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  1. Haven't been to De Lazy Lizard yet, but I like the looks of it. Plan to eat there next year!
  2. When we were there they had a Bon Jovi /Journey tribute band at the Purple Moose. Brought back a lot of memories!
  3. We have been traveling there for the past 20 years or so. We tend to like the all-you-can-eats. My favorite is the Bonfire. It has a wonderful selection. There is something for everyone. They also have a good dessert bar, with hot fudge topping! We also like Phillips and Embers, which are super, too. If you want to go to a good crab place, The Assateague Island Crab House is great. It's over the route 50 bridge and then you head out route 611 toward Assateague Island. Higgins is good for crabs, too. If you want to hang out near the water, and eat outside, the Bahia Marina is a really happening place. It has good music, a bar, and there is always a crowd. We usually eat twice a day. Once at breakfast, then a larger meal at night. "The Kitchen," which is down by the inlet is very good for breakfast. On Sunday mornings, The Blue Moon Saloon, serves a delicious breakfast. It is also located over the route 50 bridge on one of the back streets. You can google the address. My hubby loves the eggs benedict there. They even serve a seafood eggs benedict. I could go on and on, but these are the places that stick out in my mind.
  4. Nothing you could pay would cause me to do that job! No amount!
  5. I have a dear friend who goes nowhere without the Epipen. That way, if something happens or there is a mistake made, she is covered.
  6. Polo

    Movie Theater

    I'm glad they will be honoring the 2019 popcorn buckets. My son just bought one not long ago, and will want to get his money's worth.
  7. As kids, we had some of the above toys. I especially loved the Easy Bake oven. You had to buy those boxed cake mixes, and after we ran out, I couldn't use it. Until my babysitter, who knew how to bake, mixed up her own little cake and we were able to use it. Never needed to buy any more mixes! We got a lot of use out of the cap guns, too! Every time we went to town, we would stock up on rolls of caps!
  8. I strongly agree. Most of the time, reaching out and being kind doesn't take much effort, and it yields great fruit! It's a win-win. I've been telling my kids for years, kindness always wins out.
  9. Must've had the munchies after drinking. It is clear he does have a problem. Don't know if he needs kicked out of government office, though. If he does a good job, then he should stay in. If not, then kick him out. However, he needs to continue treatment for his problem and not break the law by drinking and driving. Very dangerous and a bad example.
  10. I just heard the same. Glad its coming to an end!
  11. Just got a call from a relative. She said she was notified by her neighbor on Oklahoma Salem Road, that that shooter was in that vicinity? Not sure how the neighbor knows. Not sure if its really true, but since I work on this road, I'm gonna lock the door.
  12. Yes, I agree with Petee. If you suspect, it is OK to call. The matter will be checked out, and if nothing bad is happening, no harm done. If anything bad is happening, then it will be kept confidential as to who called it in. That is what I have been taught in my Youth Protection training. Because of this, more children are being helped.
  13. The above is so true. You always think you have more time. But thats how it happens. It just happens, and they are gone. I remember thinking we had some more time when a relative died recently. They had health problems over the last several years, but always kept going. Figured we had some months left at least, but God took him suddenly through the night. We never know. I hope I go that way, too. Quick, painless, gone. Waking up in Heaven.
  14. I always say "bless your heart" as a way of being caring and showing compassion. I had better rethink that when talking to anyone from below PA on the map!
  15. Whoever reported it knew all about the situation in detail, so it was someone who was around them. For them to know the times the child's room was locked, and about them being medicated, etc., they had to be close to them. I'm so thankful these babies can be taken care of properly now. I just pray they never get them back. I was horrified to read the report!
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