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  1. Lupara

    Weekend Snowstorm

    Took a yard stick out at 7:00 am. Measured 6" of wet snow in the driveway. There's still a light snow falling.
  2. Lupara

    Weekend Snowstorm

    When temperatures drop the way they're supposed to, we'll have a kettle of a favorite hearty soup on the stove all day. Winter comfort food. I recommend it.
  3. There's a few 'Honey Holes' were you can anchor down and catch smallie after smallie. Usually not much size to them but you wouldn't know it from the fight. Trout as well.
  4. Lupara

    Did you know

    My cookies were deleted in a petard incident back in 2017. I don't like talking about it.
  5. All three school's boys enrollment are now the Clarion Bobcats in football. You only count one half the boys enrollment of the two guest schools and all of the host's to determine classification. The three schools classification enrollment is 190. Their actual total enrollment is 272. The parameters for football are: AA are 132-198 AAA are 199-272 AAAA are 273-384 Brockway/DCC's total enrollment is 179. Still within AA. Ridgway/Johnsonburg total also within AA at 180. Brookville is 178. You can see the new Clarion/Clarion Limestone/North Clarion co-op has nearly a hundred more kids than the other AA schools they'll be competing against. They would be the largest AAA school in the district and tied for the largest AAA school in the state of Pennsylvania. As I said earlier, they're going to be tough to beat.
  6. Don't forget Clarion already has North Clarion and now Clarion Limestone. 272 actual boys enrollment and still Double A. Crazy. That's one under Quad A. The Minnick brothers made up over 90% of Clarion's offense. They are from North Clarion. Now they'll have the best offensive lineman and best running back in the district from Clarion Limestone. They will be tough to beat.
  7. Lupara

    Weekend Snowstorm

    What's the latest forecast? Not looking too bad in Elk Co. except for low single digits Saturday into Sunday.
  8. What? "I'll check and see if the drivers hurt later. I only have 3...2...1"
  9. OK. Just so you know. The mental image of you licking chocolate off the street didn't exactly make my morning.馃槤
  10. We have "Dump Bears" in these parts. You have any black bears getting fat at your landfill?
  11. Lupara

    Bo is Big 10 Wrestler of the Week

    You have to wonder how much his major- Kinesiology plays into achieving that level of success. PSU should consider keeping him on after graduation as an assistant coach. kinesiology noun ki路ne路si路ol路o路gy | \k蓹-藢n膿-s膿-藞盲-l蓹-j膿, k墨-, -z膿-\ Definition of kinesiology : the study of the principles of mechanics and anatomy in relation to human movement
  12. Lupara

    NCAA Championship

    Haven't watched Clemson much this season but what stood out to me when I did was that defense. Not taking away too much from the offense but that defense was stellar.
  13. The Co-op with N Cl was huge this year with the Minich brothers from NCl the go to offensive players. Add to that the leading rusher in the district in Clarion Limestone back next year and Clarion will be looking good in football. N Cl's Kyle Mills is 6' 7 " and can run the floor. Cameron Co. has a Caden Beldin. Also all of 6' 7" and the two Brown brothers that can shoot the three. NCl should run the table in the regular season. ECC has a tougher path playing Ridgway on their turf. CC will have to face Coudy twice.
  14. I would add Coudy to the list of top tier programs with Coach Furman at the helm. More so than CL or N. Cl. (IMO). CL has done well over the past 5+ years or so. They are down a notch this season however. I know my fair share of folks in the North Clarion area. Down to earth. Good work ethic. Top school performance grade wise. They kept the drug epidemic at bay compared to other areas. They don't cotton to welfare cases. What's not to like. They do well in the regular season, get a high seed (inflated really), then can't finish. I believe it was 5th or 6th seeded Burg who eliminated them last season with a record a little over .500. This is the best North Clarion team I've seen though and who knows. I think they could beat Burg this season. I look for N Cl to be higher in the D9 Sports Power Ratings tomorrow. I had to give the edge to Cameron County. They took Ridgway to 2 overtimes in Ridgway. The CC/ Coudy rivalry should be interesting this season with CC's size and Coudy's ability to shoot the three. North Clarion just isn't as ready for tough matchups come playoff time. Strength of schedule is as important as win/loss record.