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  1. This is an HOA - so given the HOA Declaration and Regulations, what the Review committee determines is appropriate or not goes - this is why people buy into HOA communities. But in this case maybe the HOA regulations need to be amended to be more specific.
  2. When you "speak the truth" in a small town, and certain people in that town do not like what is being said, then maybe it just does not get published.
  3. Although I no longer get the Courier-Express, I do remember your letters in "Letters To The Editor" - and I always enjoyed reading them.
  4. "Sooner" or later it was bound to happen!
  5. RIP - Strike That I Meant To Say ROFL
  6. DuBoiser


    The TV Remote Control
  7. OK - she now has two signature moves - one is even named after her. So she should be getting extra points for these moves - that is how the sport of gymnastics evolves - just look at snowboarding. Sounds to me like too many other countries are trying to protect their gymnasts.
  8. I remember when I was in 6th grade my classmate/friend raced a quarter midget racer there.
  9. Stormy Daniels at a bar in the Drunkest City in PA - what could go wrong there?!
  10. The son Ed Nolder was in my H S class - and at the time his mother had an ownership interest in the business - I don't believe his father was alive then and I don't know anything about Collins - but the business was doing well then.
  11. Maybe they had initially planned to take her to a Pirate World Series game
  12. DuBoiser

    Giant Eagle

    I am not sure if this has anything to do with stamps or not, but I do remember one grocery store - was it A & P? - that had a bicycle and other big things displayed on a shelf by the ceiling
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