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  1. At the risk of sounding political. Obama was a popular president. That doesn't mean he was good.
  2. It does so popular. It doesn't say good.
  3. “acute heroin and cocaine intoxication in a setting of co-sleeping,” I see your point that it may not have been intentional dose. Could a baby have gotten a fatal does from breast feedign in mom just dosed herself?
  4. I was thinking the same thing. But then I remembered that drugs are involved.
  5. So, let me get this straight in my head. They dosed up their 2 month old daughter?!?! Then they all crawled into bed together and may have smothered her on top of the first heinous thing they did. And they will only serve 20 years each? Is that a joke? Those "people" need to be euthanized. I think I need to go sit in a forest and remember that the earth was better without people on it.
  6. Am I the only person in DuBois that still stops at all stop signs? There doesn't have to be anyone else at the intersection and I still stop. If the city police sat at my intersection and doled out tickets for one day, I'm sure they could make a ton of money.
  7. Sadly, stupid isn't illegal. To beat the proverbial dead horse: jumping from a plane isn't smart either.
  8. True. But they don't have the staff to enforce what we have now.
  9. I think I inadvertently came up with a campaign slogan for him in that post: "Put Herm at the helm"
  10. Nice thought, but many don't bother to license their dogs. Those people certainly won't license a cat.
  11. Scarnati may be leaving, but Herm has tossed his hat into the ring. Don't give up on it. That sporting/concert venue idea could come to light with him at the helm. But then again a bunch of people will complain about it, like they complain about the fields we have now.
  12. I have to agree with etink on this. Don't like smoking in a certain establishment? Go elsewhere. I'm a member at a few local clubs, and there are times I turn down invitations from friends to meet them there just because I dont' want to smell like I rolled around in an ashtray. That's my choice. There are people that like to smoke. That's their choice. It's 2020. "We" are all supposed to be about letting people be who they wish to be. Why can't we let smokers be smokers? (Yes, I know: Smoking is bad for health. Jumping out of airplanes isn't healthy, yet we celebrate people for "bravely" jumping out of a perfectly good plane. )
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