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  1. Polo

    CV-19 Is Here!

    I sure hope so. By the time its available, we should get it along with the flu, pneumonia, shingles, and whatever other vaccines we get.
  2. The Coronavirus is a terrible scourge, but I have seen a lot of good coming out of it. Looking for the good helps us through these times. I see parents spending more time with children, families taking more time to care for one another, folks praying who haven't prayed in a long time. People cooking at home and enjoying their families. People doing more phoning and facetiming older friends and relatives., reaching beyond the miles. People just taking more time for others, because they have the time to give now. More time to think of what is truly important. Many businesses are donating much needed items, sewing face masks, etc.,. My hope is that folks get closer to God, their families and friends, and learn true compassion and caring, and putting away hate. We can come out of this richer, not moneywise, but in our souls.
  3. Polo

    CV-19 Is Here!

    How about we look at the numbers after that, and see where to proceed. May need more time before going back. I think there is a fine line between "crashing" the economy totally and taking care of this virus, too. We need to find that perfect balance. Praying that our leaders will figure it out and make the right decisions. We have a lot of smart people out there working on this. Just gotta have faith in God and our leaders!
  4. Polo

    CV-19 Is Here!

    That's where a vaccine comes in. Hopefully, we will have one to keep the forever from happening.
  5. Polo

    CV-19 Is Here!

    Time and numbers will tell, I think, as to when we can return to "normal", although after this, we will be changed forever. Vaccine is 12 to 18 months away. So, yes, we have to wait and do our best. Sounds like you have been doing the right things for your health, so you will probably fair well. Prayers for you and all of us. This will pass eventually.
  6. Polo

    CV-19 Is Here!

    I think we need to continue the so called "quarantine" and social distancing for awhile longer. We don't want our medical system to be overwhelmed. Hopefully our efforts will do what we want them to, to slow things down and also save lives.
  7. Polo

    CV-19 Is Here!

    We all knew it was coming, just a matter of time. I hope everyone keeps staying home as much as possible and practicing good health habits and precautions. We can have less infections this way, and save some lives, too. I pray for those infected that they will have a quick recovery. I also commend the folks who work in life sustaining businesses that have to go out and work daily. And a big thank you to our doctors, nurses, caregivers, emergency workers, and truckers!
  8. I personally am just being mindful of practicing good hygiene as usual by washing my hands. If someone gets the flu or stomach bug, I try to keep my distance, but its hard in your home to do that if others are sick, so you do your best. I'm not planning to go on any cruises. Close quarters promote any kind of virus. If I have to go on an airplane, I will. We can't live in fear. The media and the fear is the worst thing about this virus. We need to be calm and sensible and helpful to others so that our most vulnerable ones can get the help they need if the time comes. We don't need the hospital emergency rooms crowded with folks who don't need to be there. This will delay help for those folks who truly do. I read a post from a doctor who said he's not afraid of COVID-19. He's afraid of the fear that's being instilled in folks by the media, which can lead to worse problems than the illness itself.
  9. I'm not for Biden, but I applaud his wife. She defended her man, and there's a lot to be said for that.
  10. I'm with you on that! I've actually been pushed by the cart behind me.
  11. She sang like a bird! Beautiful!
  12. There was also a man walking on Broad Street in Brockway that tried to lure a child away a few days ago. The mother took a pic and posted on FB and made police aware.
  13. This certainly would qualify as DUI because he was sitting in the vehicle with engine running.
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