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  1. DuBois City Plans Repairs to Railroad Crossings Posted on Tuesday, August 13, 2019 by Steven McDole in Local News, Top Stories DUBOIS – Two railroad crossings will undergo repair work, DuBois City Council announced Monday night. From Sept. 10-12, short-term repairs will occur to the railroad crossing across state Route 219, near East DuBois Avenue. More extensive repairs for this railroad crossing and another located on Division Street will occur in 2021. Council also passed the Sandy/DuBois Sewer Service agreement. The city will mail out informational brochures to the public. According to City Engineer Chris Nasuti, brochures will detail what can be flushed, which he said was essentially limited to toilet paper. For example, he said floss has gotten tangled up in filters at the treatment plant. And he said even sanitizing wipes, which were supposedly flushable, were causing clogs in the sewage system. In other business, council approved selling the following property on Municibid, including its: Miller Syncrowave TIG welder; Salt Dogg 10’ V-box salt spreader; Sel Air 185 compressor; 4 x 8 special construction utility trailer; and Target Econoline Walk-Behind concrete saw. Council also reported complaints have been received concerning drones in DuBois City. Individuals can contact the city with future complaints until council finds possible remedies.
  2. JUST IN: Road Rage Incident Leads to DuBois Man’s Arrest, Sandy Twp. Police say Posted on Friday, June 21, 2019 by Gant Team in Crime, Local News, Top Stories DUBOIS – A “road rage” incident has led to the arrest of a 36-year-old DuBois man for terroristic threats, simple assault and related charges. At approximately 12:37 p.m. Thursday, reports were received concerning a disturbance in the Wal-Mart parking lot, according to a news release issued by Sandy Township police. Later, police learned it actually began as “road rage” incident at the intersection of state Route 255/Bee Line Highway and Industrial Drive. The suspect – identified as Michael S. McKendrick – was a passenger in a gray Dodge Dakota. McKendrick had reportedly followed the victim into the parking lot and confronted him. When McKendrick confronted the victim at first, he allegedly brandished a knife and threatened him. This, police say, caused the victim to grab a weed-eater to defend himself. McKendrick proceeded to brandish a black pistol, pulling the hammer back and threatening the victim again, according to the news release. The victim ran to his vehicle and fled the parking lot; however, McKendrick and his female driver reportedly pursued him north on SR 255. The victim, along with other witnesses, called 911. Township police then observed the described gray Dodge pick-up truck in the area of Morningside Cemetery. Local officers conducted a traffic stop of the suspect vehicle, just before the Snappy’s Convenience Store. McKendrick and his female driver were taken into custody. When the investigation didn’t turn up the pistol, McKendrick told police he’d thrown it out the window along SR 255. During a search of the area, officers found a CO2 BB pistol in some weeds. McKendrick was arraigned on charges of terroristic threats, simple assault, harassment and disorderly conduct before Magisterial District Judge Michael Morris. Unable to post $50,000 bail, McKendrick was housed in the Clearfield County Jail. He’s scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing during centralized court June 28. Police say his female driver was on probation, and she was detained with charges of driving under the influence of a controlled substance currently pending.
  3. Gorgeous all white husky running around the area of 3rd Street, Deemer Ave. & Osborne Ave. in Falls Creek. Very friendly. No collar or tags. She came right up to me but refused to be stopped from her adventure. She doesn’t seem to be road smart and has had multiple cars stopped on 950, so please be careful if you’re going through the area. And if you know who she might belong to, please PM me.
  4. Sandy Supers Pass Sewer Service Ordinance Posted on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 by Steven McDole in Local News, Top Stories DuBois – A new sewer service ordinance was debated before being passed Monday night by the Sandy Township Supervisors. It’ll require smoke and other inflow and infiltration testing when a property is sold on the township’s sewer service. If a property would fail the test, any problems would have to be corrected. The testing will be conducted by township employees, and also be good for two years. The supervisors debated how much to charge for the testing; what areas of the township will be required to have testing done; and whether or not all properties should be tested. So far as the fee, the supervisors debated whether to charge $50 or $150. The ordinance, as presented by Township Manager Shawn Arbaugh, set the fee at $50. However, the supervisors believed they’d agreed upon $150, so that it would fully cover associated costs. The supervisors concluded that whether or not all properties should be required to submit to testing was an “environmental issue.” “We really wanted to focus on our sewage system that we are responsible for,” said Arbaugh. Under the ordinance, Treasure Lake will be exempt, which is why Supervisor Kevin Salandra later opposed its passage. Arbaugh said there were issues “unique” to Treasure Lake, as its water and sewage system aren’t part of Sandy Township proper. Its municipal systems are owned, operated and maintained by Aqua PA. The ordinance was passed, 4-1, pending further research by Arbaugh concerning the appropriate amount for a fee. However, it was noted that it would not exceed $150. Also, the supervisors unanimously voted down endorsing and supporting a sewage line insurance program. Arbaugh reported that Sandy Township’s joint municipal authority proposal still hasn’t been sent to DuBois City. He said the draft agreement is still being written by the township solicitor. In a split 3-2 vote, the supervisors voted down exploring the possibility of a joint municipal authority building with DuBois City. It was noted that city officials made the suggestion after the township announced its plans to build a new municipal building. Supervisors Jim Jeffers, Andy Shenkle and Dave Sylvis all voted against. Salandra and Sullivan voted in favor. It was also reported that KTH Architects has started to design the new municipal building, and the property has already undergone a survey.
  5. I'm getting strong Eugene Levy vibes from those eyebrows... but what would be a feminine twist on that? Jean/Gene? Gina? I haven't had enough coffee to be creative yet. Lol.
  6. Hi guys. Asking for some help here. My best buddy's life is on the line as he needs heartworm treatment and soon. It will cost me close to $1,000, if not more to get this done, which I can't afford. I started a GoFundMe hoping to make a little dent in the cost so I can get this done sooner. For any of you that have Facebook, would you be willing to share the link on your page? Even one share helps. <iframe class='gfm-media-widget' image='1' coinfo='1' width='100%' height='100%' frameborder='0' id='treatmentfortonka'></iframe><script src='//funds.gofundme.com/js/5.0/media-widget.js'></script> https://www.gofundme.com/treatmentfortonka I would also appreciate it if anyone knows which businesses in our area will or will not accept flyers. Thank you in advance from me and my big bully head.
  7. I am 110% for this law. But, I'm kind of glad it didn't exist 5-10 years ago when I had a lab mix who REFUSED to come inside when it was cold out. That dog lived to jump in the snow. I would've been a felon 17 times over by now.
  8. Happy Birthday, Spaghetti! I hope it was a great one!

  9. I expected them to get away with it given who they are and their history, but this is absolutely ridiculous. A slap in the face doesn't even begin to cover it. This small town, big name nonsense has gotta go. That's all I can really say about it anymore. Don't wanna get myself banned. (This is just the beginning total too, FYI. Before they negotiate with OSHA and get it knocked in half...)
  10. That is absolutely pathetic. $12k is pocket change to the owners of Advanced. I've seen fines for $3,000+ because one employee was not wearing their safety glasses. (Not at Advanced.) Come on...
  11. I rent my house and have a 70 lb. pitbull who would just use them as chew toys. But.... one day! It's on my list.
  12. They're so cute. You guys are making me want to start raising chickens.
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