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  1. A "contracted employee" in a nursing home setting would most likely be a therapist or something of that nature. Since most nursing homes don't have in-house therapists, they sign contracts with outside agencies for those services. Those individuals are still in the building but since they are paid by another entity (instead of the nursing home) it would make them a "contracted employee". The same would apply if they also got temporary employees from an organization such as Interim. Just so we're clear, that DOES NOT mean that those are the places that it came from but they're examples of what you're looking for.
  2. But you're forgetting a few. Don't forget to do your "warsh" and "red-up" your house.
  3. Nothing like the feel of burlap to get your motor running! HAHAHA
  4. And here I always thought you were buying those items from Rural King-like outlets.
  5. Whew! For a second there, you had me thinking that the REALLY CREEPY Wolf Spider was on the loose.
  6. Vader

    Ohio Reopens

    Actually, if my highly-tuned, troll-tracking skills are correct, I think the implication was that if you believe that your lifespan is somehow predetermined, why bother? I'll then jump out in front of him and pose his next question..."if you believe your time is predetermined, doesn't it follow that everything else is, too?" That kind of implies that we're basically the equivalent of mice being prodded through a maze with a stick to reach the end at a path at a preordained time. That would be a tough sell for a motivational meme.
  7. Yeah, I see that came out of a report from Sandy Twp.
  8. It's because the police haven't filed a report. That's where local radio and newspaper get their information. If they call to get further info, they'll just be told that the officer is still compiling their report and it will be released when they've completed the investigation. If you look at Mr. D's post, you'll see that the info from WJAC was gleaned from the emergency dispatch which means they essentially caught something coming over the scanner.
  9. Nah. Authorities rarely refer to things as they are. After all, the Gestapo didn't call their network a "snitch line" either but, of course, that didn't mean much to those disgruntled individuals now did it?
  10. Attempted murder. They're saving the terrorist tag for "cropdusters" in public areas.
  11. Vader

    PA Schools

    That's a wonderful thought but, I'm pretty sure we all know that many of them will have the same reaction as their children. "No grade? See you in the fall." Or not, in the case of seniors.
  12. Vader

    Hey LFG

    Did you already know which way it was going? I didn't know that it went through Tennessee then Georgia on it's way through South Carolina. Hey! Isn't that roughly the same route that Sherman took in the 1860s? Well, hell. It worked once may as well roll it up again!
  13. You may want to give thought to updating your vernacular. That, uhhhh, particular term has a much different meaning today than it did some time ago.
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