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  1. TucsonSunset

    school board

    So, we shouldn't look out for others? ok.
  2. TucsonSunset

    KFC building

    Erie has a location. I think there are a few around Pittsburgh.
  3. TucsonSunset

    school board

    Ah, no. I was under the impression that we cannot speak about local businesses in a negative light. I was just trying to follow the rules, thats all.
  4. TucsonSunset

    school board

    When the mall is empty in a few years, that would be a great location.
  5. TucsonSunset

    KFC building

    I'd go for a KFC, or a Boston Market. But, with the mall in decline, that remote location is less desirable unless its something big or unique. Has anyone eaten at Dickey's Barbecue Pit? I've heard its good.
  6. TucsonSunset

    school board

    I think that mentioning Penn Highlands may close this thread.
  7. That was Preston Dover's brother, Ben ......
  8. TucsonSunset

    KFC building

    Unless its run by Penn Highlands, I doubt it will be a new ER. They are way to expensive to build, and they will be renovating the ER at the Hospital, soon. What is the use of an ER unless its connected to a hospital with all of its services? My vote is for the perennial favorite - Olive Garden. Or, a new baseball field.
  9. Shame is in short supply when it comes to some politicians.
  10. Possibly, there is more to this story than what has been told so far. Here are two sides. I think that tributes should be at the graveside. I'm not a fan of the white cross brigade, either.
  11. TucsonSunset

    State Leaders Working To Combat PA Dairy Crisis

    The local farmers should have been working together years ago to develop their own processing plant if their income was so dependent on one aspect of their farm (milk). People hate government intervention unless it benefits them.
  12. TucsonSunset

    Steelers 2018 season

    I miss Myron Cope.
  13. TucsonSunset

    Steelers 2018 season

    http://www.post-gazette.com/sports/steelers/2018/04/19/steelers-2018-schedule-release-nfl-patriots-heinz-field/stories/201804190144 STEELERS 2018 REGULAR SEASON SCHEDULE September 9 – At Cleveland, 1 p.m. 16 – Kansas City, 1 p.m. 24 – at Tampa Bay, 8:15 p.m. 30 – Baltimore, 8:20 p.m. October 7 – Atlanta, 1 p.m. 14 – at Cincinnati, 1 p.m. 21 -- Off 28 – Cleveland, 1 p.m. November 4 – at Baltimore, 1 p.m. 8 – Carolina, 8:20 p.m. 18 – at Jacksonville, 8:20 p.m. 25 – at Denver, 4:25 p.m. December 2 – L.A. Chargers, 1 p.m. 9 – at Oakland, 8:20 p.m. 16 – New England, 4:25 p.m. 23 – at New Orleans, 4:25 p.m. 30 – Cincinnati, 1 p.m. If the showdown for the top seed in the AFC comes down to the Steelers and New England Patriots again, it will occur on the same NFL weekend as last season – same time, same location. The teams will meet in Heinz Field Dec. 16 -- in the 15th week of the season at 4:25 p.m., just as they did last year. The only thing the Steelers hope changes is the outcome. The NFL already updated its catch rule to where Jesse james’ touchdown last season that was overturned -- throwing the game in New England’s win column -- would count as a score this year. The Patriots claimed the No. 1 seed in the conference last year, and the Steelers No. 2. Their expected meeting in the AFC championship game was derailed when Jacksonville upset the Steelers at Heinz Field in the playoffs. That contest against the Patriots highlights the 16-game schedule the NFL announced for the Steelers Thursday night, and here’s an improvement – they will not play on Christmas or any other holiday this year. They played on Christmas Day in each of the past two seasons. The closest they come is their game at New Orleans Dec. 23, but they will be home in time for Christmas Eve. They also play at Denver Sunday after Thanksgiving. They open the season for the second straight time in Cleveland, a 1 p.m. game on Sept. 9. Their first home game comes the following week against Kansas City at 1 p.m., Sept. 16. It appears to be a balanced schedule, with only consecutive road games scheduled once. But while they do finish the regular season at home against Cincinnati, that is their only game against a division opponent over the final eight games. They play five of their first eight against division foes. The Steelers finish up September with two prime time games of the five they will once again play – at Tampa Bay Monday night, Sept. 24 and at home against Baltimore the following Sunday night. Their other three prime time games are Thursday night Nov. 8 against Carolina at home, and two Sunday night games – at Jacksonville Nov. 18 and at Oakland Dec. 9. The NFL changed their prime time kickoff times for this season, moving them slightly earlier. Monday night games will start 15 minutes earlier at 8:15 p.m. Sunday night will start 10 minutes earlier at 8:20 p.m. Thursday night will move five minutes earlier to 8:20 p.m. The Steelers’ off weekend comes in the NFL’s seventh week, Oct. 21.
  14. This may have been a reason, too: Overflow Crowd in Pleasant Gap Says No to Nestle https://www.foodandwaterwatch.org/news/overflow-crowd-pleasant-gap-says-no-nestle