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  1. The "home" I meant in both our cases was Heaven.
  2. Amazing! Same situation I had. He wanted to go home,too. We had to set things up with Hospice. The ambulance was set up. He died right before we could get him back. My last words " You can relax now you can go home Everything will be fine.". Will live it the rest of my life. You did help her go. She got to go home.
  3. Mine was 72 hours after the decision was made to stop when all medical intervention fails. When the loved one says "Im Tired". That's their signal they have accepted it.
  4. And Dr Kervorkian went to jail for the same thing. The Liberals sure love to medically kill people. First born babies 9 months old. Now this. Death by Lethal injection. But I will give leeway on this if they are TERMINALLY ill. If the quality of life is gone, why sit in an expensive nursing home or be a large burden at home to family caregivers. I have experienced this (loss of quality of family member) and thank goodness it was a natural quick resolution( with help of Morphine).
  5. jaman

    DASD Superintendent ... What’s up?

    I believe when all his leave is taken and reimbursed we may know.
  6. jaman

    Mall Update

    Cabelas was supposed to go in the New Jefferson Park at the Hazen exit. Its still a barren hay and stone field.
  7. jaman

    March Madness

    PSU Wrestling is like Alabama in football. Kentucky Basketball. Sanderson is the best. You want a good program. Get a couple of big Alumni to write big checks and get the best coach and staff.
  8. jaman

    March Madness

    PSU has already won. Unless at least 4 out of 5 get pinned. Aint going to happen.
  9. jaman

    Mall Update

    Its overpriced. Pittsburgh Mills only went for Total $11 million. They want $33 mill for Dubois.
  10. jaman

    Mall Update

    They cancelled again for the 3rd time.
  11. jaman

    DASD Superintendent ... What’s up?

    Nice turn of spin...............as usual
  12. jaman

    March Madness

    Duke. But wouldnt be surprised Gonzaga or Michigan State might make a run. Good coaches come to the top.Gonzaga lacking a big man though(6'10 or bigger)
  13. jaman

    can someone tell me what this is?

    That would have cleaned the old sinuses.
  14. jaman

    DASD Superintendent ... What’s up?

    if you didnt notice, I gave back the same advice to you that awhile back you gave me. And if I wasnt in a caregiver position Id shoot. So do your "service" as you have advised others.