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  1. This is a valid point, too.
  2. I'm all for folks making money at ventures, but it seems to me that there are a lot of folks gambling that don't have the money to begin with. They take a lot of their paycheck and think they are gonna hit it big, and wala! Not! I don't think we need any more gambling machines.
  3. Years ago, myself and others were taken hostage by a Warren from Clearfield. Wonder if this person arrested was a relative. I would hate to think the person's young family at the time continued down that path.
  4. I hope this child is able to make a full recovery and is taken away from these disturbed people. If they made your get a license to reproduce, I wouldn't think twice about supporting it.
  5. No excuse. Every child should have been included, no matter what. I have worked on yearbooks in the past. I have worked on College catalogs in the past. Nothing should get missed. Those items are to be proofread by several people so that all is ok. The persons responsible usually have high school students who help with the process, but are responsible for proofreading and looking over every single item. Someone didn't do their job as far as I'm concerned.
  6. Breaks my heart. Hope they find this horse and that no harm was done.
  7. How low can you go? I guess that question has been answered now.
  8. This is so sad. Any punishment will not be as awful as the punishment as I am sure the offender is inflicting on himself. Bad thing all around. Hope this family can heal.
  9. I wish there was an angry button! I wanted to push it! This really upsets me. I was at Lowes last year during a bad heat wave, and a man left a little dog in his pickup with the windows only cracked. I asked him how long he was going to be? He said as long as it took to get 5 bags of soil. I waited until he returned. He is lucky he returned in 5 minutes, which I felt was too long anyhow. Any longer, and I would have taken action. I have a feeling he would have been gone longer if I hadn't spoken to him. He was not happy with me.
  10. What was it, all in this together, but in separate boats. I think it has gone by the wayside for now, because of the black lives matter movement and the rioting. Then we have the political mess. I'm about ready to shut all my social media off and just pray and have peace. Should have done it months ago. If it wasn't for my nosiness, I would have by now.
  11. That poor child. Breaks my heart. I hope the mother gets the help she needs.
  12. Thanks for this! I didn't know the difference. I think I prefer the Italian ice. Flavor lasts longer.
  13. Can't believe this went on for so long. I once had someone who was calling on the phone. I had my dad get on there and he took care of things. Never got a call again.
  14. Reminds me of my parents when they used to ride their trike. They were always safe, thank God, but all it takes is an unforeseen situation to crop up like debris on the road. So sad for these people. Stay safe out there, bikers!
  15. How's the job hunt coming?
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