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  1. Yep..that's one of our regulars and Forensic Files on HLN.
  2. We do watch Live PD and Body Cam. We don't have access to ID on our cable.
  3. Hmmm..I have heard of men losing their shirt by hooking up with the wrong woman, but pants is a new one!
  4. Sanibel

    Happy Birthday Sunshyn!

    Happy Birthday! I hope it is a great one.
  5. According to the Denver Post, the jogger said he choked it to death and a necropsy on the animal shows that it died of suffocation. I imagine that adrenalin in a fight or die situation like this come into play.I am sure more will come out later so we will have to wait and see.
  6. I was wondering the same thing! I thought the 5, 6, and 8 year olds might have been in seat belts without the proper booster seats, but that is still not "properly restrained"!
  7. What an amazing young woman!
  8. Sanibel

    I need a number...kindle fire repair

    Their website lists it as 762-1506. Wireless Correction, Brady St.
  9. Sanibel

    Homemade Vegetable Soup

    I think everybody makes it a little differently. I brown my stewing beef in a big soup pot and add two large containers of beef broth. I allow that to simmer for a few hours until the beef is tender. Then I add a few peeled and cubed raw potatoes and a few peeled and cut raw carrots and some chopped cabbage.. Add some water if you need more broth. At this point, I add a can of diced tomatoes or tomato juice or V8 or half a can of tomato soup depending on what I have. You can also add about 1/2 cup barley now if you want. I let that cook for about half an hour to 45 minutes. Then I add a can of green beans, a can of corn and half a bag of frozen peas. I turn the heat off and allow the vegetables to warm up and eat it for the next 3 days!
  10. Sanibel

    Meet my granddaughter Faith Marie

    She is beautiful! You are all in our prayers.
  11. Sanibel

    schools closed Wensday

    Sorry! Brockway isn't officially closed yet. I saw Butler Community College, Brockway and posted by mistake.
  12. Sanibel

    schools closed Wensday

    Pretty much everyone closed now: DuBois, Brockway, Curwensville, Clearfield and most others in the surrounding areas.
  13. Sanibel

    DASD Superintendent ... What’s up?

    I am not saying that sharing a superintendent or a curriculum director is a bad idea, just that they would have to be shared by school districts, not counties. Some elementary schools in a district are located in a different county.
  14. Sanibel

    DASD Superintendent ... What’s up?

    That would require a complete reorganization of where students attend school. The DASD has students from Clearfield, Jefferson and Elk counties in attendance.
  15. Sanibel


    And that is the HIGH temperature. The low is predicted to be -12!