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  1. She is so sweet! I love that onesie!
  2. Although I agree with both of you on principle, that teacher was not capable of fixing the larger scale problems at that time. She was presented with a child asking for food. Some of those kids go home to an empty house where the single parent is working a second job just to keep the lights on. The food choices in those backpack programs are chosen so that a young child can use the microwave and stay away from the stove. They fill the backpack with enough food to make sure that the kids get food to carry them through the weekend when school lunches aren't available. Healthy choices? Probably not, but they buy things that can be easily portioned to make a kid's lunch. Yes, it is the parent's responsibility but for whatever reason, the kid needs food. I can't guess how many school lunches I paid for or given the kid my own packed lunch. Was I conned? I am sure I was sometimes, but if only one of those kids was truly hungry, I am okay with that. Duct tape? Maybe. I agree that it doesn't solve the overall problem, but it solves THAT kid's immediate problem.
  3. Sanibel


    With cold weather fast approaching and the increase of my nocturnal trips to the bathroom, my favorite invention is indoor plumbing!
  4. Sanibel


    In my opinion, this is a matter of semantics. Fire is a discovery. The use of tools to produce fire was an invention. Conservative man, you can't just stomp your foot and declare that you are right and sway anybody. Essentially, I agree with you, but technically you explained it poorly. "Ability to make fire" is not the same as "use of tools to produce fire". Some will still not agree.
  5. Happy Birthday! I hope it is a great one!
  6. The wheels on the bus go round and round!
  7. I disagree. . IF he told them he had a life threatening allergy to dairy and asked if any dairy products were used in the dish he ordered. If the wait staff wasn't positive, the correct response should have been ! "I don't know". If this case results in allergens being listed for food items on the menu in the future, I think that is a good thing. I had a student with a severe dairy allergy and always felt bad because he couldn't ever have donuts or whatever treat was offered. I asked him what he COULD have. There was one brand of brownie mix that contained no milk products. I bought it, brought it in and even though he was 17, I sent the box home to his mother to confirm that this was safe and got permission to make him those brownies. I was relying on that product information.
  8. I agree, but it sounds like those kids were "taught" to do that as a form of discipline. It was probably applied to them too. How sick!
  9. I believe that they were all employees of Penn Highlands. The space was rented.
  10. I am sure you are right but they will probably lose my business to MedExpress. The location is more convenient for me and my pharmacy. I don't use it that often so it isn't that big of a deal.
  11. The Walmart clinic has closed. I don't know why it closed but I am sorry to see it go.
  12. I agree. On the news the construction company said that it would cost $80,000 to replace the pipe. However, the sections were already fused into long lengths and encased. At least one section was already buried and had to be dug up. All others already installed have to be pressure tested again. The insurance only covers the pipe replacement. The sad thing is that the person is probably angry with the municipality, but the one hurt was the construction company. The reward has been increased to $10,000.
  13. "Urgent care services are now offered to veterans through Veteran Affairs urgent care clinics. The program, which started June 6, offers services to those suffering from the flu, minor burns or skin infections at locations like MedExpress, UPMC Urgent Care and MinuteClinic, located inside CVS stores. Retail locations include a walk-in health clinic within a retail business. These locations can help treat uncomplicated illnesses like a sore throat or earache. At urgent locations, officials can diagnose or treat illnesses or injury for people seeking immediate medical attention for non life-threatening illnesses or injuries. โ€œThe new urgent care benefit is not a substitute for emergency care for life-threatening conditions,โ€ Dr. Ali Sonel, VA Pittsburgh chief of staff, said in a news release. โ€œVeterans experiencing a medical emergency should call 911 or visit their nearest emergency department.โ€ I would call Med Express just to verify that they are approved, but I saw the sign too..
  14. What a cutie! She is a little miracle! ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–
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