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  1. spaghettiwasted

    Jefferson County Radio Station?

    I miss 95.9 Now it's just Mega Rock
  2. spaghettiwasted

    Age of posters

    Sorry bud, I'm 27.
  3. spaghettiwasted

    Happy Birthday Georgie_girl!

    Happy birthday!
  4. spaghettiwasted

    Sonic, Bespoke, & Wild Earth

    Absolutely. If you haven't yet, perhaps try Brookville Animal Hospital (Dr. Shields) - their office has always been incredible with my pups (and cats.) Thanks for rescuing, and good luck with your buddy.
  5. spaghettiwasted

    Sonic, Bespoke, & Wild Earth

    This is a great website to check out ratings and ingredient breakdowns (as well as current and past recalls) on the brands you use: https://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/ - top rated brands are here: https://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/best-dog-foods/best-dry-dog-foods/ Unfortunately Purina is a rather low rated brand. They import a lot of ingredients, which can cause a lot of issues. I don't know what kind of issues your pup is having, but do you have the patience to do a little meal prep for him/her? Every couple weeks or so I cook a pound of ground beef, a bag of frozen peas & carrots, and some rice, mix it together and freeze it in batches. Then mix it 50/50 with dry dog food (Rachel Ray's Nutrish) and the improvement in my dog's overall health has been incredible, not to mention the softness and shine of his coat now. Edit to add: Homemade dog treats are great too, and usually relatively easy. Frozen beef broth cubes, peanut butter cookies (minus the sugar and any other "junk") and just simple chunks of apples or blueberries are always big winners in my house.
  6. spaghettiwasted

    Main Street project nearly done

    I think we just need a light at that intersection. Most of DuBois can't even navigate the straight 4-way stop there. There's no way a roundabout at that intersection will go well at all.
  7. spaghettiwasted

    Sonic, Bespoke, & Wild Earth

    What brand(s) are you using?
  8. spaghettiwasted

    Sonic, Bespoke, & Wild Earth

    A lot of the mass produced brands are bad. Even if they say they are "made" in USA, a lot of their ingredients are imported. Everpet is one brand I would NEVER buy anything from. They have been linked to several illnesses and deaths in animals. They are the cheapie Dollar General brand.
  9. spaghettiwasted

    Happy Birthday spaghettiwasted!

    Thank you!
  10. spaghettiwasted

    Dog obstacle course

    From my understanding it is supposed to be near the dog park on the walkway. I haven't been up there yet to check it out, but sounds like this weekend will have the perfect weather to try.
  11. spaghettiwasted

    Walmart Grocery Pickup

    I despise Walmart trips like nothing else. This has made everything 300x easier without a doubt. And yes, it does curb the impulse buys. I tested them with my first order, getting things from every side of the store... grocery, household, beauty, everything. Nothing was missing. My only complaint was they grabbed the milk with the closest expiry date. (Ordered on a Friday, the milk had a sell by date of Tuesday.) Aside from that it went flawlessly. Make sure they know it's your first order too because they should grab you a little goodie bag with some free samples.
  12. spaghettiwasted

    We got a new baby!

    I'm getting strong Eugene Levy vibes from those eyebrows... but what would be a feminine twist on that? Jean/Gene? Gina? I haven't had enough coffee to be creative yet. Lol.
  13. spaghettiwasted

    Please share if you use social media.

    Hi guys. Asking for some help here. My best buddy's life is on the line as he needs heartworm treatment and soon. It will cost me close to $1,000, if not more to get this done, which I can't afford. I started a GoFundMe hoping to make a little dent in the cost so I can get this done sooner. For any of you that have Facebook, would you be willing to share the link on your page? Even one share helps. <iframe class='gfm-media-widget' image='1' coinfo='1' width='100%' height='100%' frameborder='0' id='treatmentfortonka'></iframe><script src='//funds.gofundme.com/js/5.0/media-widget.js'></script> https://www.gofundme.com/treatmentfortonka I would also appreciate it if anyone knows which businesses in our area will or will not accept flyers. Thank you in advance from me and my big bully head.