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  1. I'm still streaming, Google stream cbs getting a channel from florida
  2. Soap previous days episodes are available on POP at nine am, channel 273 on my direct tv ,
  3. For us looking, what are you using Keyser, and cost
  4. Have direct tv looking at replacing, streaming soaps for now
  5. Time Left: 7 days and 14 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    14 hp kohler, 38 inch deck, runs, mows 375 5818


  6. Fill a bucket halfway with water cover top with sunflower seeds, the little buggers jump in and drown. I have had as four at a time
  7. I had 4x8 boxes changed to 2x8, the light gets in better, nothing gets shaded out, I started with peat moss added compost and vermiculite, top with a little manure, I add compost and manure yearly good luck
  8. I saw Goldfinger there, also shondels Tommy James couldn't make it
  9. Hosta's are deer salad, vinca might be better for ground cover, stays green gets small purple flowers
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