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  1. Too many mistakes in each inning. Throwing errors, missed opportunities with pop ups in foul territory, base running errors, etc. Oh well, fantastic year nonetheless!!! One game shouldn't define an entire season.
  2. DCC Baseball won it in 2001 or 2002. So, second.
  3. I think their baseball team lost in the finals the year Jim Pittsley was a senior. Good luck to the Lady Cards!!!! Williams Valley is a powerhouse in softball. My heart wants DCC to win, but logic & history tells me they will probably lose by 15.
  4. Cacao

    DCC softball

    The game was never scheduled to be live. Most of the softball games on on "prime", a subscription service. Last year, most of the baseball games were on prime.
  5. Cacao

    Parade Chairs

    I'll never understand this. It's just a bunch of firetrucks.
  6. In 2010, I completed a comprehensive consumer study for the company I worked for at the time. We noticed Dollar stores were starting to take share away from the might Walmart. We wanted to better understand those consumers so we could get in on the action. Three things that stuck out to me was that a major of Dollar consumers are found in the Appalachian region, they purchase candy & soda at over 10x the rate of other consumers and purchase alcohol at least 3x per week. So, that's why.
  7. Rumor is there's a place in Kersey. Anyone have any information about that place?
  8. Yikes! 8 quarts for $32, that's $4 a quart!? I'm used to spending under $2.50. I turned down an Amish stand in Big Run that had them for $3.75.
  9. I am in search of 60-70 lbs of strawberries to make my year's supply of freeze jelly. I usually buy them off a farm on the Eastern part of the state, but they had a terrible year due to the rain. First, how is this years crop around here and where can I buy them?
  10. Cacao

    DCC softball

  11. Cacao

    DCC softball

    You are right. And it will NOT be televised live on PCN. Rather, it will be live on PCN Select....an internet membership site. Instead, they will show a replay of the 6A Softball game. Dumb.
  12. Cacao

    DCC softball

    The 1A Softball Championship will be played on Thursday at 11am at Penn State University. It will be televised live on PCN. They will play the winner of the Williams Valley and Millersburg game. (I'm assuming it will be Williams Valley, they are a softball powerhouse)
  13. Cacao


    There has always been questions. Sam was groomed by his boss, Msgr Mignot, to run the Manor. There were many questions about the boss too. I'm wondering what took the state so long to figure it out. Might be a good idea to audit the church where both managed its finances.
  14. True. BUT, could go to college, improve his play and in two years get picked a lot higher. Even get picked in a spot with a "slot value" assigned. So, instead of simply signing a contract, he could sign a contract with a signing bonus. Going to college is not only about the education...it's about improving your baseball play against greater competition.
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