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  1. I did not say he paid taxes on that lot but he does pay monthly rent to Shankels for use of lot plus winter plowing,
  2. Joe has to pay taxes and up keep on the lot he owns plus pays rent for the larger lot for his customers to use. Really can not blame him for getting upset when others park in them.
  3. Winky's was the first to come to my mind also. We would eat there every Wednesday after school before roller skating practice.
  4. They actually parked it there and took 4 good tires off and put 4 flat ones on and removed the plates.. (watched it happen). The police were called last week but as of Friday it was still there.
  5. My husband had a Motorola flip phone for 10 years. It was dropped in water and dried out in rice twice. I finally made him get a new one because he travels so far for work and I wanted him to have something new. Long story short a friend of ours need a replacement phone until he got a new one so he has been using it for last 2 months he said he is going to keep using it until it totally dies. This phone is just a freak. Lol.
  6. Depends on what the bras were padded with.
  7. You are right. He gets home from work around 2:45 am give or take. Last night i woke up at 3:05 and he wasn't home and I instantly panicked. Never used to worry but that night I realized how fast things can change. I certainly hope that it changed the young woman's life also. He seems to take it more in stride but I have noticed sometimes his tenses up when cars come towards at night mostly when it is raining.
  8. Yes my husband was hit head on by a drunk driver in October and the officer told him it could be months before charges are filed because he wanted to make sure EVERYTHING was done right. It is way to easy to get off on a technicality. Thank goodness his "accident" did not involve injuries so I am sure one involving a death would take much longer.
  9. etsaunt

    Power Outages

    Hubby just called and our power just came back so your son should have it also. Thank goodness was running out of blankets for my spoiled pup to lay under LOL.
  10. etsaunt

    Power Outages

    I just got notified it will be restore by 11:59 2/27 LOL I would hope so or I am going to have frozen pipes.
  11. etsaunt

    Power Outages

    Transformer blew beside my house at 4:30 this morning. Still without power in West Sandy (Wasson Ave School area). It is getting pretty cold in the house.
  12. They are busing the kids to the middle school.
  13. Was just going to post this
  14. God works in mysterious ways. How great it is for this little princess to get such a loving family and for this family to get such a special baby girl❤️ I know you will enjoy everyday with the little beauty.
  15. I have to give Clemson credit, they came to play! They put in the work and it showed. Saban even said at half that Clemson was playing a lot of "copy cat" moves from other teams so that tells me some one watched lots of Alabama tapes and came up with a great game plan. Defense looked clueless at times and offense was a total mess. Now to get the Cowboys to the superbowl to make the hubby happy
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