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  1. This happened to me at a car wash in VA. I was driving a Dodge Turbo Z Shelby and thought it was hot stuff. I had the tank filled at the station and got a free car wash. No problem, just pull in line and punch in your code number. Then your car is hooked and pulled around and into the wash. My problem was that after punching in my number, the window would not wind up. No way. When the water started spraying I tried to duck down but not much room. Every time this "monster" would circle the car soap and everything would fly into my window under high pressure. It finally finished and let me go. I was soaked in my suit and the interior of the car was also soaked. Seemed like some kind of a nightmare.
  2. TD

    Old Tommy D's

    Seems I remember a very creative bakery downtown DuBois. Cake art out of this world.
  3. Just wanted to add that I used the DuBois ER a couple of months ago. Must say they did a wonderful job looking after me. I was so impressed how they worked as a team and really kept it together. I spent a few days there so was able to observe all the action. Felt like part of a giant "Allstate" ad - being in such good hands.
  4. TD

    Gadfly flag

    I used to know a gal in DC who actually wore a live snake on her arm. She was called "snake Mary."
  5. Kind of reminds me of a positive wringing of the hands.
  6. Remember the time the great Howard Cosell stepped in it? He made a simian reference during a football game broadcast. He didn't mean any harm by it but just his way of expression. He said something like "look at that little monkey run!" No big deal since it was said, I am sure , with affection. Well. he got fired. Talk about thin skin......
  7. I have to ask - is that dish on the level? You can actually cook this in your kitchen?
  8. If memory serves, down your way is it still "RC Cola and Moon Pie?" If memory serves, down your way is it still "RC Cola and Moon Pie?"
  9. TD

    Need more bars in Dubois

    For real?
  10. One I haven't seen is "get your arms or head around it." That one is so overused it is threadbare.
  11. I kind of like 'thinking outside the box' but my box happens to be one of those Morton Salt boxes and it is round and without corners - therefore I can indulge in circular thinking along with circular breathing.
  12. Wow! This is a lot of tax money if added up for sure. How could they ever pay it back. I don't think so. For shame.
  13. What could be wrong with such a person? How would they like to live like that just for a few days. Uh?
  14. They somehow need to step up their game. Other chains are eating their lunch for sure. What can they do to be a little different and a little more tasty? Just the name will not cut it. Look what Arby's does to promote their specials but they don't seem to have the 'heft' to carry over on their specials. They have some really good specials but can't seem to fly them in a big way. Notice that?