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    How very interesting for sure. Thanks.
  2. State Police Chin Straps

    Actually, I believe you're right. My wife, who was familiar with the Alexandria VA police department years ago, says the same thing with neckties when they'd wear dress uniforms. To avoid a choke hazard (from a suspect), ties had to be clip-on. Same with female officers with long hair--had to be in a bun so as not to get grabbed as a grab-hazard. Looks like the same would go for the chin strap. I have been enlightened.
  3. State Police Chin Straps

    It would be interesting if there a state police on this board to comment. Thanks.
  4. Is it just me or what? Often times when you see one of our State Police pictured or on a news clip on TV, it looks like that chin strap is right under their lower lip and just about to fall loose. It makes one nervous to see this at times. Seems there must be a better way. No?
  5. Ponderosa closing

    Yes and yes - the Sub Hub is the one to beat. They do it right and will bring you back. Also, you can get a card for a free one.
  6. Ponderosa closing

    I really don't understand what this "sit down eating area" has to do with selling beer. Are you supposed to drink some of it when you buy or what? It just seems dumb.
  7. Nickles Outlet Closing

    Those Cranberry English Muffins are so so good. Even better with a spread of Marmalade. Yum.
  8. Wow! Just wow! Right here in this town. Who woulda thought.
  9. Glad they are on the scene and doing good for the community. Keep it up and thanks.
  10. Bon Ton closing

    There is a beautiful industrial park over in Reynoldsville. Much available land for development.
  11. Ponderosa closing

    Now, there's a sandwich for ya. Ever had one?
  12. 3 B’s Liquid Fun

    This is really good stuff. Thanks.
  13. Ponderosa closing

    Pho is da bomb.
  14. Duncan Donuts

    After all is said and done, they might have wished they had located over at that place where KFC used to be. Easy in and out compared to what I am reading of the current location with jams in the back. We'll see.
  15. Amazing young Girl

    She has a great sense of timing and good grooves. You can tell she is serious. Thanks for sharing these neat songs and good luck to her in the future.