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  1. I was told their only other part-time officer also resigned a few weeks ago. So it seems Brockway is currently without any police at all.
  2. Northwest Bank on Shaffer Ave. will exchange it. They are only open until 4:00pm though.
  3. I think that's what Cacao was getting at. Why should a coroner have to be a donkey or an elephant?
  4. Comcast is far superior in my opinion. Just remember after the $39.99 promo price ends in a year or two, to call them and threaten to cancel so they'll give you the same price again.
  5. Welcome to Jefferson County.... come for vacation, leave on probation.
  6. Good lord, dude. What is your problem? All you've done on this thread is toss out ignorant remarks and call everyone else a liar, but yet you refuse to present the actual facts you insist we all have wrong. I will again repeat what I said earlier about nobody claiming to know facts. The only facts posted came from a news article. Why don't you call up the news source that posted said article and call them out on their apparent spreading of lies if it bothers you so much? As for my post, I said it was a hunting club picnic because that's what was posted on their official website, on their official calendar. (http://www.localendar.com/public/antlerclub) Now I will gladly go and retract this, because upon looking at this again just now, I realized I looked at the date of posting rather than the date of the complaint and August 10th was in fact listed as a "rental." But if that's really the discrepancy that's getting you all worked up from this... ooh boy. Oh, and where in this post does it say a wedding reception WITH A PHOTOGRAPHER? I can't read or choose to ignore reading what isn't there to read in the first place. So do you enjoy spreading lies? I've always wondered about your posts, but it's becoming more and more evident you're just a troll. Enjoy your "facts," and good luck with that hearing revealing that we're all a bunch of liars.
  7. ...what? I mentioned nothing about a photographer.
  8. What wrong info? Nobody is claiming to know facts. The only facts presented were from the original news article... Why don't you point out exactly what is false and why?
  9. I'd be curious to hear why he singed this guy's hair though. They left quite a bit of information out. Could it have been accidental? This was at an annual picnic for a hunting club, so I'm envisioning tons of long haired, drunk men, probably stumbling too close to each other, lighting cigarettes every few minutes... obviously I'm reaching here but just a thought.
  10. Don't know the status of the truck driver, but the ones who were in the car are okay.
  11. DuBois City Plans Repairs to Railroad Crossings Posted on Tuesday, August 13, 2019 by Steven McDole in Local News, Top Stories DUBOIS – Two railroad crossings will undergo repair work, DuBois City Council announced Monday night. From Sept. 10-12, short-term repairs will occur to the railroad crossing across state Route 219, near East DuBois Avenue. More extensive repairs for this railroad crossing and another located on Division Street will occur in 2021. Council also passed the Sandy/DuBois Sewer Service agreement. The city will mail out informational brochures to the public. According to City Engineer Chris Nasuti, brochures will detail what can be flushed, which he said was essentially limited to toilet paper. For example, he said floss has gotten tangled up in filters at the treatment plant. And he said even sanitizing wipes, which were supposedly flushable, were causing clogs in the sewage system. In other business, council approved selling the following property on Municibid, including its: Miller Syncrowave TIG welder; Salt Dogg 10’ V-box salt spreader; Sel Air 185 compressor; 4 x 8 special construction utility trailer; and Target Econoline Walk-Behind concrete saw. Council also reported complaints have been received concerning drones in DuBois City. Individuals can contact the city with future complaints until council finds possible remedies.
  12. Gorgeous all white husky running around the area of 3rd Street, Deemer Ave. & Osborne Ave. in Falls Creek. Very friendly. No collar or tags. She came right up to me but refused to be stopped from her adventure. She doesn’t seem to be road smart and has had multiple cars stopped on 950, so please be careful if you’re going through the area. And if you know who she might belong to, please PM me.
  13. I'm getting strong Eugene Levy vibes from those eyebrows... but what would be a feminine twist on that? Jean/Gene? Gina? I haven't had enough coffee to be creative yet. Lol.
  14. Hi guys. Asking for some help here. My best buddy's life is on the line as he needs heartworm treatment and soon. It will cost me close to $1,000, if not more to get this done, which I can't afford. I started a GoFundMe hoping to make a little dent in the cost so I can get this done sooner. For any of you that have Facebook, would you be willing to share the link on your page? Even one share helps. <iframe class='gfm-media-widget' image='1' coinfo='1' width='100%' height='100%' frameborder='0' id='treatmentfortonka'></iframe><script src='//funds.gofundme.com/js/5.0/media-widget.js'></script> https://www.gofundme.com/treatmentfortonka I would also appreciate it if anyone knows which businesses in our area will or will not accept flyers. Thank you in advance from me and my big bully head.
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