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  1. spaghettiwasted

    Walmart Grocery Pickup

    I despise Walmart trips like nothing else. This has made everything 300x easier without a doubt. And yes, it does curb the impulse buys. I tested them with my first order, getting things from every side of the store... grocery, household, beauty, everything. Nothing was missing. My only complaint was they grabbed the milk with the closest expiry date. (Ordered on a Friday, the milk had a sell by date of Tuesday.) Aside from that it went flawlessly. Make sure they know it's your first order too because they should grab you a little goodie bag with some free samples.
  2. Lowe’s Heroes to Construct Dog Training Park in DuBois Posted on Wednesday, August 29, 2018 by Steven McDole in Local News DUBOIS – A Lowe’s Heroes Project to construct a dog training park will get under way the morning of Sept. 21 in DuBois. Neil Haines of Lowe’s was present at Monday night’s DuBois City Council meeting. He requested for city officials to have an area, located near Showers Field, mowed prior to the work getting under way. The project will be constructed at Lowe’s before it’s taken over to the park. It will consist of ramps, tubes and jumping hoops. According to its Web site: “Lowe’s embraces teamwork as a core value and a key ingredient in maintaining an engaged workforce. “We believe that by working together we can build something better — for our company, our customers and our communities. “… The program encourages employees in a location to team together, adopt a volunteer project with a local non-profit organization or K–12 public school and make a difference.” According to the Lowe’s Web site: “Our store teams are proud of the thousands of hours they volunteer each year to improve the communities we serve, and that circle of pride continues to grow.” In other business, City Manager John “Herm” Suplizio reported that resurfacing had been completed on the basketball, volleyball and tennis courts. He added that there will be more projects coming up, and repaving the parking lot and adding new benches in the playground area will be next. Suplizio also addressed Sandy Township’s possible sale of its water and sewer system. He said city officials are “more than willing to sit down and have a talk.” Council went on to discuss hosting a meeting with a panel from Sandy Township. Suplizio suggested limiting the city’s representatives to two, and Councilman Ed Walsh volunteered. The council also voted to approve a letter of support for the Downtown DuBois Revitalization Group in its application for a $50,000 grant. If received, city officials said the grant would be used toward helping local businesses maintain their storefronts.
  3. spaghettiwasted

    We got a new baby!

    I'm getting strong Eugene Levy vibes from those eyebrows... but what would be a feminine twist on that? Jean/Gene? Gina? I haven't had enough coffee to be creative yet. Lol.
  4. spaghettiwasted

    In Local Bestiality news...

    I second that.
  5. spaghettiwasted

    ALDF Intends to Sue Farmer's Inn

    I'm glad someone finally called them out on this. The animals' surroundings are far from sufficient. Honestly surprised this hasn't happened sooner.
  6. spaghettiwasted

    Dead Body Found In Sandy Lick Creek

    See, this is what I meant when I said "don't let it get out of hand." Are we 100% sure this guy was a Megan's Law offender, and therefore deserving of his death? No. We don't. We do not know facts regarding his identity, his offender status if any, or the manner in which he died. But there is no doubt someone somewhere is mourning him... so until the details are actually released, please have a little respect.
  7. spaghettiwasted

    Dead Body Found In Sandy Lick Creek

    We don't know facts yet. I heard what Cacao heard, but that the individual hung themselves from a trestle, which caused the decapitation. Again, everything is still just rumors so don't let it get out of hand. We'll see.
  8. spaghettiwasted

    Found Kitten-High school parking lot

    Oh my he is the cutest. Wish I could take him.
  9. spaghettiwasted

    Please share if you use social media.

    Hi guys. Asking for some help here. My best buddy's life is on the line as he needs heartworm treatment and soon. It will cost me close to $1,000, if not more to get this done, which I can't afford. I started a GoFundMe hoping to make a little dent in the cost so I can get this done sooner. For any of you that have Facebook, would you be willing to share the link on your page? Even one share helps. <iframe class='gfm-media-widget' image='1' coinfo='1' width='100%' height='100%' frameborder='0' id='treatmentfortonka'></iframe><script src='//funds.gofundme.com/js/5.0/media-widget.js'></script> https://www.gofundme.com/treatmentfortonka I would also appreciate it if anyone knows which businesses in our area will or will not accept flyers. Thank you in advance from me and my big bully head.
  10. spaghettiwasted


    I had the very back upper tooth on my right side pulled and I wasn't told about this at all actually. So far no changes, but it's only been a few months. I have a feeling that was probably more of a sales pitch than medical advice.
  11. spaghettiwasted

    Structure Fire - Horton Twp.

    Sad. This was right through the woods from my place. I could still smell the smoke this morning. RIP Terri.
  12. spaghettiwasted

    Brookville Man Accused Of Hitting, Kicking Dog

    Is he getting the dog back though?!
  13. spaghettiwasted

    What’s going on in dubois

    I know we have some bikers on the forum.... Please, please, PLEASE wear a helmet when you are out. I just lost a good buddy of mine because he wasn't wearing one when he hit a deer. PLEASE wear them. You never know what's going to happen while you're on the road.
  14. July 13, 2018 12:21 am· HARRISBURG, Pa. &#8211; Governor Tom Wolf announced yesterday that 70 municipalities will receive more than $31 million to support traffic signal upgrades, increasing safety and mobility across Pennsylvania’s communities. “This is the fourth round of funding disbursed to support increased safety and mobility across more Pennsylvania towns,” Governor Wolf said. “The Green Light-Go program addresses mechanisms that if not functioning properly can aggravate congestion and impede traffic flow.” Funded through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s “Green Light-Go” program, grants are provided as reimbursement to municipalities for updates to improve the efficiency and operation of existing traffic signals. Grant funding through the Green Light – Go Program may be utilized for a range of operational improvements including, but not limited to: light-emitting diode (LED) technology installation, traffic signal retiming, developing special event plans and monitoring traffic signals, as well as upgrading traffic signals to the latest technologies. Following is a list of funding recipients, the amount of state funding, and a brief description of the projects. <h2>Allegheny County:</h2> • Allegheny County — $3,560,565 for improvements to pedestrian facilities at 35 traffic signals in the City of Pittsburgh’s Central Business District. • Bellevue Borough — $32,000 to install new LED traffic signal heads, new countdown pedestrian signals, and new audible push buttons at the traffic signal at North &amp; South Freemont and Lincoln Avenue. • Carnegie Borough — $22,640 to update traffic signal timings at the intersection of Main Street and Jefferson Street. • Crafton Borough — $704,051 to modernize four traffic signals along Noble Avenue and Crennell Avenue. • Edgewood Borough — $139,478 to modernize the traffic signal at Maple Ave. and Edgewood/Swissvale to include LED signal heads with mast arm installation, loop detection, countdown pedestrian signals and ADA-compliant curb ramps. • Jefferson Hills Borough — $87,684 to modernize a traffic signal at River Road &amp; Walton Road/Glass House Road including new strain poles, signal heads and signal controller. • Marshall Township — $562,191 to install an adaptive traffic signal system at six intersections along State Route 910 near I-79. • Monroeville Borough — $226,709 for modernization of a traffic signal at Monroeville Boulevard at Wyngate Drive. • Mount Lebanon Township — $220,000 for replacement of the traffic signal at the intersection of Bower Hill Road and North Wren Drive/Firwood Drive to accommodate realignment to a four-way intersection. • Penn Hills Township — $45,372 for LED Replacement at four intersections along Frankstown Road and Verona Road. • Scott Township — $304,800 to upgrade seven traffic signals along Bower Hill Road and Greentree Road including complete replacement of a signal at Bower Hill Road &amp; Vanadium Road, retiming and coordination, a southbound left-turn advance phase for Bower Hill Road at Painters Run, and detection upgrades. • Versailles Borough — $265,191 for modernization of two intersections including replacing outdated signal controllers, vehicular and pedestrian signal heads, pushbuttons, and installation of new emergency vehicle preemption and radar detection. • White Oak Borough — $601,808 for modernization of six intersections including replacing outdated signal controllers, vehicular and pedestrian signal heads, pushbuttons, and installation of new emergency vehicle preemption and radar detection. <h2>Berks County:</h2> • Brecknock Township — $1,652 for LED replacement at the traffic signal at State Routes 568 and 625. • Exeter Township — $89,600 for upgraded video detection at Perkiomen Avenue (U.S. Route 422)/Gibraltar Road and Demoss Road/Gibraltar Road. • Reading — $844,640 for modernization of four traffic signals along North Front Street. <h2>Blair County:</h2> • Altoona — $360,022 for modernization of two traffic signals at 12th Avenue/13th Street and 13th Avenue/16th Street, including foundation and mast arm replacement, upgrading controller equipment, dedicated pedestrian facilities, installing radio communications and connection to a closed loop traffic signal system. <h2>Bucks County:</h2> • Bensalem Township — $740,000 to install an adaptive traffic signal system at 12 intersections along Bristol Pike. • Bristol Township — $497,621 to modernize two traffic signals at New Falls Road/Woodbourne/Edgely/Emilie and Edgely Road/Mill Creek Road. • Northampton Township — $208,850 to modernize three traffic signals along Jacksonville Road and Almshouse Road including installation of video detection, radar dilemma zone detection, ADA-compliant push buttons, and battery back-up. • Warminster Township — $226,849 to upgraded detection and traffic signal timing modifications at five signals along Johnsville, Mearns, Jacksonville, and Street Roads. <h2>Butler County:</h2> • Butler Township — $415,686 to modernize equipment at 17 traffic signals including signal controllers, vehicular and pedestrian signal heads, and push buttons. Emergency preemption and radar detection will also be added. <h2>Cambria County:</h2> • Stonycreek Township — $187,500 for modernization of a traffic signal at Bedford Street and Penrod Street including complete replacement of the traffic signal including new emergency vehicle preemption and pedestrian signals. <h2>Centre County:</h2> • Ferguson Township — $80,000 for modernizing loop detectors with dilemma zone radar detection at three intersections along Blue Course Drive and College Avenue. <h2>Chester County:</h2> • Schuylkill Township — $237,336 for interconnection of traffic signals along Pothouse Road and Whitehorse Road. • West Chester Borough — $688,000 for installation of radio communications and modernization of traffic signal controllers to 23 traffic signals in the borough with a connection to the PennDOT District 6 Regional Traffic Management Center via trunk fiber connection along US Route 202. • Willistown Township — $246,320 to install fiber optic communications between six signals along Lancaster Avenue (U.S. Route 30). <h2>Clearfield County:</h2> • Bradford Township — $48,000 to modernize the traffic signal at Shawville Highway and Doe Hill Road including radar detection, uninterruptible power supply, relocating the controller assembly, and signal retiming. • Sandy Township — $76,000 to modernize to radar vehicle detection at four traffic signals along Bee Line Highway (State Route 255). <h2>Columbia County:</h2> • South Centre Township — $27,600 for retiming of the traffic signal at U.S. Route 11 and Market Street and modernization of video detection, uninterruptible power supply, and a new controller assembly. <h2>Cumberland County:</h2> • Carlisle — $139,385 for modernization of a traffic signal at High Street and Orange Street including upgrading poles to mast arms, and upgrading to infrared detection. • Mechanicsburg — $78,581 to modernize 10 traffic signals in the downtown including signal retiming implementation, LED replacement, and traffic signal controller upgrades. • Silver Spring Township — $82,939 for LED replacement at 24 intersections within the township. <h2>Dauphin County:</h2> • Halifax Township — $9,421 for LED replacement at the intersection of State Routes 147 &amp; 225. • Swatara Township — $195,880 for modernization of the traffic signal at Paxton Street &amp; 28th Street including replacement of a failing traffic signal pole. <h2>Delaware County:</h2> • Concord Township — $243,728 for LED replacement at 16 traffic signals within the township. • Media Borough — $129,680 for video detection upgrades at 13 intersections. <h2>Erie County:</h2> • Albion Borough — $223,055 to replace the traffic signal at State Street (U.S. Route 6N) and Main Street (State Route 18). • Eric County — $255,688 for complete modernization of the traffic signal at East 10th Street and Holland Avenue in the City of Erie. • Union City — $120,000 for corridor improvements to three traffic signals along Main Street (U.S. Route 6) including countdown pedestrian signals and LED replacement. <h2>Lackawanna County:</h2> • City of Carbondale — $136,365 to modernize countdown pedestrian signals with ADA-compliant push buttons at 12 traffic signals along Main Street and Church Street along with the installation of video detection. <h2>Lancaster County:</h2> • East Lampeter Township — $9,200 for installation of a northbound left-turn signal phase at Strasburg Pike and Millport Road. Luzerne County: • Hazleton — $180,030 for complete modernization of the traffic signal at Church Street (State Route 309) and 5th Street. • West Pittston Borough — $460,647 for complete modernization of two traffic signals at Wyoming Avenue (U.S. Route 11)/Luzerne Avenue and U.S. Route 11/Montgomery Avenue. <h2>Lycoming County:</h2> • Williamsport — $643,542 for complete modernization of two traffic signals along East Third Street including crosswalk improvements. <h2>Mercer County:</h2> • Hermitage City — $204,640 to upgrade the intersection of Keel Ridge Road &amp; East State Street including new signal heads, mast arms, controller assembly, wiring, and radar detection. • Sharon City — $316,061 to complete modernization of a traffic signal at South Sharpsvile Avenue, East Connelly Boulevard (U.S. Route 62), and Shenango Valley Freeway. <h2>Monroe County:</h2> • Pocono Township — $359,658 to install an adaptive traffic signal system at seven intersections along State Routes 611 and 715. • Smithfield Township — $552,682 to install an adaptive traffic signal system at 10 intersections along U.S. Route 209 in Smithfield Township and Middle Smithfield Township. • Stroud Township — $502,439 to add an intersection to the existing system and add adaptive traffic signal system for four intersections along State Route 611. <h2>Montgomery County:</h2> • Abington Township — $428,560 to fully modernize two traffic signals at Greenwood Avenue/Washington Lane and Jenkintown Road/Meetinghouse Road including new mast arms, signal heads, countdown pedestrian signals, and controllers, video detection and radar dilemma zone detection, battery back-up and upgraded ADA ramps. • Horsham Township — $597,626 to modernize traffic signals and install fiber optic communications at five intersections along Horsham Road and Dresher Road. • Lower Merion Township — $762,654 to extend the Wynnewood Road adaptive signal system to add two adjacent intersections (Lancaster/Ole Wynnewood, East Wynnewood/Williams) and implement an adaptive system on County Line Road at three intersections (Bryn Mawr Avenue/Glenbrook Road, Lindsay, and Landover) adjacent to Bryn Mawr Hospital. • Lower Moreland Township — $395,704 to completely modernize a traffic signal at Huntingdon Pike and Philmont Avenue/Welsh Road including new mast arms, controller assembly, battery back-up, vehicle detection, and accessible pedestrian signals. • Towamencin Township — $341,600 to upgrade to countdown pedestrian signals with ADA-compliant push buttons and upgrading loop detection to video detection and radar dilemma zone detection at 16 traffic signals. • Trappe Borough — $252,800 to install a coordinated system to operate two signals on Main Street (SR 4031) including new controllers, countdown pedestrian signals, video detection, new ADA ramps and LED replacements. • Upper Moreland Township — $252,520 to modernize the traffic signal at Byberry Road and Davisville Road, including new mast arms, signal heads, countdown pedestrian signals, controllers, video detection, radar dilemma zone detection, battery back-up, and upgraded pedestrian crossings and ADA ramps. • Upper Providence Township — $232,000 for modernization of a traffic signal at Linfield-Trappe Road and Township Line Road including replacement of wooden strain poles with conventional mast arms. • Whitpain Township — $243,012 for upgrades to five traffic signals along Skippack Pike, including controllers, video detection, dilemma zone detection, emergency preemption, ADA push buttons, GPS time clocks, and signal head replacement. <h2>Northampton County:</h2> • Hellertown Borough — $67,982 for pedestrian signal upgrades at four intersections along State Route 412. <h2>Northumberland County:</h2> • Ralpho Township — $399,294 to modernize the traffic signal at State Route 487 &amp; State Route 54, including new signal supports, signal heads, vehicle detection, controller equipment, emergency preemption, battery back-up, lighting, pedestrian accommodations, and a westbound left turn lane. <h2>Philadelphia:</h2> • $3,207,255 to modernize 20 Intersections along the 2nd Street Corridor with the installation of traffic controllers, communications equipment to connect back to the City’s Traffic Operations Center, pavement markings and ADA curb ramps. • $1,795,014 for installation of wireless communication to interconnect 60 traffic signals and connect back to the City’s Traffic Operations Center. • $4,667,869 to modernize 23 Intersections along the Oregon Avenue Corridor with the installation of traffic controllers, communications equipment to connect back to the City’s Traffic Operations Center, pavement markings and ADA curb ramps. <h2>Union County:</h2> • East Buffalo Township — $372,179 to modernize and improve safety improvements at two intersections along U.S. Route 15 including strain pole replacement, uninterruptible power supply, LED replacement, and upgraded vehicle detection. <h2>Venango County:</h2> • Sandy Creek Township — $155,472 for the modernization of a traffic signal at Pittsburgh Road (State Route 8) and Pone Lane (SR 3021), including new poles, controller, and a southbound left-turn phase. <h2>Washington County:</h2> • Chartiers Township — $46,400 for modernization to the traffic signal at Pike Street, Allison Hollow Road and Racetrack Road including ADA-compliant pedestrian accommodations, installation of radar detection, and additional left turn phases. <h2>York County:</h2> • Springettsbury Township — $251,163 for detection upgrades to traffic signals at State Route 24 and Kingston Road and Eastern Boulevard, upgrades to Northern Way &amp; Wolf Drive, and modernization of a traffic signal at Haines Road and Eastern Boulevard. • West Manchester Township — $313,612 for modernization of a traffic signal at State Route 462 Zarfoss Road. A list of recipients, project descriptions, and the amount of state investment is also available at <a href=”http://www.penndot.gov/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>http://www.penndot.gov/</a> on the “Traffic Signals, Management” page under “Travel In PA”. Follow PennDOT on Twitter at <a href=”http://www.twitter.com/PennDOTNews” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>www.twitter.com/PennDOTNews</a> or on Facebook at <a href=”http://www.facebook.com/PennsylvaniaDepartmentofTransportation” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>www.facebook.com/PennsylvaniaDepartmentofTransportation</a>.

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    2008 Ford Escape XLT Clean title in hand. ~167,500 miles V6, 4WD Loaded with options (Power sunroof, 6-disc CD changer, auxiliary port, Sirius/XM capability, roof rack, running boards, etc.) This car is not without some issues: Has been out of inspection since March. Needs the following to pass: Tires Brakes (pads and rotors, front and rear) ABS tone ring Rocker panels need patched or replaced (may be able to pass without this depending on your mechanic.) In addition to just passing inspection, there are some lights on the dash. Traction control and ABS light are on, this is due to the tone ring being cracked and kicking on the traction control. Causes some stuttering when making tight right turns, but this is a cheap fix at or under $100. Check engine light is on - this issue has been fixed (spark plug) but the code was never cleared. Tire pressure light is on with a message of "Tire pressure sensor fault" - this should clear upon replacing the tires as the pressure sensor was not properly updated when the last set of tires were installed. This will be a very solid, reliable vehicle if someone were to put some love into it. The only reason I'm parting with it is I cannot afford to get the work done myself. KBB places it around $5,000. This is assuming it is in good condition, so I have deducted the estimated cost of repairs from the asking price. Serious inquiries only, please. Call or text (814) 771-0581.