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  1. Come on, man. They're just trying to save the planet.
  2. Come on, man. They're just trying to ave the Planet.
  3. Can you say "incoherent"?
  4. The whole thing has become unbelievable. First I heard of it was that the army had piles of cash at various posts in the midwest, there to be able to pay the troops. Washington was worried that the Rebs might attack out there and seize the coins. Ordered everything back to Washington for safe keeping. Why would there be any gold bars out in the midwest in the 1850s -1860s? Any, let alone tons? Piles of coins I can believe, tons of ingots? Pah! Someone has been smoking something odd.
  5. I agree with Gator but it may be worth noting that the article mentions a "bill changer". That suggests that some part of the $5000+ taken from the machine was not money from users but money placed in the machine's bill changer by the owner. What part? I don't know. Might be a lot. I know that when the ATM at the local bank is loaded up it has a huge supply of 10s and 20s in its bowels.
  6. "It must be given a chromosome test " No, no, no. How invasive! The bird's gender is to be determined by the bird's identity choices.
  7. We must determine how the bird wishes to identify.
  8. rnetzlof

    Real News

    "No BS, no conspiracy theories. " Just wall-to-wall ads. I give it 0 stars, will not visit again.
  9. Yeah. It must take a special kind of stupid to go on a shooting spree in a gun range.
  10. "I think I've mixed my metaphors haven't I?" Just a bit.
  11. Taking "...a possible 302 warrant..." with "...State Police filed >cranial< charges...", one can only think "how appropriate!"
  12. Did joe6pack appear here only after conservativeman633 disappeared?
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