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  1. Thanks I see this stuff growing all over and thats why I got some, figured it would be ok.
  2. Hello I planted some Ornamental Grass today Purple Fountain Grass/ Little Zebra /Grass and Pink Muhly Grass and was wondering if I cut this down in the spring so it grows back or just leave it alone?
  3. 3 of those cars are identical make and models, thats kind of odd.
  4. THX


    Well they did finally pick it up today, usually they pick it up 4 am but he was really late today.
  5. THX


    Sandy township recycling bin has been on curb now since last Sunday. Did they change the days for pickup or what?
  6. The seed is fresh so I'm not sure what is going on. In the past I would go through 50 pounds a month.
  7. Feeder is out in the open next to a wooded lot. I have fed them in the past, but this year is different for some reason.
  8. I can hear the Blu Jays and other birds, but they just don't come around.
  9. I put out A new Bird feeder 3 weeks ago with Sunflower seed in it and not 1 bird has touched it yet . What is going on?
  10. That was my moms Brother Gerald
  11. Clara and Amos Duttry was my Grandparents
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