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  1. Dr. Levine never publicized the pulling of Momma Levine for a reason. As for my family: No, we could not have removed our loved one. She needed skilled care around the clock that we could not afford, nor were we capable of providing the skilled care she needed. You don't put loved ones in a nursing home because you want to. You put them there because you have to. Plus, we were told they were being kept safe--that we couldn't visit to keep them safe--for fear we'd give them the virus. All the while they were putting people in rooms that they knew were sick. That doesn't make sense. Those of us with loved ones in LTC facilities were lied to and were deceived.
  2. This, in my humble opinion, is "payment" for participation for the great deception perpetrated on the citizens of PA. Dr. Levine is, at least, partially responsible for the deaths of thousands of long term care residents across the state. It's despicable that Levine's own mother was removed from a LTC facility to protect Momma from the virus while others were sentenced to a sad, lonely death.
  3. I'd like to point out that she was supposedly a veteran. That means she is not longer enlisted. That said, how do you know that she wasn't actually attempting to stop someone from committing a crime and was killed while doing so. I've seen a lot of photographs that indicate people were not being denied entry. Unless you are willing to state that neither she, nor Mr. Floyd deserved to die for their crime--your point continues to be invalid. You cannot say she should have known better without also saying he should have known better. In fact, I could argue that after his many run ins with the law--and the narrative that police abuse power over blacks he should have realized his time was limited and he should have known better than she did. The bottom line in all this is we are being told a certain narrative that none of us knows to be the Gospel truth in any of this.
  4. disgruntled


    The sad thing is there will be interlopers in everything that happens demonstration wise. There will be people dressed to fit in who will cause trouble and cast their ugliness on the whole group--just like what happened in DC on 1/6. You will never convince me that the first bad thing that happened was done by a REAL Trump supporter. As was said earlier in another post on another thread--I can put on a Biden hat and go to Minneapolis and blend right in. Just like a Biden voter could have slapped on a Trump hat and been the root of what went bad last week.
  5. On second thought, what you are really saying to me is it was ok for her to be shot because she was a white woman with a pedigree and as such, should have known better. But the other--well, he was a depraved, disadvantaged, drug-addled, black man with a rap sheet ten miles long--so he didn't know any better. Perhaps she was on something herself? Perhaps she was partaking of some drug--either legally or illegally that hampered her judgment. You cannot say one is ok, but the other is not. There is no gray. It is all black and white--literally in this case.
  6. She knew she could die? I think not. Your argument is invalid. Unless you are willing to state that the other individual also knew the potential consequences of his acts. Why was she the only person who died despite the numerous others who did the exact same thing she did? Why didn't they mow them all down? Why did they open the gates and let them all in? If I'm told I can't go in and then they let me in--seems like I'm not "storming the castle" like so many believe.
  7. So the white, female, veteran that was (supposedly) shot: it's ok because she was committing a "criminal" act (supposedly) when she was shot? Hmmm..... and what was he-who-shall-not be named doing when police attempted to arrest him? Is it up to white, females to start the riots for her? And for the record: trespassing isn't looting. Looting is stealing. The girl hadn't stolen a thing according to any reports I've come across. There are some reports that indicate she hadn't even yet entered the Capital. I have to prove my life was in danger to shoot someone who is in my home against my wishes. I have to prove I had no choice but to defend my life with lethal force. Even then, there is a strong possibility I will be charged. I can't pop you in the face just because you busted down my door. What's good for the goose..... When are you people going to say enough of the constant lies? It's time we all start demanding truth and holding those telling the lies accountable. ALL of them. Both sides. ALL Sides.
  8. In my "previous life" I noticed a phenomenon that if one spouse was "injured" at work and was able to collect some sort of benefit that it didn't take long for the other spouse to have some sort of injury that also caused them to be eligible for benefits. Same thought process but on a smaller scale---"if my spouse doesn't have to go to work everyday and he gets a check--why should I have to go to work?" It never took them long to get to that point. What happens when we all say "screw it" and quit going to work?
  9. You will never convince me this wasn't orchestrated from the very beginning. But that's just me being stubborn and obstinate---and believe it or not, some people love me.
  10. I also work for one of the largest employer's in the state--hence they way is used to be--nothing out of pocket and deductibles exceptionally low or nonexistent. ER visits had a deductible if it was deemed not a real emergency to keep the people with a cough/cold/stuffy nose out of the ER--where they didn't belong in the first place. So yes, my portion is high--my employers is even worse--to think if I didn't have to pay for myself and essentially others, I could make another $7,500 every year--maybe more. But at the end of the day, it is what it is. Eventually some of us are going to check out and go build a hut on a beach or a cabin in the woods in another country and toss this mess behind us.
  11. You're right, it is a slippery slope. I don't have kids either and yet I pay school taxes. I also pay more for my insurance because of others. I also pay more in taxes overall because of others. I've worked since I was 15. I've busted my butt my whole life and have a good job that I'm thankful for. I HAD really good insurance that I didn't have to pay a penny out of pocket for and had an exceptionally low deductible before the ACA that included all the extras---but now, because of the changes, I have to pay a portion of my coverage and I have a significantly higher deductible. I have to take a employer based risk assessment every year that determines my cost for my insurance now. They weigh me, check my blood pressure, draw blood and run all sorts of tests. I've seen them give a side eye to people that try to lie and say they don't smoke but smell like an ashtray and have cigarette stains on their fingers, or are dumb enough to have a chew in while they try to lie about it. They don't get by these people. Every year I fall into the healthy category--so I pay a little less than those who don't. Your comment about the self-imposed health issues is void where I work--those people do pay more. Reality is not the same for everyone. I get it: you can get coverage for your adult children--so why shouldn't you? I'm just saying it's not fair to the rest of us that have to pay for it. Health coverage is expensive. I pay about $625 a month for my portion and my employer pays about $1600 a month for my coverage--that's $2225 a month with no dependents--and I'm healthy. That's $26,700 a year for health care coverage. I can assure I don't cost the plan anywhere close to that much a year.
  12. Why wouldn't an independent 18+year old get stimulus money? So if my parents were jerks and I left home at 18, and I work full time, I get nada?
  13. Not only do you pay more for insurance--so does your employer. Because they pay more for insurance, your husband's wages, as well as those of his colleagues are impacted. Should the single guy/girl at your husband's work make less because you and your husband got married and started a family? That doesn't seem fair. You are certainly legally entitled to it at this point, just wanted to present the other side of the coin here.
  14. People are so stupid. Everything is about race/gender/religion when they make it such. He's a pastor for 37 years? And does this nonsense? If people so desperately want/need to be included, how about not making people change to suit them? Maybe THEY need to change THEIR thought processes. A-woman? Seriously? Amen has NOTHING to do with gender--but he just made it that way.
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