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  1. Sometimes the citizens of the U.S. fall into the habit of emulating the president...can hardly blame them, but...
  2. true----but the more it spreads out there, the more risk to all........
  3. no------many more places the virus spreads..................the trick is to slow it down/ get some control = save lives, etc....
  4. viruses do not care about county lines......makes us more at risk, right?
  5. ?? How would you know---------stands to reason if rest. are doing better and cases are rising = restaur. may be the cause......?
  6. This is false. Sorry. It was spread through tweets. Another theory was that the responsible people who followed guidelines were the most at risk------thus contracted the disease symptoms more readily......
  7. some would put the blame on National leadership that passed the buck to the states.....
  8. saving lives versus hardship on some businesses..........it was the right call.
  9. WOW !! THIS TIES RIGHT IN WITH THE WHOLE STORY BEING A FARCE.... https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/national-security/cia-other-spy-agencies-told-white-house-about-rudy-giuliani-n1243718?fbclid=IwAR0QJbJE2zIs1yEi-BmMCDKnWXHko9ybwrXTTQs8VSF4LU360lPx6afWrfA
  10. I have always felt that our leaders art all levels were, although never perfect, pretty good at what they do, with very few exceptions....
  11. That is a bullying tactic used by somewhat deplorable individuals.....
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