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  1. Worst Excuses For Taking A Sick Day

    My favorite will always be anal glaucoma. "I just can't see my ass coming into work today."
  2. State Police Searching for Convicted Sex Offender

    He left the Creeper Compound less than a mile away from two schools in September and they're just now realizing they don't know where he is...?
  3. E-Mail Pop Up?

    I had the same thing happen to me. (Using Outlook.) I can't for the life of me remember what actually caused that problem, but if you change the timing of your send/receive (changing it to refresh every 10 minutes instead of every 1, 2, whatever it's at) it should fix it.
  4. Pet Halloween Pictures

    I wish I could press "like" on that picture 700 times. Holy crap that's cute.
  5. Godot Animal Sanctuary. Off of 36 in Punxsy. (Oliveburg area)
  6. Oh I'm sure there's plenty of liens against it. That woman owes so much money all over the place it's insane. We shall see. Let the digging commence.
  7. I'm gonna have to get some more details on the sheriff's sale... but I just might try...
  8. Anyone have $230k they could toss my way? Would this be a valid enough cause to start a GoFundMe? Lol
  9. That's what I'd like to know. The animals were very well cared for when I was working there, I will at least say that. As for shipping the sick and injured ones to the vet, the vet is another one who sued for lack of payment. So, yeah, it takes a boatload of money, if you know, you actually pay. What irks me is the police report states it happened "sometime between Oct 7th and 9th" leaving a 2 day window for not a soul to be there to notice missing items??? So did every employee quit? Where was the owner? WERE the animals cared for during these two days? Like I said I used to work there and I know there is very rarely a time that someone is not on the property. There's no way there were trucks and trailers hauling heavy items like that down a barely-one-lane dirt road, let alone without anyone noticing. I would love so badly for that place to be handed over to someone competent enough to handle it. (cough, me) But I have no idea how the state controls things like this, if at all.
  10. The owner has been in some serious money trouble for a while (sued by various contractors for lack of payment) and has been coming up with schemes to solicit donations for the exact amount for several months now. First story was one of the dogs at the sanctuary bit her nose off and the surgery was going to cost the exact amount of the one settlement, next was a barn fire. She would only accept monetary donations, refused supplies. If you look her up in the docket system she's got a ridiculous amount of charges for bad checks (and obviously the civil suits.) There was also an article posted a while back (couple months ago maybe?) about Godot being ordered to stop soliciting donations for not being in compliance of some regulation or another for charitable organizations. So... just a guess.... but yeah, I'd guess this is the newest idea to acquire some cash.
  11. Kohlhepp True Value

    Yes. Breakfast, lunch and dinner 24 hours a day. Even on holidays.
  12. I used to work at this sanctuary. Given that it is gated and you must know the lock code to get in the gate, and the owner of the property watches like a hawk and will come out guns ablazin' if she sees an unknown vehicle come in...... I'm gonna go ahead and say yep...
  13. Happy Birthday, Spaghetti! I hope it was a great one!

  14. Cost of Beauty

    Probably should've specified the $10 is for an eyebrow wax. Sorry. If I go in for a haircut (which is rare, I don't trust many people to cut my hair) it would be right around $20 if I remember correctly.
  15. Cost of Beauty

    That's ridiculous. I usually stop in at Mastercuts in the mall and it's only $10. (Mastercuts is owned by the same brand as Walmart's salon... no idea why it would be so drastically different.)