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  1. Ponderosa closing

    Rumor has it, a Chinese Company which owns many. We dont need another Asian restaurant. We dont need another Taco Joint.
  2. Duncan Donuts

    Their are a lot of GOOD trades jobs in this region of W Pa. Pay is very good. If I was 20 years younger Id definitely try it. You have to be willing to apprentice and most importantly, pass your "pee" test.
  3. Ponderosa closing

    Some of the best steakhouses age them up to 21 days in rooms sort of like a cigar humidor.
  4. Ponderosa closing

    The reason the top end steaks are good and melt in your mouth is because Places like Ruth Chris age their steaks. Im researching and studying how they are that tender. Im curious. I dont know what they are feeding or if its the drugs over the last 10 to 12 years Im a regular at Palumbo's and have bought steaks at about a 10 regional meat markets. Between Clarion and Philipsburg. The taste has changed and they are not as tender.

    Whether you like him or not, mark Cuban wanted the team 5 years ago. Nutting & friends put the kibbotz to that.
  6. Ponderosa closing

    Doesnt fit the KFC model.
  7. DuBois Streets

    Call City hall. And they will come.
  8. Tomlin has adopted the thug mentality. My goodness your star draft choices over the last few years cant stay away from the weed and get busted. Leveon Bell owes the Steeler organization for sticking with him over his drug fiascos.
  9. Counterfeit Bills Hit Region

    80% of the used US Currency has Cocaine or heroin residue.

    Cole to Astros. McCutcheon to GIANTS! Pirates back to the beginning. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please sell the team to someone who has big pockets.
  11. The important thing it shows is that Hawaii is NOT ready for any attacks. Just like December 7, 1941. Havent we learned anything? Nope.
  12. 28 is going to be jammed.
  13. I know. Ive given my thoughtful lottery advice on Go Dubois for years. Looks like somebody followed it.
  14. 20 years old and smart. Forming his own corporate trust to withdraw the money without releasing his address.