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  1. michael880

    Old Tommy D's

    I know alot of owners of steak houses. Steaks are bought dirt cheap sold at a high mark up. Alot of your steaks are preprocessed at a factory vacuum sealed at the correct well doneness and are put in a hot water reheating machine at the restaurant. I use the same technique for party's and such. Buy in bulk sell in servings. No chance of waste from steaks going stale cause they are already cooked and froze.
  2. michael880

    Old Tommy D's

    I was referring to the mark up. And you can get steaks a dollar a piece around here on steak nights. I consider a decent price for a really good steak to be around 50-100 dollars for an 8-10 ounce fileti mignon. But I'd like to see the quality of the maple leaf or old m&m restaurant of the good old days.
  3. michael880

    Old Tommy D's

    Food is extremely cheap. A soda costs 6 cents and goes for $2 that steak you get at hoss's cost $3 and goes for $18
  4. michael880

    Old Tommy D's

    A restaurant that sells good tasting quality food at a decent price. Or is that asking to much?.
  5. I think someone mistakes how much a church actually has and what those televangelists have.
  6. Yes I should say it's offered not forced.
  7. some schools don't care. When I was in Mississippi they had prayer before and at the end of the school day
  8. Maybe the article was written by cnn in order to make someone appear as if he doesn't know what he's doing because they don't agree with his job he's doing.
  9. michael880


    Take a balloon pour amonia in itblow it up. Pour honey on the balloon. Bear bites balloon it pops sprays his face in amonia. Problem should be solved.
  10. michael880

    whats going on near dr. doolittles,road is closed

    Car accident
  11. No just the teachers. That way the tax payers aren't settled with the payment.
  12. michael880

    IHOP Announces It's Changing Its Name

    I don't like pancakes so I never had the urge to eat there. I will wait to see what the b stands for.
  13. And how many people did you hirer?