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  1. IMO, wershing your hands is waaaaay more important than wearing a mask. Politicians are misleading the public to believe that there is only 1 way (masks) to eliminate the virus. I have a difficult time trusting untrustworthy people (politicians).
  2. Ho-hum...this order has no teeth. No one will or can enforce it. It's not law. These people think we're stupid.
  3. Do or don't, the virus will still be here. Instead of judging others, why don't we simply hope, pray, and don't worry. Then we'll all have a nice day.
  4. But, their noses and mouths are not covered. Side note, I don't understand GWAR at all. One of the band members married a girl from DuBois.
  5. YES! I mentioned this on here about a month ago. The test do not decipher between dead and living cells. It will only come back stating that the cells are in your body. Meaning, you either have the antibodies or you currently have the virus. Also, that virus does not guarantee it is without a doubt covid-19. It's about 85%. There's a 15% chance it could be another virus.
  6. In related news, Federation League is alive and well. They've been playing for weeks without regulations or restrictions. 0 covid cases to date.
  7. Mandatory Metallica, now that's legislation I could get behind.
  8. I am doing the opposite of being on my cellular phone at 4am. I agree with cellular enforcement. Drive the length of Wayne Road at any given hour. I promised you'll have 2-3 vehicles swerving towards you with the driver's face in their phone.
  9. Another non-relevant group making news in a poor attempt to become relevant again. Unfortunately, I saw them in concert at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena in an attempt to impress a young lady. Luckily, the young lady said to me half way through that she wanted to leave because they sounded awful. I couldn't have gotten up any faster.
  10. Be glad you don't have Unielec. Power goes out when the lines get wet.
  11. I support jake break suppression! Especially in Reynoldville on 322 coming down from Murray Summit. I am also against the purposefully loud mufflers on cars and some motorcycles. There is a very loud motorcycle EVERY morning in Reynoldsville at 4am. If I find that guy... While I'm at it, why do motorcycles have stereos?! Those too are loud and pointless, frankly.
  12. The actual picture has been released (below). You decide. To me, this doesn't look like any other garage pull down that I saw in earlier photos. Either this photo was doctored or the ones I saw previous were.
  13. Political debates are all about the moderator. They control the bias.
  14. Yep and he's also saying that HE never saw the noose. Only saw a picture of it from one of his crew members. Someone should warn Bubba that pride is one of the 7 deadly sins for a reason. If it were me, I'd be very suspicious of the crew member who showed me the picture. I'd demand that they come up with the noose in the picture immediately.
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