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  1. Nope. Somewhere near Iron River, Wisconsin
  2. Shhhh. This may be a golden opportunity to wall off Filthadelphia.
  3. Vader

    Route 310

    A little more info... Police re-open Route 310 in Jefferson County By: Bill Shannon Posted: Jun 19, 2019 01:25 PM EDT Updated: Jun 19, 2019 03:42 PM EDT. Copyright 2019 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Police close part of Route 310 in Jefferson County JEFFERSON COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) -- Officials have re-opened the section of Route 310 that was closed earlier. State Police report that they were assisting EMS with a welfare check regarding a known man. The incident was resolved and no danger existed to the public. Route 310 is open and operating as normal.
  4. Just don't think you'll be riding those elephants through the DuBois City Park, Bob, and you'll be just fine.
  5. That very well may be, but it doesn't make it any less illegal under the rules. If previous umpires simply overlooked it, then they did her a huge disservice by not calling it and giving her a chance to work on it and make some kind of correction before now. I also can't say if she was doing it previously to the degree that she was in this game. Could the issue have been that she was excited to be playing in the state title game and was simply pumped up to try to get a little more on the ball than on previous occasions? Certainly. I think that's a distinct possibility. It also could have been that this particular umpire was more paying more attention than the previous ones. Or it could have been that someone on the opposing coaching staff saw it and asked him to watch. It might have been all of the above. Whatever the case, once it was called in this game, you didn't have to look hard to see it for yourself. The umpire didn't wait for two or three innings and then decide it was bad enough to call. He saw it and he called it early. That's what you expect an umpire to do. I thought it was a huge credit to DCC that they didn't just start complaining about the umpires and roll over. Instead, they held a team that scored 45 runs in five previous state playoff games to just five. But, the biggest problem they had wasn't the umpires, it was the fact that Williams Valley didn't allow a DCC runner past second in the entire game.
  6. He might have called it, but she was getting some distance on those hops. I was in the SRO area and it was apparent even at that distance when you started looking for it. I don't know if the Williams Valley coaches saw it and drew the umpire's attention to it or not but it was what it was.
  7. DCC baseball 2001. The infamous Rocky Davis year.
  8. Vader

    Parade Chairs

    But, if it's illegal to remove them (read pilfer/commandeer/steal), who exactly would be liable for any injuries incurred while they were lying on the sidewalk? Wouldn't the property owner be subject to the same ordinance that requires the removal of snow/ice/anti-skid or other hazards from the sidewalk in a timely manner? If so, that would certainly give them the authority to make off with them and do as they pleased. However, I did notice that the city's new, improved sidewalks are extended to conveniently allow for additional room for chair placement without hindering access to the sidewalks. And here I thought they added that extra foot or so of bricks to the sidewalks for new lighting and other aesthetic reasons. Little did I know it to create more room to place parade chairs.
  9. Close enough. You'd fit in perfectly at the parade.
  10. Vader

    DCC softball

    You are correct. They will play Williams Valley. I was just on the PIAA site and saw that DCC (Class A) along with 3A and 5A title games are scheduled for Friday. Class 2A, 4A and 6A games are on Thursday.
  11. Being picked in round 35 isn't going to be lucrative enough for him to pass up the scholarship he has in hand at Kent State. Had he gone in the first five rounds, possibly 10, the situation would have been much different.
  12. Thanks. Like I said to Bon, I didn't realize that the DAHS schedule was that far behind others in the area. I know where I was that night, and I know where I was on graduation night, and it certainly wasn't the same place.
  13. Ooof. I never realized that we were that far behind other school districts in terms of graduation dates that year. But I did find that outbreak happened on May 31. I can't recall off-hand what the actual graduation date was but apparently it was a particularly bad winter that year. I thought it was just my perception at the time as I yearned for my everlasting freedom.
  14. The library?!?! That must have been the shortened "straight-line" route when cruising was starting to flatline. Back in the early- to mid-80's, it was out of McDonald's with a right at Park, down to Shankel's and left up through town. Of course, that was when there were actually a few things, other than old-age homes, still in the downtown area.
  15. Graduation? Where was that? It was Prom night 1985 at DAHS.
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