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  1. TD

    Can I still get girl scout cookies

    How much a box these days? Thanks.
  2. TD

    Trouble in Punxsy!!

    This is a final notice for an "all you can eat breakfast" in the beautiful park. Everyone is guaranteed to get their Phil. this
  3. TD

    DASD Superintendent ... What’s up?

    Does anyone even know - what does a super even do? Or the asst. for that matter.
  4. Remember when the hotel used to serve a big buffet in Punxy? No sneeze guards or nothin'. Wonder how they got away with that all those years. And they had students in the kitchen from the school there. They did serve a really good rice pudding.
  5. TD

    Movies - The Mule

    Where is Mule showing. Thanks.
  6. TD

    Weekend Snowstorm

    This happened to me in grade school. Yikes! Talk about a state of perplexity.
  7. TD

    Bernard Snyder of Reynoldsville Passes Away

    He was a strong supporter of local fund raisers and not only gave from his pocket but from himself as well. Prince of a guy. RIP Bernie.
  8. Their statement and reasoning is just more bla bla bla.
  9. All kidding aside, the church is going to have to hold a lot of bingo to help pay all the claims that will be flooding forth. Such a shame that it seems the Nuns know how to behave and not some of the Fathers etc.
  10. Well Mr. Troutman, what do you have to say for your sorry self????
  11. What kind of residential care service could you run to garner that kind of money from the state?
  12. Bon, we are so sorry for your loss. My wife lost her 17-year-old son (my beloved step-buddy) in 1990 in much the same way. Our hearts just ache for you and your son. Deepest sympathy from us.