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  1. This is sad. When I was a child, my dad built us a snow fort and played in it with us. We never gave a thought to it collapsing. We were so young. You just don't think of it. My dad mentioned that to us, though, and I always remembered it. So sad for the family of those kids.
  2. Saw on FB where the owner posted pics and said the vehicle barely missed her dog's house and hers. She said she would not press charges if the person comes forward and makes things right. The yard fence and gate needs replaced, as this is the fence that keeps her dog safe in her yard.
  3. Saw her pics. Was a gutsy lady. So sad. Although I admire her for her accomplishments, and not caring what folks thought about her "bikini" wear, I think she should have used more common sense about proper attire. Especially in the mountainous conditions. Rest in peace bikini climber!
  4. Polo

    Old sub shops in dubois

    The place you are referencing was owned by the Fergusons. It was a little Tastee Freez-like place. My mom worked there as a teen. They had the best peanut butter fudge topping. She took my siblings and me there when we were young.
  5. Polo


    I have three, and they go out then quickly back in right now! I feel bad for them that they can't play out longer, but good for me that I don't have to wait around for them to return. Especially when they decide they need to pee during the night, which happens quite often.
  6. Thank you for posting the pic, Sapphire! I meant to look for the moon and forgot!
  7. Polo

    Old sub shops in dubois

    I think you are talking about that little place that was near the bus station that was kind of like a Tastee Freez.
  8. Polo

    Old sub shops in dubois

    I like that store. They have really good homemade coleslaw and potatoe salad. Not the boxed kind that that they just package up in smaller containers. I believe they are owned by the same person and there is one in Brookville also.
  9. Polo

    Old sub shops in dubois

    I can remember sitting there eating a quarter pounder and fries, always on a weekend night, sitting on the side closest to the Post, that way we could see the guys better who were passing by.
  10. Polo

    More news about my old cat

    Well, had to post again today to say the pill problem is finally solved! Thanks to all of you for your kind offerings and videos. I must say I've bought fancy foods and hid pills, the cats eats it once, then spits out the pills. I've tried pulling her head back gently like in the videos and giving her the pills, but she would spit them out. One of the suggestions, grabbing her by the scruff, actually worked. I also bought a pill popper at Petco. I grab her by the scruff, and she just chills there, doesn't try to get away or anything. Then I pop the pill popper in her mouth, and pop! The pill goes back so fast, she has to swallow! Done! Painless! I also had a little medicine giver, non needle syringe with water in it, that I then shot back there after the pill to provide moisture to help her swallowing. To get the popper in her mouth, you have to enter in on the side, which causes the mouth to open. So relieved! Wanted to post in case there are others who may need this info sometime. After meds, she gets her meals right away, making the experience for her rather pleasant.
  11. Polo

    Old sub shops in dubois

    If memory serves correct, wasn't Winky's close to the Hitching Post? Later it became a Donut Shop. I believe Wendy's was further up the boulevard.
  12. Polo

    Old sub shops in dubois

    Yes, we had a Sids. Wasn't it in the same spot as Original Hoagie? Not sure which one was there first.
  13. I loved her as Aunt Bea. Her character was charming and one couldn't help but feel a connection. Sounds like she made good choices with her estate. All good causes.
  14. If I was involved in that cleanup, I would surely be tempted to have a "taste."
  15. Polo

    Memory Bears

    Was wondering if anyone knew of who makes "Memory Bears." They are the little bears that are made out of material from clothing a departed loved one wore. They can also be made of baby blankets that a child can save as they grow up too. So as not to promote one over the other in public, PM me. Thanks!