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  1. I thought so also. I have to wonder how the idea of a stoned My Little Pony came about.
  2. Just saying wait for police report, a lot of false stories out there.
  3. I am sure when the investigation is over the police will release some info. It was not a beating and the public is in no danger.
  4. We actually look at barns and try to figure out if they are the kind they look for. Always thought the one that was just brought down in Rockton would have been a good one.
  5. My husband loves that show. He watches it every Sunday evening. We will have to keep any eye out probably next season.
  6. etsaunt

    Parade Chairs

    Agree! The firemen work hard to put this all together. I great thing for area families that they can do that doesn't cost an arm and leg. I love watching the little ones faces.
  7. Years ago the store I work at was broken into. They stole lottery tickets and meat out of the case. The thing is they stole round steaks instead of the premium cuts. This happened in the winter right after a fresh snow, the police followed the tracks straight to the apartment and there they were eating round steaks scratching lottery tickets.
  8. Our 9 year old attended a youth football camp this weekend with Saquon Barkley in State College. There was over 500 kids from all over the country in attendance. Everyone had a great time, it was so well organized and the best part is the proceeds went to charity. Saquon along with several Penn State players were so hands on with these kids. Ethan had KJ Hamler and Sean Clifford as his instructors and he was beyond excited because they are two of his favorites. I would highly recommend this to anyone with young ones that like football, Ethan is already looking forward to next year. This picture shows Ethan's group staging a surprise attack to try and take down Barkley LOL
  9. There is no way our 10 year old would fit in a booster seat. He is taller than me!
  10. I did not say he paid taxes on that lot but he does pay monthly rent to Shankels for use of lot plus winter plowing,
  11. Joe has to pay taxes and up keep on the lot he owns plus pays rent for the larger lot for his customers to use. Really can not blame him for getting upset when others park in them.
  12. Winky's was the first to come to my mind also. We would eat there every Wednesday after school before roller skating practice.
  13. They actually parked it there and took 4 good tires off and put 4 flat ones on and removed the plates.. (watched it happen). The police were called last week but as of Friday it was still there.
  14. My husband had a Motorola flip phone for 10 years. It was dropped in water and dried out in rice twice. I finally made him get a new one because he travels so far for work and I wanted him to have something new. Long story short a friend of ours need a replacement phone until he got a new one so he has been using it for last 2 months he said he is going to keep using it until it totally dies. This phone is just a freak. Lol.
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