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  1. I saw that after I posted of course. Thank you
  2. Could I piggyback this but for Falls Creek? Lol.
  3. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, DaViece Hair Team and Day Spa in Harrisburg was not granted an exemption to operate salon services, but to provide critical PPE (bulk hand sanitizer) to other local businesses, as they stated in their exemption application. DCED is reaching out to the salon to make it clear that they can only operate the portion of their business that was authorized for exemption, and that they cannot open for any other salon service.
  4. Yep I knew you'd be comin' for that one. DuBois Avenue and DuBois Street connect with each other, and you wanna know the best part? If you use Google navigation, she'll pronounce one as DooBwa and the other as DooBoys.
  5. Car wash at the intersection of DuBois & DuBois has a sign that says "Buy 5 coupons get 1 free roll of toilet paper" ... $50 for one roll of toilet paper ain't gonna be a bad price soon by the sounds of it.
  6. I'm not saying this didn't happen or that he shouldn't be held accountable if it did, but I do know the accused is highly autistic and mentally much younger than 24. That needs to be taken into account before immediately dubbing him as some sick creep that likes to touch little kids.
  7. I use Spotify and have for a good 5 years or so now. It's about $10 a month as well. Can't really compare it to iTunes Radio since I've never used it, but it is more than just radio. You can save your own library, create your own playlists with individual songs, etc. - you can also choose which songs, artists, or albums you want saved offline (so it doesn't use data, and is available if you're somewhere without signal to stream.) Member perks are an occasional thing too. For example they include a basic Hulu subscription with your Spotify subscription, and every so often you'll get another freebie or some kind of promotion. I actually just got a free Google Home Mini for being with them. Not sure how the two compare with availability of artists and albums, but I also don't know where I'd be without Spotify at this point, so there's that.
  8. Nobody told you how, when and where to get your oil changed. You asked for clarification on the law and you got it.
  9. Fed! This has been answered several times now. You do not have to be driving while intoxicated to be "in control" of a vehicle while intoxicated. All they need to prove is that you had the "ability" to drive while under the influence. It is extremely far-fetched to think any officer has the time or energy to actually enforce this by going hunting for drunk people changing their oil in their own driveway, but if it makes you that upset, maybe call your local lawmakers. Start a petition to change it.
  10. Not even a little bit, but I guess I can understand it to a degree. All it takes is one bad apple, blah blah... My question is do they ever actually enforce it? How many cops are going around searching driveways for drunk people changing their oil?
  11. Doesn't matter if the vehicle is moving or not. Still a DUI if you're in the driver's seat.
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