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  1. Oh great now sausages will have to be labeled " may cause body injury if shot from hot dog launcher"
  2. etsaunt

    Dairy Queen

    Any one know why they are closed???? Need to order a birthday cake and was told they are closed until further notice.
  3. etsaunt

    a&j dairy treat

    I agree, we were just talking about the Frosty Freeze???? on the boulevard in the 70's. They had a ham sandwich that soooo good. But I think is was just being young, sitting in the back seat of a big "land Cruiser" with the family waiting for your number to be called so you could unwrap the parchment paper and dig into the sandwich you had to hold with both hands and chasing it down with a real glass bottle ice cold coke.
  4. etsaunt

    a&j dairy treat

    Not even close. I have been trying for years to make them for my husband because he grew up on them. I got pretty close but not the same. I know one trick is more pork than beef and dehydrated onions. I finally gave up lol.
  5. etsaunt

    5 Foods Americans Call By Different Names

    That actually sounds like something at my family reunion !
  6. etsaunt

    5 Foods Americans Call By Different Names

    I am sure some of us here would pay to see that video
  7. etsaunt

    5 Foods Americans Call By Different Names

    Only the fruit flavored beer
  8. I look at mine to see if there is anything behind me, the use mirrors to back up. The little guy gets a kick out of "spying" on people behind us in line. I do however like the sensors on my truck because it does have a lot of blind spots.
  9. etsaunt

    New "Water" feature at city park...

    We went by tonight. It is beautiful. I was on the fence about these fields but after thinking about it tonight I have to applaud Herm and the city. I believe they are truly trying to make Du Bois a better place. If these fields draw attention maybe just maybe they will also draw attention of business men and companies looking to relocate. The next step they need to take is getting on home owners and landlord to clean up their properties. It doesn’t take much to mow your grass and keep your home looking nice. We do have a nice town, let’s take pride in it and shine it up.
  10. etsaunt

    Ponderous Ponderings

    An oldie but goody, why do you park on a driveway but drive on the parkway???????
  11. etsaunt

    And another thing: Paper Plates

    I "yelled" at Hubby one time because he had 4 or 5 plates together. He reached in his pocket and threw a nickle at me and said there that should cover it! Point taken never said another word.
  12. etsaunt

    Access and Criminals

    I had people turn down a job because they needed $17- $18 per hour to make what they make on welfare (cash, food stamps and medical).
  13. etsaunt

    JLL : DuBois Mall Isn't Going Anywhere

    It is my understanding they did away with these events. I know the Karate demo they do once a year had to be canceled.
  14. etsaunt

    People Wonder About Appliance Safety

    Thank you! I spit my coffee over this one. Watched that train wreck once and that was enough, back to gold diggers and lottery winners buying houses for me
  15. etsaunt

    Garbage pick up 02/07

    I know they are in Reynoldsville.