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  1. Boycotting the courier

    I'm still trying to figure out why a bank can charge 500% late charges everyday for a bounced check.
  2. Charles Manson Dead At 83

    Hang em high don't get them high. Lethal injections to kind if you ask me.
  3. Orion Smoker

    Bet yers lasts alot longer to lol. They come out great. Have to look that up next time I'm at BPS.
  4. Orion Smoker

    I had turkey done this way in Mississippi. It was pretty darn good.
  5. Charles Manson Dead At 83

    Need to vote in people who believe in the death penalty.
  6. Orion Smoker

    Is it like the garbage can cookers they use down south?.
  7. Take a ride to Walmart. Believe me yer safer in the woods.
  8. I don't know if the article says what caliber rifle she used but if it's what youth hunters usually use she's one heck of a shot. At her age I'd always get buck fever and end up missing the vitals a few times.
  9. I'm not sure if it's because of us having to wear orange the training courses we take or just the fact we are just more cautious.
  10. Pa has one of the highest percentage of hunters an averages less than one fatality from shooting every two years. The hunters in this state are incredibly safe.
  11. You can't just shoot a deer because ya see it around here. You actually got to count the points now. Has to have a minimum of 3 points on 1 antler. I got pics. Of a 3x3 elk on my trail cam it was not much bigger than a deer. I used my feeder height as comparison.
  12. We used to get the ruler if we wouldn't stand. Another case of everyone gets a trophy.
  13. I sent a picture of an elk to friends in Mississippi their reaction was that's the biggest deer they ever saw. If you never saw an elk before you wouldn't know it was an elk.
  14. Yo people it's just an animal mistakes happen and the food is going to good use. It was reported kudos to them for not trying to hide the mistake.