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  1. jaman

    Weekend Snowstorm

    10" in Glasstown.
  2. jaman

    Old sub shops in dubois

    Due for a road trip to Bob's Subs. the original in clarion. been there at least 40 years. The one in brookville aint bad.
  3. jaman

    Don't panic DON'T PANIC😤😤😤😤😤

    Channel 10 still sticking to 12-18. It May be a Midnight's Surprise.
  4. jaman

    Don't panic DON'T PANIC😤😤😤😤😤

    Could all the radars be wrong? say it aint so.
  5. FELONIES. Jail time is coming. they thought they were going to get the cop. Everybody is doing it.
  6. jaman

    DASD Superintendent ... What’s up?

    If you are interested in some of the expenses involved in getting rid of a Super, read today's(1/18) Post Gazette about West Mifflin.
  7. jaman

    Weekend Snowstorm

    Wtaj finally stretches its neck. 12-18 inches.
  8. jaman

    Weekend Snowstorm

    To a point I think its when they try to out do the other.
  9. jaman

    Weekend Snowstorm

    UPDATE. Storm will hit around 2 pm Saturday and last to between 8 and 10 am Sunday. After sitting down at work with my boss, looking at 6 sources of predictions, we came up with 10-12 inches. Weather Channel, Weather Underground(Both say 12+), Accuweather, Pittsburgh Channels 2 and 11, Wjac 6
  10. jaman

    Old sub shops in dubois

    I was a regular at Original Hoagie. They were awesome. I sure miss them.
  11. jaman

    Weekend Snowstorm

    Channel 11 says all snow for us. Most of the national forecasters are now saying 10-12+ Saturday into Sunday
  12. jaman

    Weekend Snowstorm

    Dont they already at the local............ Back to the thread. See what you started!
  13. jaman

    Weekend Snowstorm

    I'll leave the "funny" (sarcasm) jokes on this subject to the Go Dubois Comedy Club Members.
  14. jaman

    Weekend Snowstorm

    Thanks And I thought their were HIPAA Laws. Weather Underground now says 12+. So I gues sat and Sat night we are going to get it and Sunday will be a Blowing Blizzard.
  15. jaman

    Weekend Snowstorm

    Meanwhile back at the Ranch, NBC Al Roker says 9-18. His radar has us in the foot range.