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  1. Burns "The Vietnam War"

    I agree. Five presidents from beginning to end with Vietnam, and now, five with Iraq/Afgan. I do recall that it was said that the dictator in the South was as ruthless as the communists. I believe there will be more to come about that aspect of the war.
  2. Burns "The Vietnam War"

    Just watched first two episodes of Burns "The Vietnam War" series. Very Informative about the backstory, so far. Its more info than history class ever presented. This series could be as important as the one on the Civil War. Anyone else watching?
  3. I agree. I believe that the minimum standard required in PA, which is for the police to carry a firearm, is an interview and a psych test, which is insufficient in my opinion. But, the officers are forced to pay out of pocket for it, so they seek the cheapest person doing the minimum amount required by law. I have seen online a guy who has a "mill" where he churns them out in an hour or so. I have to believe the police know "who" to see in order to ensure a favorable evaluation. In some states, they are lowering standards in order to hire police because they can't find enough people willing to serve.
  4. I'm sorry to hear about your dad. There are many people with bipolar disorder who refuse treatment and most live a life in chaos. With treatment, the disease is more manageable, but certainly, the person does not feel "normal". When you factor in drugs or alcohol (which are often used to self-medicate), it's hard to fathom how anyone can make informed decisions about their life. Keep Lindsey in your life, and clone her if you can. The world needs more people who see beyond the surface and advocate for the less fortunate.
  5. Confederate Monunents To Stay At Gettysburg

    Heroes of defending a system of slavery? Is that the heritage of the south? I have to believe there is more to it. Are you saying that Confederate statues have protected black people from violence? Why does anyone need someone concrete to resent (literally). If you need a hero of human suffering, can I interest you in a classic one? Satan. People could erect statues to Satan if they need something to resent. Of course, someone will have a problem with the religious representation of hatred.
  6. Confederate Monunents To Stay At Gettysburg

    The opinion written in the NYT is just that, an opinion. Newspapers publish opinions, but it doesn't mean they endorse the opinions. The quote you referenced, which were the words of the writer, not myself, made the point that many people across the country do not think about the ideas behind the Confederate statues because they are so ingrained in our culture. When it says to me is that our country, today, cannot relate to how much the Civil War damaged our country or remember what the symbols of the Confederacy stood for. I can't imagine Adolf Hitler Park with Jewish children kicking soccer balls around it. Of course, that could happen in 100 years, but I doubt it. My opinion is that if you agree with the Confederacy, you also support white supremacy just as the Nazis fought for white supremacy, along with a few other goals. If the Confederacy would have denounced slavery and freed the slaves before the war, then you could separate them from white supremacy. But, they didn't because the Confederacy needed free labor to support their cotton economy, and of course, their war chest. Can't have it both ways. I would've had more respect for the Confederacy if they had freed the slaves and continued fighting. Too many people have tried to sanitize the history of the Confederacy by minimizing or omitting the slavery issue, and that is not right. In a similar vein, there have been people who have tried to deny the extermination of Jews and concentration camps during World War II. As I said in an earlier post, Lee was conflicted about slavery, but ultimately, he cared more about his race than freedom for all men. Caution, this is an article in the NYT based on Lee's own words from a letter he wrote to the NYT in 1858. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/18/us/robert-e-lee-slaves.html By the way, I have lived in several cities in the south, in and out of the military. As you have said, there are buttholes everywhere. I must say, I have encountered more racist attitudes in the northeast, including central PA, than in Arkansas, Arizona, and Texas.
  7. FYI http://www.post-gazette.com/news/state/2017/08/24/Pennsylvania-DUI-ignition-interlock-first-time-offenders/stories/201708240179
  8. Confederate Monunents To Stay At Gettysburg

    "The KKK are white supremacy, and General Lee and others fought for it." "It" is white supremacy. Lee was conflicted about slavery, but ultimately, he cared more about his race than freedom for all men. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/18/us/robert-e-lee-slaves.html
  9. Confederate Monunents To Stay At Gettysburg

    yes they did. It may not have been the issue that started the war, but the South defended slavery and white supremacy in order to preserve its cotton economy. Unfortunately, we are still a nation who allows their sons and daughters to die in wars for economic reasons/big business.
  10. Verizon DSL

    DSL speed is dependent upon how far away you are from a distribution point. I lived in one part of DB and had 5 Megabits, moved a mile away, and it dropped to 3. If you are not getting a signal at all, this is what I would suggest. Take a laptop, your DSL modem, and an ethernet cable to your junction box for your phone inside your home or garage. Take a piece of phone cable with a connector on one end that you would plug into the modem, expose the leads on the other end, and tie those wires directly into your phone junction box (red to red, green to green). Ensure nothing else is connected to your phone junction except your DSL modem. At this point, the signal is going directly from the phone line, into your modem, through your Ethernet cable, and into your laptop. If everything is set up properly on your end (e.g., modem has the correct password for your DSL account), etc.) and there is a signal, you know the problem is on the inside of your home (e.g., somewhere in the line between the phone junction box and the modem). If there is no signal despite that everything is set up properly on the laptop, then the problem is on the outside of the phone junction box which is a problem for Verizon.
  11. Eclipse

    Buy up the cheap glasses and get ready for 2024. Erie is in the path of totality. https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/map/2024-april-8
  12. Confederate Monunents To Stay At Gettysburg

    The only thing listed that came after the civil war was the KKK. Everything else came before it and these statues honor those actions. The KKK are white supremacy, and General Lee and others fought for it.
  13. Confederate Monunents To Stay At Gettysburg

    Lee and the other generals and troops fought and died for white supremacy/slavery. Each statue is a symbol, raised in reverence, of white supremacy. Let students in school learn about what these people did in history class, but we don't need to erect statues honoring people who defend white supremacy. I agree with this article: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/18/opinion/confederate-statues-south-legacy.html?mcubz=0 "'As he often does, President Trump, in saying something very wrong, inadvertently got something very right when he said that Confederate statues are a part of our culture. I imagine he meant that they celebrate Lee’s and Forrest’s contributions to America, whatever those were. That is rubbish. But he was right in a different way. The statues are only the most obvious instances of a deep, stubborn reality about the South. The symbols of the Confederacy, and therefore of white supremacy, are everywhere a part of life, ingrained in commutes and school schedules and college applications, as seemingly natural and pervasive as water, so that you never think to do anything about them. It’s time that changed."
  14. I always watched the telethon with Jerry Lewis. Was it hokey, yes. Did some great (and lame) entertainers show up, yep. Regular people shared the stage with the famous. Was it fun watching Jerry decompose over a 24-hour period, oh yeah. He was the heart of the telethon, and when he was taken away from it, I have never watched it. The story above says he stepped down from the telethon; no, he was dumped. http://entertainment.time.com/2012/08/16/why-did-jerry-lewis-leave-the-telethon/ Glad he has found eternal peace.
  15. Confederate Monunents To Stay At Gettysburg

    If they want to keep statues, which put men on pedestals because people want to revere them, then put statues next to them to tell the whole story. A woman being raped and bred, a child being beaten, a man being hung on a tree, the major symbol of Christianity, a cross, in flames with men hiding behind hoods. Fair and balanced, Right?