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  1. Treating people humanely is high ground? Well, I guess they should be satisfied with not being exterminated. You believe mental abuse is ok by deliberately creating anxiety and anguish in children, possibly for a lifetime? I didn't realize there was a pecking order for abuse. How would I know? I wasn't schooled at Penn State. We are no longer the America our grandparents immigrated to .....
  2. By putting children into detention camps? Being on such a moral high ground must give you a nose bleed.
  3. No crickets. The psychological damage of separating children is just as horrific. Look into their eyes, too.
  4. So, its ok to separate children from their parents and send them to camps. Nothing Hitler didn't do, either.
  5. I am really tired of the "convenient" Christianity and people who say one thing, but do another. Maybe its why organized religion is in such decline. The separation of church and state is more important than ever before.
  6. TucsonSunset

    Sea Lice Reported On Florida Beach

    Put on a few curtains and you have a hearse.
  7. TucsonSunset

    Sea Lice Reported On Florida Beach

    Nothing sexier than the profile of a Chrysler Town & Country K-car with faux wood sides.and white-wall tires ..... Come to poppa!
  8. As opposed to here where there are legions of children, housewives, business professionals, etc., who pose as frustrated politicians.
  9. I have listened for years about how much local industries want more workers, but they say that prospective employees receive too much welfare compared to what owners are willing to pay them. Well, if they can't compete with welfare, then I would imagine that immigrants would love those jobs. Consider the idea of having families from the plants sponsoring immigrant families and making citizenship contingent on remaining employed for a certain period of time. This would help them to assimilate, not isolate themselves, and while they learn about our country, and we can learn about them.
  10. Read this for some info on how the 2-party system keeps its grip. https://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2016/03/25/ralph-nader-why-bernie-sanders-was-right-to-run-as-a-democrat/?noredirect=on
  11. I don't think voting should be easy. Voting straight party is pathetically lazy. The party system wants to retain power, thwart third-party candidates, and raise disgusting amounts of money to feed a corrupt system. I applaud what Maine and several states are doing to ensure democracy. https://www.wsj.com/articles/maine-puts-new-voting-system-to-the-test-1528450201 http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2018/05/connecticut-joins-effort-to-overturn-electoral-college.html
  12. There are Republicans who don't agree with Trump, so excluding them would not be fair. Food is one thing that crosses party lines, except Freedom Fries. Remember that reactionary goofiness? So far, we haven't heard of Freedom Fajitas!
  13. He must be young. I can't imagine the Philly Phanatic having such little self-control and launching his sausage so recklessly.
  14. TucsonSunset

    FYE closing at the DuBois Mall

    I don't buy over the internet to save a few bucks on tax. The net has selection that no store can match, and its brought to my home. RIP FYE.
  15. TucsonSunset

    Gaming Disorder Now Considered A Mental Condition

    Must be a slow news day. This condition was made official a few years ago. Like alcohol, drugs, love, gambling, television, etc., anything can become addictive when done in excess. This condition was pushed by experts from Southeast Asia where the kids all but have electronic gaming implants in their heads. Not everybody qualifies for disability benefits, and not every condition is eligible for disability benefits. I'm glad we live in a country that offers benefits for individuals who are disabled. The majority of people who receive benefits deserve them. https://www.ssa.gov/policy/docs/issuepapers/ip2015-01.html "Most current disabled-worker beneficiaries far exceeded the minimum work-credit thresholds for eligibility, earning most of the work credits that were possible during their adult lives before becoming eligible for benefits (Chart 1). In fact, three-quarters of them had earned 80 percent or more of the possible work credits since reaching age 21, and more than half had earned the maximum four work credits in each of the years between reaching age 21 and eligibility for DI benefits. On average, current disabled-worker beneficiaries earned the equivalent of 22 years of work credits before becoming disabled. Those who became disabled at age 50 or later had earned the equivalent of more than 30 years of work credits, on average."