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  1. Vader

    Grand Jury Report on Clergy Sex Abuse in PA

    Unfortunately, it was your beliefs that were in question. The biggest being 'are we a nation of laws'. That can only exist when entities acknowledge that there are laws and that everyone is bound to follow them. In this case, those involved sexual acts with children. Outside of Georgia, Hawaii and Alabama the age of consent is 16 (hint: we live in Pennsylvania) and has been since somewhere around the 1920s. So, to say that the laws were not clear, is blatantly false. The church willfully chose to adjudicate these cases itself, and by all the documentation even it knew the acts to be wrong, while rendering its own 'in-house' penalties rather than risk exposing the behavior to the public. And, as I noted above, when it couldn't 'rehabilitate' the offenders, either retired them or defrocked them and sent them out into the unsuspecting world free of any charges. So, who's laws are we bound to? I guess you're your fourth line implies that fake news is on the rise, eh?
  2. Vader

    Grand Jury Report on Clergy Sex Abuse in PA

    Most certainly. And it should. You'll note that I never said that all of these were 100% accurate. However, when there is documented evidence, as seen in the grand jury investigation, that show that some of the individuals in question were accused of committing certain acts then sent to an institution for sexual psychological therapy or payments were made to victims' families to cover therapy, etc. it certainly shows that the church did not feel the charges were bogus. Bear in mind that these are not recent allegations but ones made at the time then filed away in church records. None of them were ever turned over to authorities but rather taken care of 'in-house' by the church. In some of those cases, the church appeared to be unable to rehabilitate the accused so they suspended them or had them removed them from the church. Of course, that means that they were simply turned loose on an unsuspecting society with no strings attached.
  3. Vader

    Grand Jury Report on Clergy Sex Abuse in PA

    They clearly knew that some of those individuals had done wrong. That is why they ADMITTEDLY paid therapy costs and other compensation to the victims' families. Yet, instead of sending the accused for a fair trial for committing the acts, the church hierarchy instead chose to adjudicated the process itself and usurp the laws in place. The laws were clear in the first place - don't commit sexual acts with children/minors. Here's the point again...the church hierarchy knew there was wrongdoing in those cases yet chose to impose its version of the law instead of the ones that those living outside the church adhere to. So are we, as you pointed out earlier, a nation of laws? And, if so, whose? As an aside, I hope that you're not trying to imply that this is a creation of the media. That's starting to sound an awful lot like someone else that's continually railing about it.
  4. Vader

    Grand Jury Report on Clergy Sex Abuse in PA

    I never said that there should be conviction without trials. It was you that made the statement that innocence and guilt were determined by laws. My point was that there were those in the church that knew the behavior was occurring then, in some instances, actively took steps to either buy silence or quickly try to make the problem go away by sending the offenders off to in-house 'treatment' instead of turning the matter over to authorities. That should never be construed as innocence.should I agree that we are a nation of laws. So perhaps you can tell me why those that even the church, by its actions, acknowledged to be involved in sexual misconduct against minors/children were only held accountable to the church rather than society? After all, we are a nation of laws instead of church doctrine, right?
  5. Vader

    Grand Jury Report on Clergy Sex Abuse in PA

    While I don't disagree with the premise as a whole, this is a situation where you might want to rethink those parameters and stop dispensing semantics. In numerous incidents in that report, there were either payments made by the church to victims which included, but were not limited to, past and future therapy while the accused were also removed from their positions and sent to institutions for sexual psychological therapy. Some were made to sign aftercare contracts which restricted their contact with minors (which, in certain cases, were violated). These are not the hallmarks of innocence. These actions are no different than companies that out huge sums of money in restitution without actually admitting wrongdoing. This ploy only meets the very loosest interpretation of legal 'innocence' imaginable. By engaging in any of this, it shows that someone knew that the behavior in question was clearly wrong and actively went about trying to limit the culpability of the church and its hierarchy. With that being said, not all of those cases fell under that blanket, but it happened more than enough to warrant a much harder look at those other instances as well.
  6. There is no way I'm watching that. The last thing I want is a recurring "Little Shop of Horrors" nightmare.
  7. Vader

    Grand Jury Report on Clergy Sex Abuse in PA

    Someone else beat them. I'm sure the names that you're looking for are on here as well as two others that passed through at one time... http://www.explorejeffersonpa.com/local-predator-priests-among-those-listed-in-grand-jury-report/
  8. Vader

    Sandy TWP Water and Sewage For Sale

    The funny thing about that is it wholly depends on where on Walnut it is. Out toward the Oklahoma school, the line all but runs down the middle of the street. Live on one side, you're in the city. On the other, the township.
  9. Certainly - within reason. The whole point was that during the first week of school, one day is just as 'educational' as another.
  10. Isn't that ultimately the baseline for education? Especially when it's used in the context of your previous post (seen below)? Or are administrators just winging it in their decision-making process for a school?
  11. Sounds reasonable. So what 'educational' goal is accomplished by doing that? The scheduling of what day to take off on back-to-back four-day weeks seems pretty arbitrary.
  12. Vader

    Sandy TWP Water and Sewage For Sale

    Yes, but the regional one that it originally suggested differed greatly from the one that it eventually created. By the time that it created its own entity, the damage from previous mismanagement was already firmly established. Basically, what would have been accomplished through the creation of the regional authority, as it was suggested, would have been two-fold. First, it would have basically exonerated the township of its gross mismanagement while also removing one of the few resources that the city had available. I believe that the truly unfortunate thing is that both the city and township want to be remembered as "the winners" in the long-standing dispute between the two rather than accepting that by extending the status quo, they're both continuing to lose.
  13. Vader

    Sandy TWP Water and Sewage For Sale

    I'm quite certain that as many times that this has been broached, I'm mixing some of the issues together, so I'll apologize in advance. But, If I'm not mistaken, didn't the issue arise because township grossly mismanaged its end of the agreement by rarely, or never, upgrading the system, instead choosing to use the money it collected (over the cost it paid to the city) toward other budget items instead of setting the money aside for repairs as the city had? The reason the township wanted the regional authority was because it felt that by creating a new entity, it would erase the township's past negligence by throwing all the costs into a communal pot then creating new rates which would be shouldered equally by both the city and township. I actually think that might have flown if the township had shown given concessions toward regionalization on other items as a potential precursor toward consolidation. But, we know how that's worked out.
  14. I don't know. If that's what they're going for, it would seem they need to do more market analysis. I believe they'd reach a much larger percentage of consumers in their target market if it was packed into a bag of Doritos or potato chips. Or would that be
  15. Vader

    Old time creeks & swimming holes

    Well you know, I'd have thought that someone would have had that talk with you a LONG time ago.