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  2. This is what I got from my carrier Today!
  3. Just got a note in my paper that after Friday the paper will be delivered by the USPS..this is going to out alot of people out of a job
  4. I saw so many gloves and masks laying on the ground at various stores it's ridiculous. Apparently people are just taking them off at their cars and throwing them down?!?
  5. Have you found anyone to do this for you?
  6. Sunshyn


    Heard mine for the first time last night! They were very loud. They are being noisy today too
  7. WHY?!? Kids cannot just let things be nice, its a beautiful historic building that should be preserved not vandalized!! Just think....these kids are our future. Hahaha
  8. I don't believe they were truly "Hunting" for one..they ran out of ammo?? Doubt it. Also. They didn't have a knife?? What Hunter doesn't carry a knife to clean their kill. So those 2 things alone are questionable
  9. The past 2 years my peppers have done horrible. They grow but very tiny and then they are no good. Also my tomato plants aren't fairing too well. I am getting zucchini and some cucumbers but that's about it. I blame the weather!
  10. I wish you all the luck finding poor Kitty a home. Just to let you know though alot of the shelters are all full with kitties so I'm not sure if you will have any luck there. I didn't anyway, I am trying to find homes for some also
  11. until
    A friend of my Neices lost her life in a fire, they are doing a benefit dinner to help with costs and are still in need of items. They will also be doing raffle baskets if anyone wants to donate anything it would be greatly appreciated!
  12. About 3 months ago I found 2 little kitties at my BF's work. They were only about 4 weeks old then. Any way...I noticed about 2 months ago the one was breathing hard/fast and wheezing. So I took him to the vet, didn't do any tests just gave me antibiotics and sent me home saying he would grow out of it. Well last month I had them both neutered through a organization and this little one almost stopped breathing. So I took him to a different vet last Thursday. Did an x-ray and found that he has an enlarged heart and fluid retaining in his lungs. We are trying a heart pill and a diuretic and I go back this Sat to do more tests to see if it has helped at all. Has anyone ever dealt with this? I don't know what to do or what to expect with this happening at such a young age. Doc said more than likely he was born with this condition since he has had issues since I found him. Any help is very much appreciated!!
  13. Came home yesterday to find the ground hogs are starting to dig under the garage. They try this every year, I don't know why. So I went to find where their den is and located all the holes. Next will be to make up a stinky brew to try to get them to go elsewhere
  14. I would love to shoot them. However I live in Reynoldsville Borough. Like almost downtown. But close enough to the woods that I get the wildlife. Is it legal to shoot the groundhogs? I know I can't shoot the deer in my yard, they like to eat out of the neighbors 6 birdfeeders. That's why they are around
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