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  1. Congrats to DASD for state & national honor

    It ought to be they just proved they got the best rifle and pistol shooters in the state.
  2. another shooting today

    I guess I was never a child. I new from the age of 3 what no means. I was around guns since birth. I never touched a gun. I was told not to. By 6 I was shooting the gun new how the safety worked and new not to point the gun at anything I didn't intend to shoot. I'm starting to understand the progression common sense in a child and the teenagers eating Tide pods.the evolution ladder took a few steps back and the human race is in a course to go the way of the dodo bird.
  3. another shooting today

    I never could figure out how anyone can defend themselves if their gun is locked up?. I wonder why children nowadays don't comprehend what no means. Don't touch keep your hands off. Never point a gun at someone or something you don't intend to kill.
  4. Florida High school shooting today

    Let the parents of the victims sue the media the gaming industry for marketing and item in a way it was not intended that leads to bodily harm and death. This problem would be fixed in minutes.
  5. Florida High school shooting today

    We as a society are to blame for this. The makers of the ar rifle marketed it for self defense and sporting arms. The media gaming and Hollywood marketed it as a killing machine. You put out enough adds and someone will buy into it. And we as society sat back and bought it. And to keep from blaming the responsible party we blame the gun. There's plenty of guns that are semi autos and are far superior in accuracy dependability and hold just as much ammo. You put a turd in a box and market it right it will sell.
  6. Yes but a college degree runs how much?. Just saying if you new how and started with the amount you would borrow for college you would be a millionaire faster than you graduate from college. That is what my original post was about. If I didn't express that correctly I'm sorry sometimes my mind says one thing and my fingers do something else lol.
  7. Flipping houses is highly profitable. U can get houses at auction and sherrif sales for less than $10 grand put 10 in and sell for 50-100. You can reroof a house for less than a grand and it will ad 5-10 times that. New kitchen for 7 and it ads 20. I bought my house for 30 put less than 10 in it and had it appraised at 86.
  8. I don't know Bass pro shop pays pretty well and hires a boat load of people.
  9. You could go to triangle tech. Take it construction. Spend the 30-40 thousand you save in college fees buy a few houses fix and flip them and be a millionaire before you would have finished college and have your loan payed off. I know 4 people in this area that have done that with great success. As for the guns store not being what this post was about. You do realize that no other area as small as this area I'd in America has more hunters per square mile. It could be a very successful business if there was one. Considering the amount of people living in this area and the cost of living. I think on average there's just so many if not more good paying jobs as anywhere else.
  10. There's lots of good paying jobs around here. You just have to look. This place needs a place that sells quality products. How many people here ever been to planet bike. Compare a bike from there and walmart. Why would anyone buy a bike from Walmart?. It lasts a year at best weighs a ton.
  11. This area needs a good gun shop. Someone that can give grices some compition.
  12. Nickles Outlet Closing

    Economy is so good nobody is buying day old bread anymore.
  13. Because we let Walmart in
  14. Father of three victims tries to attack Nassar

    Somebody should use a 20" strap on and no lubricant on his a$$
  15. I'll take a 1911 over a Glock. Hate the super long trigger pull.