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  1. Doc G’s

    No, they're not closing. They are closing their restaurant and becoming a taproom only. I guess they will provide food as take out only. Plus, hours will be greatly scaled back. Website has their hours as FRIDAY & SATURDAY 5pm - 10pm. http://www.docgsbrewing.com/ Quite honestly, they should have never tried the restaurant thing until they got the beer right. They don't have an identity because they opened as a brewery with a restaurant focus. IMO, they still have a looooong way to go in regards to their beer.
  2. Duncan Donuts

    Sometimes you have to put a little effort into what you want. If you desire a certain income level there are sacrifices/achievements that need to be made...right or wrong. Go to school/military and start to learn something. Fastest way to the top is to become good at the stuff that no one else wants to do. My point is, don't wait for someone to create a job for you and go get it yourself. If you're not moving forward, you're falling behind. It's all a choice.
  3. Duncan Donuts

    Sound a little salty. These "little jobs" are big to some people. People are excited because they're a national brand and it provides an alternative. Define "real paying". Is Dunkin "fake paying"? Also, there's value in high school kids & seniors being employed with these "little jobs".
  4. Duncan Donuts

    Cheer up, cheerio! They offer more than coffee and donuts. You are right, the hospital side of town needs more development. Local businesses bread is buttered by TLakers and Interstaters. The current setup is more convenient for them. Surprised that no one has started a food truck business and parked it near the hospital.
  5. Ponderosa closing

    On the subject of a DuBois restaurant closing, I'm hearing that the brewery on West Long is greatly scaling back their hours and will no longer serve food. It will be take out only during dinner time throughout the week. The bar will only be open from 5pm-9pm Friday & Saturday for tastings and growler filling. Apparently, this will take effect next week.
  6. The 2017 Jacksonville Jaguars were never a bad team. They have a fantastic, traditional Steelers-style, defense and a very good running game. Only area they lack is at QB. The Steelers & their fans made the mistake of thinking the Jags were a "bad team".
  7. Ponderosa closing

    Maybe Super Sub will move closer too. Get me some tall boys and some 1's with my change.
  8. Ponderosa closing

    What the area really needs is a good Gentleman's Club. They could probably keep the name, Ponderosa.
  9. Does he still drive a Ferrero. He was a good dude. I'm in those yearbooks....I was not (still not) the most photogenic.
  10. Sorta right. Offense, defense and special teams lost that game. Play calling mistakes did not extend drives on offense. Special teams led the game off with a kick to the 6, why!? Not to mention a lousy onsides kick. Defense couldn't get off the field...especially on 3rd down. Steelers, as a team, had the worst game that I've seen in years. Unfortunately, it was a playoff game.
  11. DuBois Streets

    Isn't that the State's responsibility since it's a state road (RT 219)?
  12. Ponderosa closing

    I would weep tears of joy if my favorite Harrisburg restaurant would make it their second location. http://www.shogunfusion.com/
  13. DuBois Streets

    As mayor, I'll make ALL DuBois streets heated and move all power lines underground. VOTE FOR ME!
  14. I think Keith Butler is safe too. That said, I think their defense needs to become less reliant on 1 player to stop the run (Shazier). Also, Mike Mitchell needs to finally go miss tackles elsewhere. William Gay is going into coaching. I would not be surprised if they use every single draft pick on defense this year.
  15. Since my name is "Cacao", I figured it was appropriate that I break the news. Hard to believe major corporations are funding studies to fit a narrative, eh? There was a time, not long ago, that I played a part in these studies.