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  1. Wonders if Guest Jeff ever found the classifieds?
  2. They most likely stopped processing them from the paper notifications because they thought the computer was receiving them.
  3. Marine One would be more effective.
  4. https://www.sparkt.com/story/5cffbb12489055002ddfb1b6?fbclid=IwAR03aWOUTQIsqSN5l-5B6R6HhwykE0X6vjEo7w6uoSyIvEVFdhH_i-TxjYg
  5. My understanding is that they would remain separate, but be housed in the same building. That makes some sense because the police both use the same booking equipment, and this way it wouldn't require the city prisoners to be transported to the Sandy Twp. building.
  6. FYI Firehouse Pizzeria has the best cannoli's.
  7. Getting ready for Easter? You want the chickens to lay the eggs already colored?
  8. Have you been to the Pittsburgh Mills? I believe it is a strip mall.
  9. Don't give up your day job.
  10. Is it the new ambulance garage that is on fire?
  11. Somebunny

    mega winner

    Was it possibly around the time that Steve did the upgrade?
  12. Somebunny

    mega winner

    I think it has it's own classification.
  13. Somebunny

    mega winner

    I think checkered artificial turf would look better.
  14. Speaking of your weenies, did you see the Heinz commercial?
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