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  1. Sunshyn


    I don't understand why so many people feel the need to clean them up...I never do. I let them lay in the yard under the snow and in the spring mow them over and boom...they are gone.
  2. When they first opened I loved their chicken salad and white pizza...they changed both and I didn't like them anymore. They changed alot of their food trying to make things better but it made it worse..should have left the menu alone.
  3. It's posted in the lost section
  4. I have a trap you could use if you still need one
  5. Wow! Glad to see he has grown up so much. 😅
  6. I just hate not knowing how to dress for the day....Jeans and sweatshirt, shorts and short sleeves...or shorts and sweatshirt that I ditch later on...Ugh that's the worst part
  7. This girl is crazy...always has been. Unfortunately he is not the first she has done this to. Glad someone finally turned her in
  8. My heart goes out for this poor little baby! She did not deserve this and I really hope the scum that did this to her are caught and punished to the Max!
  9. I'm not surprised considering the weather we are having right now. It's too soon in the year to be having this fall like weather
  10. Sunshyn

    Humming birds

    This is my buddy. He is mad at me right now because I had to move his feeder while we are redoing the deck
  11. Sunshyn

    Giant Eagle

    I personally love Giant Eagle...I mostly just use the pharmacy but everyone there is wonderful. They know me by name and that says a lot..I never got that at Walmart. Then the gas points I get from there help a lot too much easier to earn there than Martins
  12. I am glad they are finally fixing the railroad crossing...AGAIN. Hopefully this time it will be better! A lot more of them need fixed though. They are all horribly rough in my opinion
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