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  1. The same Muslims that were dumped there from Africa. Coming to a town near you soon.
  2. Ask the people who had relatives in Brighton Rehab how Wolf handled it
  3. I was looking for some scarce ammo. Guess one of the only places I found it? PORTLAND OREGON. No Surprise. The "protesters" need to be stocked. If I was Walmart I wouldnt spend the millions to repair and reopen those stores looted. Dollar General took 2 huge hits. Its amzing they stopped last night. WHY? Because the National Guard is coming. 2 days too late .
  4. jaman

    PSU Franklin

    Psu potentially could go .500 this year
  5. Gee you just figure that out after I have been against LIquor stores open if churches arent open. Glad you finally figured it out. Zuck is your favorite Liberal billionaire.
  6. jaman

    PSU Franklin

    I knew that would get a rise.
  7. I dont know. Putin endorsed Biden. Something could be up. OOPS!(I didnt mean Hunter) Hey! you posted the truth!
  8. jaman

    PSU Franklin

    South Carolina and PSU by 2 touchdowns this week
  9. Fed Im learning a new tune
  10. Its all about selling out.
  11. I wish Obama would come close to here. I d ask him about Hunter and Malia. "What do you thin k about Hunter and Malia?"
  12. I would have delivered it personally or paid a friend.
  13. CHINA and Now PUTIN Have copies of Hunter's Laptop. And that's before Guilani crew. Guess who had it before. The good ol FBI. Yep. And you have to wonder how. Crooked FBI.
  14. It was there. Get off your talking points. WE were supporting the good priest. Maybe you need some Xanax. Because confession wont work. I wont try to copy it for you and make you wrong again. You'll twist and turn and edit it. Case closed.
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