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  1. Regular season football starts Friday, Aug. 23 for those who want to take part in the coveted "Week 0". There are 10 games in District 9.
  2. Vader


    Perhaps not the first but let's just say...
  3. Vader


    I don't recall Lupara using them to throw gas on a fire a couple years ago. Or should I say....
  4. Vader


    Unfortunately, I can't. I was referring to the GIF platform. Someone else brought that particular scourge here.
  5. Vader


    I'll have you know that it was only at the insistence of someone that I even stepped onto this platform.
  6. I believe Brockway starts Friday as well. I thought in the past DuBois typically opened on a Tuesday yet I don't recall hearing questions about that.
  7. There are three requirements. 1) It hasn't been made with fruit, nuts or berries. 2) It can't look like motor oil. 3) Price matters and not the way you think. Cheaper is nearly always better. And, to answer your questions. Yes, I have had...
  8. I'm not convinced that it originated from the prairie dogs. I've seen some true Phish aficionados. I think, perhaps, there were some early Phishy arrivals who served as the original hosts. The insects then saw their chance to flee (pun intended) to the much cleaner prairie dog community and jumped at the chance.
  9. Only if you were south of the Mason-Dixon line.
  10. Heated bidets? Hell, I thought Coca-Cola already took care of that for those in the South. Just leave in the car on warm days and voila (that means "hot dayum") there's your heated bidet. All you need to do is squeeze (the bottle) as needed. HAHAHAHA
  11. See. This wouldn't have happened if they had been using a "family cloth". Ain't nobody going to throw sh*t like that out the window when they could use it again. HAHAHA
  12. Shhhhh. Mr. Hat's talking.
  13. Why wait for fall. Sweet corn is in season. Hold on to those cobs!!!
  14. Apparently so. However, just so LFG can have some order in this little corner of his universe, I feel obligated to point out that it's "conscious" and the wine would be "affecting" your spelling. Knowing that a word was misspelled twice, and it sat here uncorrected all weekend, would likely affect him...ummm...adversely. So much so that he might have a need for some of those adult diapers.
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