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  1. That store closed a number of years ago.
  2. tene71

    Amazon scam

    Just got a message on my answering machine. Stated that a purchase of $149.99 was made, charged to my Visa card, and I'm to call the number they gave to verify the purchase. I made no recent purchases to Amazon. I called my credit card company and all is good. Was told that if you call the number given, they will ask to verify the number, then they will have what they are fishing for.
  3. tene71


    Thanks to all the veterans for keeping our country safe.
  4. I agree you should give Windstream a call. I have Verizon for our internet and landline. With all the taxes and fees our bill is $85.14 per month. When they raise our cost I happily call them and ask for a reduction. It's usually $5 a month but better in my pocket than there's.
  5. Heard Wilcox Winery is going there. Moving out of the Mall..
  6. This has nothing to do with the call you received, but my son is a teacher at Sparrows Point Md.
  7. We received ours on Friday. Was totally surprised receiving it in a check form and not directly deposited to our checking account.
  8. Ham, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, corn. Oh and a nice glass of wine. Hubby made a cake, having that later today. Happy Easter everyone..
  9. One thing that erks me, kids that are old enough to walk the store, SITTING in the cart where groceries go. I've complained to management and even their corporate office. May as well saved my breath.
  10. We were at JC Penney on Friday evening. At checkout my husband asked the lady checking us out about the closing. She stated they WERE'NT on the closure list.
  11. Does anyone know what going to be in the new building being built beside UPS. p.s. don't say an Olive garden...
  12. We invest our money with the National Slovak Society. There office is located in McMurray, Pa. Interest rate are better than the bank...
  13. We hooked up our Roku on Sunday and are using You Tube as our live TV. Took us probably longer than it should to get it running, codes, etc. But we did it!!! Called Direct TV on Monday and said bye bye to them.
  14. We hooked up our Roku today. My hubby and I aren't great with technology but we made it through the process. Can't wait to call Direct TV tommorow and cut the service with them and save a lot of 💰
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