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  1. I knew the guy since he was about 14 years old and I'll tell ya I was really surprised he would do something like this. He just threw his life away!
  2. I had verizon for a long time and dumped it a few years ago. I never lost my email address, still use it everyday.
  3. Honestly I think Minit Marts Hoagies taste better than Sheetz. Sheetz food has gone down hill in the past few years.
  4. THX

    Mall Update

    I think this town could support it, look how busy Hoss's and Red Lobster get Everyday and weekend.
  5. Not the same guy at polling place, what you see is anger issues and pure crazy at the moment.
  6. He has also had Anger issues for many years to and should go to a few anger management classes.
  7. I personally know this person from TL and have known him for many years, so to answer your question this is not a stock photo.
  8. THX

    Internet Speed

    I checked my speed and I'm getting 176.17 Mbps download/5.6 upload speeds
  9. THX

    Internet Speed

    Most times if you unplug the box and restart it , that fixes the problem. I had to do that all of the time when I had verizon.
  10. The seed is fresh so I'm not sure what is going on. In the past I would go through 50 pounds a month.
  11. Feeder is out in the open next to a wooded lot. I have fed them in the past, but this year is different for some reason.
  12. I can hear the Blu Jays and other birds, but they just don't come around.
  13. I put out A new Bird feeder 3 weeks ago with Sunflower seed in it and not 1 bird has touched it yet . What is going on?
  14. That was my moms Brother Gerald
  15. Clara and Amos Duttry was my Grandparents
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