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  1. SNL

    Thoroughly enjoyed this. Thought I'd share
  2. Long after the founding fathers, corporations fought for the rights afforded individuals and they won. Where in the Constitution are those powers over peoples fundamental rights granted for one individual over another? The most important question to consider is what would the founders have to say about it.
  3. Your employer can control your activity in social media. 1st amendment. Your employer can search your vehicle while on their property. 4th amendment. They can forbid you having a firearm in your vehicle while at work. 2nd amendment. What's that about? Your employer has a vested interest in you not being able to protect yourself if another employee snaps or protecting yourself while on your commute to and from work? No going hunting right after work . Its privatized gun control. Privatized seizure of our otherwise protected rights. Government by the corporation for the corporation has taken over government by the people for the people and its only getting worse.
  4. I also miss the days when people had thicker skin.
  5. Leave partisanship out of it for a minute. What I find wrong is the citizens of the United States now forfeit their right of freedom of speech in order to have a job. Whatever an employer deems in it's best interests now trumps our rights under the Constitution.
  6. Big Ten Football

    Ok there is that. 🐓 🤞🏼
  7. Big Ten Football

    There is always comfort when OSU loses. But to find out PSU really isn't as good as we thought is a tough pill for sure. They're improving every year though and that's the right direction.
  8. And please resist the temptation. I am.’s-gorgeous-‘beaver-moon’/ar-AAupxRL?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp
  9. Really?? Rattlesnake Bite ??

    My wife and I were driving down a street when she sees a garter snake crossing if front of us. She tells me to stop the car while she gets out to pick up the snake and carry it to safety. My woman. Bats. Bats are a different story. I've seen her push our children out of the way to flee to another room when we had a bat. I guess its every man for himself when there's a bat in the house. Works out though. I'll handle the flying mammals while she can handle the slithering reptiles.
  10. penn st ohio st

    Like many football games, I felt it decided at the line of scrimmage. My #1 take away. An emotional investment is ok. It's what makes it fun. Just don't make too great an emotional investment in something you have no control over.
  11. Big Ten Football

    We are.....Deep State.
  12. Big Ten Football

    Here's a tip worth heeding. Don't be wearing white tomorrow in Columbus. Those Buckeye fans aren't known to be endearing hosts.
  13. Big Ten Football

    I've been waiting to ask how you accomplished that. I'm sure the theories will be conjured up soon enough.
  14. Big Ten Football

    Bingo. I wish I'd known LFG was going to the game. We could have made him feel welcome.