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  1. Some advise to put a radio at the hen house and have it on 24/7. Will keep the fox away, even the red fox that moves around during daytime hours.
  2. I have heard that its just not good to leave a plastic bottle of water in a car in any amount. When the plastic heats up, toxins can seep in to the water and it can be harmful for consumption. Not sure it that is totally true, but why chance it.
  3. I love the idea of these little houses. It's coming back in style! Heck, the Amish have done it for years with their older family members. It's called a Dawdi house. Lord willing, of course, but when I get older, I would love to think of living in my own smaller house so that I could still be on my own with my family nearby. Perfect solution. I believe Sandy Township recently approved this for a family. Hopefully we will have many more if this works out.
  4. This saddens me. I think she was a good woman and really stood by her man and family. She was a bit eccentric, but I admire her for being herself. There is a lot to be said for that. I also feel she was a true Christian woman. She had her faults like all of us, but I think she truly lived her faith. From what I observed, any how.
  5. Yes, they are either blind to their son's prejudice, don't care, or feel the same way!
  6. This was an interesting article. I very much like the concept. But its true that not everyone can access the internet from home, and not all the kids have the proper equipment at home. I think of a section of Hazen/Brookville area where cell phone service is not available. Not sure about internet there. Unless each teacher has specific lesson plans that are laid out for those 5 days in case school is canceled, and is in their school book, I don't think the online thing will work.
  7. I agree with the apology, but also I think there should be restitution made. That woman was knocked out and serious marks put on her. That kid needs to do more than just apologize. He also needs professional intervention and to be taught about treating others as you yourself would like to be treated.
  8. Polo

    Bear Alert..

    We are located near the Beechwoods golf course area, and we have had our bird feeders knocked down a few times by the bears that have come in the night. I know there is a mother and 3 cubs in the area also.
  9. Polo

    spin mop advice

    I'm not fond of the Swiffer. I don't like the fluid its soaked in. Seems sticky to me, and I have three dogs that I worry about getting it on their feet, then if they lick their paws it could harm them.
  10. If they are looking for something on ground, maybe someone tried to ditch drugs.
  11. Polo

    spin mop advice

    Mine is the O-Cedar. I ordered it from Amazon. You have to watch with spin mops because the cheaper ones fall apart easier. It is 29.98, and worth every cent. Has a pointier head so it can get in corners better. Very sturdy.
  12. Also, check your pets and watch for symptoms. Vets offer the Lyme shot for dogs, but they can still get tick borne illnesses. My dogs are inside dogs, but they go out into the yard and woods. Twice in the last three years they have contracted anaplasmosis, a tick borne illness. We noticed they were more sluggish and developed limps over night practically. The vet did a blood test, and found the illness. They are on docycycline for 21 days, twice a day.
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