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  1. another case of who you know or related to in brookville
  2. its probably because these places he's shut down are suing him and winning the lawsuits
  3. rather be a clown than a crooked low life
  4. those 7 million votes where they certified votes before midnight or the after 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. votes ?
  5. really ? i have not seen one anti-masker b**** at anyone for wearing a mask and last time i checked we live in a free country
  6. this is where you no nothing about walmart 1st of all its not mandatory for them to wear gloves and all employees get their temp taking every day before they start their shift 2nd of all mask , gloves and hand sanitizer are available for all employees free of charge and 3rd im talking about the debit card readers that are used at every register and have no clue what your talking about the break rooms for the employees eat there you expect them to eat with mask on ? and just so you know in the break rooms they are set up to keep employees at six foot distances while they eat
  7. and how many times do the clean that key pad that just about everyone touches without gloves
  8. well you said that cashiers wore masks but not gloves then went into the break room where they didn't wear them so what does that have to do with store closing ?
  9. ill never rethink my stand on masks cause apparently they didn't work in this situation did they ? and do you know for sure it was cashiers fault ? how many customers do you see wearing gloves into walmart ? if your worried about getting covid or your immune system is low then stay home . we need to let covid run its course just like every other disease that's ever come through this country
  10. how about the people that are so worried about catching covid stay home or shop someplace else or have the stores bring your food to you . if masks are so full proof then me not wearing one shouldn't bother you then if you have one on and as for walmart why aren't they closing their doors when employees test positive
  11. where i was at yesterday it was good hunting . today a total bust
  12. lockwood's in sigel $70 a deer for regular cut and he vacuum seals the meat and labels it
  13. there was a man on facebook that said he runs antifa and he was the one who posted that if trump didn't concede that antifa was gonna start a bunch of stuff but it turns out the guy is just trying to start a bunch oh crap and is not from antifa
  14. thank you mr.d will be sending one back to get fixed
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