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  1. Our toilet paper is in a cabinet which can be reached while still sitting on the toilet; however the hubs and son are never the ones to put it on the new roll. They get it out and use it and set it on the cabinet! I am always the one who has to change the roll. And, I am always the one to replenish the milk, paper towels, etc., etc., etc.,. One of these days I'd like to just let everything run out and let kaos ensue!
  2. I guess I would have to know of her past behavior to make a judgement. However, it must be noted that in the case of Noah in the Bible, the Lord put his "bow" (rainbow) in the sky as a sign he would never destroy the earth by water again.
  3. and Brockway area. I once dated a guy from there whose relatives had original KKK uniforms in their attic from their ancestors who had resided in the area.
  4. I don't like using products like that. Makes you wonder what other harm they can do. When my boy went to scout camp each year for the Polar bear camp, we had to spray their boots and snowpants with waterproofing. I did it because I was concerned about things getting wet, and it was freezing weather. However, I wish we didn't have to use it.
  5. Glad she is on the mend. That is scary! She is lucky to have such a caring mama.
  6. This guy needs locked up. Clearly abuse. Many fathers, even rough and tumble kind of guys, handle their children gently and never cause harm. This guy is sick and needs mental help and the help of the justice system. My heart breaks for this baby. The mama needs help, too.
  7. I'm with the other folks on here who responded! Are you kidding me? Mama's sniffers are very keen and are able to outwork any so-called app! Not to mention the constant checking and watching baby's facial expressions!
  8. I'm using the data on my phone to post this. Since yesterday at 4 the verizon internet near Falls Creek has been down. We called and they said it would be on today by 4:30. Still not on. Anyone know anything? Foreign fellow hard to understand as to direct reason for trouble.
  9. Sounds like a juvenile prank. Those bugs migrate easily, though. Hope they get them all.
  10. The Brockway Pharmacy has a booth to deposit the old meds in as well. We used it when we lost a loved one and had a lot of meds to get rid of. It is located at the main traffic light near Sheetz in Brockway.
  11. Prayers for those injured and for the families of those who lost their lives.
  12. I for one am not happy when I encounter construction, because it makes me nervous going on the narrower lanes, and sometimes the barriers are really close and I worry about hitting them. However, if we don't have construction, our roads will continue to break down. I always say a little prayer for the workers because I know its dangerous. I don't like having to slow down either, but its a must for safety. I would feel horrible if I hurt someone because of my carelessness. So, I guess I'm trying to say that the new technology is a good thing.
  13. Sometimes these things come out late because the victim is ashamed and hides it. They could even feel it was their fault. Its a horrible thing to be assaulted sexually. The fact that it is finally known is a good thing. Hopefully that person can now begin the road to healing.
  14. My mother has told me "never say never." And she was right!
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