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  1. How times have changed! I remember in the 60's when my sister belonged to the "Rainbow Girls" : International Order of Rainbow for Girls. Rainbow is a non-profit, service-oriented organization that teaches girls three basic virtues: Faith in a Supreme Being and other people, having Hope in all that they do, and Charity toward others.
  2. Yep - the KKK did have its presence in DuBois.
  3. DuBoiser


    Years ago - and I mean years ago - there was a petition going around in which Jefferson County would annex DuBois/Sandy Township. It apparently went nowhere.
  4. DuBoiser


    Oh boy back at you to come up with that reply to my post.
  5. DuBoiser


    If I recall the last time that the consolidation issue was put on the ballot that the majority of DuBois residents favored it but the majority of Sandy Twp residents opposed it - so it did not pass. Given the almost complete loss of the DuBois Mall, given the still looming public water issue, given the planning of construction of a new Sandy Twp building, given the recent replacement of two of the Sandy Twp Supervisors, and, most importantly, given the "re-birth" of the Sandy Twp population, it will be interesting to see how the vote would turn out next time around if both municipalities were to recommend consolidation.
  6. That's easy to answer - you live in "Nittany Nation" and therefore can - like many many others who are so blessed - watch the Penn State games - and maybe even be able to listen to the Penn State Blue Band. Is that Straub beer or Rolling Rock beer that you drank too much of?
  7. Maybe he should not have said "May I Approach The Bar."
  8. And then what? Put them in jail? And then for how long before they are out and doing the same thing again? And then do the same with the thousand of others doing the same thing? Another reason that brick and mortar stores will soon be a thing of the past.
  9. Here is an update: https://heavy.com/news/2019/12/cody-hetrick-alex-smith/
  10. This is an HOA - so given the HOA Declaration and Regulations, what the Review committee determines is appropriate or not goes - this is why people buy into HOA communities. But in this case maybe the HOA regulations need to be amended to be more specific.
  11. When you "speak the truth" in a small town, and certain people in that town do not like what is being said, then maybe it just does not get published.
  12. Although I no longer get the Courier-Express, I do remember your letters in "Letters To The Editor" - and I always enjoyed reading them.
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