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  1. The intolerant suffering intolerance. Maybe there is some hope.
  2. I'm in Fox Township for a Christening a while back. Toward the end of the service the priest was blessing the child. He said while he was blessing her if anyone had a request for a personal blessing they could speak up. I leaned over to a nephew who I fish with and whispered "My fly rod is in the truck. I should go get it." The priest walks around the perimeter of the family and friends and walks by my sons and nephews (some strapping young men). With a wry smile no eye contact he says" So if anyone wants anything blessed, just whip it out and I'll bless it for you." Whoa I thought . I looked at my sister, the grandmother of the child, and saw her reaction. Her jaw didn't drop but her eyes went wide as she turned her gaze to the priest. This priest already displayed some of the traits LFG described but the overtness of the comment was telling at least. So when I read the reaction of the school to this girl's attire and cake well, its seems like too harsh a punishment.
  3. The confederate flag? The white flag of surrender?
  4. Doody calls. Let's hope their using milliamps when the liquid in the diaper closes the circuit.
  5. The state might do well to have the accused undergo a mental evaluation that determines the potential degree of future antisocial behavior.
  6. It seems law enforcement took the time to get it right. Bravo. Now the DA and the courts. I can't anticipate much leniency with such a high profile case.
  7. Now why wouldn't they release the charges unless they feared public outcry over how sparing these charges are?
  8. Comcast for cable, net and phone. Tracfone for mobile. Changing mobile to Cricket soon.
  9. I'd appreciate a heads up when its time to start peppers and tomatoes. Any chance of having leeks at the plant bazar this spring?
  10. Affluenza-'My money made me do it your honor.' Let's hope privationnitus never becomes a thing.
  11. No trucks out plowing before 4am. About two inches accumulated at higher elevations.The squalls left terrible visibility. The storm must have came on suddenly for the police and Penn Dot to be playing catch up.
  12. It was the last day of deer season. Also antlerless and antlered deer are both in season. I couldn't find separate seasons for either. No need to distinguish. Maybe LFG can correct me it I've read the regs wrong.
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