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  1. It's called Virtue Signalling. "Oh look at me, I am SO aligned with The Cause that I would <do whatever>" Similar to "If _____ is elected, I'll move to Canada".
  2. Right! If one has a basket full of invalidly cast ballots, counting them, counting them again and coming up with the same number does not demonstrate the validity of those ballots.
  3. "Originally it was going into the Nittany Mall." It still could be. The Nittany Mall is "...within a 15-mile radius of Unionville Borough". That circle includes Port Matilda, Snow Shoe, Howard, Centre Hall, Lemont, State College, and Boalsburg. No, I don't think any sane person would locate a casino in Snow Shoe or Port Matilda (although "build it and they will come" may apply), but those place names give an idea how much of Centre County is covered by that 15-mile radius.
  4. "People sleep safe in their beds because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." - Graham Greene
  5. "ACHTUNG HERR KOMMANDANT. " You said "Attention, Mr. Commander". I believe you meant to say "Auf deinen Befehl, mein Oberherr." (By your command , my overlord.) Google translate is Our Friend
  6. I suppose it's mandatory to say something snarky about the lack of hand rails on the stairway and the platform.
  7. "Where is conman..." Sssh! Didn't anyone ever tell you "Let sleeping dogs lie?"
  8. rnetzlof

    Horses Poison

    Where is Sugar Hill? See attached map of Snyder Twp.
  9. There's a lot of that going around. An acquaintance who was on the faculty at Clarion remarked that he was surprised to see that his office had become the Sally T. Barnes Office overnight. (Name changed because I've forgotten his exact words)
  10. From pure-gas.org: "Sheetz #63 will re-open on 10/29/2020 and will feature Ethanol Free Plus 90 gasoline. Look for the red handles! "
  11. I'm quite certain there are two or three who will come along saying "Nothing to see here, move along" or "Big nothing burger". Apparently one of them has visited already. Stand by for the others.
  12. Ah! Now that you mention it, it did seem rather dark in the store.
  13. Just came by the Sheetz in Brockway. People were stretching yellow tape across all the ways in. Why, I wonder?
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