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  1. Ah, yes. The phrase "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes" seems to fit here. One can only hope that they get the one they deserve.
  2. You can't take things off the rails that quickly without bringing a cup.
  3. Pfft. Go big or go home. Bee's knees? I know things are supposed to be a little slower paced in the South but, c'mon, let's at least move past the 1920s.
  4. So, don't keep us in suspense. Did you set up the quarterly call? HAHAHA
  5. Actually, I'd have believed him to be more of a South Carolina fan...you know, considering the mascot and all.
  6. I thought you said he was more of a Pittsburg(h) fan?
  7. I was actually going to applaud this...that's a heck of a throw for a sandwich. But then I after reading it, I realized that they had only thrown the hot dog. It didn't become a sandwich until after it hit the bun.
  8. And that is the unfortunate part of relying on a "sin tax" as a budgetary item. Without venturing too deeply into the political realm, this is why implementing taxes on various items to generate funds for certain political promises are doomed to failure. In a nutshell, when the funds promised dry up, it creates a void that still must be filled in other ways.
  9. Again, you're likely mistaken about what church was being discussed. There was a progression of Catholic churches with St. Mike's starting up somewhere around 1911-12. St. Josephs, which was built roughly two or three years after this piece, falls in the time-frame you're looking at. I read this piece several years ago, and it deals primarily with the succession of parish priests at St. Joe's, but it also includes many of the relevant dates and events surrounding other parishes as well. It's actually a very good read. There's some items about St. Mike's on Page 3. https://dioceseoferie.org/stcathstmikedubois/images/pdf/StJosephHistory.pdf This one seems to discount your thoughts out-of-hand. https://liturgicalcenter.org/media/parish_pdf/E/e-7.1.pdf
  10. That's the wrong time frame. The church being mentioned here is likely what is now St. Joseph's (originally St. Mary). St Michael's wasn't started until somewhere around 1912.
  11. Basic idea wasn't based on DCC being out of the picture. I read a story saying that the reshuffling was based on which team would be affected the least. Brockway was chosen because its program appears to be in a downward spiral that D-9 League officials believe will carry through for at least three years. By that time, they'll also have new numbers and possibly different teams.
  12. They're already out. http://www.piaa.org/assets/web/documents/Classifcation Parameters for 2020-2021 and 2021-2022.pdf
  13. Voting impact of parties on: Local government - little. State government - some. Federal government - enormous.
  14. Oh, Mr. D, you're funny. Here's a picture for that those that have lived in town for a LONG time that might put your post into perspective...
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