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  1. No. In court Trump can show cause to invalidate any irregularities. Like the one case he won out of 61. He couldn't prove what your saying because it was debunked. AP FACT CHECK: Trump's made-up claims of fake Georgia votes (apnews.com) Trump Transcript A (documentcloud.org) Two instances found.
  2. Lupara

    So how else?

    I was just say'n hello to a friend.
  3. Georgia counts their votes three times. Biden won. Trump calls the Secretary of State and tells him that's wrong. "I won. It's ok if you recalculate." Now who's up to no good here?
  4. Lupara

    So how else?

    I asked you to research the dollar difference of corporate welfare vs social welfare to see where the real socialism is in this country. Now immigration? Ok. The first thing is probably to remember it isn't what they tell you its what they do. This is from a most conservative Cato institute. Deportation Rates in Historical Perspective | Cato @ Liberty Deportation Rates in Historical Perspective | Cato @ Liberty They dubbed Obama the deporter in chief. He kicked Bush and Trump butt at protecting our borders. Now here it comes. Not from you Lav. Folks will read this and the knee jerk reaction takes over. Hey that makes Trump look bad. It must not be true. Well it's from the Cato Institute for heaven's sake.
  5. Lupara

    So how else?

    I've said it several times on here. Rice and beans subsistence. No TV internet type resources provided by government. Everyone in the household drug tests monthly to determine if you receive next month's check. Number one is you can't be better off on welfare than working in a low paying job. But even more important is to research the difference between Corporate Welfare vs Social Welfare in dollar amounts. Then you see where your money is really going. Always on the veiled promise of job creation. You know why the job creation assurance is a scam. It never includes in the legislation how many jobs, how much they pay, or how long they'll last. What businesses get can be counted down to the penny. The jobs creation is never ever quantified. It's a handout. Also I believe in small business small government. Big business big government. Get out of the way of small business start ups while reigning big business boot on their throats to the point they can't compete.
  6. Lupara

    So how else?

  7. Lupara

    So how else?

    Does your privacy mean anything to you? Do your care one iota about your privacy protections under the fourth amendment? Before Trump you're activity on the internet was shared anonymously by websites, search engines and your provider. By law. We had that protection under Obama. No one knew it was you. Now you're getting ads tailored to you. Fair enough. It's anonymous. Your provider knew they can make a lot more money if they can share your identity along with your activity. Trump handed it to them. Quietly. No fanfare with the stroke of the pen that day. There you go Big Tech. Now if someone wants to know where you shop, what you search for, hell every single thing about your life they can get it from your provider. And what did the great deal maker get us in return for going a bridge too far in privacy? Absolutely nothing. Not only does you're provider have for sale every activity you do while online, you pay them every month to do it. Do not tell me that sits well with you. What I'm telling you here is absolutely true. If you harbor any illusions about it being untrue just research it. Talk about socialism. An obscene free hand out to Big Tech at our expense the folks that paid for the internet in the first place. Big Tech would have gotten along fine without it. Socialism has many guises.
  8. Lupara

    So how else?

    Our freedoms haven't exactly been protected by Republican leadership. Our freedom took a back seat to our employer's. Your employer has the freedom to tell you to take that vaccine even it you don't want it. You want to keep a firearm in your vehicle for protection? Not while your at work if your employer won't allow it. They can search your vehicle with no cause to make sure. You want to lose your job exercising your freedom of speech while away from work, flip off some motorcade while you're riding a bicycle and put it on Facebook and see what happens. Exercise your free speech and you're fired.
  9. Lupara

    So how else?

    About welfare, you can't show me a working democrat who likes standing in line behind some low life with an access card any less than a republican. The Republicans know how to use that sentiment to their advantage. They'll play our disdain for welfare but here's the thing. They really don't do a thing about it. We had Republican majorities Corbett, the house and senate here in Pa. and they didn't do a thing about it. Those access cards on our dime benefit big business. No way Republicans are shutting off that spigot. Remember it isn't what they say it's never what they say. It's what they do or in this case what they didn't do. I guess as long as they say they're against providing for the lazy that's good enough.
  10. Lupara

    So how else?

    The Amazons of this country. All those liberal billionaires you rail against that got the sweetest tax deal from McConnel, Ryan and Trump. The next tax plan will benefit working people.
  11. Dissension in the ranks? ‘Coward’: MAGA internet turns on Trump - POLITICO
  12. I think the Olive Garden news is fake. You can still eat there in good faith.
  13. I heard Mexico wants to pay for the wall now. Canada is interested in one too.
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