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  1. I feel somehow dirty knowing that I was an unknowing and unwilling participant in a sandwich for numerous people at different times. Did anyone bring a cup?
  2. And now you know why those people in the Holiday Inn Express commercials are able to do things well outside of their normal capabilities.
  3. Certainly, but how many fans, and money, do you think it will lose when the league willfully and effectively kills off one of its own franchises for the choices made by its coaching staff? If you want to make a statement, then ban the entire coaching staff along with the general manager from the league forever as habitual offenders. That's the group making the decisions. Dangle that out there and you'll quickly find out which ones are culpable. BTW, regardless, the head coach and general manager should in no way escape the ban. It's part of their job to keep tabs on the behaviors of the others.
  4. Regardless of the severity of the punishment, you'll never stop anyone from cheating - they'll simply become more creative in their approach. The NCAA hit SMU, one of the premiere football programs at the time, with the death penalty in 1987 for repeated recruiting violations. Do you really believe that stopped college recruiting violations? I think we all know better.
  5. In a nutshell? It's a paper dryer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yankee_dryer
  6. Ah, yes. The phrase "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes" seems to fit here. One can only hope that they get the one they deserve.
  7. You can't take things off the rails that quickly without bringing a cup.
  8. Pfft. Go big or go home. Bee's knees? I know things are supposed to be a little slower paced in the South but, c'mon, let's at least move past the 1920s.
  9. So, don't keep us in suspense. Did you set up the quarterly call? HAHAHA
  10. Actually, I'd have believed him to be more of a South Carolina fan...you know, considering the mascot and all.
  11. I thought you said he was more of a Pittsburg(h) fan?
  12. I was actually going to applaud this...that's a heck of a throw for a sandwich. But then I after reading it, I realized that they had only thrown the hot dog. It didn't become a sandwich until after it hit the bun.
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