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  1. I hope she is found safe. No 15 year old should be out running around without a home. I remember 15. Didn't have a clue.
  2. I don't personally have a problem with Dr. Levine, as I feel she has done her job. I don't care for the thing about her removing her mother from the home, when other folks' moms and dads were left there. However, other families could have removed their loved ones too, if they wanted, couldn't they? I'm also upset that our small businesses have had to suffer being shut down or run at low capacity. I do agree that she was picked for her transgender orientation by the Biden team. I don't like the "first" terminology. I don't think people need to be labeled that way. Big deal? Either they have the qualifications and moxy for the job or they don't. I don't care to know if they are gay, transgender, white, black, red or yellow. Just do the job and do it right. And treat others right. Who cares about the label!
  3. That is a shame. This makes me kinda mad, and sad for that fellow. You can't have anything it seems. I bought an old camp I'm fixing up. Gonna just keep older used stuff there. Decent stuff, but nothing anyone would want to take and nothing anyone could sell for a decent amount.
  4. So true. You can't teach recovering from failure, but you can inspire folks to reach down inside themselves to keep working to succeed. That is what the presenter was doing. Some of us have what it takes, but need a little nudge. And I agree, we shouldn't reward failure. But we can encourage those who have failed.
  5. Polo


    They used to have photo processing at Rite Aid. Not sure if they still do.
  6. Love that guy's presentation. Each one of us has the potential to produce our own positive outcome. But the key is not giving up! The most successful folks are the ones who have failed before. But they keep trying and eventually succeed!
  7. Praise God this lady was on the ball and helped this child! I just don't have words for how I feel about what those parents did! I take that back! I have words, but won't share them. My heart just hurts.
  8. This would be an answer to my prayers! I am an icecream junkie!
  9. The guy knows he is headed for jail and made a break for it. When they catch him its just gonna be that much worse. And he will surface in time. I can't believe that the so called appointment wasn't checked for authenticity beforehand! I think there is an overload of cases and things just get sluffed over sometimes!
  10. It was in another picture with the guy with the horns. The guy making the sign with his hands was the guy with long hair and yellow or cream color hoodie. I thought it was in the pic on this thread. But it was in another pic I saw. Sorry.
  11. This all makes me sick. Being a parent of a child who lives and works out of state and knowing other parents whose children work and live out of state just makes it worse. My heart goes out to her family! I hope that justice is served swiftly.
  12. What gets me is that 99.9 percent of the folks there were just peaceful people making their stand known. Then the trouble makers all came in and gave them all a bad name. I noticed that the guy pictured with the horns and red white and blue face was pictured in other riots this year. And the guy next to him was making the Antifa sign. Just imposters bent on evil coming in to take advantage and make trouble. It's very sad folks had to die and were hurt and there was destruction. That was uncalled for. What makes me mad is that Dems are condemning this horribly, and it was less violence than the BLM movement. I didn't hear about them condemning that.
  13. This young lady is a humble person and a friend to all. She has worked hard and deserves a bright future. My faith in our young people is strengthened when I read about young folks like her! You go, girl!
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