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  1. jaman

    Giant Eagle

    Steak N Snack ? (PT) was very good. There friday haddock fish was good. During the holiday we could go get a bite or a sundae while the parents were shopping.
  2. Your local Township has them too.
  3. For the next 30 years there will finally be no bickering about sewage in the local area. It took 30 years to get there.
  4. Downtown Pittsburgh isnt the same as 20 years ago.
  5. Predictions? Who will be at the top? Im looking at Clarion as a contender since CL is now a coop. St Marys might be a surprise with new coaches. Head Coach will be Coach Dworek formerly of Brookville. His Offensive coodinator will be Coach Varischetti formerly from brockway and Dubois. They will develop that program. Brookville? Coudersport? Of course Clearfield always in the running.
  6. jaman

    Giant Eagle

    As I said before disgruntled employee. If you are not happy. There are plenty of other jobs available to go to. Enjoy it while the economy is stable because the plethora of jobs to switch is not always there.
  7. jaman

    Giant Eagle

    Disgruntled former employee. their Garlic Parm wings are good. Also, they have problem like most places in Dubois. They need employees.
  8. He was finding the easiest way to preserve himself to have more kids later. he took it to a new level.
  9. jaman


    Thank goodness pre season is Friday.
  10. I wonder what else he was freezing........ He couldnt find a doctor in the US for his foot problem? He went to a doctor in France for cryogenics.
  11. he'll be out a while. That's like a 2nd degree burn those big blisters. It will be tender. They reported On KDKA Sportstalk he might have got them from sleeping in a Cryo(Think freeze) Chamber.
  12. I want a clean "Royal Throne" while doing the duties.
  13. I always have a bottle of disinfectant wipes available for "accidents" at the toilet.
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