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  1. Your source is CNN. For Fox.
  2. Led by Elton John, there will be a Hollywood benefit held for American Covid 19. Guess what? It is on? Big bad FOX. Yep FOX. I guess they like FOX when they can get some personal publicity. Wont be surprising other networks might want to be in on the action.
  3. Probably one of the best dribblers of all time.
  4. I think they now made that a FEDERAL Terrorism offense after somebody else did that..
  5. 1/2 of this stimulus was garbage. wait till nancy and AOC see it.
  6. Money for Howard University. I guess Clyburn is now happy. 1/2 of the Stimulus is garbage(Pardon the pun)
  7. I wonder if they kept the Supreme Court Salaries, Juvenile Justice, and JFK Center for the Performing Arts. Wait to AOC and friends get back to vote. PS You are free to send your stimulus check back to the US Treasury.
  8. jaman

    CV-19 Is Here!

    A couple days ago I made the same relative comment in the Debate Thread to somebody else.. No response then. I dropped it. Are you going to invite the originator of the comment too?
  9. jaman

    CV-19 Is Here!

    Was just returning a response directly to Polo on her last comment. Wasnt debating anyone.. Wasnt hijacking a thread to debate.
  10. jaman

    CV-19 Is Here!

    I have said before here. God is sending US a message.
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