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  1. Just posing a question. School districts in the Harrisburg area run on that schedule and folks like it. It gives families another opportunity to take 1 final summer trip. Then again, Hersheypark probably has a lot to do with it. A lot of high school students work there and then need a work force for that weekend.
  2. Long weekends should be everyone's emphasis! If they want to start the school year on a Tuesday, start it on the day after Labor Day.
  3. Cacao

    Sandy TWP Water and Sewage For Sale

    That's another issue with this area. There are no good homes for sale. Most homes for sale are not well kept and require fixing. Danone NA is expanding and moving several families from other locations (white collar) and I predict it will cause a housing issue. Prices will increase. Symmco, Penn Highlands, and a few of the powdered metal places are all expanding. It's a good thing and our infrastructure will be tested.
  4. One thing I always find baffling about this area: Most schools start their year on a Tuesday. Why don't they start on Monday and take Friday off? That way, it gives everyone a 4 day weekend. Teacher in-service days can start a day earlier the week prior to the first week of school. Always struck me as dumb.
  5. Cacao

    Grand Jury Report on Clergy Sex Abuse in PA

    He was appointed to Archbishop of Washington DC by Pope Benedict. You can't just leave or "get out" of a diocese. Besides, the Washington DC diocese has had similar issues.
  6. Cacao

    ALDF Intends to Sue Farmer's Inn

    Are they breaking the law? If they are, then make the changes necessary under the law or, as the ALDF states, allow the animals to be moved to a place that can properly care for them under the law. I would assume that someone at the Farmer's Inn checked the laws prior to taking on exotic animals. Also, with so many daily visitors, you'd think there would be some sort of periodical inspection that would have caught this long ago.
  7. Malls in other parts of the country are starting to make a comeback and they're doing it by using supermarkets as the anchor store. The Stroud Mall in Stroudsburg, PA just signed a deal with Stop & Shop to move into the recently closed Bon-Ton. Wegman's has done this in a few locations, as did, Kroger and Whole Foods. Lidl has been doing this for years in Germany with positive results. https://progressivegrocer.com/case-supermarkets-shopping-malls The point is you need to give the consumer as many reasons as possible to come to the mall and consumers are looking for an experience. If you can capture consumer attention towards a shoe sale while picking up a gallon of milk, then it worked. Also, creating an experience is the only thing internet shopping will have a hard time matching. If you've noticed, even locally, grocery shopping has evolved to enhance shopper experiences (i.e. curbside service, alcohol, more/better fresh options, etc)
  8. Cacao


    This about an hour after a call came in for ANOTHER fire at the Farmer's Inn. Apparently, it was a very small one and no damage was reported. Firemen were all over the place last night.
  9. Cacao

    Dead Body Found In Sandy Lick Creek

    Only update I heard was through the grapevine. Deceased was a Megan's Law offender. He was found decapitated in Wolf Creek. His head was found on Saturday morning. Sounds like someone might have taken the law into their own hands.
  10. Cacao


    https://www.stitchfix.com/ Never cheap. Always fits (men and women). They account for those who are oddly shaped in places too.
  11. Cacao


    My wife and I use "Stitch Fix". You simply fill out your sizes and what type of style you're into. Every month or how ever often you'd like, a package comes to your house with new clothes in it. We love it. Stuff always fits and you never have to leave the house. Weird part about it is that you never know what you're going to get, but that adds to the drama of it all.
  12. Parity? Rather, division. Have all the meetings you want, nothing will change. It's too expensive for school districts to leave the PIAA and start their own league. Too much money in HS sports as it is. I do not believe in high school recruiting. It is my opinion that if you want to beat your opponent, prepare your team better. This feels driven by whiny parents and lazy coaches. I wonder how many of these superintendents attended a meeting/conference in the last 12 months that focused on improving the academic quality of their districts? Overall, shut up and play!
  13. Cacao

    BWP Bats At The White House

    Mona is a very nice and caring woman.
  14. Cacao

    Best cover I've heard in a while

    I'm a fair weather Weezer fan. But, if you were anywhere near Pollock Hill in 1995, you heard a live version of this song being played in a garage...about 25 times a day.
  15. Cacao

    Best cover I've heard in a while

    Not sure why I remember this, but saw an interview about 15 years ago with the guy (keyboardist I think) who wrote this song. The song was written about African missionaries and the people they were helping who wanted to enter the catholic priesthood and their struggle with loneliness & celibacy. The line "Bless the rains in Africa" is what some missionary nuns, who were his teachers in high school, said they would do every time it rained in their village. I'm loaded with useless knowledge.