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  1. What the heck is wrong with people? Scares me to death to ever put a relative in the care of any facility! These older folks have lived their lives and are someone's father, mother, brother, sister, grandparent! They deserve the utmost respect! I hope they really nail that guy! He needs to be taught a lesson.
  2. Was not a regular watcher, but when I did watch it, I laughed! It takes a lot to make me really laugh. Was a good show.
  3. I have Wood Mode Cabinetry in my home. Best ever made. It's over 30 years old, and still like new. Sad this has happened.
  4. The teen years are rough and confusing for kids. Equally rough and confusing for their parents. Most of the stuff that seems important to them at the time is not going to matter later on, but they can't see that as teens. I hope they find her soon.
  5. Very sad. I know PTSD is a really hard thing to deal with, and also happens to civilians. I can see where folks may self medicate, and run into trouble. My sympathies.
  6. Ever since I learned about looking twice, I always do! Besides motor cycles, you can also miss seeing cars, people, and bicycles if you don't look twice. I have a lot of family members and friends who ride. I hope and pray that they stay safe this summer!
  7. I'm glad someone saw what happened and took the dogs to safety. They are better off away from the people who dumped them. So sad to hear about this! People have no decency, it seems. At least the dogs have a chance for a better life now. I'm not a mean or violent person, but I feel like I'd like to punch someone!
  8. I hope he gets feeling better soon! I remember when his songs first came out years ago. All of my friends and I just loved singing along. It was an era! Poor fellow. We all are getting older!
  9. Sorry to say, but most of us know or have encountered folks like that! I think if I was having a reception nowadays, and I had an idea someone may try to pull a trick like that, I would alert the caterer to the fact and have them discretely handle it. That way, I would be free and clear of any criticism and be able to handle my leftovers as I choose. Most of us are glad to take our own leftovers home or share them with close family members.
  10. Wow! That's big! I like the look on the boy's face! What a cool thing for him!
  11. Thanks for the info. This must have been a change in more recent years, though, because I remember of a student where I went to college who killed someone, perhaps her husband? in a crime of passion, and she served her time, then was released on parole and went on with her life. I know her sentence was based on the "crime of passion." This was in PA, and was a publicized case near our area.
  12. They had to be selling them, because I can't imagine even wearing their so-called underwear. Very uncomfortable. At least for me. However, I'm far from a size 2!
  13. I pray for the abused and exploited children and adults. I also pray for abused and neglected animals. When I see these arrests happening, I know my and many others' prayers are being answered!
  14. Being hungry is one thing, but I agree it wasn't necessary to throw things around. That's just wrong. And in a church to boot!
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