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  1. Saint Fauci wants people now to consider wearing 2 masks at once even if they get the vaccine. (Source: MSNBC) Considering that Fauci enabled the deaths of 400,000.
  2. NO Spuds McKenzie. The greatest of all ad time. The Ads are what make people smile and laugh. Whether they are good or bad. Corporate America has gone bonkers with Political Correctness.
  3. When the time comes, Biden will be dumped for harris. And the real lies will be known.
  4. Thank you for your always pinpoint posts. Sure looks like thousands sleeping in the Capitol and the parking garage not the Holiday Inn Express.The problem was Mr D. It was butchered from the start. Now we got a "Super Spreader". No Mess Tents. . And 2 porta potties for every 5,000. And sleep on marble. The excuse is"THey have slept in worse places." Pathetic. Absolutely Pathetic. No they want 5-7000 troops to stay to Easter. Are you kidding? Is the DC and Capitol Police that Pathetic? Or is it political correctness not to use their own police. Its a big coverup. Just blame the National Guard. If there was no protesting going on it should have been rotating 8 hr shifts at the beginning. The Biden security Team on day one screwed up. God help us if they have to react to China or Russia.
  5. And look who isnt trying to have Unity. More executive orders than any other President. he probably doesnt even understand them. He just signs. Look at those jobs go away. Now if somebody in your workplace has Covid you can QUIT your job and get up to $1000 more per unemployment check. But he'll flood the Country with illegals to work. Welcome to the new Socialist Country.
  6. Usually they adopt a tent city complete with all basic amenities and they rotate shifts..
  7. The Liberals botched it. Now they are rushing to get photo ops. Too little. Too late.
  8. Some of the troops say they were betrayed by the new administration.
  9. We will needs guns for more than just protecting against the Government. The southern Door is OPEN
  10. If the gate is open and as many illegals rush the country as they say, millions, you better have protection for more than protecting yourself from the Liberals.
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