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  1. I’m a male but through a clerical error 30 years ago my first driver’s license says F under sex , back then I tried to have it changed but had to fill out some forms and have a doctor verify my sex , at the time I was young and impatient so I just let it go , over 30 years later the state of Pennsylvania still thinks I’m female , nobody has ever noticed even police when I have shown it to them or when buying firearms , hunting/fishing licenses etc. so screw it , I’ll just continue to let penndot think I’m a woman
  2. I’m not surprised, I live out that way and this bear has been a nuisance, never showed any fear of people , would walk around in people’s yards in the middle of the day with people around, had to use my truck to Run him off my property so he wouldn’t get in my garden , it’s sad that such a rare bear has been killed but the way that bear has been behaving sooner or later someone was going to get hurt
  3. So the kkk is a surgical discrimination group and not a racist group, thanks for clearing that up 👌
  4. Also should be done with Cracker Jack , I am very offended by that name and the character on the box , you should be too
  5. What exactly is In the stuff that pen dot puts on the roads during winter that will eat the rocker panels of a new car within 3 years of winter driving?
  6. Hmm , our scout troop is scheduled to place flags this weekend, just got the call from our troop leader Friday , I don’t know maybe it will be canceled, but as far as I know we’ll be out there placing flags this weekend
  7. I was thinking possibly he was using a flintlock during regular firearms season, which is still legal, but unless the game commission issued another antlered tag cause something was wrong with the first buck , I can’t see how he could “legally “ harvest more than 1 antlered deer
  8. The regular firearms season ends before the end of dec , but the flintlock season starts dec26 and goes through the end of January, but you only get 1 buck tag with a license and additional does may be purchased separately. So if all you buy is a general license you can only harvest 1 buck , this guy must have had additional antleress tags
  9. Did he have 2 doe tags ? Some bucks drop their antlers early , and Spike bucks with spikes shorter than 3” are considered “antlerless” , so it is possible to legally harvest a buck with an antlerless tag
  10. The atf doesn’t include most muzzle loaders as a “firearm “ flint lock, cap and ball , match lock etc.. they are classified as “ antique weapons “ So yes felons can still own and hunt with them
  11. jeeper401


    I’ve been hearing them since Saturday at my place near 219 and 322
  12. Marijuana didn’t cause it , the individual did
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