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  1. This will hurt the fire departments. Remember they volunteer their time to protect us and this was a big part of their fund raising. Wouldn't it be a nice idea for everyone that usually goes to community days to drop a check in the mail to the local fire department in the amount you would spend (or what ever you can afford). They are truly essential to this community!!!!!
  2. etsaunt

    Hey etsaunt!

    Ya know when I heard this last night my first thought was you. Big 10 didn’t do to shabby in the draft. Most of our Penn State boys were drafted or signed within an hour after. I’ll take it💙💙💙 Oh if Ohio State can lay claims to Burrow we are claiming Tommy Stevens(Saints).
  3. Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner!!!! Today we had a man with an "always" pad with two rubber bands I honestly don't know how he was able to breath. In his defense at least he had a "mask"
  4. Well as a chubby chick, I find the Campbell Soup kids offensive They need to go LOL
  5. I have seen it all with masks, people pulling it down to talk, people rubbing their eyes because mask doesn't fit right, people wearing filthy masks, people sucking on the edge of the mask but the best one i saw today was a guy had a hole cut in his so he could smoke
  6. Going traditional with ham, mashed potatoes, ham gravy, corn, sweet potatoes, coleslaw and cake.
  7. We will be gittin as soon as we get our new DL line coach packed up!! See we aren't the bad guys, we are actually taking people out of your state
  8. Speaking of out of state plates did you see my post in sports for you?
  9. We have been told not to leave our county unless for work but these slum lords can rent to out of state people now????? People need to be held accountable.
  10. Was told last night a woman and child (New York plate)s moved into an apartment building (Clearfield) last week and three nights later 12 more adults showed up in the middle of the night all in a small 2 bedroom apartment
  11. etsaunt

    Hey LFG

    Rumor has it that this beautiful truck is in your neck of the woods this week. If you happen to see it please give the driver a big ole WE ARE
  12. Roberto Clemente Sr was one of my dad's favorites. I met him once at a autograph session when I was young. All I can really remember is how gentle he was to the children asking for his autograph and his amazing smile. Sounds like his son is an amazing person like his father.
  13. I know the DuBois store has brought in extra meat cutters to try to keep up. Everyone is exhausted but still chugging along. As far as racking in the money, take into consideration that payroll has increased because of extra help and overtime and the replacement cost of the product has gone up. Neither one of these shops are rolling in profits over this just trying to keep up with demand.
  14. I understand what you are saying but it states he asked the other child to leave so he could be alone with her. This tells me he knew what he was doing was wrong!
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