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  1. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-people-felipe-vazquez-idUSKBN1W228J
  2. Smoker worked well. It took longer than hoped. Saw dust rather than chips should help. I'll add some holes in the combustion chamber to increase the air. High temps weren't an issue.
  3. You may recall me mentioning this in the "What kind of grill/gills do you use?" Topic. : "I also have two basic Smoke N' Grills in the shed. We talk about making them into a low heat smoker for cheese and such. If we ever take that on it could probably be a crossover topic in the Redneck solution club." I needed two 2 1/2 " machine screws to secure the port. I had one. The local hardware store sold me one for 18 cents. The rest was repurposed materials. I did get the inspiration to make a venturi style draft (yes draft) for the Webber Spirit. I won't start that yet. I'll need to get my money's worth from this one . Pics of hickory smoked Cooper to follow.
  4. Wondering if anyone has heard any of the following regarding football: Dubois is looking to enter theD9 league. Not much opposition. Brockway and Dubois are looking to co-op in a couple years. Talks underway. What about DCC? Cameron County and ECC will both be co-oping with St. Marys next year. Some rumors about some Northern Tier teams co-op talks.
  5. Lupara


    At this point I'm just glad the total points on the scoreboard were more than a Pirate game.
  6. I had an old Thermos wide mouth I wasn't using. It press fit perfectly onto an old stainless Aladin mug. I bolted the Aladin onto the smoker as the port. Drilled a half inch hole into the bottom of the Thermos and Aladin. Rather than inject air at the combustion chamber, I mounted a 12 volt cooling fan from an old Dish receiver to induce draft at the top of the smoker. All I had was chips (pellet or dust is recommended). It worked fine with chips but I will test dust next. Placed a piece of aluminum foil over the fan to play with the draft. I'll make a damper between the fan and the unit now that I know it will work. The temperature inside never got above 95 degrees.
  7. I'm not aware of a list of things not to say to a Northerner. You want a Pepsi? Have a Pepsi. You want your tea without sugar? There you go. You're not hungry? The food is there if you want something. We don't have a list because we don't need no stinking list.
  8. I sprayed a few times with a homemade solution of Dawn detergent, water and vegetable oil. More for aphids and other tiny pests. I'm skeptical it kept the beetles away. Formulas available online.
  9. One zucchini. One stink'n medium sized zucchini. Kind of funny when I think about how I try to give them away. Cucs were just fair. Same with summer squash. The peppers were as Steelnut described. I ended up with some on stunted plants. I'll follow Petee's advice on pepper growing in the future. Tomatoes were scary slow out of the gate. Loosened the soil around them in early to mid July and within a week they took off. I ordered an old favorite green bean in early May. The Kwintus pole bean , a nice heavy yielding Roman style bean. Gave some seed to my bother years ago. Later that summer he told me that on two occasions passers by came into his backyard to ask what kind of bean it was. I ordered from Amazon. Checked the tracking in late May to find out it wouldn't arrive until June 17! So beans would be late. Here they were neither Kwintus nor pole beans. An Italian style though. Yields were lower. What was harvested was enjoyed.One thing though, I didn't see a single Japanese Beetle this year, a first for this garden. All in all I'd give the season a well below average grade. Looking forward to next year.
  10. With the garden winding down, there were plenty enough tomatoes and peppers to put up a few pints of 'smoky' salsa this afternoon. Roasted the peppers and tomatoes on the Weber with a couple pieces of cherry wood across the burners. Forgot to take a pic. The Juliets and Amish Pastes looked pretty good as they were roasting and absorbing the smoke.
  11. Out of order yet still superb. No selfie of when you discovered the mushrooms were out of order?
  12. Remarkable isn't it. The only time dad used ham hocks was for soup.
  13. Drumsticks cheaper than wings is the norm here. I prefer thighs even if a little more expensive. When it comes to rubs vs sauce, I prefer sauce.
  14. Speaking of peppers, what's up with that Carolina Reaper Pepper? Habaneros just weren't hot enough for y'all? 2,000,000 Scoville units. 400 times hotter than a jalapeno! Damn son.
  15. When the garden is up, I like Hungarian wax but my favorite is sweet or hot Pepperoncini. In the off season I'll use the Mini sweet peppers sold in bags at most groceries. The pepperoncinis get the highest marks from friends and family.
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