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  1. Are you predicting that Mr. Hankey is going to make a cameo on this show now that he's been sent packing from his own? HOWDY HO!
  2. Vader

    Main Street project nearly done

    I don't know. As bad as it looks, I think I prefer the relative straight line that Main Street provides vs. a mile-long succession of roundabouts.
  3. Vader

    DuBois Sears Closing

    Yes. As does Lowes.
  4. Vader

    Kanye West

    Do you like fish sticks???
  5. Vader

    Kanye West

    Ummm. I've always thought that Kanye was a low spot and still do.
  6. Vader

    Main Street project nearly done

    It certainly wouldn't be cheap but, given the acquisition of some land and the construction of a bridge or three it's actually very feasible. With one fell swoop, you could eliminate the bottleneck through downtown as well. You'd need to buy the one of the buildings across from the Nelson House to widen Main where it crosses DuBois Ave., hop the Lick Creek then follow the tracks to beyond the Rescar property, cross the tracks, eliminate the Frito Lay warehouse and then "Y" into 219 across from Ferraro's. Easy? Cheap? Not likely. Feasible? Absolutely. Of course, it also wouldn't do much for traffic on Main or Dixon but it would certainly involve less demolition and destruction than attempting to widen 219 on Brady.
  7. Vader

    Main Street project nearly done

    I'm not even sure that the city owns the poles. Even if it did, it I'm quite certain that there would be some heavy litigation pursued over a spur-of-the-moment decision to yank them and go underground for a "beautification" project. Most of the utility companies with lines on those poles have little interest in burying them because of the costs and time involved when it comes to repairs or upgrades. Stringing a new line is a lot less costly than excavation.
  8. Vader

    Anniversary Of Las Vegas Shooting

    Dude, I think we're only half way there.
  9. Vader

    Help with a MacBook Pro

    Or this. First was for iPad Pro
  10. Vader

    Help with a MacBook Pro

    You know where it downloaded? You should have some type of files app. See if this gets you anywhere...
  11. Vader

    DuBois Area High School Closed

    I see what you're saying but, consider this. How often do you check under your chairs, tables, back corners of closets at home? But you're using those places everyday, right? I'm willing to wager that the under sides of desks, tables, keyboards, etc. are where the problems are starting. It's only when it started creeping into the visible areas that someone saw it. By then it's probably spread as far as it can underneath or behind something.
  12. Vader

    DuBois Area High School Closed

    If someone other than the remediation company is finding it, and they are, it makes me lean toward a different angle. I think what's likely happening is that they're finding it in, or on, some relatively out of the way places that haven't been checked or part of a regular cleaning schedule for some time. Also, in the past, if someone found it growing, they probably would have said "Eww" and simply picked up some cleaner and wiped it away. Now, they're checking those obscure places more carefully and reporting it instead of cleaning it.
  13. Vader

    Hurricane Florence

    No. In fact, I was telling my kids that same thing this morning. It's the same thing every time. They're continually telling everyone to heed the evacuation notices and how stupid and self-centered it is to risk their lives and those of emergency personnel by staying yet seemingly every outlet has "someone on the ground to give you the very latest". I saw one idiot today knee-high in flood water remarking how dangerous flood waters can be.
  14. Vader

    DuBois Area High School Closed

    I'm glad to see that they at least decided to come clean, no pun intended, about what the issue was. After all, I guess the student section at the DCC-DuBois volleyball game there tonight was even making light of the situation by chanting 'we got mold' or something like that.
  15. Vader

    DuBois Area High School Closed

    Nothing at all. After all, poor "air quality" is soooo much less worrisome than saying mold spores.