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  1. I personally think we should wait until after Thanksgiving is over. However, they shouldn't have been told to take it down and wait. It certainly wasn't hurting anything. And the pregnant lady had a point.
  2. I'm not sure what you are getting at. I don't drink the TruMoo. I just drink the regular Deans nonfat, 2%, or whole milk and said I like the taste. Maybe you meant this for the person who said the taste changed.
  3. Polo

    Scam website

    Well, I just have to let you all know how things ended up. Since I escalated my complaint to Paypal, I did receive some shoes! They were not the ones pictured at all, but a cheap knock off version. They were also too small. I'm not going to bother returning them, because I will have to pay all the costs to return them to China, and I feel I've been bamboozled enough. So I lose. But lesson learned.
  4. Any condition on the horse yet? This really pees me off.
  5. I'm just the opposite. We like it. I like that their skim is better than others, its thicker. I'm also partial to it because a very dear friend of mine sold her cows' milk to them years back when she had an active dairy farm. We just always bought it to support her.
  6. Was very pleased with the show last night. Really was "true country" to me. Loved that the older stars were involved and pictured as well as the newer ones. In the past, it seems that things were too "modern" and not keeping with true "country" traditions. I think someone took the hint!!!
  7. I love them. Love watching them on PA Game Commission Website and visiting Benezette occasionally to see them and stopping at the Benezette Hotel for dinner.
  8. That's just a darn shame. If they were concerned about students being afraid, they could have just informed everyone in advance. You can bet every student would have been informed with all the social media! Those West Virginia veterans deserved that salute and didn't get their due! Shame, shame, shame!
  9. Thank you, all service men and women, for your service!
  10. Oh my! That is so scary. That is a place I would feel safe walking to my car. Those poor ladies! I think of my mom and aunts when they take trips and stay over and shop. I'll be telling them to get it done before dark, and stay out in the open where others can see you. You just never know. That guy was lucky to get away. If he keeps it up, some day a little old lady is gonna pull a gun on him and he will deserve it.
  11. Thank God that little bus didn't float away! Bad judgment on the driver's part.
  12. Polo


    What just happened? Electric in Oklahoma section of Dub went out and came back on in 10 minutes! Had a hard time coming back on!
  13. Polo


    I don't care for any of them. I'm a big scaredy cat. I guess the only things I would watch dealing with Halloween are the shows they have on the Hallmark channel. They are mild and entertaining enough for me.
  14. Now I think we should ban all gender reveal parties because someone was killed at one. Too risky. This was meant to be sarcastic. However, I feel sad about what happened at the two parties mentioned above.
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