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  1. jefferson county has almost 44 ,000 people. 68 Covid 19 cases total since march 15. Many have already recovered. How many deaths 1. 1 per 68 cases per 44,000 people. Thanks to being rural. yes, the cities are worse. We will find out from Sturgis Bike weekend about any monster spread. . Im sure there will be a few in 250,000. That's more than any baseball or football stadium.
  2. Yes. And from what Im starting to see. Some people dont give a rats what politicians say.
  3. Thanks for the post. Wolf said "All Sports" and didnt classify what level when when he was being interviewed on Wtaj 10. Pittsburgh radio this afternoon then jumped on it.
  4. Yes. key word "recommended" . He wants everything closed. EVERYTHING. He knows that he would have to close golf courses too. Somebody here would not be happy.
  5. Governor Wolf said NO SPORTS to Jan 1. So who is going to now get carve outs? Steelers? Eagles? PSU? Pitt? When he means ALL SPORTS. Does that mean golf courses ,too?
  6. Since Wolf shutdown all sports, that should include Golf Courses.
  7. You havent answered my previous offer? Do you want the Sheetz contact to give her your idea and as you said you would "volunteer" as a public service to bust people not wearing a mask.
  8. I remember somebody who loved golfing in Martha's Vineyard quite often. And Hawaii.
  9. 6500 and counting in Cuomo State in nursing homes
  10. The rule can be broken in Brockway. Wear your mask and stand at the walking trestle or on the flood control levee.
  11. Waste of Government money. These agencies should have already been doing this.
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