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  1. Just me or has all the crazy been coming out of Punxsy lately? Reynoldsville is the gold standard, but lately Punxsy is pushing the envelope.
  2. This whole thing reminds me of baseball's unwritten rules. It's stupid. If they were rules, they'd be written. In this case, the rules are written and are being followed. This is the USA, not the UK. There are no gentleman's agreements. Why does one side think the other side should cut them a break? If your were Donald Trump, do you think the other side is worthy of receiving a break? How terrible have they treated him since day 1? If I were Donald Trump, during my announcement of who I'm recommending, I'd have both middle fingers high in the air the entire time. Both parties are using this as another opportunity to divide us. Don't buy the hype. Politicians will do what politicians do.
  3. In her defense, it is called RAILS to Trails. How was she to know it wasn't THOSE kind of rails?
  4. This dude cracks me up. There's truth behind sarcasm.
  5. Actually, rioting started to fade after the polls showed it was not helping democrats. Soros suspended payments.
  6. Wonder if they're accepting new members? https://www.wfla.com/community/health/coronavirus/anti-mask-group-marches-through-florida-target-chanting-take-off-your-mask/ Anti-mask group marches through Florida Target chanting ‘take off your mask’ FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (WFLA/WESH) — A group of anti-maskers marched through a Target store in south Florida blaring the song “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” The maskless flash mob happened at a Target in Fort Lauderdale and the video was shared to social media on Tuesday. Video shows members of the group walking through the store asking people to take off their masks. Broward County has mandated the use of face coverings in businesses. Florida added 2,355 coronavirus cases Wednesday to push the statewide total to 671,201 infected. There were 152 new virus fatalities reported statewide Wednesday, pushing the death toll among Florida residents to 12,939.
  7. HAHAHA, people have too much time on their hands. In case you'd like to test out your horn, this is located on West Long Ave near St. Mike's church/Pulaski. Maybe they need a quieter way to show support. May I suggest, "Flash your boobs for Trump!"
  8. Masks, hand sanitizer, distancing, hand washing....all of these are supposed to prevent the spread of covid, but they cannot prevent a cold. Politicians, and scientist with political pressures, are pushing a big lie. Masks were useless in 1919 and their useless today.
  9. I work in the CPG world and this is shocking. It is well known that Kraft-Heinz has been struggling for years. Very poor business decisions that were started by Warren Buffets Berkshire Hathaway. Selling a few dairy brands is just the beginning. Personally, Cracker Barrel is terrible cheese anyway. Look for them to unload more brands in the coming months. More importantly, they will be a "buy" stock.
  10. Team Apocalypse must be losing the fear messaging as the citizen wake up to the facts. Only thing left to do, try and pass a ridiculous law.
  11. Looks like the article I posted yesterday morning is gaining steam with the "the virus was created in a lab" portion. Should have played the lottery. https://www.foxnews.com/media/chinese-virologist-government-intentionally-coronavirus
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