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  1. SOOOO you can watch good football!!!!
  2. One from my husband, if you knock over the salt shaker you must throw salt over you shoulder. Never sure which shoulder so I do both for good measure😂
  3. German and Italian. But grew up with mostly German (PA Dutch)
  4. I have several from my mom. NEVER rock an empty rocking chair.( makes me look like a lunatic at Cracker Barrels) Do not clip finger or toe nails on Sundays. If you walk out the door and immediately re-enter you must sit for a minute. I could go on and on but interested to see what you all have lol.
  5. We were not allowed to eat chicken on New Years day because chickens scratch backwards.
  6. It is a Pennsylvania Dutch thing so I am told.
  7. Since my "boys" both work nights a will make myself a hot dog with kraut every once in a while but just not the same. You are right I am going to take a stand and "New Years" dinner is going to make it in the weekend rotation!!!!! LOL
  8. The traditional pork and kraut with knockwursts, kielbasa and dumplings. I get more excited over New Years dinner than Prime rib at Christmas!!! It is the only time of the year I can get the family to eat pork and kraut but I could eat it at least one a month.
  9. etsaunt

    Faith Marie

    Will be praying for baby Faith and family
  10. Oh no Alabama falls out of the top ten. They will be calling for Saban’s head!
  11. All I could think of was he found a more exciting was to chase his tail😂😂
  12. etsaunt

    Penn State

    Any given day any given team can lose. Georgia/South Carolina Oklahoma/Kansas State
  13. etsaunt

    Penn State

    My new door hanger!
  14. I am glad you went there. I so wanted to but I didn’t want to tarnish my image 😇😂😂😂
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