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  1. What ever I made a month ago. On tap now: Mango Passion Fruit, Autumn Saison, and on nitro I have a Coffee Stout.
  2. Hmmm, ok I'll sort of agree with that. Board is a toughie. Give it time, they will fold. Just like they did with that ski trip and the overprice band outfits, haha!
  3. I'm thinking emotionally more so than physically. It's gotta be a huge bummer for everyone to know that an additional week of summer is screwed because of a Friday start. June? Heck, nowadays it's late April-early May because of the PSSA's.
  4. It's already happening. Look closer and you'll see that they are following the exact same things as DASD. Ask their staff.
  5. I can appreciate that. Maybe all well and good for elementary school kids. I can see this being a waste of a day/time for high school kids/teachers.
  6. Putting myself into their shoes. I think the perfect scenario is have in-service days Tues - Thurs. First day of school the following Monday. Take Friday off and give everyone a 4 day holiday weekend. Everyone's happy.
  7. Brockway superintendent is in DuBois' pocket. What DASD does, BASD will soon do as well.
  8. Can anyone justify as to why the school year is starting on a Friday? I have yet to find 1 district employee, student, parent, taxpayer with common sense who thinks it's a good idea.
  9. Cacao

    Giant Eagle

    It's only a rumor. I frequent the Giant Eagle corporate offices for work and they said there is no plans to close that store.
  10. A gallon of vinegar, a cup of salt, tablespoon of Dawn dish soap...boom, weed killer. Cheaper too. If you have extra pickle juice, that works too.
  11. According to dollar sales...Papa John's is number 4 and sliding. But still a long was from #5. https://www.pizzatoday.com/pizzeria-rankings/2018-top-100-pizza-companies/
  12. The big 3 (Pizza Hut, Domino's, Little Caesars) will now have the commonality of no dine-in option. Living in the country, I make my own pizza on the grill and no one can beat it. Speaking of pizza...is that place that went into Doc G's still there? I don't see their delivery cars anymore and haven't heard anyone talk about them since they moved.
  13. Cacao

    Pat Catans

    Pricing. They undercut their competition on higher volume items. (per a store manager) Fabric, knitting items, and decor are their bread and butter.
  14. Cacao

    fusion buffet

    Not on menu. Hi-YAH!
  15. Cacao

    fusion buffet

    No sushi, no Cacao. I'll stick with Japan One and watch yinz from across the street.
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