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  1. Lupara

    D9 Sports

    He transferred to Kentucky from Bucknell this past year I believe. I believe it was at last year's Big Dance we watched him while playing for Bucknell.
  2. Lupara

    D9 Sports

    We've communicated numerous times via Twitter and through the "contact us" link. I thought I'd mention it here to give Mr. Sestina the public kudos he deserves.
  3. Lupara

    D9 Sports

    My go to source for high school sports action. I enjoy reading about the local athletes that are playing even at the D3 level. I'm wondering why not so much as a sentence about Nate Sestina Cameron County grad who had more minutes for Kentucky men's basketball in their win against Michigan State than any other Wild Cat. That's a big stage. Prime time.
  4. It doesn't say when it will go into effect or list the firearms that are now permitted.
  5. Don't break the law while you're breaking the law. The First Commandment of underage drinking and partying.
  6. Congrats to Coudy on it's 2nd consecutive d9 title and to Ridgway for it's 4th. I haven't talked to any single A players of coaches. I don't know what next season looks like. A couple AA players said Clarion is losing a lot of talent to graduation. This was their year. They're picking Karns City and Ridgway as the teams to beat next year. I would have guessed Brookville too but they weren't as keen on the Raiders.
  7. Has the hardness of the water changed recently?
  8. This reminds me of something my wife showed me the other night.
  9. If the criteria for the division is competitive balance this makes sense. Its no longer the size of the school used to draw the lines but how good those teams are. The Strong School League and the Weak School League. If I had an issue with this it would be the smallest schools in the Strong School League whose only crime is they are doing things right. A clearer picture will emerge when the new enrollment numbers come out.
  10. Thanks. Now we need the 2020-2022 enrollment numbers of eligible boys. Due out in spring? Brockway moves into the Small School League on the premise DCC is out. This leaves them with 119 kids and is fine. Now that they're in the Small School League, DCC was never out at all? Back up to 149. Two Large School League teams are smaller than that and they remain in the LSL.
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