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  1. watoos

    Gray Fox

    I agree, there was a red fox that was out at Brockway golf course a lot during the day. I liked him, found a dead goose that someone hit with a golf ball and killed it accidently, ahem, and I put it by his den for a meal. This gray fox was foaming at the mouth from what I am told.
  2. watoos

    Gray Fox

    Update on the gray fox. When I saw the fox it was during the day which should have been a clue to me. You usually never see foxes during the day. The fox was good sized and wasn't mangy. Well the fox turned up again at my neighbors house and he was foaming at the mouth. Neighbor called the Game commission but I guess they were too busy to show up but gave my neighbor permission to shoot the fox. Fox problem is gone, at least that one.
  3. watoos

    Gray Fox

    I saw something I haven't seen in 40 years, a gray fox in my back yard. Nice looking, not mangy, good size. I have seen numerous red foxes but not many grays.
  4. Road was open to Vineyard but I just went to the end of 7th Ave. to give my daughter a better workout. Lots of swimmers at the swinging bridge. A golden retriever must have swam 10 times back and forth across the creek. He loved the water.
  5. Been taking my now city slicker daughter and grandson to Little Toby Rails to trails. I'm on a bike, daughter is running, and grandson is on a Segwe, one of those things you stand on and ride. Trying to get to the swinging bridge with 2 problems; daughter running out of gas and grandson running out of juice. I know you can park at Jenkins bridge but it's been so long since I drove down 7th Avenue extension I can't remember if you can park at Vineyard. Anyone help me? If you can, can you make it back down to the trail? Would like the daughter to see the swinging bridge, my grandson riding isn't the problem, it's my daughter's legs.
  6. I take care of anxiety by reading Buddhist books. The cause of all misery is "wanting." Buddha. One of your better posts, I like it.
  7. Thanks for the information. Yes you are right about which of your doctors should write the script to get the best price. I had to get my family doctor to write the script and not my specialist.
  8. Thanks, I will have to look into it. I keep track of the GMP medical deductible but never watched the prescription drug deductible.
  9. "There are 2 ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true." Soren Kierkegaard.

  10. I'm doing just fine. I don't have a problem any more with A-fib, but the practice is that once you're on blood thinners you never come off them. I don't like what Expresscripts did with the letter they sent me. I only take 3 pills and 2 of them I probably don't need. I'll keep taking the blood pressure pill to handle the radicals over at the debate forum.
  11. I am on a blood thinner, Eliquis, 5 mg, 2 times a day. I have been getting my prescription for it from Penn Highlands Pharmacy in DuBois because it was cheaper than going through mail order Expresscripts. I got a notice about a month ago from Expresscripts that stated that PH Pharmacy would no longer be covered by my insurance. It made me wonder if my price was going to go up. I went on the Expresscript web site. A 90 day supply of Eliquis costs 1,266.97, my insurance pays 555.79 leaving my bill at 711.18, unbelievable right? The Expresscript site listed other pharmacies in the area and none of them were covered for more than 3 prescriptions at 30 days not 90 days. Being a bit upset I called PH pharmacy to ask if I was no longer covered by my insurance with them. They replied, I never was covered by my insurance with them, I was paying based on a physicians plan. It was cheaper for my family doctor to prescribe it than my specialist doctor prescribe it. I cautiously ask her what it cost. She replied a little bit over $100.00. This really has me relieved but also pizzed off. Expresscripts sent me a misleading letter that basically was shoving me into their mail order program with scare tactics. A lot of people are on blood thinners and I believe 100% that Eliquis is the best. People, if you are prescribed an expensive medication, ask your doctor about the physicians program that goes through PH pharmacy, it can save you a lot of money. It makes me mad that PH can make a profit charging 100 dollars while mail order Expresscripts which is supposed to be the cheapest way to buy drugs has to charge me 700 dollars to make a profit. Rant off. Hope this helps anyone out there.
  12. Redshirting , without knowing alot about this I admit........ is there any drawback for eligible wrestlers ? All those whom can , with Cael approving might go that route......... it would be favorable and solidify lineups for the future with the Chessmaster that coach is.            Maybe Olympic hopefuls would neglect the time away from USA trials.

  13. Hey, LFG, PM me with the web site, maybe it is the same one?
  14. I have to admit, you got me. Good one.
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