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  1. Reminds me of the time that Obama visited northcentral Pennsylvania and he made the following comment about those in the area: "They like to cling to their bibles and their guns". Yep - that would be us too.
  2. What is she going to be playing with her other two children next - How about a fun game of Russian Roulette?! Very Sad!
  3. I can only tell you about a ghost story going around in the 1960's. In Sabula where the boy scout camp is there were supposed to be ghosts - in particular I remember hearing about a ghost horse that did not gallop but moved smoothly across the property . As an initiation the boy scouts had to camp there at night and they were scared to death. I was never a boy scout (probably too scared to become one after hearing the ghost stories LOL) but maybe some former boy scouts from the 60's can chime in on this story.
  4. I am trying to grasp the meaning of all this - as when I rode to R T (and it always seemed to be down pouring getting there) I never considered the ride a "demonstration" - but a ride to recognize our military and especially the fallen ones. It gave us riders an opportunity to visit the Vietnam, Korean, and other memorials and reflect on the wars and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in fighting them. And it was always well attended - and those standing along the parade line would always thank us for riding there (but you had to be careful when riding down PA Av that when someone extended his/her hand to shake your hand that you didn't fall off your bike).
  5. "And I'll have a CBD along with that six-pack of beer"

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    This is a collection of commemorative and memorabilia items that was compiled to represent special celebrations and events and to remember special places that aren't there anymore from various times in the history of DuBois. Please note the collection is being sold complete as is and items will not be sold individually. The following items are included: 2-Tom Mix Festival cowboy hats; Tom Mix 7th Festival commemorative envelope stamped and postmarked 9/11/86; Full bottle of Straub beer made with special label made for the Sports Spot Bar fundraiser for the firemen during firemen's week, the "Sports Spot 500" , and imprinted "A Salute To Local firemen" dated 1990; "The Great DuBois Fire" 90th Anniversary book 6/18/1988 - 6/18/1978; DuBois Sandy Area Pictorial history 98/99 Edition; 1946 DuBois City Directory; 1950 DuBois City directory; 1925 PA Auto Trial Road Guide; 1925 DuBois Road Directory; DuBois 100th Anniversary Bronze medallion; DuBois 100th Anniversary Sterling Silver medallion; DuBois 100th Anniversary Courier-Express 3-part publication; 1996 DuBois merchant promo map; 1997 DuBois Chanber of Commerce membership Directory Community Profile; 2- DuBois Chamber of Commerce Community publication; DuBois Brewing Company marketing posters, backed with plastic board and shrinkwrap sealed; 1947 Peterson Penmanship Writing manuals Gr 3, Gr 5 & Gr 6, as used in DuBois area grade schools during the 50's - 60's; American Revolution Bicentennial "I Spent July 4, 1975 In Brockway Penna" Ivory glass disc manufactured by Brockway Glass; Union Bank zippered cloth money bag; Union Bank zippered vinyl money bag; Postcard "DuBois Center, Pennsylvania State College, DuBois, PA" and featuring the original DuBois mansion; DuBois Airport Civilian Pilot metal plaque. $30 for the collection. If anyone needs any more information or additional photos, just email me to let me know.


  7. I guess the police were OK when the men apologized about kidnapping the wrong guy - and said that next time they will make sure that they kidnap the right guy.
  8. DuBoiser

    A rant

    I always look at the eyes of other drivers while turning - I want to make sure that they are seeing me turning. TOO MANY DISTRACTED DRIVERS OUT THERE LOOKING AT EVERYTHING OTHER THAN WHAT IS HAPPENING ON THE ROAD!
  9. The bill makes sense for all the reasons that Rubio gave. The historical reasons for the change in time are no longer relevant. The more daylight the better. Now if Rubio could also introduce a bill that would give us more sunlight year round.
  10. Jackie Evancho’s Transgender Sister Wins Lawsuit Against School Board Judge’s decision results in temporary injunction, allowing Juliet Evancho to use bathroom of gender she identifies with at her Pittsburgh-area school
  11. The Post used to have some great entertainment - around 79 - 80 they brought in women wrestlers - bodies covered with oil - wrestling on a plastic mat on the floor.
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