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  1. Well on a similar note I ordered my usual Franks Pizza order last Friday with a 2 liter of Cherokee red pop and was it is not available. I guess they are in the process of changing the name and packaging.
  2. I agree 700 plus have no symptoms sounds like a bad batch of tests with false positives.
  3. etsaunt

    Masks again

    Did anyone hear the answer when asked why Biden didn't have his mask on at the Lincoln Memorial? His press secretary's answer was " he was celebrating" and "we have more important things to worry about" I thought he ran on being the one to get covid under control but now he has more important things?????? Oh and by the way evidently if you are celebrating something masks are not required! COME ON MAN!!!!
  4. I was shocked. Our went in the checking account yesterday. I had to set up a new checking account because we were hacked about two weeks after the last one went in. I checked and was told the IRS could not change my account and it would go into the old one. They said since that account is no longer it will bounce back and a paper check will be mailed. Well not sure how or why but it was deposited in the new account.
  5. My niece from North Carolina was in the test group. She is a vary educated young woman with a PHD. She audits drug trials for a living. No Pfizer is not who she works for. She received the vaccine back in September. First dose no reaction at all the second he has a slight fever and body aches for less than 24 hours. She is very much in favor of getting vaccinated.
  6. I just heard this today. I have not been watching to much television lately to try to help my mental health lol. First thought was you dancing in the streets😂
  7. I worked for a nursing home in the 80’s. I would buy word search books and other puzzle books for my residents. I bought the ones with large print. They all really enjoyed getting them. Thanks for this post. I will be looking for some books to send. ❤️❤️❤️
  8. etsaunt


    I would like to see Cris run for Governor!
  9. I have not voted for awhile until this year, I was shocked I didn't have to prove my identity at all!
  10. etsaunt

    I Voted

    Line was into the Napa parking lot in West Sandy at 7 this morning.
  11. CNN is already saying he is a disgruntled ex employee They are a joke!!
  12. etsaunt


    The only thing I could think of was it must be a weight thing.
  13. etsaunt


    Just know what they said on scanner.
  14. etsaunt


    Someone called about it. They said it was a medical helicopter burning fuel on the scanner.
  15. I don't know who it is , I was told by the person that was in charge of the kitchen that property was sold to a convenience store corp.
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