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  1. With a little bit of melt later and then over night temps drop to 19 does anyone want to go ice skating in the morning.(Sarcasm.) Its going to be dangerous. Everybody be careful. I know of 2 people in the last 24 hours who have broken their hips!
  2. jaman


    Yes. the early 70's.
  3. Having been an advocate for mentally handicapped for 30 years in the past. There IS a need for a few facilities like these. You cant throw all inclusive into society.
  4. jaman


    In the 1970's consolidation would have been called "Chrystal City." That is St Mary's nickname now. So they'll have to think a new one.
  5. As an alum, it is disturbing. You think youd learn a lesson to stay away from anything like this. ESPECIALLY the football program. Inducing Sandusky's name. STUPID. We will see in court. Espn is on it again. The football program is back winning. Along with attitude. If more victims surface or are supeonaed-stay tuned. This is Federal Court not County court. Hopefully it will be solved good or bad. Quickly.
  6. PSU football in trouble again.
  7. Federal Lawsuit. Bullying(Hazing) and sexual assault. Especially in today's world. Sandusky referances. Stupidity. Lasch Building. Local investigation proves nothing. Sound familiar. One player was disciplined. Franklin may have been in the building for some of the offenses. This is very disturbing. Sounds like they didnt learn a BIG lesson. If new info comes out at court expect NCAA to sniff. If ESPN starts sniffing watch out. They better cut any players who were there. And Franklin has some explaining to do. Expect HUGE check.
  8. need a new battery on an older I phone .. Usually do it myself but with the fragile screen and connector threads dont want to take the chance. Even though it only takes about 10-15 minutes. Who does this service locally and what is an estimate of costs?
  9. jaman


    Thanks for admitting Jaman right again. About your platitudes. Back to the subjective information of consolidation Go Dubois patrons want to hear..
  10. jaman


    No , you said attitudes as you always suggest in all threads.. I inferred for YOU to lead the way. Fair. And 0bjective responses will be left until,if it is moved the Debate Thread.
  11. jaman


    We don't want to hear your usual platitudes.Then run for office and become an integral player. Or get appointed to Planning Commission. STEP UP!
  12. jaman


    PLus in this situation you have an extra complexity. Treasure Lake which has its own separate ideas and governance.
  13. Last night on FXM was watching bad Boys 2. It was unedited. Everything was flying.
  14. I would not want, again to say, to go in front of Judge Foradora for this one. 80% of the counts involve jail time. I think they will be spending time . How much? Who knows? Unless the one really sells out his friend, his wrestling career should be over. Stay tuned.
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