally to blame. Faith communities "handling" sexual abuse reports hasn't worked out so well for the victims. There are no excuses for sexually abusing a child. I don't care what show you watched on TV or what faith you practice. Perpetrators of sexual abuse should be held legally accountable and punished to the highest amount the law permits. Society can help those victims of sexual abuse by believing victims the first time they report and supporting them.
  4. The Juuls run about $34 for the device itself. The other vape...anywhere from $20-$50. Just another FYI...the vapes can be used to vape marijuana, not just nicotine.
  5. Another one to be on the look-out for is the Juul vape. They are incredibly popular with kids because of how discreet they are.
  6. That's the canister that holds the vape liquid. This is what would look like assembled:
  7. No home visits after an adoption. The child is now yours. The state is no longer involved. In most cases, local districts are not required to actually see a child being homeschooled. Testing is done, usually online, and homeschoolers submit curriculum for approval. The PA Department of Education oversees this. These "parents" created a perfect situation to allow the abuse to be perpetrated. They are solely responsible for this.
  8. The location of this house is quite remote. No close neighbors. The parents home schooled the children. No schools. I doubt a family that was beating, starving, and torturing their children had many visitors dropping by for a visit. To my understanding, it was the medical personnel who found and filed the abuse reports. These "parents" removed the children from society so as to inflict their torture. The "parents" are solely to blame.
  9. MIM307

    Fish Fry Run

    I think the standard 4-7ish, but not positive. We usually try to order pick-up for 5pm. (814) 787-4151 is the church's number. They should be able to provide you with additional info.
  10. MIM307

    Fish Fry Run

    St. Joe's in Force is my favorite benefit fish fry and Brockway SOI is my favorite bar fish fry.
  11. I applied for mine back in the fall, when they opened it up. I took my passport, current driver's license, and two utility bills to the DMV in Clearfield. I filled out one form, the worker copied and verified my docs, and filed the form. I am expecting my camera card anyday now. I wanted to get it so I didn't have to worry about taking my passport to fly after 2020.
  12. Honestly I was surprised to read this story in the Sunday paper. Much of the hype and drama over the bathroom issue happened last school year. I am curious if a recent issue prompted the student to come to board or if it's just attention seeking behavior.
  13. Here's the legalities on a student identifying as a gender different than their birth gender: https://transequality.org/documents/state/pennsylvania No surgery required in PA to change gender. Most area schools have been accommodating trans students by allowing these students to use the nurse's restroom for both the restroom and to change clothes for gym.
  14. Great info sent out this morning from my kid's school. Momo Challenge: What Parents Need to Know By Mary Bassett There is a new dangerous and creepy challenge spreading across social media. The “Momo Challenge”, or the “Momo Suicide Challenge”, encourages kids to hurt others, themselves, and eventually to take their own lives. The challenge has allegedly been the linked to the death of a 12-year-old girl in Argentina (ANI, 2018). It was reported that she was communicating with the Momo social media account right before she filmed her suicide. What is the Momo challenge? Momo is social media account that can be found on Facebook, YouTube and Whatsapp. When a person interacts with the account, they begin to receive pictures of Momo, a terrifying image of a bug-eyed toothless woman. Momo responds almost immediately with threatening messages and violent images to the user. “She” says that she knows personal things about the user and uses fear and threats to challenge the user. Momo starts with simple challenges like waking up at odd hours of the night or overcoming a fear; then the challenges take on a very sinister turn, such as asking you to post photos or videos of cutting your arms or legs, jumping off of a roof, or other dangerous and risky activities. As the challenges intensify, the last thing Momo pressures you to do is to commit suicide. If the user fails to accept or pass any of the challenges, Momo sends even more threatening and violent images and texts until the user is coerced into doing the challenge. If none of these pressuring tactics work, Momo threatens to visit you in person, or while you’re sleeping and curse you. This can be terrifying to young kids and teens. Others have reported that when they called Momo for a challenge, they heard screams in the background or other creepy noises (Foster, 2018). Why are kids choosing to do this Challenge? There are many reasons; first and foremost, the Momo challenge preys on the vulnerability of our kids. The kids most at risk are those who suffer from depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. They may be targeted by other kids to interact with the Momo account as a form of cyberbullying and they do not possess the coping skills to deal with the pressure–both from the challenges and from the bullies. This challenge is especially dangerous because of the immaturity of children and teens; their brains are still actively developing and going through immense changes. They are much more susceptible to peer pressure and feel an intense desire to keep up with their peers or prove themselves. Teenagers are often curious and can feel as if they are unstoppable; they will engage in risky behavior for attention, to gain popularity, and just for the “thrill of it”. What can you do? Talk to your kids about the Momo Challenge. Ask them if they know what it is. Have they heard of it? Have they tried it? If they don’t know about it, share the dangers associated with the challenge. Discuss a plan that includes what they can do if they receive a message with the Momo Challenge. Check your child’s phone/ Ipod/computer regularly. The Momo challenge is not the first challenge to encourage kids to participate in dangerous activities (the Slenderman and the Bluewhale challenge are similar challenges that were popular several years ago), and it will not be the last. If your child or teen is engaging in the Momo Challenge, or any other similar challenge, they will probably not volunteer that information to you. Remember you are your child’s greatest protector and you have every right to know the apps your child is using and have every right to check their electronic devices. Take social media seriously, do not downplay its power in our kids’ lives. Social media can be a means of building friendships and connecting but it is also where most of our kids are bullied, lose confidence, feel isolated, and are exposed to porn and other unhealthy media. Even if they aren’t sure what the Momo Challenge is, they may come upon this in the future, or other bizarre or dangerous “challenges.” Educating our kids will empower them to stay away from challenges such as this, and even encourage them to help their friends. Keep your relationship with your kids strong and solid. Spend time with them daily, allow them to talk with you about their interests, their friends and their fears. Keep the flow of communication open and consistent. Make sure they know and feel how much you love them. Have a social media contract with your kids! If your child is on social media, they need guidance and accountability. Knowing what is appropriate to share, what photos to post, and how to respond to other’s social media postings takes practice–and parents are the right people to set an example and teach their kids. Check out our free, downloadable eBook: Social Media and Teens: The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Kids Safe Online. It includes a social media contract at the end! Need help talking to your kids about bullying? Read Giving a Voice to Bullying Victims. or 5 Ways to Become a More Media-Savvy Parent so you can know what to say when the next social media challenge comes. Mary Bassett currently resides in Washington. She recently graduated with her Bachelors of Science in Marriage and Family Studies from Brigham Young University of Idaho. She is currently an intern writer for the non-profit organization, Educate Empower Kids. She hopes to one day work as a Family Life Educator. She is passionate about educating families how important love is in the home. Citations: ANI. (2018, August 09). What is Momo challenge? – Times of India ►. Retrieved August 13, 2018, fromhttps://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/what-is-momo-challenge/articleshow/65318768.cms. Bergland, C. (2013, December 19). Why Is the Teen Brain So Vulnerable? Retrieved August 13, 2018, fromhttps://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-athletes-way/201312/why-is-the-teen-brain-so-vulnerable. Foster, A. (2018, August 11). Story behind this creepy photo. Retrieved August 13, 2018, fromhttps://www.news.com.au/technology/online/social/where-the-creepy-image-for-the-momo-challenge-came-from/news-story/535560edbd2ad95656216d626030fa29. Inside Edition. (2018, August 07). What You Need to Know About the ‘Momo Challenge’. Retrieved August 13, 2018, fromhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=71&v=Jb3upXBzedc. N. (n.d.). Warning to local parents about “Momo Suicide Challenge”. Retrieved from https://newschannel20.com/news/local/warning-to-local-parents-about-momo-suicide-challenge Shaikh, M. (2018, August 6). Teen loses life as violent WhatsApp game Momo challenge goes viral. Retrieved August 13, 2018, fromhttps://www.indiatoday.in/world/story/teen-loses-life-as-violent-whatsapp-game-momo-challenge-goes-viral-1306646-2018-08-06.
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