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  1. The Pirates are a disaster. In Fighting, sexual assault, and Im betting their is someone that's doing drugs. Nutting is no where to be seen. A strong owner would be out front on everyone of these issues. Nutting cant sit on his butt anymore. If next year is a flop. Pittsburgh fans will be on fire.
  2. And just think who would be dead if they didnt have a gun and didnt return fire. So much for gun control.
  3. The "Hitchin(g) Post" in Dubois is right down the road. It is a famous log cabin restaurant. They serve good chicken wings. You have to try their 32 Oz Porterhouse. Of course they have selections of your favorite beer.
  4. Do I see 8 lanes total entering? I wonder if 4 would be easier
  5. Will they put a waterfall or statue in the middle?
  6. Elbow torn. having surgery. Out for year.
  7. ECC numbers are down. Dubois has been non competitive with schools its own size. Dubois has always had numbers. Numbers not a problem. Brockway Midget league has good numbers and is successful as a feeder. Heard nothing on Dubois/Brockway Co-op but wouldnt be surprising with the new administration at Brockway. Super, and HS principal both from Dubois. I think its fine with DCC/Brockway. But if the numbers fell under 20-25 at brockway it's possible. Every program goes through its cycles. Brockway just bet everything on last year. St Mary's will go through a good one now. St mary's has 85 kids out now. If I was a parent with a player coming up in that system Id be a little concerned with another school. Maybe a Cameron/Ecc merger would work. Like DCC/Brockway. If that happens at St mary's the problem would be they'd have to move up in classification and that would mean travel. Or just play down according to what you are saying about Dubois. In the last 16 years, I would have taken Brockway even up over Dubois in football.
  8. One time can be seen as a problem. Two times it is a repeat bad responsibility. Didnt learn the first time. Should be kicked out of government.
  9. jaman


    The Pirates gave up 6 touchdowns this weekend.
  10. jaman


    Same story. The secondary eventually collapses
  11. Im beginning to believe that. And that's why we have to be energy independent which includes oil from these people.
  12. Do they still have JR's Chicken & Ribs?
  13. The question is ? why didnt Saudi Arabia strike back immediately. They have more than enough military power.
  14. jaman

    And awaaayyy we go

    IMpressive. They put up a good fight for a while. I watched a couple games over the weekend like, Psu, Kentucky , North carolina. Every one of them in the last 2 minutes had poor clock management. That's 2 out of 3 games Mack brown. has made mistakes. This time he lost. Kentucky 3rd and 2 with 1; 29 should have done the goal line push to get the first down . PSU wasnt much better. Surprise 3-0 team so far. Temple.
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