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  1. Nay sir. The VFW is on DuBois Street, between Fuller St and the railroad. On the boulevard, that's the American Legion.
  2. Well. I thought Christ the Kind was in the city. Turns out I was wrong, so there are at least two nursing homes in Sandy Twp. Apologies.
  3. "what nursing home? " Apparently one in Sandy Township. How many are there there?
  4. "Yes that is Little Mill Creek " Fortunately. Doesn't Brookville get their drinking water from the North Fork?
  5. Yes, but the "may" applies to acquiring of land or land and a building. The rest of the sentence states a limitation on that permission. That is, they are permitted do a thing within the township. They are not authorized to do that thing outside the township.
  6. rnetzlof

    Quarry Ave

    Yeppers. However, I don't think the railroad had anything to do with it. From the size of the hole, a lot of stone was taken out. I don't know when or why the quarry operated.
  7. I asked a few days ago if there was any limitation on the location of township or city offices. Someone replied with a quotation regarding the township supervisor's meeting, to the effect that they could be anywhere the supervisors might choose. That doesn't directly address the location of offices. Poking around on-line, I found, in 1933 Act 69 Second Class Township Code: ARTICLE XVII PUBLIC BUILDINGS Section 1701. Township Buildings.--(a) The board of supervisors may procure by purchase, gift, devise or the exercise of eminent domain a lot or lots of ground located within the township and erect or use buildings thereon for township purposes. 2015 Act 67 (Third Class City Code) says: § 13601. Public buildings generally. (a) Authority of city.--With regard to a public building, a city may, by ordinance, do any of the following: (1) erect, purchase, establish or maintain the public buildings; or (2) purchase, take, use, occupy or acquire, by any lawful means, including eminent domain, private land, buildings and property in order to erect, establish or maintain a public building. So, it looks to me that the township is bound to erect any building somewhere within the township. The city has no such restriction. Hence, if a joint office building were to be erected, looks to me that it would have to be built somewhere in the township.
  8. This was a primary election. Nobody was elected, they were nominated by their parties and will have to stand for election in November. Granted, it may be that one party is much more likely to win in November, but talk now of people "having been elected" or being "the newly elected" is premature.
  9. I wonder, is there a requirement that the offices of a municipal government must be located within that municipality?
  10. Actually, I understand it's rather warm there, hot even.
  11. The Stuckeys building is still there, sort of.
  12. New York is becoming East California.
  13. Green with long "tails" on their wings = Luna Moth
  14. I've told it's darned hard to kill a willow.
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