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  1. jaman

    And another thing: Paper Plates

    Nope. Too many "accidents". Ketchup(Catsup), Mustard, BBQ, salad dressing. Then you have to "Shout" it out clean. That gets expensive.
  2. jaman

    And another thing: Paper Plates

    Styrofoam, people.
  3. jaman

    Public Transportation ??

    I did with my UBer inquiry and you responded with your good Uber response. Thanks.
  4. jaman

    Public Transportation ??

    And that answers my previous question about Uber availability also. It may be cost prohibitive in Dubois. Not enough business .
  5. jaman

    Happy Birthday Shmoopie11!

    She is surely missed. She would have made a great moderator. Always had good prospective.
  6. then you wonder what they are actually teaching at these colleges.
  7. jaman

    Public Transportation ??

    How available is Uber out here on a regular basis?
  8. jaman

    Public Transportation ??

    Hijacked into another subject just like the "Old" Debate Forum. its about needed transportation. Not tourism or baseball fields. Hate to say it. Jaman once again predicted this.
  9. This happens in the Pittsburgh and Philly areas all the time with catholic and Charter Schools.. But they whack DCC.
  10. jaman

    Post Office

    Amazon? And that guy is THE richest in the world. he should pay a transfer fee.
  11. jaman

    Post Office

    How would we get our bills? i do not use online billing. That's just another way to get even more information if they dont have it already. Also like others have said, if it is a small package they now drop it at the Post office and not at your house even if they pass your house first. The Post office ought to charge them a flat fee.
  12. large barges should go out and just suck the plastic up and dump in a landbased landfill . because all this plastic was dumped there in the first place by someone.
  13. jaman


    Mark Cuban 3 or 4 years ago offered to buy the Bucs. To no avail. he attended a few games. But he isnt going to overpay.
  14. jaman

    sprinkler systems for high rise buildings

    How much of an insurance deduction would you get if you had them? Would it offset the cost?