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  1. This kind of thing helps drive prices up and causes the stores to hire extra security. Wish they would just cut it out and do right. If you need a fix, go borrow the money.
  2. Also, I think there is something sad about a clown. There is just this creepy thing about the "over-the-top" goofy clothes and excess makeup. When it all comes off there is just this sad sack person under it all. JMO. And yes, landfullguy, there is truth to the booze breath and cigar breath. See what I mean?
  3. Now That's A Sand Castle !

    All the careful work that went into this project. Wow! Wonder how long it will last?
  4. New Business on Hamor Street?

    You also might want to give the new Sub Hub a chance. Main St. Reynoldsville. They have special buns and rolls for the sub. Kind of like the Moon sandwitch at Homecoming and they always sold out. There is also a soup of the day.
  5. Also, the paper "Tribune Review" reported that he was making $88,000 a year. Now, this is messed up. He will pay more ways than one.
  6. I had one of those a few years after it came out. Actually it was in the mid-sixties. The design might have looked good on the drawing board but...it was a beast. There were many stories of wind current getting under the fins and taking the back of the car almost airborne. Those 1959 fins were a long way from the classic '57 model. Seems like most of the '59 models had the radical fins. What were they thinking?
  7. Sadly, didn't something like this happen at the DuBois airport runway years ago?
  8. What a neat story. All is well that ends well. Nice pool by the way.
  9. There was a feature article in today's Pittsburgh paper on this incident. What also really grabbed me was in the text that read " Metro Nashville Police say Mellon was disturbed by exhaust fumes and loud music coming Quackenbush's Porsche SUV while trying to sleep at 3 a.m. and asked her to move the vehicle." PORSCHE SUV! What if she had been driving a FORD or some other brand. I seriously doubt they would have given the name of the SUV. Porsche just probably added a "certain cachet" to her and the piece. Also, the loud music was probably one of her numbers. Are we showing off or what??
  10. Creepy!

    Be afraid....be very afraid.
  11. New HBO series - "Deuce"

    Also I just read in the book "Downtown: My Manhattan" by New York author Pete Hamill that the "Deuce" really was how the area of Forty-second Street around Times Square was referred to in the seedy, crime-ridden days before it was cleaned up during "Giuliani Time." Here we thought it referred to the twin brothers in the series, two, being the deuce. But no, it really was the name applied to the area back then. You learn something new every day!
  12. St Micheals Polish Festival

    Oh yeah, looks so good! It's on the list, forgot all about that place, thanks!
  13. St Micheals Polish Festival

    We'll have to check this one out!!! I wonder if it's the same one that way back in 2002 (the year after we moved here) was having a "Night in Vienna" for Valentine's Day! Strauss music, lots of chocolate, tempting menu! Wife had her heart set on that one, but we got a big snowstorm and ended up walking to Fat Man's in Reynoldsville. Lots of her friends from young days were there, so that turned out OK too, but it wasn't Vienna LOL!
  14. New HBO series - "Deuce"

    It's set in Times Square during its seedier days, maybe the 70s, not sure how long the series runs. They got the cars right, the clothes and music right for the period. Mainly it's twin brothers trying to get through the rough life and not doing a very good job of it. A bit of Mob, lots of prostitutes, a couple of brutal pimps, good cops/bad cops, stoner college students, a wayward professor, some children with faithless parents. The kids are the only ones we could sympathize with, the rest of the characters are (in our opinions) a bunch of slimeballs. Even "The Sopranos" had some characters you could almost like, but not this bunch, just pretty sleazy altogether (but maybe true to life, who knows?) It's done by the guys who did "The Wire," that was a pretty gripping series about the drug life in Baltimore, with a detective of Irish descent who drank too much, good cops/bad cops, good/bad politicians, victims and perps in the drug world in the projects there. I don't think this series will hit the mark like "The Wire" did.
  15. Did anyone watch the first of this new series last night on HBO? I, frankly, was expecting a bit more. It just seemed to be a little "off". And...it made me feel like taking a shower after watching.