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  1. etsaunt

    Beaver Drive opened!!!

    Bridge work is finished!!!!
  2. etsaunt

    Hey LFG what do you think?

    Just saw a bowl prediction that has Penn State and South Carolina Gamecocks in theTaxslayer bowl New Years Eve. Are you up to the challenge? We Are!!! @LFG
  3. etsaunt

    DuBois Sears Closing

    I just bought a pump for my dishwasher off Amazon. I was $35 dollars cheaper than buying from the Frigidaire website plus free shipping. So for $85 and a great brother in law I have my dishwasher that otherwise would have cost more to fix than replace through Lowes.
  4. etsaunt

    Ashley HomeStore To Open At DuBois Mall

    I was talking to my brother last night about our area. He lived in Cary North Carolina for years. He watched it grow from nothing to a major area. He was telling me that almost all the huge shopping malls in that area are also empty. It seems strip malls that are an easy in and out and online shopping is the trend everywhere. With life being so hectic this day and age, I think people are just looking for convenience .
  5. etsaunt

    Main Street project nearly done

    I saw yesterday some of the lights were removed. I thought maybe they realized how bad they looked were only putting the on the side with out all the poles and wires. Guess not
  6. etsaunt

    Slack, mr.d, just slack

    So what you are saying is make sure to chose the 9 people one disposes in a landfill carefully so they fit into a 9x9 cube to save your municipality money and precious airspace. One more reason to like being a plus size gal! We are harder to kidnap and now not economical to dispose of.
  7. It is so weird. I live in west Sandy and we got almost no rain at all. The Harley Shop and DuSan building both had hail. We stood on our porch and you could see funnel clouds forming over towards the blinker light area. But the sky directly around us was relatively calm.
  8. etsaunt

    Games of the Week

    Oh no according to Heather Dinich OSU are pretty much golden because of their win over TCU. I don't fallow this at all! TCU is not in the Big 10 and they only beat Iowa State by 3 and lost to Texas. I wish some one can explain to me why it was such a big win for Ohio State.
  9. etsaunt

    Games of the Week

    We are still in for a wacky week end when there will be a lot of upsets. Have one every year. I am hoping it is this weekend, since we are off, I can't handle anymore upset!
  10. etsaunt

    We ARE!!!

    Hey let me know if you can make it up. We would love to show you around and enjoy a white out with you all.
  11. etsaunt

    We ARE!!!

    Yes mistakes were made and maybe the game calls were not what you would call but calm down. 4 years ago Penn State Football was left for dead. We have come along way since then. For all you"fans" that are jumping ship, see ya bye you are not what I consider true fans. This program is leaps and bounds ahead of where they should be considering the sanctions they had to over come. James Franklin has turned this program into one that good and yes great high school players want to be a part of and he has developed non rated players into NFL starters. I Love my Lions and always have even back when they only won 3 or 4 games in a season.
  12. Is this such a good idea since Urban was blamed for keeping silent?????
  13. Thought this was good. Hanging from dorm in State College. Lol
  14. Agree. Our young one has a friend that is an Ohio State fan and they have been going rounds all week. It is funny watching 9 yo going at it. I will need to do some web surfing tonight. Lol
  15. Hey now LFG you are breaking my heart and I thought we were friends. lol