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  1. Back to church finally with the added bonus of welcoming back Monsignor Kaza. Things are getting back to normal.
  2. watoos

    New Golf Rules

    You don't know my 87 year old buddy. He shoots his age or better most of the time. I told him it keeps getting easier for him.
  3. watoos

    New Golf Rules

    I know this for a fact, my 87 year old golfing buddy will have a scorecard.
  4. New rules Jaman, courtesy of Mr. Wolf. Fees are to be paid on line or via touchless payments, yeah right. Handle your own bag when arriving. No caddies. 1 person per cart. No groups in the parking lot or 1st tee. No more rakes in the bunkers, rake bunkers with shoes or a golf club. Course can't provide free tees or ball markers. No scorecards, WTF. Leave the pin in, and, there will be a styrofoam insert in the cup so that you can remove your ball from the hole without touching the cup. Give me a break my putting is bad enough. How many putts are going to lip out because of that insert? Too wet for me to play tomorrow, figures.
  5. Even if a local ordinance was written, it would not supersede federal law. The fracking industry is exempt from the Clean Air and Water Act and many other rules and regulations. Dick Cheney did that.
  6. If you can't sew like me and you don't want to wait for a cheap mask, I just checked on Amazon and delivery is mid June. You can go to Amazon and type in Adinikas mask. They are fancy masks with designs on them suitable for wearing in public for those concerned about looking sharp. Just kidding. The mask does cost 8.95 but it is reusable and delivery date is April 17. I ordered 4 for me and wife, I figure we can hand wash them and use them for shopping.
  7. Nice job Steve in setting up these sites, thanks.
  8. India that makes most of the "miracle drug" just stopped exporting it.
  9. There is a 50-50 chance the tournament gets canceled. I hope that means they give this year's trophy to last year's trophy.
  10. yeah I forgot the sarcasm thingy.
  11. That was still up in the air yesterday. Only essential personnel and family. I would think that video people would be essential? I heard the wrestlers have to wear masks and aren't allowed to touch one another. If one of the wrestlers comes down with the virus the tourney will be canceled, just like they did in the NBA.
  12. Daughter took care of getting refunds and unbooked, I think she has a platinum card for everything.
  13. It looks like I won't be going to the 113,000 seat wrestling tourney, Basketball bans fans also. What really pizzes me off is there are problems getting my tickets refunded and problems with unbooking my hotel. Haven't tried airline tickets yet. The only good thing to come of this is that there won't be many people at the stadium to watch Iowa win.
  14. Also, not confirmed but Nick Lee may have injured his knee. Shak defaulted out of his 3rd place match injured. I will only have 4 or 5 guys to cheer on in Minneapolis.. Next year PS could field 5 freshmen in the lineup. 125- Robbie Howard, if his shoulder is 100%, I think he needs a red shirt year but dayam it's getting old losing 125 most of the time. 133 - RBY 141- Beau Bartlett - if Nick Lee moves up to 149. Bartlett is ready to compete. 149 - if Lee stays at 141- same ole same ole. 157 - Hopefully Berge comes back healthy or else maybe Busiello. 165 - Nick's little brother Joe. 174 - best of the crop IMO, Carter Starocci who this year won the Southern Scuffle and Edinboro Open. !84 - Brooks 197 - Michael Beard, a good one. Hwt - Kerkvliet - the #1 overall recruit in 2019 I like this lineup if it pans out, they will win nationals in 21-22.
  15. Iron head Byers with some bad information, Verkleeren is not guaranteed a spot, he must wrestle off. Shaq gets a medical forfeit from Brunner so he will wrestle, most likely Warner for 3rd. Consis start at noon. Only Verk and then later Shaq for 3rd.
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