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  1. I am "jonesing" for a candy apple PLEASE post if any are around town. I understand they were at the mall back in June and I missed them.
  2. Try to find good gloves! All of my suppliers are out. i can get the from amazon or Walmart for 5x what i normally pay. The employees here must change gloves several times an hour, it adds up. People need to keep in mind the extra expenses businesses are seeing during all this. Be kind when the prices go up, it is not always greed. Supply and demand drives most pricing.
  3. I try to stay out of politics on here but it seems like some are willing to let people die before they would agree with anything President Trump supports 😡
  4. Cris has been fighting to get all the numbers released but for some reason the powers that be will not release them in PA.
  5. State Rep Cris Dush posts alot of interesting facts and numbers on his face book page. I find it very interesting and worth a look.
  6. I noticed on HGTV some call it the owners suite. I assume some find master offensive because masters owned slaves so wouldn't owners suite be just as offensive? I guess maybe just call it the big a$$ bedroom. Oh wait since I have a somewhat larger back side i find that offensive!!
  7. Started out a Cale Yarborough fan switched to Bill Elliott but also loved to watch Harry Gant. Went to several races over the years at several tracks. Lost total interest by the early 90’s. It just wasn’t fun to watch anymore and the cost to go to a race got way out of hand. HATE the every one has to be equal. It has made really boring racing. Half the fun was tuning in to see who figured out the newest trick to run better.
  8. I deal with a lot of vendors and these fairs are their main source of revenue for the year. A lot of them are being very creative by setting up roadside food trucks. I personally feel very bad for them but I admit I am enjoying being able to get a funnel cake, fresh lemonaid, stromboli, barbque or almost any other "fair Food" I am craving by riding around the area.
  9. This is Steve. He lives in a pond behind my brother's house in Florida. Steve replaces Bob who was trapped and removed two weeks before Steve showed up. Bob was smaller and since Steve showed up so has several signs around the neighborhood looking for missing pets. We were down last August and I enjoyed watching Bob but that was from inside an enclosed patio area
  10. We drove by last night on our way home. One was holding a sign that said F#%*k something couldn't read the rest. One lazy a$$ laying in the grass and three or four little kids that just looked bored because they had to stand there. Honestly the whole thing just made me laugh instead of bring attention to the situation. But hey on the bright side they didn't loot or destroy any property.
  11. Back to the subject. I deal with the owners of Billy’s and I can tell you this is not a decision they made in hast. Other restaurants in Clearfield got together and discuss it and decided to open while following CDC guild lines. They were already doing take outs which had people in the building. They set up the dining area for proper distancing. They are using disposable wares. Basically the only difference is people can sit 6 feet apart to eat instead of standing six feet apart to pick up food. As a business owner they made a decision to save their restaurant and employees. If you don’t want to support them then don’t it is your choice. I personally think I would feel safer there than Walmart or Hobbie Lobby. Yes they went against Wolfe’s orders but so did Dr Lavine when she removed her mother from a nursing home during the outbreak. I find it very difficult to follow orders from someone the seems to have a personal agenda.
  12. mine either! I wash my hands with soap and water, i will not use anti bacterial anything! Twenty three years ago I lost my mom partially because she was from the "take an antibiotic" generation. She got an infection that would not respond to antibiotic because her body basically became resistant to them. After dealing with several specialists in Pittsburgh I learned that sometimes to much of" a good thing" can cause real problems. That being said, I deal with things in my own way and respect others opinions as long as they respect mine!
  13. I still believe if we continue on this path come cold and flu season we will be in trouble because everyone immune system will be shot.
  14. This will hurt the fire departments. Remember they volunteer their time to protect us and this was a big part of their fund raising. Wouldn't it be a nice idea for everyone that usually goes to community days to drop a check in the mail to the local fire department in the amount you would spend (or what ever you can afford). They are truly essential to this community!!!!!
  15. etsaunt

    Hey etsaunt!

    Ya know when I heard this last night my first thought was you. Big 10 didn’t do to shabby in the draft. Most of our Penn State boys were drafted or signed within an hour after. I’ll take it💙💙💙 Oh if Ohio State can lay claims to Burrow we are claiming Tommy Stevens(Saints).
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