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  1. I think Mom will run into a problem by insisting that he will be called by all three names at all times. My bet is that his little friends are not going to do that.
  2. Sanibel

    Happy Birthday geezerwriter & gopsu!

    Happy Birthday to both of you! I hope you have a wonderful day!
  3. I finally took the time to read the article about the Veggie Tales racist claim. It turns out it was just one student's project for a college assignment. It wasn't even a paper, just a short little poster. I once had a college English class and got advice from a person who had just taken it. She said, "Relate every poem study to sex or death and you will get an A!" She was right. We're those my true feelings about the meaning of the poem? Nope! Sometimes a poem is just a poem. Lol
  4. From what I read, it means that she entered his home, as opposed to a business or any place that is not adapted to a person sleeping overnight. I means the difference of felony 1 and felony 2. But my information should not be taken as fact. I Googled it.
  5. Happy Birthday! I Hope it was a great one!

    1. bob_rx2000


      Thank You!  Far too much turkey though

  6. Sanibel

    Brockway District Sports

    Don't forget the DAHS rifle team. Three State championships and several students over the past few years have done very well at their colleges.
  7. Sanibel

    anyone else getting this

    I just started getting that on mine tonight.
  8. Sanibel

    Just want to share a funny moment

    Many years ago, a friend and I were taking our three toddlers to Idlewild. We got behind a large truck. When we were finally able to pass, a huge head looked out the side of the trailer. They were transporting an elephant! I blurted out "Holy Sh!t! It's an elephant!" For the rest of the trip, the three little ones in the back kept repeating the phrase and giggling! Not my proudest parental moment.
  9. My great grandmother was in her late 30's and her 18 year old son (Gelnett) both died in this pandemic. They are buried in the Knoxdale Cemetery. Walking through that cemetery, I was shocked by the number of tombstones that had 1918 as the date of death.
  10. Sanibel

    Oscar Mayer Said A Hot Dog Is A Sandwich

    Yes! The hot dog is the "tube of something"! The bun is superfluous.
  11. Sanibel

    Happy Birthday Georgie_girl!

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day!
  12. Sanibel

    Leaf Colors

    Yes, there is a theory that anthocyanins ( the red pigments) develop as nature's "sunscreen" to protect the leaves from harsh sunshine. We didn't see too much of that this summer, so production could have been reduced. The carotenoids ( yellows) do not need as much sun to develop. When the yellows have ample reds to work with, we get the oranges. Years without as much sunshine, we get more yellows when the leaves turn. Genetics, however, have an influence as well as soil pH and movement of the sugars in the leaves. I sure miss the fall colors this year for whatever the reasons behind it!
  13. Sanibel

    Leaf Colors

    I am missing the color too. I think another factor affecting this was the temperature. We had warm nights for such a long time that the chlorophyll didn't break down.
  14. Illegal immigrants do not qualify for SSI. Please correct me if my facts are wrong.