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  1. I am not putting down the backpack program. I just think more needs to be done to find out why these kids are going home to no food. Is it because the parents can not afford food then get them a list of food banks and local organizations than can help or is it just plain neglect then the proper authorities need to be notified.
  2. Although my heart breaks to think of a child going to bed hungry, I get so angry because "parents" are not held accountable. With all government programs and community food banks there is no reason to let your child go hungry. I realize there are the working poor that do not qualify for government help but there is usually a church or food bank to help. I don't fall for this pride crap either, I would sell my sole if my child was in need!
  3. Yes Bon she Is perfect! What a beautiful child❤️ I check for new pictures all the time. Thank you for sharing this precious baby with us all. Although I have never met you or your family, little Faith has really touched my heart. She is a rockstar.
  4. etsaunt


    Penn State but I prefer those 59-0 games😂
  5. etsaunt


    Congratulations great game!
  6. I know some people that take their cars to "mechanics" that are willing to overlook things for inspection. I for one want to know if anything needs fixed so I have a safe vehicle because I often have precious cargo on board.
  7. Seriously I came clean that night and had a good laugh. Been married for many many years.
  8. I honestly don’t remember if he even ask. I broke off engagement shortly after. I may or may not have run off to New York😂😂 😉
  9. Back in the day I went to see “The Men” dancers out of New York. Told my fiancé I was going to a Tupperware party and he even gave me money to buy stuff😂😂😂🤷🏻‍♀️
  10. Lots of celebrating after the win!!!!???
  11. I guess what make me upset is a week ago they sold me product that they knew was for a benefit that will most likely not be able to use.
  12. Sign on door says Closed.
  13. Just went by today and it is closed. Anyone know what is going on? I just purchased a give certificate and popcorn bucket for a benefit gift basket and They never said a word about closing. I do not want to give a basket that can’t be used and will be ticked if I am out that money.
  14. Yes we did also and when our last little one died at home and we took her there for cremation. When we got her back they had a card with her paw print. Special special people !!!!
  15. He was the only vet I would use. He was always available for emergencies. When our Sassy was having problems he gave me his home number if we needed anything through the night. She stated to bleed early in the morning so I called him and he met us at the office. she had to have emergency surgery that saved her life. Years latter when it was her time to cross the rainbow bridge I will never forget that kindness shown by him and his staff. I would gladly drive to Clearfield for our fur babies care. He was a special person.
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