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  1. "Nothing but political grandstanding." Puh-leez! You are speaking of the wisest, most woke, most wonderful governor EVER. That you are unable to see his greatness says more about you than about him. Sorry, etc...
  2. I'm confident that before the day is out someone will show up and explain how the low turnout arises from respect for Our Wise and Prudent Governor's edicts regarding public assemblies.
  3. " Too bad the Big Run Militia did not lead the way blasting their muskets. " Do they still have that little cannon? As I recall, they once fired it off in a parade and broke a bunch of store windows. After that, they seriously reduced the powder load.
  4. "Crap happens." Which everyone who drives along any road in Amish country has noticed.
  5. Some time ago a message was posted in which it was obvious that the initial letters of "irrational" were somehow deleted, leaving "Any rational person would vote Democrat in November." More recently, another message from the same source contained "...our leaders art all levels were..." which has picked up the "r" deleted from the earlier message. Whether this happened in the original sender's computer or somewhere else along the path to this forum can be debated. That the errant "r" surfaced in a message from the source which suffered the original error suggests, but does not prove, that the problem is local to that computer. It will be interesting to see if, when, or where the missing "i" will appear.
  6. " I don't recall a roundabout in that 322 project." See attachment
  7. Yep, that's pretty much what mine looked like, save for the Representative in the General Assembly. Guess I was dreaming or hallucinating or something.
  8. I had thought there were a couple ballot questions regarding proposed state constitutional amendments. When I got the mail-in ballot, nothing on it other than election of president and some other officials. Did I imagine those constitutional questions? If not, what's the story? Inquiring minds want to know.
  9. "...no other decision made by a President can stay in place, without ability to be overturned, like an appointment of a Supreme Court Justice can." But that is as true on the first day of a president's term as in the last week. That's why the advice and consent of the Senate is required to make the appointment final.
  10. I could be mistaken but it seems there have been a few occasions of "nope, not gonna do it now" vs. twenty or so of "let's get'er done". So, make a rule that the most recent precedent governs and try to sell that rule, or look at the majority of precedents, whether you like them or not. One way to look at it: Back then, McConnell did what he could to avoid what he saw as an undesirable outcome. Today, the minority in the Senate is doing what they can, little as it is, to avoid what they see as an undesirable outcome. How are those different? I don't think they are. You do what you can with what you've got.
  11. "Sliding lifetime appointments forward..." What is this "sliding forward" of which you write? There is no constitutional requirement to wait days or weeks or months before filling a vacancy, thus nothing is being "slid forward". The vacancy on the bench of the Supreme Court exists _now_. It is not something which will spring into being some time in the future for which it would be premature to act now. The President has a duty to fill that vacancy. A number of members of the Congress don't like the President and fear that they won't like the person he nominates. Should filling that vacancy be delayed because a minority of the Senate whines that they won't like the result? Should filling that vacancy be delayed because one side of the congress hopes and prays that their man will win in November?
  12. "... and is not asymptomatic..." Would you care to rephrase that?
  13. The judge did credit the governor with good intentions. It should be remembered, however, that the pathway to Hell is paved with good intentions.
  14. "Attention trespassers! Due to increases in the cost of ammunition, no warning shot will be fired."
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