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  1. Wonder what the President of the University thinks from a university athlete. He was allowed to wrestle . That speaks volumes.
  2. jaman

    D9 Sports

    How is the "new" Tippin Gym coming. Id like to see D9 sports give us some pictures.
  3. God Bless you. This will be an extra special Holiday season for your family.
  4. Him and his jail buddies are going to have some fun with that vacuum
  5. More PC actions. Disrespect. THis is what a country will turn into if a certain group gets elected. Ill stop. This isnt the Debate Forum.
  6. Prayers to the Albion United Methodist Church in Punxsy. Right before the holidays they had a damaging fire.
  7. Im not doubting something is in the works.
  8. That is why there are political committees. To lend support to their own party candidates. For better or worse. Actually, you can make it easier in this area Conman. Cross file if you dont like it. Go ahead and run. Set the example. You might even win both parties in March and wont have to worry in the General election. Step up.
  9. I talked to an administrator at Brockway today. For now, The Co-0p will remain intact. He first heard of the split at........GO DUBOIS.
  10. They are targeting the late night geezers to stay up long enough. Could you see her with Jay Z and Ariana Grande.
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