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  1. Cacao

    Steelers Mock Draft

    Steelers need a lot of help in a lot of areas. More picks the better. The NFL draft is over-hyped and I'm not a fan of watching it. I'll check the Steelers website on Saturday afternoon to find out who they picked up.
  2. Cacao

    Steelers Mock Draft

    I think (hope) the Steelers trade out of the first round for more picks this year and next.
  3. Cacao

    Central Christian Drive

    No. I drive through there today.
  4. Not sure about other cases, but this is simply lazy reporting. The author (website owner) took meeting minutes, bullet point summaries, and created a misleading story. A real writer would have described what a probation is, what it means to the school & district 9, and how it happened. This story is too vague without enough information and facts. The author should have dig into those details before reporting. It's a good headline that will create traffic, but seems that it was aimed to create rumor and hyperbole.
  5. Much ado about nothing. Read this last night and it's misleading. "Probation" means that D9 will continue to monitor DCC to make sure their paperwork is completed on time. This was driven by the DCC administration missing a deadline of paperwork on a basketball player. Basically, the D9 will keep DCC under the microscope on their paperwork and any misstep could result in further actions. This DOES NOT effect any of the teams coaches, players, season play, or playoff eligibility.
  6. Cacao

    Public Transportation ??

    I'd say any incremental revenue driven by an attraction/event would fall under tourism. Tourism is relative.
  7. Cacao

    Public Transportation ??

    It will attract families from outside the area. Tourism. I don't see what the big deal is about elk or the groundhog, but I understand that they attract tourism. You may not agree with the attraction, but it's easy to understand how it can bring others from outside the area.
  8. Word at the gambling machines in the Uni-Mart was a guy was working on a UTV and got pinned between it and his garage.
  9. Don't hold your breath. This has been apart of the Catholic church for over 2000 years. Nuns (and Monks) are not clergy or lay persons and they accept their vows understanding so. They are called to serve the community outside of the sacraments. Priests are the only ones who can administer the sacraments, of which there are 7. The sacraments is what separates the Catholic church from the other Christian churches.
  10. It's not in the bible. Catholicism is mix of biblical scripture and tradition/ritual and not 100% bible driven. However, the bible does support each Catholic ritual and doctrine. As I stated earlier in this thread, the Catholic church does not allow priests to marry is because priests are, essentially, Jesus' apostles. And Jesus' apostles did not marry. I know I'm over simplifying a bit, but that's the gist.
  11. Cacao


    Mark Cuban is and would be a horrible small market baseball owner. Sexual Harassment issues aside, he gets easily impatient and frustrated. He would re-sell the Pirates in a heartbeat and we'd end up in the same boat we are in now. Chuck Greenberg would be a great Pirates owner. He started the Altoona Curve and and currently owns the State College Spikes, Myrtle Beach Pelicans and Frisco RoughRiders. He was a part owner of the Texas Rangers until crazy Nolan Ryan kicked him out. Most importantly, he helped Mario gain ownership of the Pens.
  12. Cacao


    I got fed up with the Pirates a year or two ago and tried to switch allegiances. That lasted less than 24 hours. The shaky bullpen needs to stabilize fast or the season will start to slip away. The Latvian and Smoker should be sent down.
  13. Not all priest's are pedophiles. Not even most are pedophiles. In reality, a very small fraction of a percent have been found to be pedophiles. But, 1 it to many and this sort of perversion/abuse should ALWAYS be brought to the light and the community be made aware. I do think that it's talked about more or on a larger scale because of the church does not allow priest to marry and that they must be men. Non-Catholics are confused, and some offended, by this. Catholic doctrine states that only men can be priests because all of his apostles were men. Therefore, the living God set the standard on what his church should be and how to do it.
  14. Cacao


    Tigers, Twins and Reds. Not exactly the cream of the crop. But, they are beating teams that should be beat and it does make me curious. However, I'll reserve excitement and see where they are around Mother's Day.
  15. Cacao


    Mailers are costly for retailers. I've been working with Giant Eagle (and other major retailers) on moving to an online/app version. They will not totally kill mailers, yet. However, you'll notice them coming in the mail less and less. Some locations, they only provide in-store circulars and stopped mailers. We found that a majority of consumer rely on in-store circulars and their cell phones. Cell phone deals (apps) usage has increased +175% at GE over the last 52 weeks. So...