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  1. Lupara

    Who's Jesse Porter?

    Angela Lansbury's got nothin on you Bon. Well done and thanks.
  2. Lupara

    1.5 billion South Carolina ticket unclaimed

    Could have went out with the trash and he's still looking for it.
  3. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/dollar15b-mega-millions-winner-has-not-claimed-prize-report-says/ar-BBPGS3v?ocid=spartandhp Could you imagine working at a landfill in South Carolina right now? Maybe with a touch of OCD. Not knowing which truck could have 1.5 thousand million dollars free for the taking on it. Kind of maddening.
  4. Lupara

    Who's Jesse Porter?

    Bon!!! The rumors about child exploitation were true. You can see why I was reluctant to share that without official corroboration. Back 'er down Mr D. Bon beat you to it.
  5. Lupara

    Who's Jesse Porter?

    Talked to a few people who work with him. They said he was a good worker who kept to himself. They said three SUV's with seven officers (HLS from Pittsburgh) carted him off. Charges weren't disclosed. There are rumors I'm not repeating. In a strange occurrence, the strangest thing is no press. You see the Scranton story above made the news. Maybe it is still early. This topic was to inquire if anyone knew anything. Your mission Mr. D, should you decide to accept it, is to get the rest of the story.
  6. Lupara

    Who's Jesse Porter?

    That's just it Polo. No official press yet. I'm going with what I know. I've heard more but hope to confirm later today. There is alot of talk over there in Ridgway. Anyone with acquaintances there can reach out.
  7. Lupara

    Who's Jesse Porter?

    Worse. I'll be visiting with some who know more tonight.
  8. Lupara

    Who's Jesse Porter?

    Ridgway man carted of in black SUVs last Thursday or Friday. Homeland Security no less. HLS arrived at his place of employment, took over the human resource office as a command point and greeted him in official fashion as he was leaving work. So the story goes. I'll know more after tonight.
  9. Lupara

    D9 football playoffs

    That answers the question which Raider team shows up? Also a great effort by Brockway.
  10. Lupara

    D9 football playoffs

    1A. Unlikely 6 seed Coudy gets past 3 seed Red Bank Valley in the first round to face the 2 seed Clarion Limestone last night. With CL's star running back out in the second half, Coudy rallied to win 22-12. Coudy now faces undefeated Smethport in the final. The Hubbbers have cruised through the playoffs, scoring 28 in each contest while not allowing a point. 2A. The final four play today in Dubois. Moniteau vs Ridgway and Brockway vs Brookville. Moniteau, the KSAC's last team in the playoffs, is playing their best football of the season. Ridgway's signature clampdown defense has been hobbled by the loss of Furlong and Kelly. This makes this contest a closer one than it looks. I'll give the edge to Ridgway. Brockway vs Brookville. Tough to predict this one. Brookville snaps Ridgway's undefeated streak only to lose to Dubois the following week. The question...which Raider team shows up? Brockway won their first meeting early in the season with Brookville at full strength for most of the game. I'm going with Brookville and their potent passing game. 4A. Congrats to Clearfield in their D9-6 championship. They'll be moving out of their comfort zone now to face Erie Cathedral Prep. Good luck to the Bisons. Predictions sports fans?
  11. Johnsonburg's Cole Peterson peterson catch.mp4