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  1. Florida High school shooting today

    In the 60s, children were not being murdered in their schools by civilians with military-grade firearms. Its worse than the 60s. I agree with your elephant in the room. We will need a barn to fit them all in. : )
  2. Florida High school shooting today

    At the end of the day, make no mistake about it America, the only one to blame for this incident are the American people who allow this to happen, time and time again. When enough people die, maybe it will take thousands, there will be change. I wonder what our country will look like at that time.
  3. Florida High school shooting today

    I never said that the penitentiary atmosphere would set off a person. I said we are creating an atmosphere of fear, which I feel is creating a generation of fearfulness; that will only weaken our society. I never said anything about hugging, excusing bad behavior, bailing them out, etc. My point is that we need major changes in our society, and trying to use mental health as the only litmus test for determining gun ownership will be impossible. We need to quit wasting time talking about another failed solution and deal with the elephants in the room, one being the NRA. Another elephant in the room is our perverted election system that has allowed big money and lobbyists to usurp the needs of regular American citizens (remember those congressmen and senators that were supposed to represent us?). Another elephant is the anger and division in our country, stoked by the Twit in Chief.
  4. Florida High school shooting today

    So, why do we use our drones and military to take out enemy military groups across the world, but we allow paramilitary groups to openly train in our backyard? Hmm .....
  5. Florida High school shooting today

    Exhibit C: Accused Parkland Shooter Nikolas Cruz Was a Member of White Supremacist Group White Supremacists Claim Nikolas Cruz Trained With Them; Students Say He Wore Trump Hat in School
  6. Florida High school shooting today

    Exhibit B: FBI Admits It Failed to Investigate Tip About Accused Florida School Shooter in January
  7. Florida High school shooting today

    Exhibit A: The White House has refused to release a photo of President Donald Trump signing a law making it easier for some people with mental illness to buy guns.
  8. Florida High school shooting today

    "For all you people calling for mandatory mental health checks and for more gun laws, that is a very slippery slope you are trying to climb." I agree, but not for the reasons you cite. There is no evidence to suggest that our founders gave serious consideration to mental illness when creating the Second Amendment. When people raise the question of "mental illness", I have to ask, "where do you draw the line?" Healthy and unhealthy mental functioning is frequently on a continuum, and the point at which you define unhealthy for one person may not be unhealthy for the other. Also, there's a temporal factor as in someone could be mentally unhealthy at one point in time, but not another. We all are aware of the "functional alcoholic", but that person is still an alcoholic. There are "functional" depressed, psychotic, anxious, etc. people in the world, and many of them are more functional because they are receiving treatment. Should none of these people have the right to defend themselves With a firearm? It is very difficult to surgically remove rights away from people. What we can do are to take various steps, and while none of them will be "home runs", they can help reduce the frequency of gun violence. The harder thing is that our country needs to take a long look at ourselves and recognize that we need to make some tough choices in order to tackle this problem of violence. We are creating a generation of fear. Turning schools into penitentiaries with metal detectors, policeman, and armed teachers does nothing to stop someone who is intent on killing; instead, it perpetuates an atmosphere of fear and chaos, which is what the enemies of our country want.
  9. Two Priests Removed By Erie Diocese

    You politicized it when bringing up Clinton. You forgot this is not the Political/Debate forum. The comment was no smear to his daughter, I feel sorry for her as I would to a daughter with a mentally sick father. Her father and his supporters smear our country on a regular basis, as seen in the video. He laughs about it. Sick.
  10. Two Priests Removed By Erie Diocese

    Where there is smoke .... 2
  11. Two Priests Removed By Erie Diocese

    Yep, and the current administration avoids and protects, as well. I hope the whistles keep blowing.
  12. State Police Chin Straps

    Do they really need the strap on?
  13. Two Priests Removed By Erie Diocese

    The military has a notorious history of doing the same thing with field officers. Promote and assign to a new base. The group always protects their own.
  14. Two Priests Removed By Erie Diocese

    One parish is in Mercer County and the other is adjacent to Crawford County, which is the same county where the firemen elected and the mayor supported a child rapist to be fire chief. What the hell is wrong in those areas?
  15. Groups (e.g., firemen, policemen, priests, politicians) tend to protect their own kind, everywhere. Blessed are the whistleblowers.