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  1. Somebunny

    Hitching Post

    Don't give up your day job.
  2. Somebunny

    Trouble in Punxsy!!

    Sounds good. Gators will take care of that problem.
  3. Somebunny

    Pat Catan's Closing?

    That;s what they plan to do. However, Pat Catans stores had better prices for crafts and gave bigger discounts to people who were making crafts to sell. When Michaels bought them, even though they promised not to change that policy, they lowered the discounts for craft vendors. Now, they are closing the stores and replacing them with their own brand of higher price stores.
  4. Somebunny

    Anyone hear this?

    Um,, did you read the part about how much he likes his job?
  5. Is it the new ambulance garage that is on fire?
  6. Somebunny

    People Are Furious Over Hershey's Kisses

    Some people use the kisses to make cookies resembling little mice, so when the tips are missing the mouse looks like it has a snub nose. The people complaining are long time cookie bakers who bake cookies for weddings and want the cookies to look their best for the occassion.
  7. Somebunny

    Oscar Mayer Said A Hot Dog Is A Sandwich

    Can you spell quest for free publicity?
  8. It's draining because the politicians are robbing it to pay for their health insurance and pay raises, etc. Baby boomers paid into the fund, so their being able to now collect from the fund is not what is causing the problem. The problem arose because of the number of times money was taken from the fund to pay for other things.
  9. Somebunny

    mega winner

    Was it possibly around the time that Steve did the upgrade?
  10. Somebunny

    mega winner

    I think it has it's own classification.
  11. Somebunny

    mega winner

    I think checkered artificial turf would look better.
  12. Somebunny

    Ponderosa closing

    Does anyone know what is going on? I have seen several postings about the Sakura Buffet purchasing the property and opening up a restaurant here, but now I see a sign up that the property is available for lease?
  13. Somebunny

    City street-escape project near Main and Long ...$$$

    I'm not sure if this is the area you are talking about, because it's not quite where you have your pin. However, the corner of South Main Street and Spring Avenue appeared to have sidewalks that did not meet because them. It was apparently one of the 'corners' that the contractor had left undone. The sidewalk in front of the building has been completed, so the two sidewalks do connect now. Unfortunately, when they took the sidewalk and ramp out, it meant that I was unable to leave my apartment even after the elevated sidewalk was completed because it did not connect to the main sidewalk. It has been a constant battle with the city and contractor to even keep any type of temporary walkway, to permit me to even leave the building in an emergency. I finally sent the following message to the Mayor: Message: I need to know how much longer you intend to hold me hostage in my home. July 3rd they destroyed the handicapped ramp that leads into my apartment. They didn't pour the elevated sidewalk until July 10th. However, since the main sidewalk has been demolished, my elevated sidewalk leads nowhere. After complaining to the construction company, they finally put a gravel ramp across, however since the City Manager was here, the plywood that would have made it possible for me to use it has been removed, making it unusable for someone who uses a wheeled walker as the wheels will sink and get lodged in the gravel. Because the main sidewalk has not been replaced, there is no way for me to leave the building because the vehicle would have to be parked in the middle of the street blocking traffic in order for me to get into the vehicle if I was able to use the gravel ramp. So, for the past 45 days and counting the city has denied (a disabled person) access to public roadways. Meanwhile, this construction company is installing the main sidewalks on the opposite side of the street and on this side of the street beyond our building. I have had to cancel my doctors appointment and it has been difficult for the elderly woman who does grocery shopping for me to get the groceries in here. FYI in the event of a fire, I should be able to get out of the building itself, however, we will have to pray it doesn't fall on me because I won't be able to get away from it. That finally got them moving and the sidewalks have been connected on this side of the street anyway. But it was almost the end of August before I could leave the building. Fortunately for me, my landlord helped to get groceries in to my apartment.
  14. Somebunny

    Walmart Grocery Pickup

    Being disabled now, I have a friend do shopping for me and this way I can choose the brands that I want and they have the order ready for her to pick up. She is older too and has trouble walking, so this saves her a lot of work as well, because they bring the groceries out to her car and load them for her.