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  1. That is the reverse of my suggestion.
  2. And the split continues.......................who behind the scenes is calling the shots.
  3. As a clergyman told me last Christmas, people are to adapt to the church of their choosing. Not the Church adapting to their personal needs. You either accept or dont the beliefs and teachings.
  4. Nice deflection. This isnt about Trump. Its about the catholic church. Cant you you stay focused on just one thread without going back to Trump? Trump wasnt even president when this started in the last 30-35 years. Has NO relevance to priests and the catholic church. If you want to get technical, priests did little boys. Trump did grown women. Who could have said no. Both are wrong but you know what point Im getting at....
  5. There have been some former St mary's/ECC Headmasters that have been busted.
  6. If there is guilt, it should be dealt with legally. Not with Million dollar paydays.
  7. If you dont mind mowing and extra time or 2, a little weed and feed will help with compliance of dandelions..
  8. Im for a FULL investigation. But what happens if he is found innocent or it was a possible fraud? His life is over either way.
  9. Attend church regularly elsewhere(not Catholic). But during the final stages of a loved ones life, that he met and knew my family member for years after he first came to town. He asked to come and visit. What a nice gesture. Will never forget it. I hope not. No matter what his life has been destroyed. This one Ill let play out.
  10. A team would be nice. But you would need an owner willing to spend support money. There are only a handful of people in the area that could support this. And for how long. Especially with teams in state College and Altoona and Erie. We dont have the population base.
  11. I agree totally with the analysis of the kids.
  12. YES!!!!!!!!!Number 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THe competition is good. It just proves the local region does have talented baseball. Its pure baseball. The question I always ask is with Dubois fine Little league and now PSU Dubois, why isnt Dubois High winning District and state championships?
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