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  1. And that is the concern. Neither party is working with the other party to do the right thing for the common good. I think the majority of people are tired of the lack of civility between the parties and are "hungry" to see our elected officials work together. Both parties need to look in the mirror, and ask themselves "who are we as a country"? Stop the finger pointing!
  2. I agree she is well qualified. I also believe much would have been accomplished in helping to heal our country if she would have stated the importance of waiting until after the election to move forward with her nomination. I know this would have been a risk for her to do so, but the respect she would have gained from the citizens of this country would have been enormous, and helpful in bringing people together.
  3. Just to address number one of your remarks, COVID-19 is a new type of coronavirus, and is new to mankind. It is an extremely virulent virus, very contagious, and attacks the lungs, creating respiratory distress, up to and including respiratory failure. It is not the flu. Much research needs to be done to learn and understand the virus. We have the best health care experts and researchers in the world working on developing the treatment and vaccine, and all of this is being done through scientific evidenced based research. A solution will be found, but it will require time. We can do our part as individuals by practicing social distancing, and the other recommended behaviors. Personally, I am grateful we have the expertise in this country to find the solution and either wipe out the virus or minimize its effects.
  4. The press conference today was informative and comprehensive. The team is to be commended for delivering detailed information overall. It seems things are coming together for a solid process to get the virus contained, and to get our country moving again.
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