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  1. Good luck again this year in the East Regionals. http://www.thecourierexpress.com/sports/elk-mckean-tops-hollidaysburg-to-claim-state-title/article_3b45b1d3-368f-5a2f-8333-152dcb65ecec.html
  2. Maybe if Soccermom and Watoos were at a Christmas party, got way too drunk and...…..Nah.
  3. What's next? Donald Trump blocking Twitter responses from those that disagree with him? OOPS. IMO both the Governor and the pres got it wrong. Have no illusions folks. There are snowflakes on both sides of the isle and nobody draws them out like Mr D.
  4. This is years back. Before the 2016 election. Before Trump. A big story broke and I can't remember what it was. I thought I'd tune in to Megan Kelly on Fox to see what she had to say. To my surprise, it wasn't the lead story. The lead was about some illegal who had been deported. He got back it the country and raped someone. Not insignificant but in light of the other more important news that day, I was bewildered. She had more than a few race baiting xenophobic stories before she left Fox News. I can't watch CNN. They are to me, lazy sensationalists. But Fox can own some responsibility for stoking the fires of racial division.
  5. Haters are going to hate. No doubt about it but the notion they haven't felt empowered TO SOME EXTENT by the xenophobic underpinnings of the Trump regime is more wishful thinking than not. 'Mexicans should go back behind the wall,' No connection whatsoever? All the respect in the world El. We're gonna disagree on this one. And one more. I'm lov'n me some World Cup action. USA!
  6. He's the king. You might agree I'll bet he has as many or more fans up North. It's the words not how they're spoken. Many Northerners feel this way. His love of Dixie vid shares your sentiment though. "Plays the best football, has the sweetest music etc." He left out weaves the best metaphors. Nobody does that better IMO.
  7. I scored a 14 and I'm not Southern. Although of the 14 there is handful of dishes I only tried once so my score is a bit skeeeeewd.
  8. This somehow reminded me of this Southern fellow and his view on racism. Snowflake alert... there is some swearing so please don't click on this if you might be offended.
  9. The way I read this statute, whites have recourse as well if ethnically intimidated. Nothing in there about the law pertaining to minorities only as victims. Any race could be victimized as it should be. https://law.justia.com/codes/pennsylvania/2010/title-18/chapter-27/2710
  10. Did the garden sticks move for you Petee?
  11. Its working. They've sparked the conversation already.
  12. https://www.ridgwayrecord.com/content/johnsonburg-man-charged-ridgway-bar-shooting
  13. After the Borough Council unanimously voted down Sheetz selling beer in Ridgway, Sheetz is taking the issue to court to overturn it.
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