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  1. Last night (16th) was FULL MOON.
  2. And dont forget the HAPPY MEALS for the grand kids.
  3. If you are going to just catch and release, I think you can do that at the area around McDonalds in brockway.
  4. Go to Clearfield County Register/Recorder.
  5. jaman


    Yes Mr D. They went to brockway Sheetz because of the wifi to file there reports.
  6. jaman


    Fremer's in brockway. Last count 8 fire departments.
  7. Gambling never pays in the end. if they only filed their tax returns right they might have got away with it.
  8. They should have had a Sumo Wrestling match
  9. jaman


    Justice was served.
  10. jaman


    Spot on. It looks like another Mayor in new orleans is choking on a disaster. Its a set up if it goes bad to blame trump.
  11. You can buy inexpensive fender flares on Ebay to make them legal.
  12. With 13 30 round AK 47 ammunition in any situation its dangerous. Im surprise he didnt get off a few magazines.
  13. THis could have got real serious quick.
  14. I went to Himes Blueberry farm today. First time.They still have half their crop. Its nice. Open 7am-7pm. Every day. They have planted a few new acres this year. Amazing. I was the only one on the farm from 2 to 3 today. When I left at 4 only 5 were there. It was honor pay system. They have a scale with instructions. But the owner's wife did show up for a little. Very nice. I got my winter stock. Im usually one of the first ones(7am) in the door at the other big Farm ( for 10 years) but this saturday will be a big crowd with the festival buses and childrens activities starting at 9. Ill hit them up later.
  15. jaman


    I was hoping theyd add KFC.
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