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  1. What would you suggest? Schools need to start sometime, why not Friday.?
  2. National shortage seen in skilled diesel mechanics. Jeff Tech and the CCC&TC are you listening? http://www.thecourierexpress.com/news/local-and-national-shortage-seen-in-skilled-diesel-mechanics/article_34b83eee-7bf6-5ca8-90b2-dbf93c87cc90.html
  3. Shriners Circus Will Not Perform In The City Of Pittsburgh In 2019 https://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2019/06/13/shriners-circus-not-performing-in-pittsburgh/
  4. So why hasn't the price at the gas pump decreased accordingly?
  5. pstan

    DuBois Days

    Is it too early to put out the lawn chairs to view the parade?
  6. pstan

    PA Gas Tax

    The mid-January 2019 gas price of $2.48 per gallon has since risen to $2.99 per gallon {Blinker light Sheetz}. I thought that the price was supposed fall when the switch was made to summer blend. Hasn't happened yet.
  7. pstan

    PA Gas Tax

    According to USA Today, PA has the highest tax in the nation. Any idea why area roads are in such poor condition? 1. Pennsylvania • State gas tax: 58.7 cents per gallon. • Gas price as of mid-Jan. 2019: $2.48 per gallon. (15th highest) • State taxes as pct. of gas price: 23.7 percent (the highest) • Annual miles traveled per driver: 11,266 (5th lowest)
  8. I'll bet that they will reroute the Fireman's Parade to Beaver Drive and the sidewalks will be for viewers to setup their chairs ahead of time...
  9. I don't believe that Governor Tom Wolf will let it happen...
  10. pstan

    Pat Catans

    Great news....
  11. pstan

    Pat Catans

    DuBois Courier Express reports: Area crafters will be happy to know that the Pat Catan's Craft Center in DuBois will become a new Michaels store by late summer, according to The Michaels Companies Public Relations Manager Mallory Smith. "We can confirm that after a comprehensive review, we have identified DuBois, Pa., as one of the 12 Pat Catan's locations that we intend to rebrand and reopen as new Michaels stores later this year," said Smith. "We look forward to reopening and inspiring the DuBois community to unleash their inner maker." Smith said she expects the store to begin the conversion process around June 22 and reopen as a Michaels store in mid to late August. The DuBois store, which is located in the DuBois Commons, near Lowe’s, opened Aug. 31, 2017. The Sandy Township Pat Catan’s initially faced an uncertain future after its parent company, Michaels, announced in late January that all 36 locations in Ohio and surrounding states would close, and no more than 12 would reopen as Michaels stores. There are a total of 36 Pat Catan’s stores in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia and Indiana. The local store employs about 33 people, both part- and full-time. Like Pat Catan’s, Michaels also offers a large selection of craft, hobby, floral and art supplies.
  12. "Normal person" implies that the Amish are "abnormal". Sometimes you have to be careful what and how you say something.
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