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  1. I'm not a big Sci-Fi person and this doesn't do it for me. Tried 20 minutes of it and failed. However, I find the Aaron Hernandez documentary intriguing.
  2. Sucks. Wear that mask and wash your hands as often as possible. This too shall pass.
  3. Cacao


    I think folks were just being sarcastic with the name change.
  4. Cacao


    I was just commenting last evening how DuBois (neighborhoods) is dark with the lack of street lights versus when I was a kid. I'll take the "address" thing a step further. I think the consolidation will effect those who live outside of 15801. Although folks who live in Falls Creek, Reynoldsvile, Sykesville, Brockway, and other locations will not have a vote. It will effect their communities. It will effect the greater areas because DuBois the center of commerce. So, choose wisely!
  5. https://www.health.com/condition/cold-flu-sinus/flu-shot-mix-up-not-effective Flu shot is not effective against this year's major strain. Never had a flu shot, never will. Found that regular exercise works better. Haven't had the flu 1994. Had the beer flu from 1996-2000, haha!
  6. Remember, it's a civil suit...not criminal. Also, does anyone even watch ESPN? I don't like basketball and therefore never turn it on (unless a Steelers game is being aired).
  7. Cacao


    The word "consolidation" reminds me of this classic Sesame Street song. Maybe both municipalities can remake this song as a marketing tool to drum up support.
  8. Journalist should be forced to alter their headlines. He's not a "Clearfield Man", rather a "Clearfield Coward".
  9. I see Pittsburgh Dad is coming to Clearfield.
  10. Cacao


    Same here. Bounced around following the economy. I learned many things living elsewhere. Learned that the taxes everyone complains about are nothing compared to many many other places. I also learned the value of education and how an area that values education usually has a much lower drug and crime problem. Around here, it's not valued as much and mostly seen as an unnecessary barrier. Education, and it comes in many forms, is the only thing that will allow you to improve your life and those around you.
  11. Cacao


    I'll admit, that's a percentage of it. I think the greater percentage will be in the details of the plan. Short term plan and long term plan. "Want" will only get you so far. The plan will get you to the goal. The goal and the plan have not yet been announced. Only the "want" has.
  12. Cacao


    This is exactly what I foresee with DuBois/Sandy. I'm hearing all of the same talking points/promises without a detailed plan to support. I don't believe either side has the smarts to pull this promised utopia off. A bunch of guys in golf shirts tucked into their jeans does not give me the impression of success. I'm not against it, I'm just not convinced it will be a good thing.
  13. Cacao


    So, you're saying, to quote Nancy Pelosi, "We need to pass bill in order to find out what's in it"? The only reason Sandy Twp initiated this was to save them from financial destruction? Oh boy...
  14. Cacao


    I'm sure the 1000 mph wind gusts had everything to do with it.
  15. Cacao


    A bunch of years ago, St. Mary's consolidated with whatever township. I have noticed zero changes with St. Mary's from then to today. How will a DuBois consolidation be different? I'm curious to both sides vision/plan for this consolidation. If either has selfish intentions, it will again fall flat. They are only beginning the process and I'm sure we're a few years away from anything on this.
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