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  1. In 1942 a daughter of a pastor from Columbia, South Carolina joined the armed forces. At the end of 1945 she had achieved the rank of lieutenant colonel. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/17/magazine/6888th-battalion-charity-adams.html
  2. Not sure what to do with this one. Yesterday being rainy I cleaned it up and will use it as a Pennsylvania mountains valet for every day carry items.
  3. Went for a walk around the camp a few weeks back and found this.
  4. As long as we're renaming stuff can we change 'Treasure Lake Community Yard Sale' to 'Black Friday Meets Grand Theft Auto'?
  5. A handful of these.. A few of these... A measure of . You'll get through it.
  6. Protesters didn't take to the streets because they were offended by corn syrup packaging or ice cream treats. They saw a man murdered in the streets and want justice. These corporate responses in product labeling weren't at the demand of protesters. Its a company trying to do something to acknowledge social injustice is real an something has to be done about it. I had dinner with a couple chainsaw carvers from the UK a year ago. I told them I don't follow the Brexit issue very closely how is it going. One slowly shook his head and said it the worst thing he's ever seen in his lifetime in his country. The division of British citizens is terrible. He knows brothers that will never speak again. Domestic and foreign powers use innate fear of other races or ethnicities to sow division to either weaken a country or advance their own political power. Its been extremely successful. Just look around. If we understand genuine American values, we can't just take one side on the issue of race. We understand both sides have work to do. Conman, if you don't think Al Sharpton is a racist you might want to revisit that. Both sides need to address racism within their own because pointing it out on the other's side fans the flames. You, me we're all closet racists unless we adopt a common goal of understanding this country has to find a way to make it all work. Our president is speaking later today in Tulsa. I'm watching for either a unifying message or a divisive one and hoping for the one that unites. We're all Americans. Don't divide us our buy into the division. Real America finds the way to make it all work.
  7. I don't remember this much hub bub when they took the maple out maple syrup.
  8. Merge into traffic last night and there's what I'm talking about. An older pickup sporting two flags. One was billowing enough I could see was the Confederate flag. I couldn't make out the other. I regretted pulling out and having him a ways behind me. I could have snapped a picture. It was bugging me enough since I had just been talking about this. It was a crazy plan but I built some distance, pulled over at a safe spot, put the phone out the window and started taking pics as fast as I could. It only took one. I got lucky although the Confederate flag couldn't be seen behind the Trump flag.
  9. Nowadays when I think of the Confederate Flag I envision it across the rear window of a beat up pickup truck. Let's say its parked at Sheetz. You wait for the driver to come out of the store, point out the flag and ask him this question. What state rights do you consider most infringed upon by the federal government? Which one of the following replies would be closest to what you'd expect? A. " Well I believe bankruptcy law should fall under the purview of the states." B. "I believe every state should be able to print their own money." C. "I don't know about that but if a cop thinks he needs to shoot a n----- he should be able to." Germany banned the swastika. It cant be displayed. No one is forgetting what happened under Hitler. That part of German history isn't going away. It just isn't being celebrated. By the way, white supremacist's in Germany and other European countries have adopted the Confederate flag. For others the flag represents Southern Heritage and there is plenty to be proud of. I don't get offended when I see it either way but I can see how some might. Let the majority sentiment rule this matter and come what may be thankful we live in a Democracy.
  10. Then why on earth change those guidelines? Hmm? The point I'm making is Trump rejected the CDC guidelines for unknown reason. He knows better than the CDC what proper guidelines to follow? His judgement has ruled over this pandemic since December. We have 5% of the world's population and 30% of the world's COVID cases. You might expect this in a Banana Republic not the greatest country in the world. It's going to get worse.
  11. Seed display racks in the big box and hardware stores were largely wiped out as well. Now the question is how many new gardners will continue gardening after life gets back to somewhat normal. My guess would be around half.
  12. I don't know about Dubois but the greenhouses sold out very early this year in Elk Co. One owner said there were many starting a garden for the first time. He said the food plants sold out weeks earlier than previous years and they couldn't replenish their stock.
  13. They've responded all right. To about everything the Bible could throw at them. First famine in starting them in a medium where roots couldn't grow enough for the plants to feed. The peat pelt lot didn't establish well at all. The second lot established ok then came the insects. In treating the pestilence I committed the sin of spraying them with a Dawn solution in the morning of a sunny day. All this happened is in the upper garden. I planted some other pepper varieties in the lower garden that haven't been bothered by any insects.
  14. The CDC submitted their guidelines for reopening the country to the White House. The White House threw it out. Now who's being political? I hope someday the original guidelines become available.
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