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  1. jaman

    PSU Football-Friday

    And it gives us a break from the Liberal propaganda networks on friday.
  2. jaman

    Old CVS - Sandy Plaza

    YES. We dont need a big one. Just a regular size. No buffet.
  3. jaman

    PSU Football-Friday

    PSU Football is at Illinois, FRIDAY Night. 9 eastern Time.
  4. jaman

    DuBois Area High School Closed

    Bleach only gets the surface. More effective is one part vinegar to part hydrogen peroxide mix. let soak and dry.
  5. I know of an individuals who during hunting season went to a local all you can eat pancake and sausage fry. One guy was their 2 hours. And still could eat more. They gave him $20 after he paid $10 and said go finish at McDonald's. he ate like 2 dozens sausages and kid you not 20 pancakes. It was supposed to be a fundraiser
  6. jaman

    How you faring down there LFG?

    Well, the usual news media had to find a 2nd sensational story to take a short break from " Never Trump" and Kavanagh's junior prom date saying he put his hand on her shoulder 37 years ago..My goodness every Mainstream media station had 15 correspondants in a 50 mile area. Overkill. New bern looks like it was totally flooded out. I still dont understand most of the deaths. When you are told to go-you go . Stay away from all flooding. But then they still expect first responders to come get them for their poor choice..
  7. What did you expect from the Boyz from the Hood.
  8. jaman

    Hurricane Florence

    Some areas like Morehead City or Wilmington may look like Houston did. The rain will be the Killer Beast. Remember those areas are flat and essentially swamps. The water will lay flat for quite a while.
  9. Can somebody tell me why most(90%) of projects in this area are run through one specific General Contractor in Dubois?
  10. jaman

    Hurricane Florence

    80% of the models show it coming up our side of the Mountains Monday or Tuesday. The only question is how much intensity will it still have.
  11. Asphalt plants pretty soon will be winding down for the Winter season.
  12. from all the endorsements, the type of law firm you want no business fighting.
  13. The "Gangsta Sista" got her but kicked. You dont take on somebody who is in better physical shape. head slammed. Im surprised there hasnt been a bigger outrage. The instigator looks like a national fool. Im afraid she might bring a gun next time.
  14. jaman

    Sandy Lick Creek in serious need of dredging

    Localities due have some responsibility. The last time Toby in brockway was dredged , Brockway Boro and Snyder twp combined to do it.
  15. UPS or Regular Mail? If its regular Mail it can be a Federal felony.