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  1. Ira Lubert was a wrestler at PSU in 1972 when I was in college and this has to be the best wrestling match that I ever saw: The old wrestling room in Rec Hall had never seen anything like this. Teammates and rivals Dave Joyner and Ira Lubert had often competed head-to-head as each sought to earn Penn State’s heavyweight position. But those matches usually took “only” one or two overtimes. This bout in 1971, however, lasted interminably longer — to the delight of the hundreds of fans who filled the workout area or looked through small hallway windows. Everyone watched silently, because of the growing drama and because Coach Bill Koll forbade anyone to root for one Lion over another. It didn’t end until the two had battled for a whopping 29 minutes — eight minutes of regulation plus seven overtimes of three minutes each. Lubert finally became impatient for victory and attempted a two-point reversal rather than employing his reliable standup for a one-point escape. Joyner thwarted the reversal and maintained his heavyweight spot in the lineup by a razor-thin margin.
  2. Dr. Fauci would be jumping in to prevent that from happening.
  3. Of course, Gov Wolf is from York, PA and has his cabinetry business there
  4. I remember two years ago at the Hays nest when a racoon tried the same thing and got to the nest mother eagle was lying on. It startled her and she jumped up spreading her wings. Then the racoon scurried down the tree. This one was particularly lucky - one of them could have easily swooped down and grabbed it off the tree for a late night snack.
  5. I had Mr. Rafferty for a high school teacher. He was very intelligent and interesting. Sad to see another one of the "greatest generation" gone.
  6. Maybe he heard that things grow better when there is a full moon out
  7. Maybe we approached this the right way in PA - at least let's hope so.
  8. June 14 (Reuters) - New coronavirus cases and hospitalizations in record numbers swept through more U.S. states, including Florida and Texas, as most push ahead with reopening and President Donald Trump plans an indoor rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Alabama, Florida and South Carolina reported a record number of new cases for the third day in a row on Saturday, which many state health officials partly attribute to gatherings over the Memorial Day holiday weekend in late May. Oklahoma reported record new cases for the second day in a row, and Alaska did so for the first time in weeks. Arizona and Nevada reported a near-record number of new cases. In Louisiana, which had been one of the earlier virus hotspots, new cases were again on the rise with over 1,200 - the most there since May 21. Nationally, there were over 25,000 new cases reported on Saturday, the highest tally for a Saturday since May 2, in part due to a significant increase in testing over the past six weeks. Perhaps more troubling for health officials is many of these states are also seeing record hospitalizations - a metric not affected by increased testing. Arkansas, North Carolina, Texas and Utah all had a record number of patients enter the hospital on Saturday. In South Carolina, 69% to 77% of hospital beds are occupied, depending on the region. While Utah's governor announced last week that most of the state would pause its reopening, no state is talking about a second shutdown as they face budget shortfalls and double-digit unemployment. Many went ahead with reopenings before meeting government infection rate guidelines for doing so. Fears that a second wave of infections is happening - or that states failed to curb their first wave - prompted health officials to plead with the public to wear masks and avoid large gatherings.
  9. Ian Smith, a photographer for KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh, said that he was attacked by protesters who stomped and kicked him at a demonstration there. Smith, who said other protesters jumped in to save him, posted a picture on Twitter showing him with a bruised face and bloody hand.
  10. PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – During a press conference, Pittsburgh Police Chief Scott Schubert expressed disappointment and anger toward those that turned Saturday afternoon’s protest from peaceful to violent. “I can tell you as the police chief, I am very disappointed because this was a peaceful protest for something that was very serious, and this does nothing to honor the memory of somebody who died,” Chief Schubert said. “When you take it from a peaceful protest and you take it to a riot where you’re injuring people, you’re throwing rocks at people, you’re throwing cans at people, you’re hurting reporters, you’re taking over something that shouldn’t be.” RELATED STORIES: Pittsburgh Public Safety Places Curfew On Downtown Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Public Safety Has Declared ‘Unlawful Assembly’ Downtown, Urging Businesses To Close, Residents To Stay Home Store Windows Broken, Police Cruisers Set On Fire, As Downtown Pittsburgh Protest Over The Death Of George Floyd Turns Violent Both Chief Schubert and Pittsburgh Public Safety Director Wendell Hissrich expressed a belief that those responsible for taking the protest from peaceful to violent are not from the city. “We believe a lot of these individuals that are creating trouble are not from the city,” Hissrich said. “I am so angry at the fact that some segment hijacked this and then took some of the youth and brought them into the mix,” Schubert said. “This is something we take very seriously and we’ll do everything we can for the ones who did this and to find out who they are and to get them.” Schubert also expressed the belief that those responsible were not there to protest the death of George Lloyd, but just to create chaos and cause harm. “I’m willing to bet my check that there’s a lot of people who are anarchists, who, they’re not here to protest what happened, they’re not here to protest what happened, they’re here to take advantage of situations and throw it their way and bring other people into the mix and cause damage and cause injury,” Cheif Schubert added. “There’s no doubt that that’s who’s doing it and a lot of things we’re seeing are white males, dressed in the anarchist, ANTIFA, they’re ones who are fueling a lot of this. It’s just a damn shame that they took advantage of the situation, for something, something happened in another state where somebody died who shouldn’t have died, and they hijacked that message for their own.” Schubert promised Pittsburgh Police would find those responsible for hijacking the protests. “We will look at every video that we have, and we will do everything we can with our technology to find the ones who are responsible for a lot of this,” he said.
  11. Wolf Vetoes Bills to Safely Reopen PA, House Attempts an Override A day after Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed three bills aimed at safely reopening Pennsylvania, the House attempted an override vote on a bill that I co-sponsored. House Bill 2388 would allow vehicle dealerships, lawn and garden centers, cosmetology salons and barber shops, messenger services, animal grooming services and manufacturing operations to reopen. The vote was 115-87, 21 votes shy of the two-thirds majority needed for an override. House Bill 2412, which I co-sponsored to help reopen real estate services in the Commonwealth, was also vetoed by the governor this week. But shortly after the veto was announced, the governor announced new guidance to allow real estate operations to resume statewide anyway. This is not the first time the governor has acted in response to actions of the House. The same occurred with the construction industry, online vehicle sales, reopening plans and more. We are helping to drive the agenda toward reopening and will continue to do so. The third veto this week involved Senate Bill 327, which would have given county officials the ability to develop their own emergency mitigation plans for business.
  12. The Coyote really didn't give up like it appeared in the video - he just went back to place his mail-order with Acme. Stay tuned.
  13. Hello Hikers - don't you think that there may have been a reason why the place was named "Slippery Rock"?
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