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  1. Did anyone see Spruce Creek at the Syksville Ag&Youth Fair last Wed. evening? We wanted to go but the weather was threatening around 7 - the time they were to go on. Did they unplug for the weather or go on playing? Thanks for sharing if you were there.
  2. In the past, when I have not been on a schedule or in a hurry, when encountering a buggy in this area, I would slow way down and follow at a safe distance and use my flashers to warn any approaching cars or trucks. This takes some time but could help and save a life.
  3. TD


    Adding Happy + Easter+ as well. Thanks.
  4. This kind of crap hurts their bottom line. What happened to "Thou shall not steal." ???
  5. OMG AND OMG !!!!
  6. Based on this statement, it would seem that they are pampered too much as it is. We are raising a nation of wimps no kidding.
  7. I would assume (yes, I know what does) that most school board members have or have had kids in school. How would they like their bathrooms treated the same way in their homes with "company." Walk ins and such. Gimmie a break please.
  8. Whoa - quite different passing a gal in a bar and passing a gal in a school hallway or sitting next to her in class. Uh?
  9. There are probably still those who remember the shed out behind the one-room school house.
  10. There is an article in the "Tri-County Sunday" paper on this topic. Bound to be a lot of discussion on both sides of the fence. I am thinking this is a case of the tail wagging the dog.
  11. You are right about that. Look at who owns the Washington Post now. And to think he started in a garage somewhere. And now he involved in a very expensive divorce. His operation will become the Walmart of the coming age.
  12. According to the article in the Courier, the pricing for the mall is way out in left field. Judging from the worth of other malls that are twice as nice, the pricing is a joke.
  13. We moved here around 19 years ago from the DC area. There was always something "off" with the DuBois mall. Certain areas with closed stores reminds one of some kind of prison Depressing at that.
  14. Does anyone even know - what does a super even do? Or the asst. for that matter.
  15. Bon, we are so sorry for your loss. My wife lost her 17-year-old son (my beloved step-buddy) in 1990 in much the same way. Our hearts just ache for you and your son. Deepest sympathy from us.
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