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  1. Sounds like a scam. We also got a recorded call at our business that our electric was going to be shut off in 1/2 hour, due to nonpayment. They wanted us to call a number to pay the bill. All our bills are paid, so we contacted the electric company at the number on our electric bill itself. Of course, it had been a scam. They said they would never call and leave a message about electric being shut off. They would have to notify a person in writing, and there is much more involved.
  2. How can I get this? I want to see!
  3. My apologies, folks. I was listening to Family Life radio when I heard this and assumed it was close to home. However, this happened in Orleans County, New York in the town of Ridgeway.
  4. Just heard a couple in Ridgway was found dead by their son. The woman had been stabbed, and both were shot. Heard on the noon news. Anyone know anything more? So awful. Poor folks.
  5. Hope many give to this! Even if you don't purchase a sign, you can call the number and get the info so you can mail a check to help this sweet little angel! She is one of our own on here. I feel like I know her just from seeing her photos and news from her grandma.
  6. I wouldn't mind keeping that extra hour at night. When we fall back, it is darker earlier, and I get so tired. That extra hour really makes a difference, especially on week nights. Especially after working at the office all day. Gives you that extra bit of daylight to do something outside, no matter what it is. And I don't get tired as early, so I get more done inside the house, too.
  7. I agree. The idea of taking the meds to drive down testosterone levels is good, too, for people on probation, but we can't be sure people will take the meds. Someone would have to administer the meds daily to them, then check their blood levels. Too bad they can't give an injection that is long acting. That way, if they don't show up for the next shot, send them back to jail.
  8. Wow! That is a real good way to get your kid back! Not! Just goes to show you it's best she doesn't have her child in the first place!
  9. I enjoyed the show last night. Really enjoyed Eric Church and Marin Morris' performances especially.
  10. Just a few thoughts. In my line of work, our team works outside, so we have been fortunate not to get shut down in any way. We were considered an "essential" industry. We were only down a few weeks in March, then right back to work. But I do feel for the businesses who have been really adversely affected by this. They shouldn't be shut down or running at less than full capacity. Anyone who is concerned about getting infected should just stay away or wear their mask and go in and out quickly to lessen their chances of infection. We can't let hardworking folks lose their livelyhoods. And another thought. I know our Governor and Health Secretary have made some errors. However, I think they have been trying to do their best. I don't think they are on a power trip. They are responsible for all of us. They didn't get a dress rehearsal. I don't agree with some things our Governor and Health Secretary have done prior to covid and now, but I won't put them down on social media and say things about their policies, gender, clothing, mother, etc. That's just ignorant when folks do that. If we don't like it, we can voice our concerns to our state reps and senators so they can make change. I have been seeing excellent performance from our reps and senators who are fighting for us. I think our President and other federal officials are doing their best, too. Like I said, they didn't get a dress rehearsal. We all need to work together and change what needs changed by going through the proper channels. Taking pot shots at folks on social media doesn't get the job done, just creates more havoc; and we don't need it. One more thing, I don't mind wearing a mask. I have a few health concerns for myself and family, so I want to protect. I wish others would wear one, too. I think it would help a lot. However, I can't make them. If I'm concerned about certain people or situations, I just stay away.
  11. Here are some of my pics: Entertainer of the Year, Eric Church, Female Artist, Marin Morris or Miranda, Male Artist, Luke Coombs or Chris Stapleton, Single and Song of Year, God's Country, Duo, Brooks & Dunn, Group, no one in particular, would have been Lady Antebellum, but I didn't care for the name change business. Album, Girl. I think Carrie Underwood is great but she has had enough awards. Miranda has, too, but I love her and she is pure country. What say you?
  12. Polo


    I still have tomatoes in my garden. I hope they didn't get it. Forgot to run out and check. It was 37 degrees when I got up.
  13. This just breaks my heart. I heard there were protesters hanging outside the hospital saying they hoped the officers died of their injuries! Makes me furious! And a black man shot them!
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