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  1. So you're saying he's the male version of a "Karen"...(with my apologies to actual females named Karen)
  2. Maybe not a term limit for SCOTUS per se, but rather a mandatory retirement age would be beneficial. Let's face it--the older we get, the less time there is on our clock and it would provide for far less drama when this happens the next time. There is no way an 87 year old should still be "working."
  3. Clearly enough people aren't sitting around waiting for the next show to drop...
  4. I respectfully disagree. He is president until he isn't any longer. Justice Ginsberg made a statement to that effect when the Obama administration was looking to name a judge. You cannot stop the passage of time. The seat is empty and needs filled. What if another justice or two passes in the interim. Then what? People have the right to speedy trials.
  5. I do hope some of the Biden fans really truly understand that poor man is NOT competent. If you vote for Biden you are really voting for Harris--and she is DEFINITELY not worthy of your votes. Please don't vote for those two just because you don't like Trump. For all that is Holy vote third party if you must.
  6. This upcoming time of year means I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. It's just one of the many reasons I am far less delightful by about February--that's about when I've reached the end of my rope with all things winter.
  7. Trump didn't cause this virus either. Did you forget about fancy Nancy parading around encouraging people to gather? It's a virus. If it were as virulent as so many have claimed all of us that don't wanna/can't wear a mask would be dead. We aren't. The NY Times noticed about 10 hours ago that the advice on virus transmission vanished from the CDC website. Where did it go? Just my humble opinion: everyone is trying so hard to be on the right side of history that common sense has completely vanished as well. When the facts can change they ARE NOT facts.
  8. Bottom line here: they gambled that she would not die before the election. They lost. The seat--our seat--is empty. Fill it.
  9. Had Justice Ginsberg wanted to be sure that the role was filled "appropriately"--meaning prior to her death and as the wishes of the party she favors--she should have stepped down during the Obama administration. I have complete respect for her, but holding that role until age 87 was uncalled for. I definitely enjoyed reading and learning about her relationship with Scalia. We could all learn from them. Perhaps the role on the Supreme Court is actually more important than the role of the President--since there are term limits for one and not the other. A mandatory retirement age should be implemented and we should have some "alternates" sitting on the side ready to be tapped in the event of a death.
  10. "Senators refusing to vote on President Obama's nominee to the Supreme Court should recognize that a president is elected for four years not three." ~~Ruth Bader Ginsberg, September 7, 2016, The Washington Post So, if she felt it appropriate for Obama, it is appropriate for Trump. #fillthatseat
  11. I like that they don't air it every year, as they claim it was never their intent to profit from the tragedy of that day. I am happy that it makes the rounds on social media and that is enough for me.
  12. This is awful. But I need some more information. Do people routinely hunt IN the corn? I don't think hunting in the corn is safe regardless of whether or not it was time for harvest. That would severely limit your line of sight and certainly lessen your chances of harvesting a deer. My thoughts: He fell/tripped while making his way to his spot and couldn't get out of the way of the harvester. Perhaps hit his head when he went down?
  13. Has the "Dynamic Duo" received their award from the funeral home industry for hastening the deaths of granny and papa? And will they also be getting an award from Medicaid for "removing" some people from the programs?
  14. There are very inexpensive ways to not get pregnant in the first place. The cheapest being keep the pants on. I don't think we the people should have to pay for drug momma's umpteen abortions either.
  15. I've not seen the Trump one referenced, but the Biden one rubs me the wrong way too. I have decent insurance, but it was much better before "Obama-care" and it was more "affordable" as well. I'm sure with the connections he had, he never needed to worry about coverage for any of his family. I'm going to sound awful to some here, but I am really tired of paying for everyone else and their 13 kids and the random drug users that get stoned and have crack baby after crack baby that end up soaking the system for medical for the rest of their lives as well and so mummy and daddy can get a bigger check. It doesn't seem to matter to them that baby's brain is scrambled. I really wish they'd start lacing some street drugs with birth control!!
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