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  1. Just a reminder that snowball fights were a bit more "encouraged" in 1892, at least at the local schools, or by the local paper...….?
  2. That concept has been refuted, but yes----he claims to 'make no money, etc' from his position......
  3. This must have been the track near present -day Martins ?? Thank you for the interesting history !
  4. Americans tend to be a tad less.....'small', than that, but that is interesting...…….
  5. no-------but the president gets paid a low salary for the responsibility he has, as do many public jobs.....
  6. In a way, yes, if a person did a president's job and only lived on that salary. Billionaires might do it for entirely different reasons than money, obviously...…...
  7. In the corporate world such talent as it takes to run the Red Cross would make much more money...……….
  8. If that is all he makes, then he is a saint...….very low salary for such a position...…..
  9. be thankful for the Red Cross.....welcome their calls, in fact, ask for more of them......
  10. Give blood more often instead of complaining------------that is my advice. Increase it by 10 fold over what you've done before-------the calls will then stop, and you will be doing a great service.....
  11. This year's criticism comes after the two previous exhibits were derided. Last year's “blood red trees” and 2017’s hallway of "sticks" were also compared to horror flicks such as “The Blair Witch Project.” "This was just another bitter and sorry attempt to attack our president by attacking his wife, our first lady. The first lady, who is not only a legal immigrant but speaks five languages and launched an anti-bullying campaign -- all while gracefully dealing with the daily vitriol and hatred from the left," Lahren said on the Fox Nation show. Lahren also slammed a recent Daily Beast article titled "Melania Trump's Joyless Christmas Decorations Are Back to Haunt Your Nightmares," where they referred to the Spirit of America-themed decorations as “state-sponsored jingoism.” (Photo: The White House) "They couldn’t help themselves from comparing Melania’s red trees to 'The Handmaids Tale,' 'The Shining' or pig's blood, because decorating in Christmas red is enough to trigger liberals," she said. "And folks, this year was no different." CAMPOS-DUFFY CALLS ON FORMER FIRST LADIES TO SPEAK UP AGAINST MEDIA MISTREATMENT OF MELANIA TRUMP The article attacked almost every aspect of the debut video -- including the background music which they referred to as, “the faux-soothing, too-repetitive kind that causes department store Santas to drink throughout their shifts.” "Wow, all that from a leftist publication that I seriously doubt gives a rat’s a** about Christmas, the Christmas story, the meaning of Christmas, or baby Jesus in general," Lahren responded. "Luckily, Melania is a tough cookie and when she goes to bed in the White House every night I doubt she cares about what some keyboard warrior from the Daily Beast thinks about her or her decorations." On Wednesday, fellow Fox Nation host Rachel Campos-Duffy also came to the first lady's defense, after the Washington Post's fashion critic criticized Melania Trump’s outfit in the unveiling video, calling her coat "a distraction” and “a discomforting affectation taken to a ludicrous extreme.” (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks) "I think that she has been subjected to such cruel treatment, really unfair treatment and the other first ladies have been really silent on that,” Campos-Duffy told “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday. “I think it’s about time that Michelle Obama, Hillary [Clinton], [Rosalynn] Carter, Laura Bush step forward and show some solidarity with their fellow sister first lady." SEE VIDEO REPORT ; https://www.foxnews.com/media/tomi-lahren-melania-trump-christmas-decorations-white-house The White is the People's House, and there are LOTS of different people in the U.S. The Trumps need to be ever-sensitive to that, as does any occupant of the White House. That said, I think the decorations are beautiful.
  12. who knows ? Conman was just saying that the people have the right to change things that affect them, etc, etc....
  13. Here is a clip from February, 1892 in the local DuBois paper
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