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  1. I agree! My recipe consists of a gallon of white vineagar, two cups epsom salt, 1/4 cup original Dawn, and now I add 2 tablespoons rubbing alcohol, since Petee said its a good thing to add as well. Works like a charm. And safer!
  2. Polo

    A question

    If you are talking about T.V., summer is a bad time to watch if you want something new. Most shows start their new material in the Fall when folks are in the house more and watching more T.V.
  3. Hope you feel better. Have a safe trip home.
  4. You have to consider the locale. They are in Texas. The police have on cowboy hats. They ride horses there. It's the norm. I see no cultural insensitivity. They were on duty, and had to take the fellow in, so they did what they had to do. I believe they would have done the same with any color of skin or race.
  5. If I was that poor lady, I would worry about him coming around for payback when he gets out. I would keep my pistol handy, just in case the grease is not up to temp when he arrived again.
  6. They say it helps to eat more bananas if you get them a lot. The added potassium aids this. I get them in my calves and feet sometimes at night. I immediately stand up and they stop. It's heck, tho, until I can stand!
  7. What gets me is that the dog has to be quarantined, and that boy's family is going to be worried sick about rabies. That indicates to me that it may not be current on its rabies shots. Unless this is standard procedure with every bite, rabies shots or not. Anyone know?
  8. So thankful this dog was rescued. I say a big thanks to Debbie for all her hard work. She goes out there and gets done what needs done. And she is not afraid to do it. I thank God for her.
  9. Had to comment on this. I think the lady acted irresponsibly. I think these days some folks think they can do about anything for a photo opp with no consequences. Just like the folks who take risks at Niagara Falls and at the Grand Canyon and get killed! They seem to know no limits. That is ridiculous! And having social media doesn't help this at all, I know. It kinda ticked me off that she said she got revenge by cooking the octopus and eating it. I'm all for fishing and hunting, and eating the meat, but that seemed kind of cold if you ask me. Put an octopus on your face and you are going to get bit, lady!
  10. Would it have been Star Iron Works?
  11. Yes, a fellow there has created some good "fishing" tools and has been called on when there is a need.
  12. Concert was super. My mother and I have attended the past two years. It's a great venue and the weather was perfect. The Moore Brothers, their "Sister-in-Law," and other family members were phenomenal. The concession stand was open at the pool and they served excellent faire. Folks around us clapped their hands and hooted, hollered, and danced all evening. You could say a "good time was had by all!" There is going to be a Christian concert there next week, beginning at 5 p.m. The Pastor from TriCounty Church will speak, and they will have some great music. It's call the "Awaken" concert, and its been happening there the past few years.
  13. They are probably looking for the same thing in each's system that could indicate that they all ingested the same "bad batch" of an item. If so, there will be more deaths.
  14. Polo

    Diesel Mechanics

    I hear PennTech in Williamsport has a good program in this area. I like to see young folks going out and being educated in the trade and technical fields. There are a lot of opportunities, it pays well, and they don't have to go for 4 years. Don't get me wrong, 4 years is fine, too, but its not for everyone. We all have special skills and gifts, one is not better than the other.
  15. This is so sad. No one should be in the water with double red flags. Was needless.
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