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  1. The victim reported what happened to her. The adult called the police. The police investigated. The perp admitted to molesting more children. The children were interviewed. They reported the abuse they endured. The police filed more charges. STOP BLAMING OTHERS. The sole person responsible for this is THE PERP. I am PROUD of the victims for telling their stories. They were threatened and scared and abused and yet they STILL TOLD. Your heart may be in the right place but your words are not coming across in that manner.
  2. Read it again. While investigating the recent abuse report, additional information (victims) came forward. It often takes victims YEARS to report their abuse. Sadly, many never do.
  3. It was a very good read. I've been saying all along we need to see not only the number of new cases, but number of active cases, number of recovered cases, etc. Other states are providing that data. PA is not.
  4. Statistically speaking I'd say that's not a correlation as testing, time for exposure to the virus, reduction in mitigation efforts, etc have all changed since April. To make this comparison, you would have had to have people wearing masks in January and compare the number of cases related to the use of masks.
  5. A business can also choose to require customers to wear certain items in order to allow entry to their business. Shoes, shirts, etc have all been enforced for years. A jacket or sport coat for men at some establishments. Cruisewear for other locations. Business owners can, without a law, in fact say you have to wear a mask in their store or refuse you service.
  6. I'm pretty sure that since the federal government has left much of the managing of COVID to the states that they aren't about to start passing laws mandating states require citizens to wear masks. Of course that doesn't stop politicians from introducing feel good legislation that will no doubt not make it out of committee.
  7. I've long ago to never say never when raising kids. I can't speculate on what I would or would not have done as Mary's mother. I don't really think anyone can. I can't even speculate on what I would do if my daughter became pregnant and didn't want the pregnancy. I can answer that I remain pro-choice to give myself, my daughter, and other women the choice with their bodies. I believe my God gave us free choice, not choice free of consequence, but free choice for a reason. How we use it is between the individual and God. I don't believe my God gave us free choice to make the world worse but rather so in those moments of hard choices, we would find Him and come to have a relationship with Him. Enjoy your weekend as well.
  8. Oh I know you didn't bring it up to debate. I agree with the comparisons you draw but I'm not seeing on these boards how "we" think that "you" are more/less racist because of geographical location. I think it's the media painting that picture, not GoDuBois posters.
  9. If she was my daughter? Really? That's out of line.
  10. I listen to country music, along with a lot of other stuff. Just depends on my mood. I have been and always will be pro-choice. While I can't imagine a situation where I would have an abortion, I feel it's wrong for the government to mandate who can/can't have one and/or why she can/can't. Disclaimer: Quote me if you want, but I'm not debating anything in the above post. My beliefs will not change, no matter the opinion of another poster.
  11. So many prayers to this family. I'm so thankful no one, including the cows, were injured but its going to be a long road to rebuilding.
  12. I also assumed, based on his name, that he was white. I watched an interesting documentary on the Underground Railroad recently. It brought together decedents of the Weems family to share their histories. The one man was as white as I am, yet through tracing his ancestry was a decedent of 2 black great- grandparents. It was further discovered that his grandpa changed his race from mulatto on one census to white on the next one and from then on was listed as white on census. The man had no idea that he had black relatives and was related to the other black decedents of the Weems family. It was very interesting to watch him process the information. My point being that the historical classification of individuals by race is as old as is this country...and so are the problems such classifications bring with them. I think Morgan Freeman is a 100% right.
  13. I use this one from the Pioneer Woman's cookbook: https://www.thepioneerwoman.com/food-cooking/recipes/a101129/creamy-roasted-red-pepper-soup/ I don't add the potato and I just use my regular blender to get it to the right texture.
  14. I'm a registered Democrat. I do not think I'm superior to everyone else.
  15. I think there's a lot a of terms being using interchangeably here. White Privilege is something we (assuming majority of posters here are white) have simply because of our race. It doesn't mean that we didn't work hard to achieve what we have or that we lived a life on easy street. It just means that while working to achieve what we have, we were not handicapped by being black, Asian, Latino, etc. That's all white privilege is. An acknowledgement of the ability to achieve the same successes, or failures, without race being a factor. Individuals holding privilege often believe they have earned it through hard work, overcoming obstacles, etc but privilege in fact cannot be earned. Racism is discrimination based on solely on an individuals ethnic background or skin color. I would wager that most posters here aren't racist but instead don't acknowledge the privilege they have that allows them to be "unaware" of race issues. I once heard this explanation of bias, prejudice, and discrimination that made the most sense to me. We all have bias and prejudice, it's a natural reaction. It doesn't become a problem until we ACT on those bias and prejudices. So for example: My bias is I like green. My prejudice is green MnMs are the best. My action is eating green MnMs first because they are the best. We're all entitled to our bias and our prejudice but it becomes a problem when we move onto an action, discrimination based on those prejudices and bias.
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