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  1. I have noticed that people yawn before they are judged in a contest, such as playing a musical instrument, etc....
  2. Hand guns should be locked up and made very hard to steal. I hope that gun is not used in a future crime.
  3. Like DJT says----"there's no room in here"...……..so no---just the opposite....
  4. Thank you !! That is something I need to find out about. Who might have the info on this? I was reaching back about 50 years before that.....1860s ???
  5. Did you read my post on the reason they do this ???
  6. ??????well, yeah...... Do you disagree? I am impressed at the Amish strength of faith. The straight and narrow way. Better than a lot of Christians I know, …..perhaps myself too....
  7. Does anyone have a guess of the name of the earliest base ball club within a 20 mile radius of DuBois ????
  8. Actually it is a VERY "Godly" thing to do...…. An Amish person leaves the Amish church on their own free will, knowing full-well of the 'bann' or shunning,..... This is a way to enforce a commitment to God for them, and they see a Biblical(New testament) basis for this..... Amish practice shunning out of “tough love” in order to get a deviant person to see the error in his ways, change behavior, and re-affirm his commitment to the church. Without rules and shunning, the integrity of the Amish church would rapidly disintegrate. The conservative side of me loves this act of faith, and I love the 1st amendment practice taking place.....very American, in fact more American than many of those who think they are "real" Americans...….
  9. ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING ON IT...….PERIOD. Who cares what crust it is...……!!
  10. ???? If that is all he makes then we are lucky to keep him......
  11. The headline was intended to stoke the bias people have----front page and all......
  12. Dixon 771-8406 He does it well and inexpensive. Father & son team. Tell him the First street guy (at 604) who likes wrestling sent you...……...
  13. Keep in mind that this also puts children at risk of getting hit as pedestrians...…..I have witnessed near deaths of small children from people on the cells not watching. We used to make a small assumption that people would see you crossing the street----not anymore.
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