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  1. Lupara

    Grand Jury Report on Clergy Sex Abuse in PA

    The real irony is the men of this church. These men consider themselves in a position to tell their parishioners how they should live. What's right and what's wrong. Irony incarnate.
  2. Lupara

    Grand Jury Report on Clergy Sex Abuse in PA

    The Pope issued a statement yesterday acknowledging the guilt of the church in this matter. There is only one smart move for them now. Take steps to make the Catholic church the last place on the planet a pedophile would want to set up shop. Clean house and begin the long journey to restore the church to where it once was. Anything less and the Roman Catholic Church remains a late night talk show joke. The same goes for the Pa legislature. Laws enacted to make pedophiles think twice before living in this commonwealth. Anything less and they are enablers.
  3. Lupara

    Grand Jury Report on Clergy Sex Abuse in PA

    There is an emotional insulation between the Catholic powers that be and the victims. They have no sons or daughters. My last confession was before my son's confirmation. The priest asked why I wasn't going to mass. I told him the abuses and their cover ups left me little choice. I also told him I would no longer financially support the church until it was made right. While he was apologizing, I remember thinking "and I'm the one in confession". Those monseniors, bishops and cardinals ignored the abuses as if it were business as usual. They won't ignore the cries from the accountants when the money stops coming in. Heed the first commandment. Stop financial support of the Catholic church until you know the innocents are safe and the guilty are punished. And be vocal about it. Let them know. Nothing else has worked.
  4. Lupara

    Sandy TWP Water and Sewage For Sale

    When you own the water, you own the town.
  5. I would add Trader Joe's to this list and maybe a Denny's Beer Barrel Pub.
  6. No matter what happens this afternoon, these Eastern U.S. champs can't finish lower than 4th in the nation and 7th in the world. Good luck today. <iframe width="716" height="403" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/CeI5yeR1Hlg" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  7. Was it the size of her hands? It was the size of her hands.
  8. Scratch that one off the bucket list.
  9. Lupara

    2018 Gardens

    Its been a very good year so far. Plenty pf pickles and relish put up( both cucumber and zucchini). I'm enjoying the new tomato varieties recommended on here. Sun Gold, Purple Cherokee, Celebrity and Yellow Pear will be planted again next year. Still waiting to sample the Green Zebra, Atomic Grape, San Marzano and Ox Heart. The dehydrator will be in full swing for the next month. My son has been making an excellent salsa with smoked Hungarian Wax and Sweet Hot Peppers.
  10. Lupara


    I was projecting. You're right on the first pair of syllables. The last is OOT or YOOT.
  11. Lupara


    I don't know how to show the pronunciation of Tidioute without the risk of getting flagged.
  12. Lupara

    Another Snake Bite Victim

    The Game Commission or Fish and Boat Commission protect these vipers saying there have been few deaths over the past 25 years. They don't consider the extraordinary cost this and other survivors incur. Their pain and suffering take a back seat to the well being of the rattlesnake. If the government deems these snakes proliferation more valuable than the cost of life and property, let them foot the bill for medical treatment or maintain stockpiles of antivenom nearby. We'll see how long they stay protected.
  13. Lupara


    Sin-uh-muh-HO-ning. Another nice float, if Smallies are on the agenda, is the Allegheny from the islands above Tidioute down to Tidioute.
  14. Lupara


    I speak a little LFG classic jean. Let me translate. "I wouldn't know how to pronounce Sinnemohoning."
  15. All preparation in the world won't let the likes of Johnsonburg stand a chance against the likes of a Kennedy Catholic with players from three different continents and two states. Or Central Cambria girls track, tell them face to face they didn't work hard enough. Neuman Gorretti crushed CC with players from Pa. Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland. Bethlehem Catholic wrestling, now there's one for you. Some students on that team (from New Jersey) drive by three different Catholic schools to get to this one every day. Thirteen weight classes and Bethlehem Catholic has ten ranked number one in the state. Coudy boys and girls basketball. Tell them they aren't spending enough time at the sport in the off season. When they meet up with basketball factories like Constitution or Math and Civics that draw from the entire city of Philadelphia, it just isn't fair. It's wrong. The denial time is long over. They play by a different set of rules. And what we have to understand is the trajectory of the problem. For want of a championship, these non-boundary schools will only deepen the divide, It's going to get much worse than it is now. Separation has to happen. New York, New Jersey and other states separate championships without any problems. What are non-boundary schools so afraid of?