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  1. So, it's possible that DCC may be the first ever??
  2. When was the last time a DuBois High School Team, in any sport, won a PIAA state championship ????
  3. Right by the Bowling Lanes today...
  4. The tradition was begun by Mr. Collins at DHS years ago...………..it is a good tradition
  5. Who will get sued when an accident happens from this hazard?? On the other hand, it is a compliment to the excellence of the parade. Is it illegal to grab one and take it home? What if two people fight over a chair they both claim??
  6. Well, I am grateful they are not 'smart local criminals'
  7. "Fun" ?? Then I have great news for you----------I have plenty of weeds to pull that should supply a great time all summer. Just let me know when.
  8. I was there--------disagree ! But, yeah------I get your point. I'm sure it was very traumatic as my experience was...…..
  9. That's nothing...……………….A bus driver shut the door on my FOOT as I was stepping into the bus when I was in 5th grade-------I was dragged 300 yards too !! Cut up leg & torn pants, etc..... The driver was fired (drinking) and I recall every second of it 60 years later...……...The only thing that saved me was a kid yelling that "you forgot someone" to the driver. The tire was close by ready to crush my head..... Didn't make national news, or even local news at that time...…...
  10. smell in the air after the rain....
  11. Those who care about those who care for future generations are for consolidation. Those who have more concern for themselves are for no change. That's how I see it.
  12. ???? they don't get paid......
  13. Would we be better off in 50 years ? Of course. Would we be better off today had we joined up 50 years ago? Of course.
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