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  1. Lupara

    Ponderous Ponderings

    Bob is calculating now.
  2. Lupara

    Ponderous Ponderings

    Here's one we'll never know. Who sat at their computer and tried tickling themselves? C'mon, its ok. You're not alone. Brave ones first.
  3. Cops on one side of the isle with smoke eaters on the other. Should be a memorable reception.
  4. I can't watch Judge Judy for her treatment of people in her courtroom. She may not be as severe as this judge but she reminds me of her.
  5. Lupara

    Ponderous Ponderings

    LFG you would like an emoji of a head exploding.
  6. Lupara

    Ponderous Ponderings

    Why can't you tickle yourself?
  7. This is what I said: "I take the good with the bad though. District 9 has the most comprehensive high school sports site in the state. Schedules, rosters, history, articles and interviews really separates them from the rest of the pack. For all it's faults, no other district high school sports site compares to D9. " I invite anyone who disagrees to put up a link to another district high school sports site that betters As far as power ratings, they serve a purpose. They are meant to get the conversations going and they do. My problem is when they are skewed every season toward one league. Its understood they wont be close to perfect and never are but from about midseason on, they ought to pass the smell test. I believe the kids that actually suffer are the ones with their rating inflated. Clarion Limestone, ranked #2 hosted unranked Clearfield (Clearfield not in the top 15 in the district?!). Clearfield's coach knows to use this to motivate his kids to make a statement about where they stand in the rankings. Clearfield is primed an pumped. CL is expecting an easy win. Clearfield goes into their gym and wins by double digits. Clarion Limestone finds themselves on the losing side of a dog fight wondering what's going on. This team wasn't supposed to be that good. On top of that, two days later, Clarion Limestone loses again to a lower ranked team by double digits. The following week's power rating still has them 7 places higher than Clearfield. The Clarion vs Coudy blow out, both teams were healthy and it was over at halftime. Coudy was healthy vs Burg. Johnsonburg won. Burgh never ranked higher than Clarion. They should do right by all the kids including the ones they're fond of. Rank them as accurately as possible. If they don't know, they ought to ask somebody.
  8. Lupara

    And another thing: Paper Plates

    It occurs to me they never did find a suitable replacement for Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes. He knocked down some serious jack for what? A weekly rant . Maybe you missed your true calling. Not too late. The proper way to peel a banana. Sandwich vs not a sandwich. etc etc.
  9. The sentiment that teams like Johnsonburg shouldn't have to face the likes of Kennedy Catholic or Coudy shouldn't have to face Constitution in the state playoffs is much more widespread than D9 sports and rightly so. The bias that stands out to me is toward favoring the KSAC. I often think they should be called 'KSAC Sports With The Rest Of D9 thrown In .com'. One only has to look at the power ratings each week throughout the boys basketball season to see the favoritism. Johnsonburg, the D9 champs in A, never ranked higher than 13 the entire season. Clarion Limestone lost two in a row at home to lower ranked teams by a large margin and never fell below #7. Crazy. Burg hung in with teams like Ridgway and ECC in their loses and beat Coudersport. Only one other team beat Coudy in the regular season. Clarion goes into Coudy and gets crushed. They lost by thirty. Check Clarion's power ratings throughout the season. I wish the guys at the Courier would put up their own weekly power ratings throughout the season to temper the KSAC bent. They'll look like geniuses and sell some papers. I take the good with the bad though. District 9 has the most comprehensive high school sports site in the state. Schedules, rosters, history, articles and interviews really separates them from the rest of the pack. For all it's faults, no other district high school sports site compares to D9. This message is powered by your friends at the Mayburg Feed, Tack and Chiropractic Clinic.
  10. Lupara

    And another thing: Paper Plates

    I know, right? You've got your standard fold into a paper airplane but my personal favorite is the Whirly Bird. There's scissors involved and all but I like to think its worth it.
  11. Lupara

    And another thing: Paper Plates

    I'll use one paper plate and one only. Then before I throw them away, I put a little bend into the plate. Never throw them away flat. Now the air can get under them for proper lift on windy days at the landfill.
  12. Lupara

    Anyone pick ramps or wild leeks?

    The 219 corridor from Wilcox north through Westline is a terrific area for leek picking. Unfortunately, private lands formerly open to the public have been posted over the last decade. Its not as easy as it used to be.
  13. Lupara

    Post Office

    My suspicion is Amazon has been looking to swoop in and buy the US Postal Service for a while now. Starve the beast then privatize it. The Post Office ranks among the highest organizations in veteran employment.
  14. Lupara

    Anyone pick ramps or wild leeks?

    I made a pesto with the green portions yesterday. Very pleased with the results. Some roasted walnuts, Pecorino Romano (my preference over parmesan), olive oil and lemon juice. The wife's herb stand is teeming with basil, so I had to throw a little in as well. What's pesto without a little Genovese? AAAYOOO. Froze enough so meats, potatoes, soups, frittatas, omelets, and pastas will benefit throughout the year. Give it a try. A simple egg drop soup flavored with leek pesto tonight.