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  1. I don't understand, every time I am in there, they watch me go through the check-out. Then they stop me to check my receipt on the way out. I find it annoying.
  2. justjoe

    Scam website

    Has any one used the Kaaum site, the shoes look pretty neat
  3. Legalize all drugs, make them available through the state stores, put a pawn shop next door, ban narcan, hundreds of millions maybe more isn't that what's it all about
  4. Thank you for your response, I knew they had to be striated, but didn't know about the possible mutations. I have loads of irises in three colors . I separated and thinned them last year, gave lots away. .
  5. Have seed pods on my irises, if anyone is interested in starting plants this way, you can have them
  6. I'm still streaming, Google stream cbs getting a channel from florida
  7. Soap previous days episodes are available on POP at nine am, channel 273 on my direct tv ,
  8. For us looking, what are you using Keyser, and cost
  9. Have direct tv looking at replacing, streaming soaps for now
  10. Fill a bucket halfway with water cover top with sunflower seeds, the little buggers jump in and drown. I have had as four at a time
  11. I had 4x8 boxes changed to 2x8, the light gets in better, nothing gets shaded out, I started with peat moss added compost and vermiculite, top with a little manure, I add compost and manure yearly good luck
  12. I saw Goldfinger there, also shondels Tommy James couldn't make it
  13. Hosta's are deer salad, vinca might be better for ground cover, stays green gets small purple flowers
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