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  1. humans are humans, and covered under the law of this land...……...case closed (???)
  2. well, it would disturbing if one blindly supported all laws "just because" they exist........as I said, if you do not feel you can support a law you should work to change it.....
  3. I have only petitioned to change one law that has hurt the local citizens...…….I predict it will become law before 2021. If I did not agree with the law and the rules surrounding it, I would try to change it (if I felt strongly enough). You can disagree with the law and still not be motivated enough to work at changing it..... I disagree with your "estimates" above------but who knows? I think you may be 'projecting'. I support the laws of this nation, and if I feel otherwise, I do something to change them. How about you?? Based on what I know ???? I, like almost everyone, know extremely little about the specific case and the details. She has already served for , what? 25 years?....she is eligible for par. in 15...……. Based on what I know I simply trust the present law. If I was involved in the case it would be a whole different matter(perhaps)…….if it was my family involved I might be too emotionally upset to think rationally...
  4. no-----------this is why emotions being involved would be wrong. We have progressed a bit since Hammurabi's time....
  5. That is the last thing you want under the law...
  6. agree------but that is not a good excuse. We are humans, not "animals"......we are capable of rationality. It is always sad to see when people choose to ignore rationality
  7. as I just said-------emotions. If you truly feel it was unjust, then I will wait to see you petition for a change in the law...…….I will not hold my breath...
  8. emotions blind us to reality in cases like this...…..we are "a nation of laws, not men"
  9. conservativeman633

    Board Meeting

    Every board meeting is special. Nine members give their time and energy for the public, as well as the school officials. They are poorly attended by the public, unfortunately.
  10. There are many more dynamics involved than you may realize. They are indeed experts, and yes, it must be considered in a "sterile" way, for obvious reasons.....
  11. immaterial...……...no one is asking that …...
  12. the legislature did not alter the law, and only they can. The courts are within their rights to do what they did.
  13. ??? It comes from pure conservative philosophy...…………..where are you from ?????
  14. it was altered based on the law...….what part of that is too hard to grasp?