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  1. It's official...Kyle Stark has been let go. New GM is Ben Cherington is now on the clock.
  2. Sometimes strange thoughts pop into my head and the coroner was one of them. I think you're right...it's mostly run by those whom the elected official hires. I understand many positions that are elected, but some of them seem senseless or outdated. Oh well, hope I never have to deal with a coroner.
  3. Can't the same be said about a police officer and they're not elected. Their rulings can result in criminal prosecution.
  4. Why is it obvious? It's a serious question. Why can't someone with proper credentials (i.e. doctor, funeral dir, law enforcement, etc) be hired from the private sector? Are republican coroners more/less trustworthy than than democrat coroners? Do democrat coroners determine cause of death as climate change while republican coroners are more inclined to use "taxed to death" as a cause? It just seems silly to me,there has to be a good reason.
  5. It was signed into law in late October and will begin with the 2020 election.
  6. Congratulations Rags!! https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/rangers/2019/11/11/corey-ragsdale-replaces-new-san-diego-manager-jayce-tingler-on-rangers-coaching-staff/
  7. I agree and I'll also add a coach who is excellent in instructing proper technique and strategy. Get someone who knows how to communicate to 14-17 year olds.
  8. Chris Knarr from Troutville. He has some interesting stories. Used to have beers with a Life Lion pilot...talk about a high stress job.
  9. Since 2000, several states have been moving away from straight party voting. Waiting for the day when we can vote from our own phones/computers. The bake sales are nice, but I don't like going to a polling place. I don't like people knowing what party I'm affiliated with or if I voted or not. Neither are anyone's business.
  10. 16 years is too long for ANY elected official to be in office.
  11. You can...as long as you're not misleading the buyer to believe that you are working for the manufacturer. In this case, some may have believed that we was a delivery guy for Krispy Kreme. He used their trademarked name in his advertising. What surprises me is that there was not a Krispy Kreme anywhere in the Twin Cities? What would surprise me more is that one is not built after realizing there is demand in that market.
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