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  1. Its not lazy. Quite the contrary. But maybe this situation has brought more thought to this situation.
  2. You are totally on point. Going back to my original idea. A tarp would be the solution.
  3. You are correct with basic construction and lawn care equipment.Plastic shovels wouldnt damage it. And a turf brush wouldnt either. The Turf brush is a softer version of what Penn Dot uses to brush dirt or dust after construction. if they dont have a turf brush to clean and brush it bi annually at least, they are not properly maintaining it. And when weather permits it should be sprayed a couple times a year with a cleaning solution for possible skin irritants.. But ice another problem. I have been advocating for a tarp.
  4. 2A game is at 730 at Karns City. A great thank you needs to go to Karns City for taking this on. My goodness they are basically on the door step of Butler. They asked for any help from other D9 school and fans. You know how many showed up. 12 people who spent 2 weekend days getting the field ready. But you cant expect that Smethport or coudy is going to send a bus load of people 3 hours to help. On top of that, down in that area some didnt have electric until today. The D9 director called almost every facility in D9, D6, and D10. Nobody wanted to touch this. I remember a game at brockway a few years ago where they did take it on and cleared the field. No matter who wins, will be playing friday or saturday in PIAA playoffs on a short week which also includes a holiday. Hopefully maybe another central D9 facility might be available for a 1st round "home" game. To Anonymous, Word has brockway has had a plan (and money)for an indoor football/soccer facility. But the maintenance costs to maintain are prohibitive for a small school. I have stated before D9 needs to buy a tarp and have it available to Dubois or Brockway this time of year.
  5. jaman

    Concerning football playoff games...

    That was my point also.
  6. jaman

    Concerning football playoff games...

    Karns City is trying to get their field ready for the Smethport-Coudersport and Brockway-Ridgway games. About a dozen people showed up to get the snow off the field. They put the word out to all D9 schools to pitch in. They were the only school in this part of the state willing to try to get their field ready. That's a 3 hour bus ride for those Northern Schools. For Brockway and Ridgway its around 2 hours. This happens every year. Snow, freezing rain, or ice. D9 needs to buy a field tarp and maybe store it at Mansell Stadium for use during this time of year..
  7. LFG. WE just got 8 inches of snow. And their still was school albeit a 2 hour delay to give highway crews to clean up. By 11 roads were in decent shape.
  8. jaman

    School Closings And Delays

    My brother lives in Northern Alabama. they get an inch and they close down for 3 or 4 days. It usually takes 6 inches here depending on the time. But if it stops and get it cleaned by 7am. It will still be a normal day. Some schools will delay to 9am so they can have more lead time to clean.
  9. Some people just dont learn. And you dont fight with the police.
  10. Just saw the guy who recently won $394 million dancing around and enjoying the limelight on the national news. Wrong move. First thing he is going to do? Go to Vegas.
  11. jaman

    Who's Jesse Porter?

    There is a code of honor in prison. Sexual exploitation of 5 year olds is at the very bottom. Prison isnt going to be a fun house for this guy.
  12. jaman

    Who's Jesse Porter?

    He worked for the CIA. And studied abroad at Oxford.(Wonder if he was a rhodes Scholar.) There's the connection. Plus he was musically talented.(Juilliard)
  13. jaman

    Who's Jesse Porter?

    If Homeland Security spent the time coming to Ridgway, I would guess its more than threats. 2 weeks ago Jaman made a joking threat on Facebook. Of course it was in support of Trump. The statement was" If Pelosi and Waters want blood in the streets, just start with your 100 investigations. Those wont last." Facebook flagged me and gave me a warning. Im betting the FBI is now watching. The black SUV's will be soon.