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  1. early season tourneys do take their tool , not only physically but mentally.......those considering transfers may make decisions from these tourneys results .....damn if you do damn if you don`t thoughts as to their importance by myself .

  2. Busiello is on the roster and he beefed up from 125, maybe could go at 157 if eligible. Bo Pipher is the other option but he has been working to get down to 149.
  3. Bad rumors floating around; Berge is done for the year. Looks like his concussion was severe. If true wishing he gets straightened out, not so much for wrestling but for his well being.
  4. Big boy tourney held in Rome for Olympic hopefuls. Gilman takes gold over Colon Z-Pain lost his 1st match with Bayrang from? on a last secong take down. Bayrang then beat Joey McKenna 4-2. Since Dayrang made the finals he pulled Z-Pain and McKenna back in the wrestlebacks. Zain beat McKenna handily then pinned his guy for the bronze. Bayrang went on to beat Jordan Oliver in the finals. Dake moved down a weight and beat his guy in the finals 11-0 in like 38 seconds. Dake is impossible to score on. Valencia beat Dierenger for the gold. Bo Nickal up at Snyder's weight won his first match 10-0 then got teched 10-0 by an Iranian who is just back from a 4 year suspension for steroids. From what I read the guy still looks like he is on roids. Snyder was down 8-0 to the Iranian before he got pinned. Bo came back and won a wild 13-12 match to wrestle for bronze against Snyder but Bo forfeited. Tony Nelson - nada.
  5. Penn State v Rutgers this Sunday at 5 PM on espn 2.
  6. Kerkvliet won. He had a gray shirt stud from Cornell in the semis who was 20-3, Kerk won 6-4, 2 takedowns and a reversal, his opponent had 4 escapes. Kerk won the finals 4-1. Our hwt. next year.
  7. Kerkvliet wrestled his quarters, another 1st period fall.
  8. SeaBass may not wrestle, it is still up in the air. He was injured at the Midlands I believe.
  9. Well Penn State has some guys wrestling now at the Shorty Hitchcock Memorial. Devin Schnup got killed in the quarters 12-2, a kid named Shunk won his quarters, Luke Gardner medical forfeited in the quarters but it appears that may have been planned just to get Gardner some qualifying matches in. I say that because Edsell also medical forfeited in the quarters at 174. Meanwhile Kerkvliet pinned his first 2 guys and hasn't wrestled his quarters. It will be interesting to see if he wrestles or not. Hopefully Luke Gardner isn't injured, if so that leaves Verkleeren as the man.
  10. What upset me was that Meredith did nothing for 7 minutes. Northwestern has a good chance beating PS, although RBY and Cenzo are supposed to wrestle. Penn State could lose 4 of the 1st 5 weights.
  11. This comes from Cael so it is real, Teske is in the transfer portal. Rumor has it that Meredith was beating him in the room. Meredith or bust this year.
  12. Yeah, he had shoulder problems also, hard to wrestle with bad shoulders. Rasheed wrestled 197 before and did well, as long as his knee is healthy.
  13. Pretty much confirmed, AntKnee (Cassar) is done for the year. I don't believe that tOSU transfer Kerviliet will be eligible to wrestle this year. He wouldn't be a big drop off from AntKnee. Big Snacks, Seth Nevills is no slouch and could very well AA at nationals, but he is no AntKnee nor Kerviliet.
  14. Once again it appears The Patriots, have a difficult time winning when they don't know what plays the other team is running. They certainly don't look the same. I'm still upset about those deflated footballs. How many years were they doing that before they got caught> Deflated footballs didn't just help Brady, that was a bullsheet excuse, deflated footballs are harder to fumble. Check out the stats how many years the Patriots led the league in fewest fumbles.
  15. I agree 100% Jaman. Franklin should hire him back as OC so that we have more than 5 plays to run on offense. What particularly bugs me is that Penn State doesn't do the same thing that the Steelers don't do; run misdirection plays.
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