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  1. You really need to take off the rose-colored glasses. I always used to get a chuckle out of reading 1984. It was so far-fetched to believe that society could fall into an Orwellian state that it was laughable. Now, not so much. The PC crowd are the quintessential Thought Police looking to enforce conformity throughout the land. Take a good look and breathe deeply as they eliminate everything in society that they see to be a threat to their way of thinking. Banning books, removing statues, eliminating words, etc. Hell, that isn't even good enough. Colleges are no longer about pursuing educational endeavors, it's about political indoctrination. It's gone so far that it's becoming fashionable to elicit the elimination of something as biological as gender. You think that you're forward-thinking? Keep laughing and looking for the Russians. The real issue is a lot closer than that and you're complicit in it.
  2. False continuum? My friend, you really need to open your eyes. This isn't a continuum, this is actually happening.
  3. What a refreshing change. We agree. It's you...you're the one that doesn't get it.
  4. It pains me to see that you still don't get it despite being shown repeatedly. First, they wanted statues and other associated items removed from public grounds. Their solution? Move them to museums or other places where they could be analyzed in the proper context. Now, they want to remove them from places where they can be contextually analyzed. Any guesses as the next play? Here. Allow me to show you... "Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”
  5. For those wondering. Official start of fall sports delayed by at least two weeks.
  6. Nothing from the PIAA as of yet. Here was the official release from Wolf's office. Note the second paragraph. The Pennsylvania Department of Health and Department of Education today jointly recommended that Pre-K–12 school and recreational youth sports be postponed until at least Jan. 1, 2021, to protect children and teens from COVID-19. The administration is providing this strong recommendation and not an order or mandate. As with deciding whether students should return to in-person classes, remote learning or a blend of the two this fall, school administrators and locally elected school boards should make decisions on sports. Highlights of the recommendation to pause youth sports until Jan. 1, 2021: Applies to team and individual, school and non-school recreational youth sports; Includes competitions, intramural play and scrimmages; Continue conditioning, drills and other training activities on an individual basis; Does not apply to collegiate and professional sports; Gathering limits remain unchanged – no more than 25 persons may gather indoors and 250 outdoors. The administration is updating existing sports guidance to reflect this recommendation. The administration recognizes the importance of getting children back to school, while also protecting the safety and well-being of students and educators. Guidance for schools is available. The guidance represents endorsed best public health practices related to social distancing, face coverings, hand hygiene, and cleaning and disinfecting in school settings. It also outlines how to accommodate individuals with disabilities or chronic conditions, procedures for monitoring symptoms, and responding to confirmed or probable cases of COVID-19 in the school community.
  7. FCB-Consolidations-Listing-8.3.20.pdf I can't seem to get the PDF's to paste individually. Weedville is the closest.
  8. It knows when you are sleeping It knows when you're awake It knows if you've been bad or good So be good for goodness sake! HAHAHA. There now you'll be stuck singing that at Christmas, sorry, during the holidays now!
  9. I really hate to have to say this but, while I immediately recognized the comedic styling of 'The Onion', there are others that may not. Perhaps it would be worthwhile to at least note that before other "studies" pop up or someone cites this? I do have to hand it to them though, there are times that satire can certainly run strangely parallel to reality.
  10. For football/soccer? Absolutely. However, it's going to be a case of monkey-see, monkey-do and that area will quickly be overrun.
  11. I caught your other one before I saw this but, if you don't believe the RFID, you should certainly have doubts about the rest as well. Soros is 89. That would have made him 14 in 1945. Even if you push that ahead a couple years, how likely do you really think that a 16 or 17 year old would have had the leverage to sell off the assets of a company - dissolved or not? I also can't find anything, other than this, connecting Soros remotely to Moderna. I'm sure somewhere in his vast stock portfolio he holds some shares but if he rebranded a company I'm sure it would have been mentioned somewhere - especially when it was apparently started in 2010. Seems to be a long wait. Also, Gates didn't graduate from Cornell nor did he attend it...he went to Harvard before dropping out to form Microsoft with Paul Allen. I'd think that whoever is coming up with this would at least put in their due diligence before throwing it out there. It took me less than five minutes to kick the legs out from under it by looking up how old Soros was and when Moderna was founded. The Gates stuff I already knew.
  12. Try their Twitter page. They post new numbers every day around noon. You'll have to scroll to find them but it has new daily numbers and another link which will give you a percentage of recovered. It doesn't list the actual number for those, though. https://twitter.com/PAHealthDept?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  13. It's poorly written. The word is "reopening". Have we not already "reopened"? Do we have to get to the "Super Green" stage to be considered reopen or would it be the "Translucent" phase? Any sports-related activities in Yellow or Green phased counties must adhere to the gathering limitations set forth by the Governor’s Plan for Phased Reopening (25 in yellow, 250 outdoors and 25 indoors in green) and the facility as a whole may not exceed 50% of total occupancy otherwise permitted by law. During the Yellow and Green phases of reopening, sports-related activities at the PK-12 level are limited to student athletes, coaches, officials, and staff only. The addition of visitors and spectators will be contingent upon future health conditions within the state and local communities.
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