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  1. Since Pennsylvania threw out the Trump legal idiocy today I thought to let you know I will except cash or money order.....if you wish to add more zeroes to our bet I will donate the over-flow to charity.....
  2. I only stated that many people believe she lies.....and that is the truth. I have never lied on this board. Easy enough to prove if you are correct---just find one...
  3. Never have, sorry. Some people say that about Sydney Powell----so where does that leave us??
  4. The local K of C has a "coats for kids" program
  5. Yes---agree. That is why I admire and respect at least one local grocery store that did the right thing over their love of profits. They have my business forever, and they won't be forgotten by many locals.....
  6. Well, since I am a conservative I will keep it to $20 that Biden is sworn in and trump will never get back his office until at least 2025,
  7. You will find no post where Conman is "crying" about it..........I just tell the truth and many posters don't like it...
  8. Does that also apply to shirts and shoes that many stores require?
  9. I will give that a .05% chance of happening based on evidence out there. Mark my words. I truly don't know if people are serious about this so-called election fraud, or they are just kidding.......
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