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  1. conservativeman633

    DuBois Streets

    It is good to constantly challenge our government. If we don't-----trouble.... I wish more people would respect the media's role in this endeavor.....
  2. conservativeman633


    CARDINALS MEDAL AT PUNXY RELAYS RITSICK, PICCIRILLO TAKE HARDWARE HOME BREAKS 24-YEAR LAG FOR BOYS DCC RUNNERS ESTABLISH RECORDS IN PREMIER APPEARANCE DCC-MERCYHURST-PUNXSUTAWNEY-ST.MARYS-DUBOIS On a chilly, windy day the DCC Cardinals made their first-ever appearance at the special relay event hosted by Punxsutawney at the local country club. School records were established to challenge future harriers, while notable results were achieved by both teams. “This is a perfect kind of competition for this time of year when we are looking for shorter, faster workouts that utilize the fast-twitch muscles. Our goal with these meets is to bring times down in the post-season, so we are grateful that Punxsutawney offers this opportunity to have a bit of fun & excitement in the process.”(Coach Shade) For the first time in 24 years the boys came home with medals from the work of the relay duo of Johnny Ritsick(8:27) & JP Piccirillo(8:42)) taking a fourth place amongst 20 teams from the five schools present. “It has actually been 25 years since DCC has had more than one medal won. In 1993 we saw two good runners, J.T. Arbogast & Toby Smreaker medal at the Central Catholic Invite in Pittsburgh, but it was Matt Ford who did so at the same place a year later. I hope Johnny & JP both see that they have the speed to do well in the post-season, because they proved it today.” The team of Dylan Foster and Lenny Swisher came in 14th while 17th place went to Dante Armanini & Shane Paisley. “Each runner carried a baton to pass to their teammate, with each person racing 1.55 miles. Awards were given to outstanding duos, split times, and overall team score with a team being any 3 duos. Our boys came in fourth place as a full team, and Johnny just missed a split-time award by 5 seconds. It is good to see the kids gaining on their opponents through the season.” The team of Emily(11:03) & Beth(12:23) Williams led the Lady Cards for a 14th place, followed by the teams of JoAnne Case(12:16) and Alex Ochs(12:43), Madi Gill and Madisan Miscavich(12:48), Maria Werner & Michaela Armanini, and the 5th team of Rachael & Maddy Miller. “It was great to have 5 teams of girls representing DCC. I saw Emily outrun opponents she previously lost to in the season as more proof that things are coming together as they should. We have a few more days to sharpen up, and those days are important. A few more steps to the summit.” The Punxsutawney boys took the trophy for first overall, as did the St. Marys girls. The top male runner was Felix Bush of Mercyhurst Prep(8:15), while it was Samantha Hayes(9:14) of St. Marys for the girls. The Cardinals move into post-season and will compete at the District Nine Championships with two full teams(7) for the second year in a row for the first time since 1979. The gun goes off at the fabled Ridgeway course in the morning.
  3. conservativeman633

    Banning Alcohol in Colleges and DC

    I always wanted to ask: Where do you get your news ?
  4. I think the disease is called "Squirrel Brain Eating".....
  5. conservativeman633

    Do You Eat Farmed Fish?

    I like anything that swims, crawls, flies, or grows....period. Less than .000026% of the population can claim that..... so, yes.
  6. conservativeman633

    Banning Alcohol in Colleges and DC

    I agree-----!!
  7. conservativeman633

    Banning Alcohol in Colleges and DC

    Agree----hard not to agree when you get attacked. I assume you would not react differently if the KKK pounds on your car, etc...….you only mentioned one group, and there are many groups who have shown violence(although the reasons are different)......and more than one network that has more or less encouraged it.... Violence has been condoned from the highest levels these past several years, if I am not mistaken......and it tends to trickle down... I have also seen an ad where a guy named Wagner is promoting it in Pa...….?
  8. conservativeman633

    Banning Alcohol in Colleges and DC

  9. conservativeman633

    Banning Alcohol in Colleges and DC

    not rape-----she never claimed rape....? My point was that she did not come forward because awareness was vastly different, as I think(?) you are trying to say (not sure)... Not harder today than 40 years ago, but recent events have made it harder than it was a few years(or sooner) ago,,,,,,
  10. conservativeman633

    Banning Alcohol in Colleges and DC

    Things are vastly different today than 40 years ago. And even today it , unfortunately, takes great courage to come forward. Recent events have made it even harder for women to come forward.
  11. conservativeman633

    Banning Alcohol in Colleges and DC

    I'm not sure if those networks are any more dangerous than many others. The real danger might be in those who soak in the propaganda without much question. I watch 8 channels of news daily to get the full spectrum, and I disagree with many of them and can notice the slant they offer...……….I believe that, at times, some news sources do not even know they slant a certain direction.----Our local paper is one such media example who has claimed they are an alternative to media that is biased, but I see it all the time , and over the years...…………….Most people think they have a good bead on things, and I believe they are foolish to believe that (me included)….
  12. conservativeman633


    CARDINALS ACHIEVE COURSE RECORDS AT ECC WILLIAMS, RITSICK, SWISHER, PICCIRILLO, FOSTER, ARMANINI, CASE, GILL RITSICK & WILLIAMS LEAD DCC HARRIERS LADY CARDS TAKE THIRD FORFEIT WIN OVER CRUSADERS It was custom at every dual meet this season for the Cardinal runners to adapt to either muggy temperatures or soggy ground. Today it was the soggy, wet trail at Benzinger Park in St. Marys, the home of the Elk County Christian Crusaders. The DuBois Area Beavers came along for the race to make the last dual competition of the season a ‘tri-meet’. Known as one of the oldest and slowest courses in District Nine, the racing path changes from grass to gravel, cement, dirt, and over an occasional bridge in the woods, and though without hills, the course takes away 40 seconds even on perfectly dry days, and far more with today’s conditions. “Legendary Crusader coach Wee J. Fernan shared some interesting stats with me, one being that any male runner at 17:20 or faster on this course will earn a medal at states. Mr. Fernan’s cutoff for the girls was at 20:20. Coach Fernan has been keeping meticulous records for 25 years on this course from a slew of state medalists, and they are to be trusted.”(Coach Shade). At least 8 Cardinals set or established career course records despite the conditions. Moving into the all-time #2 ranking for DCC at Benzinger Park was Emily Williams(24:37) who earned a rare second place versus both ECC & DHS to lead the girls to a season-best 43-19 score against the powerhouse Lady Beavers, and the 3rd season forfeit with ECC, the most ever. The DCC girls record for the course is still held by Meghan Graeca from the 2016 season. “Emily took a minute off her previous time here and came within only 16 seconds from ECC’s Chelsea Hunt, a clear improvement.” Beth Williams came in second for DCC followed by JoAnne Case, who established her course mark. Alex Ochs summoned a finishing kick ahead of a DuBois opponent for the third spot, then Maddy Miscavish in fourth. Madi Gill gained a personal best on the course for a team fifth, with Madisan & Rachael Miller wrapping things up for the girls. Johnny Ritsick(19:37) finished the regular season leading the boys with a course PR, erasing 40 seconds from last season and putting him in the all-time #6 ranking just behind Andy Skraba from 2009. John Gabler set the school record for this course in 1994 with an 18:02 performance. Ritsick’s race earned him a 2nd place against DHS and a 5th versus ECC. Teammate J.P. Piccirillo(20:00) also scored fifth versus DHS and smashed his personal mark at Benzinger by over a minute. “Both Johnny and J.P. have consistently led the boys all season. They would be in the top-5 runners on nearly every team in Pennsylvania, and they have earned the respect of their opponents at every meet this year.” Veteran runner Lenny Swisher, gaining a personal course record, provided a strong middle for the team coming in 3rd for the Cardinals, followed by Dylan Foster who also set a personal record on the winding, muddy 3.1 mile field. Shane Paisley took the 5th place for DCC, with Dante Armanini setting his course mark in sixth. The boys team was missing their third runner, Grant Norman, who is recovering from injury. “Congratulations are due to all runners who established or exceeded their prior marks here today. The results have been encouraging and provide some concrete evidence that we are making progress—that the hard work is making tangible improvement. At the same time there is also evidence that we can make further progress if we take advantage of our opportunities and challenge ourselves. We have had a productive journey this season, and we hope the remainder will continue to unveil the best in all of us. This competition ends our dual meet season, but since we have no established league these meets have no post-season qualifying significance, but they do have value in building the mental & physical framework for this portion of the year.” The Cardinals are in action for the final time before districts at the Punxsutawney Relay Invitational, starting at 3:30pm on Wednesday. The PIAA District Nine Championships we be held October 27 at the well-known Ridgeway Course.
  13. conservativeman633

    Banning Alcohol in Colleges and DC

    I believe that fear tactics are affecting many people and making them a bit paranoid...………...sort of like those idiotic "terrorist Alerts" on Channel Six news
  14. conservativeman633

    DuBois water

    I've tasted water all over the city----seems fine to me. But then, us rednecks eat and drink everything. Not too picky...
  15. conservativeman633

    Kanye West

    ends justifying the means? What 'results"? Just listing one would be fine by me, and much appreciated...….thanks !