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  1. On CBS news tonight Astra Zeneca said tonight that due to a lack of GLASS bottles to transport vaccines they cant transport the serum. I think I know of somewhere that would be glad to make millions of vaccine GLASS bottles.
  2. That is why they moved. Everytime something controversial happens the outsiders seem to be there in a split second.
  3. A family friend , who served in the service, and married a girl from the Minneapolis, after a couple years of living there moved to another place in the Midwest. He says the going joke is Minneapolis is the "American Mogadishu" for a reason. The place is out of control. It is run by wealthy Liberals who control the vote.
  4. Did you see who half or little more than half the protesters were at the police station? The usual Liberal White Millienials. If you saw the pictures, the majority blacks actually were smarter . Even though it is a crime. Instead of protesting they went for the "loot". If I was Target, Id tell the Mayor that store isnt reopening.
  5. Does this mean chlorine is an approved disinfectant?
  6. I think it was around 1929-30 when they outlawed the "secret" original ingredient Right when they outlawed all alcohol. But JFK's dad took care of that in the Northeast. mr. Irish Whiskey Bootlegger. And people wonder how Kennedy's were rich. Its guys like this one at Billy's then the guy would wonder when somebody shoots him. or at least kicks the crap out of him.
  7. City of Dubois announced they will open the pool June 15. Driving around the county this week Ive seen many "Kids" swimming in local creeks and streams.
  8. A get them periodically. try 2 advil, or Tylenol , 20 oz bottle of Coke Cola (not pepsi or any generics) and a 30 minute "Cat" nap. Works for me.
  9. Where's Obama now? The Nobel" Peacemaker" is no where to be scene in one of his "Hometowns" to help stop the violence..
  10. "contract" could mean "traveling" employee like some nurses do across the state or country for an agency. In that scenerio, it could have been brought from the outside.
  11. McConnells Mills always has a few deaths each year.
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