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  1. The building permit was obtained by the school district to the tune of 660, 000. Hmm 660000 plus 240 000 purchase price, is this a 900,000 dollar boondoggle with tax payer money. Curious minds want to know.
  2. I used ez tax return to file federal, no charge but they do charge for state
  3. Thank you, I don't remember where I got them, thanks
  4. Mine came by mail all last week except sunday
  5. Carriers being eliminated, in favor of the post office. Sunday paper to Saturday for postal delivery. I always thought it was a lousy Sunday anyway. The daily has been turned into printed info-mercials. I just renewed my subscription in support of my carrier. I doubt it's life expectancy is short.
  6. justjoe

    Scam website

    Has any one used the Kaaum site, the shoes look pretty neat
  7. Thank you for your response, I knew they had to be striated, but didn't know about the possible mutations. I have loads of irises in three colors . I separated and thinned them last year, gave lots away. .
  8. Have seed pods on my irises, if anyone is interested in starting plants this way, you can have them
  9. Fill a bucket halfway with water cover top with sunflower seeds, the little buggers jump in and drown. I have had as four at a time
  10. I had 4x8 boxes changed to 2x8, the light gets in better, nothing gets shaded out, I started with peat moss added compost and vermiculite, top with a little manure, I add compost and manure yearly good luck
  11. I saw Goldfinger there, also shondels Tommy James couldn't make it
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