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  1. The best Ford bronco was OJ's.
  2. They are allowed to demonstrate . Its free speech. But when opponents show up and demonstrate, they say it's not free speech. Welcome to equal protection of the Constitution. They want to get on TV. If you are going to look at stirring the pot, you are going get it back. And that is the danger if it escalates. It is a small town. 99% of the people accept everybody but its always that 1% that dont that do cause trouble. As I have said before, I have LGBTQ.... friends. Good people. They stand up for their rights. And I support them. But they protest but dont put on a big show . They dont march in community parades dressed to draw attention to themselves. Also, I come from a family that has mixed races together. And in life some of my best friends were black and Hispanic. You can get along without stirring the pot. Have you seen some of the language and tactics that BLM.(especially) has used? Be careful . We were very lucky last summer with Covid it wasnt bigger or Downtown Dubois might have become very hot.
  3. More unnecessary spending. You put the military at the boarder and tell them to turn around and go home.
  4. I was hoping Manchin from west Virginia but he always folds at the last minute. Coward.
  5. 20 years ago I worked for a Social Service on the Eastside- Dorey Street. It sounds like that is now in the meth Circle.
  6. The Credit Card gives it away. Hun ter was too cheap to buy the room.
  7. Im waiting for the Malia Obama and Hunter video and pictures. Even though Obama's have to already know and covered up, when they are published Barrack will come out and support the removal of Biden and install his handpicked endorsed candidate-Laughing Harris. Pelosi is being very quiet. After Saying AFT 9 times. She is preparing the 25 th Amendment papers just in case.
  8. And he gets TAXPAYER PAID security.
  9. Naw, its all those billions of moldy money. Another Ivy League Geek who thinks he is getting his revenge just because of his wealth. "Revenge of the Nerds Part 5: The Return of the Big Techies"
  10. Source: Daily Mail . Here come the pictures this is one of the cleaner ones.
  11. The Daily Mail in UK is starting to post the pictures. Im waiting for Malia Obama. This is what the MSM has been hiding. He is a drug ingesting Porn star. He lets his dog watch.
  12. Hopefully they fast track this case. This guy has already had 3 incidents before its even got to court the first time.
  13. That would be my first choice. A full tricked out small nice personal motorhome. There's just me. You have to maintain a personal touch.
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