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  1. I do not condone any kind of abuse of animals, but there are abuse cases committed against other people in this area all the time, and they don't make the front page of the paper with pictures of the accused.........…….just feel something is unjust about it.....
  2. Agree------------however this thread's topic was political to start with some have trouble staying civil, etc.........but I agree with you....
  3. we need leadership, not a "passing of the buck".....IMO
  4. ?????????? I would like to get an example of such a post of mine on this forum.....you will find none. I do not believe this is the forum for political discussion of this sort. Perhaps it is being confused with the 'debate forum'...?? I gave advise and comment on this forum with good intentions, now somehow it gets twisted. Please refrain from these kind of actions. Thanks.
  5. I am not a politician here. I am sincere in the last post (as in all posts)
  6. hate to say this but that is not a good comparison...….. -------this virus will infect over 50% more people than the flu -------it is 10 times more deadly per case ------- we have never seen ICUs shut down in the world because of flu This is quite different.....
  7. good point------------past actions & money sources are the two best ways to judge a candidate...…….the worst possible way is to believe what they say, yet this is the #1 method most rely on......
  8. it is called prudence------we could use more of it....
  9. ??? no----I use the Bat Cave, and so forth, but, no, not Batman...……..hope you are not jealous--it's who you know....
  10. bias needs to be made aware of, but the rest is valuable info...….. …………????educator?
  11. public school do indeed present a lot of challenges
  12. Those lobbies are part of what leaders rely on for good info...………...public well-being has to be weighed in all decisions
  13. Messages of seriousness from authorities have been mixed and it may be , at least partially, because of that. Also, This might be a time when we are tested and true character is displayed....
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