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  1. Hippa laws prevent the medical and insurance professionals from releasing her medical records WITHOUT the patient's permission. She absolutely can get that information and release to whomever she pleases. It is also her right to NOT disclose it. The time for the lawsuit should have been AFTER she peacefully complied with the trespassing order and left the stadium. She may have had a case if she could prove in court that she is being medically treated for asthma. She has no case for disproving the trespassing and resisting arrest charges after she was asked to leave and refused to comply. I feel sorry for the child ( player or cheerleader ) that she was there to support. In my opinion, she made a spectacle of herself. I guess we all have our own thoughts about this.
  2. I parked across from a car at Aldi's that had at least 20 disposable masks and an air freshener hanging from the mirror! 😷
  3. Yes, but you have to see both sides, conman. Risks don't occur in a vacuum. Like I said, I KNOW my risks. I have to make an effort to mitigate them also. I can't expect those around me to protect me. You can't bully people into wearing a mask and you can't legislate them into it. All you can do is present your side. I have no doubt that this forum is full of good people. Kindness goes a long way to making your point. Bashing wearers or non-wearers doesn't. I honestly have not seen many people not wearing a mask in a store when the store requires it. If a store doesn't require it, I don't go there. My choice. Everybody has that choice.
  4. I do not believe that people should be fined for not wearing a mask in public. That being said, I will continue to wear mine. I KNOW my risk factors involved if I contract the disease. I don't know those of others around me. The child behind me at the pharmacy could have just finished her chemo. I understand the instant pushback of those that think it is dumb. I railed against the seatbelt law when it first passed. I refused to wear it. "I will pay my fine!" I wore it for a while after a friend of mine who drove a little CJ 5 jeep, cloth top and cloth doors just like mine was riding with her husband on a hilly road. He swerved around a curve, she hit the door, the door popped off and she fell out. Luckily, she wasn't hurt, picked up the door, and ran down the road yelling " I'm ok!" 😳 After that, I buckled up in the Jeep. For years, I buckled when transporting my kids..."Car doesn't move until you are buckled up!" I was willing to risk my life over a "may" , but never theirs. Now I buckle because I finally got a car with that incessant binging that happens when I don't. My point is, many laws are based on "mays". The seatbelt MAY save your life..but not if you are never in an accident. A mask "may" save your life, but not if you or those around you have never been exposed to the virus. You just never know who has or has not. My approach with this has always been "be cautious because it IS out there."
  5. From the studies I have read, the verdict is still out. Unfortunately, the research takes time. As one theory is explored and rejected, a new hypothesis must be tested. At first they thought it could be associated with the medications but concluded that they could actually be helpful. The current theory is that high blood pressure, over time, damages the tiny blood vessels that deliver blood to all of the major organ and "stiffens" the heart chambers. As those blood vessels become less efficient, the lungs, kidneys and brain are damaged. The heart chambers that fill with blood are less flexible and less blood pumped out, again causing less blood and oxygen to the organs. In my opinion, better control of the blood pressure would lead to less damage and less risk. The bottom line is nobody really knows. The science of this disease is constantly evolving. All that can be said for certain is the majority of patients with complications from COVID-19 had long term high blood pressure.
  6. Sincere prayers and love for sweet baby Faith and her family. She is a warrior baby!
  7. "They are stealing people's wishes". Goonies anybody?
  8. I agree. Like I said, if I get it, I want every available choice in the arsenal. A good analogy is that not all antibiotics work for all people, but I am glad there are choices. Just because it doesn't work for me, doesn't mean that it won't work for others.
  9. Be very careful about believing posts such as this one. First of all, SARS one and Two are two different viruses. Also, if you read the complete report, these tests were only successful in cell cultures grown in labs in Petri dishes. There is so much scientifically wrong in that posted information. That being said, I DO believe that some have been helped by this drug. So much is still unknown about this virus. For unknown reasons that seem to be unrelated to the amount of viral replication, some, but not all, people suffer from a hyper immunological response during the second week of infection. This "cytokine storm" appears to increase the permeability of lung cells. ( Things pass through more easily.) This causes the acute respiratory crisis in those patients. The hope is to find a drug that stops the immunological pathway BEFORE the cytokine storm. For some, that MAY be HCQ. The danger is in believing that it is the best and only drug that works because it doesn't work for all patients. That doesn't mean that it doesn't work at all. But it sure doesn't mean that it is both " a cure and a vaccine" as that post implies. If I am ever unfortunate enough to be in respiratory distress from Covid-19, you can bet that I want my doctors to try any and all drugs that they have in their arsenal. I don't care who holds the patent or who supports or doesn't support it.
  10. Yep, push his buttons and you got to meet "Stormin' Norman"!
  11. He was a great man. I admired him as a colleague and friend.
  12. Sigh..just keeps getting better! πŸ˜‚At least we don't have murder hornets!
  13. Slow walk up the aisle while releasing a "silent but deadly". The odor doesn't land until the culprit returns to their own seat and sits back to watch the victims blame it on each other! It was a favorite with 10th grade boys for a while. Actually, I could probably start a new career as a contact tracer. I am pretty good at it! Haha
  14. There is evidence to suggest that the degree of severity is linked to the viral load. A mask may not stop the airborne particles, but it can slow or catch the droplets. In your analogy, it may not stop the airborne fart. But the underwear and pants are pretty good at containing the shart. I have been the victim of many farters and crop dusters, but never have I been squirted by a passing shart! The mask may decrease the viral load to which you get exposed.
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