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  1. Vader

    Old sub shops in dubois

    Can you narrow the spot on Brady? The only place that comes to mind is when Tasta Pizza moved to the former Sheetz building on the corner of Brady and Dixon in Sandy Twp. that's now a pharmacy. That could have been the early 90s.
  2. Vader

    Old sub shops in dubois

    You beat me by less than a minute.
  3. Vader

    Old sub shops in dubois

    You're correct on the name, but I'm not sure that there is/was any affiliation between the two. And, if there was a connection, I don't know of any place that made such vastly different subs at two locations under the same banner of ownership. I was a long-time connoisseur of the one on Main and Long when Sarge and his wife were there (I never knew or bothered to ask if he owned it or just ran the place) and it only me a single order from the one in Clearfield to recognize that it wasn't just a subtle difference.
  4. Vader

    $409 Bicycle pump

    Apparently, you must have been there before and it recognized one of the "cookies" left on you computer. When it saw that, it immediately realized that you were eligible to use the government discount promo code
  5. But do you let the server apply the ranch or do you get it on the side?
  6. Holy crap. It was obvious that you were flying blind out of the gate on that (which made your replies all the more entertaining), but it took you that long to look it up?!?!?!?! FYI, you'll need to be careful if he starts talking about cleaning the cup that you're given to dispense soft-serve ice cream.
  7. Vader

    Sauerkraut on Tuesday?

    And, judging from the score, it wasn't pretty.
  8. Unfortunately, Bob, this all begins at the same single, contaminated cess pool from which this generation loves to drink its fill... "Dozens of people are complaining on social media after buying countless Kisses with broken tips." BTW, did you happen to notice the number of outraged individuals cited in the last sentence for bringing this breaking news to the forefront? And never fear, if things continue..."Business Insider will update this story if more details become available on the mystery of the broken tips.". I hope their investigation won't turn up enough evidence to require the need for a grand jury or the appointment of a special council.
  9. Vader

    franks pizza??

    Ahhhhh. The Avenue Theater. While I remember taking in a few movies there, during my formative years, they were in the midst of showing their longest-running feature..."Closed Temporarily For Repairs". I can't remember exactly how many consecutive years that one ran.
  10. Vader

    Age of posters

    You should be glad if those are the only unsolicited emails you're finding in your inbox. I usually get the ones that make me go...
  11. Vader

    Age of posters

    Don't worry. You won't be laughing when you find it your mailbox.
  12. Vader

    Age of posters

    Let's just say that of the previous posters, I'm the youngest to have received my "Welcome to the Club" mailing from AARP.
  13. Vader

    franks pizza??

    At least during my time, it was in the now abandoned building on the corner of Washington Ave. and Brady St. that housed Tommy D's.
  14. Vader

    franks pizza??

    M&M perhaps? That was up the street across from where Luigi's is now.