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  1. hunter


    ill be sitting in a tree stand , good luck to all the archery hunters saturday and be safe.
  2. its that time of year doe are about to have fawns or already had them so their gonna eat everything
  3. few years back there was a young bull hanging around sabula lake
  4. how about millions of jobs people need to feed their family's
  5. and another 60 to 70,000 a year in drug overdose deaths
  6. like i said if you choose to live in fear stay at home. as for the people that want to protest the shutdown to go back to work to feed their family's and pay bills well in my eyes that's not being spoiled children its being responsible adults
  7. if this disease is so bad and can be spread so easy then why didn't they just shut the whole country down , this so called virus has been going on for months now and only now we are told we have to wear masks its total bs if people want to live in fear then stay home and let the people get back to work to take care of their family's . my fiance has worked in retail for the last six months not been sick one day has not worn a mask or gloves at her job with thousands of people visiting that store everyday, has come come home everynight neither me or her son have been sick nobody in the store has been sick, explain to me how this is possible when this virus is so easily transmitted from person to person . look up a couple years back and see how many people died of the flu was the country shut down the answer is no. jeff's post is spot on. you are entitled to your opinion as every person on here is but who are you to say people are spoiled children for standing up for their right to protest for what they feel is the right thing to do . you posted on another thread to think covid 19 well you got my thoughts on it
  8. working toward the future lol if hunters keep shooting all the doe off there will be no future hunting , as for cwd only 250 deer have been found to have cwd since 2012 and id like to know out of those 250 how many were not free range deer as for thinning the deer herd its to thin now . its funny how you can only shoot one buck a year and has to have a certain number of points but can get all the doe tags you want and you wont see them killing off the elk that are in big herds together its bullshit and you don't want my thoughts on covid 19
  9. they are gonna give out 22 more elk tags out this year than last year they had 142 last year and 164 for 2021 but yet 903,000 doe tags last year and given out 932.000 this year
  10. hope hunters get together and stop all this crap the pa game commission is destroying pa hunting
  11. hunter

    Trout Fishing

    because a lot of people eat trout its a food source and in a couple weeks turkey season will be in same thing . here's what i don't get i have way less chance of getting a virus along a stream catching food then i do going to a store
  12. hunter

    Trout Fishing

    that's why they opened it up early . no big crowds
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