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  1. Thanks, was unable to find an article with a middle name (initial)...I'll edit my post as to not spread rumors.
  2. Mennonite's make the best Amish furniture. This was my "go-to" spot when I lived in Harrisburg - https://www.countrylanefurniture.com/
  3. This dude was the definition of "shady". Brookville police walked him out of the school in handcuffs as a group of kids were taking pictures on their phones.
  4. https://nypost.com/2019/04/16/hero-priest-rescued-crown-of-thorns-from-notre-dame-cathedral-fire/ The most important item, blessed sacrament, was saved by a priest. It was the first item they went in to get.
  5. Not the only dead dinger in the area.
  6. There is a house on Wayne Rd, DuBois side, where trash is above the windows. I think it has a "condemned" sign on it and someone is still living there. Hoarding is a very real disease.
  7. Drama?? No "drama" in anything I typed. Facts, yes...drama, absolutely not.
  8. Joe is not a fan of patrons from other establishments parking in his lot. Ask the previous owners of Doc G's.
  9. The decorating...seriously!? Randomly hanging a bunch of coats on the wall looks tacky. Parking is already terrible, where will they park the delivery cars? "Chamber of commerce said it's exciting to see empty buildings finally being occupied." Aren't they creating an empty building to occupy another?
  10. What does his salary have to do with anything? How much you making?
  11. System seems a little shoddy. Might behoove the DASD to toss some system upgrade dollars into the building project plan.
  12. Cacao

    A rant

    My method is to drive crazier than everyone else. That way, all others back off and get out of my way. Try it...it works.
  13. Cacao

    A rant

    Nowhere in that link does it say that you should make eye-contact with a stopped driver while you're turning. Looking at me (while I am stopped with car pointed elsewhere) and not into your turn is not safe for you or me.
  14. Cacao

    A rant

    Why? They are not going anywhere...they are stopped. Do you want them to see you turn into them!? You're now a distracted driver by staring at them. Makes zero sense to me.
  15. Cacao

    A rant

    Nope. I can feel or get the sense that someone is starring at me. Sometimes I purposefully look straight ahead and have a passenger confirm that the other driving is staring. Most times, not looking where they are going.
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