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  1. This came across my youtube page. It's long, but I found it fascinating. Fr. Chad Ripperger is a Catholic priest who preforms exorcisms in central part of the US. Proceed with an open mind...some may find this offensive, sometimes offensive is good.
  2. I wondered myself. I selected white and moved on. Not anymore. Same goes with gender.
  3. If there's one thing everyone should learn from all of this...NEVER check a box on any document specifying your race.
  4. This is the picture of the guy who caused the traffic disruption/police chase that's going around on social media. Not sure why his pants are undone.
  5. Isn't it strange the news is talking more about Mr. Potato Head than the US airstrike in Syria?
  6. It was no skin of their (old employer) backs. It was all a tax deduction.
  7. Yup. Both my wife and I were extremely fortunate to have our workplaces pay for our masters...in full and no strings attached. Neither are still with either employer, haha!
  8. Smart. Always good to have someone around who has experience expressing a dog's anal gland.
  9. Petee might take them. A few months ago she was looking for carpets for a pond or something.
  10. Good luck to your daughter and dealing with teenagers.
  11. My vet (Dr. Ben Wise) would hire her in a second. Dude needs help with his uncle getting older and all.
  12. Not in education/teaching. They aren't required, but you need to continue your education for so many "hours" to maintain your certification. It's like 3-6 credits away from a masters. You're crazy for not just getting a masters in education. Opens the door to administration positions. There are a lot of school districts that will pay for your masters classes...they're just not around here.
  13. Put it into perspective. Losing that stuff is minor. That's not why she's in college. People/kids forget that college is career training. She was there to get trained and certified to become a History teacher. My 2 cents, she's better off getting into her profession first, then working towards her masters (hours). Who knows, she might land in a school district that will pay for her masters. Right now, ESPECIALLY RIGHT NOW, her job should be sending her applications out to every school district with an email address! The faster you start your "timed served" clock, the better. Your daughter is probably already aware of this...here is a great site to find PA teaching jobs. https://www.paeducator.net/
  14. A vet? That's a hard major...most human doctors are former vet majors. There is a huge need for vets...especially around here. I talk to my vet all of the time. He said that he came out of school (U of Penn) $200k in debt and works 14 days six days a week. Hopefully, she's considering coming back to this area and will work on both large and small animals. Major need for horse vets.
  15. What's you're daughter's major? Does she have a job lined up? What are her plans after graduation? What did she lose her senior year? Personally, I hope they don't pass it...at least not this one. Waaaay too much pork.
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