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  1. Traffic Circle at Harley Davidson

    Assign a break dancing traffic cop with a whistle. That'll solve the issue and add some flavor into this town.
  2. You'd think, but the fact is they are the same price. For a school district to make this leap, is not a cost savings. Until text book manufacturers allow the programs to be sold at a cheaper price or technology companies "donate" their products, most districts will not make the change.
  3. There are a few high schools in the Harrisburg area who provide each student with their own tablet. The tablets do not leave the school. They have a computer cart where the students pick them up in homeroom and drop them off during end of day announcements. You cannot access social media. Their class schedule text books are programmed in their tablet. Homework is given by the teacher via printed packets. They reuse the tablets each year. Teachers and the students love it. Kids aren't carrying 900 lbs backpacks around and teachers don't have to worry about kids forgetting their books. The down part is the extra administrative burden it puts on teachers to account for tablets each day. Two years into the program, all tablets have been accounted for.
  4. District 9 football leagues

    Kane is also #7 in the state at the 2A level. Yes, you go all out. You ALWAYS go all out.
  5. District 9 football leagues

    It would be nice if DuBois could sneak into the WPIAL northern region. Play teams like Indiana, New Castle, Ellwood City, Freeport, Sharon, and the Erie schools. It's becoming more necessary for league's in rural areas to consolidate. School Districts might be next.
  6. Summers off, pension, no weekends/holiday's, 7-3 workdays, summer job to maximize income...suh-weet!!! I am in the wrong profession.
  7. Your argument is lazy and incomparable in these situations. For starters, it's illegal to have the crossbow on school property. It's not illegal to have a car on school property. I never discussed making anything additional illegal, as you are insinuating. Spend some time in the role of teacher/principal and deal with parents/students (Especially high school level). You'll quickly learn that trust is limited.
  8. I don't know how teachers do what they do everyday. There are some insane parents/students out there. This is one of many reasons why it was not alright for a kid to have a crossbow in his car at North Clarion HS.
  9. Every time I see a Red Lobster, I think of this South Park episode. "Red Lobster has all the freshest seafood from Colorado's many oceans." Haha!
  10. GoDuBois, most lawyers per capita than anywhere else on the internet! haha!
  11. Martavius Bryant

    You're not a Steelers fan unless you wish they either had a new head coach or quarterback. Mike Tomlin is not perfect. But he is one of the best coaches in the game. He has a winning percentage of 64.5% in his 11 years. It's easy to say, "throw the bum out". What's your solution? Who would you replace him with?
  12. The Gun Free School Zone Act (a Federal law) trumps state law. It prohibits any unauthorized individual from knowingly possessing a firearm at a place that the individual knows, or has reasonable cause to believe, is a school zone. Luckily for the kid, his loophole is "knowingly possessing". He can simply say he forgot and it won't happen again. That's what has happened where a few of my family member work.
  13. It's not the same world you (or I) grew up in. There's a very good reason this is an illegal act. Everyone (kids, faculty, public) knows you cannot bring these on campus. A school is not state game lands. If you want to go hunting after school, go home and get your gear. It's funny to read folks opinions on other matters and they quickly complain that people should "follow the law" or "there's no discipline in today's youth". Here, you have a high school aged kid who broke the law. He was undisciplined in his actions. Since it's a hobby that other folks enjoy he should be excused of this undisciplined action. Interesting.
  14. I have many friends and family who work in schools and believe there should be no tolerance when it comes to weapons on school property. If an example needs to be made, so be it.
  15. Martavius Bryant

    Apparently, we're not watching the same Steelers games. Eli Rogers is awful. In fact, he hasn't seen the field the last two games. He's been in Tomlin's doghouse since he dropped 3 passes and muffed a punt at the start of the Bears game. #19 Juju (the Penn State killer) Smith-Shuster is working his way into a solid #2 slot receiver. Bryant is not going anywhere until he plays out his contract. He has another year and a half with the Steelers.