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  1. Agree. Our young one has a friend that is an Ohio State fan and they have been going rounds all week. It is funny watching 9 yo going at it. I will need to do some web surfing tonight. Lol
  2. Hey now LFG you are breaking my heart and I thought we were friends. lol
  3. etsaunt

    DuBois water

    There is a huge water break on North Main an DuBois St. could be reason for low pressure.
  4. etsaunt

    Old CVS - Sandy Plaza

    We drive over about once a month for a bucket. Makes an easy meal for football Saturdays. I never had any issues however if it I am getting the 16 pc meal I call ahead and they have it ready when we get there.
  5. This is so sad. It was just posted by the City of DuBois that Mr. Straub was a 5 year veteran of the DuBois Police Department. Prayers to his family and fellow officers.
  6. etsaunt

    Walmart Grocery Pickup

    I used it a few times In fact I have an order in for Friday. I love it. After working all day the last thing I want to do is fight my way through Walmart. I start a list and add to it as I think of things I need this way I end up with what I need and cuts back on impulse buys. It never fails every time I would grocery shop I would always forget something so far with this method worked great for me. I pick it up after work go home and put it away and I am not messing around to 9 o’clock to get it done.
  7. etsaunt


    I think Paris uniforms on Hoover Ave sells used ones.
  8. Yep! Let's face it no one watches the race to see the cars play follow the leader. All cars must be the same, gone are the days of teams finding the little tricks to give the driver an edge, gone are the days of drivers with "interesting" personalities. Lets face it a few races back Ricky Steinhouse raced like he was in a demo derby and back in the day the post race would have been more entertaining than the actual race. We use to go to at least one race a year but hardly ever missed on on TV. We would have race parties at the lake so we could watch the race while still enjoy summer. Now I coudn't tell you when we watched a full race. On a happier note as a long time Bill Elliott fan it was great to see Chase get his first win!!!!
  9. etsaunt

    Southern Chickens????

    I figured it would get your attention
  10. etsaunt

    Southern Chickens????

    LFG, Don't know why but this made me think of you!!!!
  11. etsaunt

    Another Snake Bite Victim

    Heard on scanner Sunday morning there was a man with a copperhead bite in Kylertown area.
  12. etsaunt

    Found Kitten-High school parking lot

    Tried to get my sister to take him but they already have two cats, a dog, a guinea pig, and fish. Her husband said no😢. My husband has allergies or I would take this sweet boy.
  13. I have no idea!! I just popped up. LOL
  14. etsaunt

    Another Snake Bite Victim

    I think it is a cost factor. From what I understand one vial costs around $14000.
  15. Boys everyone knows the E on the end is silent