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  1. I have heard the quote about the baseball also.
  2. Sorry to hear this. She had some good, happy conversation on here. My sympathy to the family.
  3. I was there today too. Took that boadwalk too. Guy with the metal detector said he only found a quarter. I thought you were free to go anywhere since the water was low, but DCNR guy told us we were not allowed on the spillway, which did not have a drop of water on it.
  4. I checked the internet , called everyone and tons of stuff, basically they said good luck getting bats out of a barn. Too big, too many holes, can't seal it up.
  5. Oh yeah, bats are great until they Go in your barn or somewhere and you have tried Everything, to get them to move to your bathouse, but they prefer to poop all over the stuff you have in your barn. If you want mine you are welcome to them.
  6. Lets see how long until that last question gets answered on here.
  7. willow

    Euthanization Guilt?

    Yes, I think we all have had at least one pet we weren't sure if it was time. One I should have done sooner, now that I think of it. So, once the decision is made, remember everything has its time. "To everything there is a season."............ . It just that in a sense, it bothers us because, WE made the determination, not nature. In a perfect world, we all hope that everything just sleeps away, and no one has to make that decision for them. I have an old cat, and just put my 15 1/2 year old dog down in Dec. My companion.
  8. I swear that looks like one of my husbands long lost relatives.
  9. My daughter has 2 miniature schnauzers. 1 is always fine but doesn't listen as well and the other one listens but gets everything. Finicky stomach, gets stuff in paws, etc. So, they are just like us. No 2 alike. I have farm dogs that eat everything they can catch ( no cats) and they are always healthy Luck of the draw. I do keep them up to date on their vet stuff.
  10. I Love Texas Roadhouse. I wish I had the backing to open one here in DuBois. I would be just the hostess.
  11. Did you see the article that you can cook and eat stinkbugs? I envision them as a Halloween pumpkin cookie with the bugs as eyes etc.
  12. I have a HUGE vine of this I started there to cover an ugly old tall building. It definitely does attract hummingbirds. I did not know it could cause a rash. Never had any problems with it but then I don't really mess with it. It does take over but it is in an area where there is nothing to take over. I was just complimented the other day how pretty it was.
  13. Maybe went from weeping to depression? lol
  14. One of you with a good garden, just tell me where you live and when you won't be home. haha
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