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  1. When I was 6, the music teacher down the street came to our house to give me my first piano lesson. She cracked my hand with a ruler for looking down at my fingers on the keys. It was my first and last lesson! My dad was a little disappointed. He won that piano fair and square in a poker game! Lol
  2. The reality is that when this virus peaks in this area, the only way to truly protect yourself is to stay at home. Not everybody can or will, but if you can, you should. Until then, do you REALLY need to run to the grocery store every day? Too many people still are in that habit.
  3. I would be willing to bet she would have learned to regret it! You probably wouldn't be traveling alone. Lol
  4. Nope! Back in the early 70's my dad was at a bar discussing hunting with a fellow he didn't know all that well. He was saying how much we like venison. ( It was about two months before deer season.) The next morning we woke up to find a deer hanging from the NEIGHBOR's tree...in the middle of town with my dad's name on it! Hahaha He didn't usually the "big words" in his swearing streaks but I heard them all that morning!
  5. Sanibel

    Checking in

    I went a little crazy purging the coat closet this fall for a coat drive. This winter, I discovered that I had given all of my winter coats away! I am glad it was a mild winter!
  6. I heard on the radio that Penn Highlands is asking for donations of n95 masks, surgical masks, gloves, saniwipes etc . They said there is a list of medical equipment needed on the the Bigfoot facebook page. At this time, I think they are asking this from businesses and companies that might have contacts. They are unable to get them.
  7. There was a date the first time too. I would imagine that it will be evaluated again before the time period is up and a decision will be made according to the state of containment of the virus.
  8. I should have made clear that I caught her BEFORE the little turd had a chance to produce any little turds! Haha
  9. We have a teeny little geriatric dog that we inherited when my mother-in-law passed. Unlike all of my past dogs (labs) she HATES going outside in the rain. This morning, after we had already put her out twice, she hopped off of the couch and started turning her circles in the living room. I jumped up, grabbed her and put her out in the yard.I wasn't about to waste a single square toilet paper on her! Scrubbing the floor was but a secondary concern! Lol
  10. Sanibel

    Checking in

    I am finally finding time to read those books that I have been squirreling away! I WISH the cleaning bug would get me busy, but so far it hasn't! Checking in with elderly neighbors. ....It's easy to pick up their milk, bread and eggs my weekly grocery run and leave it on their porch. Finding pleasure in the small things in life is so much better than being fearful. This too shall pass.
  11. Comcast offers a program called Comcast essentials that offers $10 a month internet only packages to low income families. The catch is that it is for new customers only and cannot be accessed if you have an outstanding bill from Comcast and your service was turned off because of the nonpayment within the last 6 months. Other cable companies offer the same or other programs similar to this. Zito has offered 3 months free internet to low income families and again only new customers. These are the first options that families are asked to pursue when students apply to the current cyber school program in DuBois. The "hotspots" are the last option for those who don't meet the qualifications ( mostly due to past service or parents' unwillingness to apply.) My guess is the government is meeting the companies to get a temporary waiver to the obstacles. Those in areas that are dead zones may not have a viable solution and have to rely on except paper packets. The solutions are never easy and not as fast as we would all like them to be.
  12. With standardized testing and the 180 day school days waived this year, graduation requirements are pretty much determined by the local school district. I truly believe they will have online or packet materials (for those who can't do online) in place soon. Much is already there since DuBois operates it's own cyber school already. Equipment, internet access and license purchasing, and setting up distance learning takes time but is being expedited. Will it be ideal....no, but education can continue. I agree with MM307, the hold-up for approval is getting IEP and Special Education plans in place. That is a federal law for all public schools. The plan will not be approved until it is done.
  13. I honestly don't think they will make seniors repeat unless they were already failing and do not do the work sent home (if any). There are not many in that category.
  14. If you go to the search box at the top of this page and type in Wigwam, you will find many interesting articles from the Local History forum.
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