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  1. Maybe I missed it but what was the outcome with the one who was with her?
  2. TD

    Any Lamps around DuBois?

    Cool. Does it come on after dark?
  3. I asked for "the lamp" for Christmas and wife says would be too fragiellee. Was wondering if any others have been spotted around DuBois that can be seen from the road.
  4. President Jimmy Carter, still living, was a Naval officer. Just didn't want to leave him out.
  5. Wife read a biography of him last summer (not the one shown in the original post). Seems he was kind and generous as a child too. As a boy, he got the nickname "Have-Half" because if he had some treat like a candy bar or such, he'd share it with whoever with around him, saying "Here, have half." RIP.
  6. Sorry but a bit off topic. My wife and I had the best breakfast sandwich ever this morning at McDonalds. It was a McGriddle. They use a small pancake as the bun on the top and the bottom of the egg, bacon and cheese. What a wiener.
  7. Good for her. Can you imagine, this happening in this area? I had one run in front me on Wayne Road. He came up onto the hood and was kicking like the dickens. He even made a gouge on the windshield glass. Then...he rolled off and ran off into the woods. Whew! We were "both" lucky.
  8. There was four shots into him. Needs looked into by those who can make a difference.
  9. TD

    Who's Jesse Porter?

    This sounds so interesting. Not at the expense of anyone but....
  10. Well, a dog on a stick becomes a "Corn Dog" and they are very tasty. No?
  11. TD

    Good Tiramisu

    Tastes really good at Luigis. Worth a try if you haven't been there.
  12. TD

    mega winner

    LFG - Wow! You really made a case there. Now I am convinced. You should have been an attorney.