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  1. Well - if she was after publicity she certainly got that. In the future, maybe when she is shopping for hair care products she should not be looking in the Adhesives Aisle of Home Depot.
  2. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/know-heard-kordell-stewart-135707436.html
  3. Business is always good this time of year for The Post.
  4. We may be finding out today: https://www.wpxi.com/news/top-stories/washington-county-restaurant-reopening-indoor-dining-despite-states-orders/HUFWJZYAYRD5NN67FDPHOS3IZI/
  5. That's not a Gator - that is Godzilla!
  6. I could forward the photo via email to someone who is more computer savvy than me (Steve?) to post. updated
  7. I rode over the years there with a couple of Brad's, but none with that last name - this would have been from 1962 - 1976
  8. I heard a couple of additional stories - can not verify any. When it was popular having bullet hole decals on your car, he decided to pull out his gun and shoot real bullet holes into the side of his car. Knowing the traffic was always busy on Brady Street between Weaver's and Kauffman's, without looking he would run out of Weaver's and across the highway to Kauffman's. I had also heard that he was a member of Hell's Angels. And I did see him ride his chopper up the high walls at the Pennacle - where we were riding our dirt bikes. Again, many popular stories about him at the time. But no doubt about it - he was a real character.
  9. Did they have the "Vote Trump" signage on display like they did at some stores?
  10. Ira Lubert was a wrestler at PSU in 1972 when I was in college and this has to be the best wrestling match that I ever saw: The old wrestling room in Rec Hall had never seen anything like this. Teammates and rivals Dave Joyner and Ira Lubert had often competed head-to-head as each sought to earn Penn State’s heavyweight position. But those matches usually took “only” one or two overtimes. This bout in 1971, however, lasted interminably longer — to the delight of the hundreds of fans who filled the workout area or looked through small hallway windows. Everyone watched silently, because of the growing drama and because Coach Bill Koll forbade anyone to root for one Lion over another. It didn’t end until the two had battled for a whopping 29 minutes — eight minutes of regulation plus seven overtimes of three minutes each. Lubert finally became impatient for victory and attempted a two-point reversal rather than employing his reliable standup for a one-point escape. Joyner thwarted the reversal and maintained his heavyweight spot in the lineup by a razor-thin margin.
  11. Dr. Fauci would be jumping in to prevent that from happening.
  12. Of course, Gov Wolf is from York, PA and has his cabinetry business there
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