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  1. How could you blame anyone other than the current administration for this error???? Softball is a spring sport with eligibilities and transfers checked prior to the spring season. If I remember correctly the former athletic director left in September 6 months before the start of softball.
  2. What or who do you think the "swamp" is??? IMO the swamp is a majority of the school board. There isn't a Superintendent anywhere who can fix the broken system until the school board allows the employees to do what they are trained to do. The leadership on this school board has been terrible for several years and recently took an even bigger step backwards.
  3. It's been 2 1/2 months, does anyone know whats going on with the "Superintendent" yet? School Board included...
  4. Well, has he returned yet? Any more information out there?
  5. That was a big part of his problem though. He "acted" all too often without gathering all the facts.
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