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  1. Just wait a bit. Someone is sure to come along and explain why that is Danger to Society, or The Only Right Way.
  2. "... heroin was on its way out. It was a dirty drug that people knew was instantly addictive ..." The irony of it is that heroin was originally worked up by a chemist who thought that by altering the morphine molecule, he had made it less addictive.
  3. From Associated Press, June 26, 2020: "The Minneapolis City Council on Friday unanimously advanced a proposal to change the city charter to allow the police department to be dismantled" Can anyone be sure "the police will still be there"? What part of "...allow the police department to be dismantled..." means "reform"?
  4. "Whites are not victims of racism against them in America...…….. " Try being of German ancestry during World War 2. Recall "no Irish need apply" in an earlier era. Tell me again about whites not being victims. Oh, I forgot. German and Irish are nationalities, not races, so of course they weren't victims of racism, but nationalityism, which is nothing compared to racism. So glad I figured that out.
  5. "...doing what they think will make them look good in someone else eye. " It's called virtue signalling. We have at least one person here who does it constantly.
  6. "Cambria County Coroner Jeff Lees..." Recalling the shooting and stand-off just outside Brockway a few years ago gives a twinge of irony to that name.
  7. 'Twasn't the kid stabbing his food, 'twas the other guy, the aggressor.
  8. "I'm wondering if this was a private school. Independent School District.. " No. "Independent" as in "not an agency of municipal government". However, they are a part of the state's public education system. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Independent_school_district These days I think most Pennsylvania school districts fit the definition of independent, but they don't say so in their names. Once upon a time in Pennsylvania when a municipality was chartered, a Board of Education was part of the structure of the municipal government. Over the years, schools have become less and less tied to municipal government until now school districts span over multiple counties, include only part of some municipalities, and have their own taxing authority.
  9. Well, it would be best to get onto I80 before getting up to 60. Speed limits and all, dontcha know. But clamping on the brakes really hard at 55 would probably work about as well. There's also something to be said for going real fast around a sharp bend. However, my degree is in physics, not law, which you might have been able to figure out based on the foregoing "advice".
  10. Are you thinking of a distance in miles, or in some other measure? Inquiring minds and all...
  11. rnetzlof


    Oh sing it out. Too true!
  12. You wrote: "the trick might be to never use the UC system in the first place.... " I wrote: "Are you advocating defying the governor's shutdown order and going to work? Or are you suggesting that those thrown out of work should just grin and bear it? " You wrote: "Why would anyone want to do as you are asking??? " Where in that did I ask anyone to do anything? It is you who seem to be asking folks to "...never use the UC system in the first place". My questions were intended to point out while there are alternatives to collecting unemployment, those alternatives are rather grim. Either you are being deliberately obtuse or your reading comprehension has hit new low.
  13. Are you advocating defying the governor's shutdown order and going to work? Or are you suggesting that those thrown out of work should just grin and bear it? Do you live on the same planet as the rest of us?
  14. You forget that conduct not receiving the iknowbetterthanyou633 stamp of approval is "unlawful conduct" or ought to be ...IMO etc...
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