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  1. Me too! If a dog isn't going to be a part of the family, you shouldn't have a dog. My dad had a couple beagle hunting dogs, and they were outside, but in a roomy, well-kept kennel. But I couldn't even do that.
  2. Sometimes when the humane officer checks on the dog, they bring things with them to sustain the animal until a notification and seizure can occur. That could be the case here.
  3. Wow! No Reese's peanut butter eggs, no Chips aHoy cookies and now no brownies! My Easter dessert menu is narrowing! 😂
  4. Maybe you will be featured on the next "Hoarders" show. .......candy wrappers everywhere and a freezer overflowing with peanut butter eggs and refusing to admit you have a problem! 😂😂
  5. I went to get more last weekend. Nearly every store in town was wiped out! They did have those mixed bags with white and chocolate eggs, but I only eat the chocolate ones! They also had some left with Reese's pieces in them. I don't like those ones either! Lol Why can't they just stick to the "good" ones? 🙄
  6. It was a student project. Great job kids! Students bent on making hellbender PA’s state amphibian May 17, 2017 ODU Admin Top Fishing Headlines Comments Offon Students bent on making hellbender PA’s state amphibian With its huge, flat head and slimy skin, the Eastern hellbender won’t win any beauty contests. It’s picked up such unflattering nicknames as “snot otter” and “old lasagna sides.” But because the rarely seen giant salamander can only live in the most pristine of streams, a small group of Pennsylvania high school students thinks Cryptobranchus alleganiensis alleganiensis should be named the official state amphibian, as a sort of clean water mascot. By calling attention to the existence — and decline —of hellbenders, the students hope to foster awareness in Pennsylvania of the need to restore the health of its rivers and streams. “We want hellbenders to become a household name,” said River Sferlazza, 16, a member of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Student Leadership Council in Pennsylvania. “If it’s the state amphibian, hellbenders will become harder for people to forget.” The student leadership council is an experiential learning program for young advocates for clean water in the Bay watershed. It’s a small group of teens — sometimes five meet monthly, and seven attend a field trip. They are recruited through other foundation programs, and most live or go to school in the Harrisburg suburbs. Students learn about the Chesapeake from experts, who provide hands-on field experience in restoration science and policy formation. In Pennsylvania, the hellbender became the focus for the council when a few members became fascinated with a model of the creature in the CBF’s Harrisburg office. The students were determined to learn more. They waded in cold streams in September to install concrete hellbender “houses,” met face-to-face with laboratory-raised hellbenders and even sampled their home streams for the presence of hellbender DNA. The salamander is olive-gray, sometimes with rust splotches. Flat-bodied and flexible, they live, feed and nest under large flat rocks in mountain streams across a range from Arkansas to New York. It is North America’s largest salamander and can grow 2 feet long. When handled, they writhe and thrash, but are actually soft and harmless to humans. No one knows where they got their name, but one theory is that fisherman or early settlers said they looked like they came from hell and were hell-bent on getting back. As the students learned about hellbenders, they wanted to do more to help protect them —and promote clean water in Pennsylvania. “I did a little research and found that we didn’t have a state amphibian. Roughly 30 states do, and none of them have designated the hellbender,” said Lane Whigham, a CBF staffer who coordinates activities for the student group. “I suggested they write a bill. During the next monthly meeting, they had drafted legislation.” Armed with knowledge gleaned from the field, and a draft bill, the group’s next field trip took them to the state capital complex in Harrisburg in March, where they met with Sen. Gene Yaw, R-Lycoming, who serves on the Chesapeake Bay Commission and is the chair of the Senate Environment and Energy Committee. “I did agree to introduce a bill that a group of kids were so enthused about and made a lot of good arguments and gave good supporting background,” Yaw said. “I know there will be critics about this, but I think it’s good to have kids see government work.”
  7. The determination of the sex of a child has NOTHING to do with the dominance of a gene pool. It has to do with the timing of the presence of the egg in relation to the sperm. In ALL cases it is the male that determines the gender of the child. Female sex chromosomes are XX and male sex chromosomes are XY. The female egg will always have one X chromosome. The male sperm can carry either an X or a Y. Depending on which sperm reaches the egg first, the fertilized egg will either be XX, a girl , or it will be an XY, a boy. ( Sorry, I didn't mean to divert the thread.) The guy is sexual abuser. His wife was guilty the moment the first child reported the abuse to her and she did not get those children out of the situation. I hope their faith allows those young women to get the counseling that they need.
  8. Sanibel

    A rant

    After reading this thread and the post about people staring at you while making a turn, I paid attention to the driver's gaze. Not one was staring. I have never experienced that before. The only time I am making purposeful eye contact is when I am letting someone out in front of me. Now, I will be watching for it and they will think I am staring at them! Haha
  9. She shouldn't have gotten a lesser sentence than the boyfriend. SHE adopted the child. What a terrible betrayal of trust.
  10. The teachers have a separate retirement system. His carryover of sick days would have been a negotiated item when he was hired.
  11. I tip at buffets. I looked at the handbook for Hoss's employees online. I really don't know if this is the policy of all Hoss's or if franchises vary. It does say that wait staff positions pay only $2.83 an hour, so they are depending on tips to make a living.
  12. No. The scheduled Inservice days are Aug 19-22 with 3 more scheduled within the school year. If you go to the DASD website and click in Events, then Calendar, then on the side click on Printable 2019-2020 school calendar. You will see all of the scheduled days for the whole year.
  13. You are are week off. The Friday of the first day of school is Aug 23. Your kids may still miss a day, but not the first day of school.
  14. Congratulations to Ed Scott!
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