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  1. Gov. orders are law...…. BTW, (out of curiosity..) Did I post they were laws somewhere?
  2. In this case it was indeed a 'breach of peace'...…….. After MLK died---well, yes...…….different matter...………………...No, MLK never preached or intended violence. Racism caused those pictures you mention...….. Yes---King was arrested for violating the laws of the South at that time...…..would you compare the modern "shutdown" protesters" with MLK ? I would not.
  3. Those 1960s marches were peaceful----no weapons. True that some Jim Crow Laws may have been broken, but I cannot remember that occurring. Violations of the law by recent protesters?? Here are a few: . ---- the brandishing of weapons, trespassing into the legislative chambers, restricting and obstructing police officers, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace of ordinance violations. That is just a start......
  4. Social distance laws, etc ???? I know what you mean, but really?? Assault weapons in a protest like this? Children throw tantrums when they can't get their way immediately. Act 94 corrected a harm done to local citizens, and it took two years to get it done. Yours truly did it. There are mechanisms in place for adults to get laws changed...…………….
  5. Breaking laws and toting weapons in the open?? Not in Sandusky's case, but in the other protests I believe you refer to, yes...
  6. scientific studies show that it helps...……….
  7. okay----but I think the point is that it helps protect others when you wear one
  8. Agree that washing hands is probably more important...…………..but the mask helps the spread, so ……..not asking much...
  9. Citizens can use their own flags from home
  10. Wearing a mask, such a simple thing, helps me insure that my neighbors, my friends, my family stay alive - but only if ALL of us offer each other this simple kindness. It has no cost, it requires no skill. But to refuse to do it is irresponsible, imo.. How how can a sentient human being refuse? The sacrifices that have been asked of our fathers and grandfathers are extraordinary and have insured our freedoms. What a simple, easy thing is asked of us in return for the generations that will follow.
  11. with a lack of a national testing program-----how else to do it??
  12. Agree with the quar. of the sick------but we need to know who they are...
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