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  1. Sanibel


    Unless you initiated the call, this is probably a scammer, not Microsoft! Do not give them any information or allow them to have remote access to your computer. They create a problem and them offer to fix it for a fee.
  2. Keep up LFG or you will be living down by the river in a van!
  3. Sanibel

    Do You Eat Farmed Fish?

    Mushy...I hate shrimp that have a mushy texture!
  4. Sanibel

    Banning Alcohol in Colleges and DC

    I disagree! I don't believe that she lied. I also don't believe that it rose to a level of proof to alter his confirmation. In my opinion, she had every right to be heard.
  5. Sanibel

    Happy Birthday pensrock!

    I Hope you have a great birthday!
  6. Sanibel

    Chicken Pox at CG Johnsom

    Kids with a compromised immune system can't receive these vaccines because they have live virus in the vaccine.
  7. Sanibel

    Chicken Pox at CG Johnsom

    Years back, there was a measles outbreak at the high school Although almost all of the students had already been vaccinated, they all received ( with parent's permission) vaccination boosters at the school at a mass vaccination clinic.
  8. Sanibel

    Chicken Pox at CG Johnsom

    Breakthrough Infection in Chickenpox After Vaccine No vaccine is 100 percent effective in preventing disease. After vaccination, some people (about 1 person in 10) do not develop enough protection to completely prevent them from developing chickenpox. For the chickenpox vaccine, about 8 to 9 out of every 10 people who are vaccinated are completely protected from chickenpox. The vaccine almost always prevents against severe disease. If a vaccinated person does get chickenpox, it is called a breakthrough infection. This infection is believed to be caused by a wild-type varicella virus. A breakthrough infection is usually very mild with fewer skin lesions (usually less than 50) lasting only a few days, with no fever or a low fever, and few other chickenpox symptoms. Breakthrough infection is estimated to occur in approximately 2 percent of vaccinations per year. The rate does not appear to increase with length of time since vaccination.
  9. I agree! I wonder though if this is because of the higher crime rate in the area. Maybe people are afraid to open the door to masked strangers that have the size of a fully grown adult due to fear of a home invasion? I agree, the community should sponsor an event for kids this age. There is no question they are still kids! I am glad our area does not have this law.
  10. Sanibel

    Check out the Meteor Shower!

    The meteor shower tonight is very active! Look to the north!
  11. Wouldn't that tick you off......sitting at home minding your own business and now having to deal with a damaged yard, truck, and garage! I am glad nobody was injured though.
  12. Sanibel

    Happy Birthday spaghettiwasted!

    Sorry, I am late with this, but I hope your Birthday was created!
  13. Just a heads up....last flu shot I got at my Dr office ( associated with Penn Highlands ) I received a bill for $140. I had not met my deductible for the year. It's cheaper to get the shot at a pharmacy. You still get a bill, but you are not charged for an office visit and use of facilities.
  14. We had high wind, hail and torrential downpour on the back gate side of Treasure Lake. My Straight talk phone went off with a tornado warning and later a flash flood emergency alert during the storm. The odd thing is that I did NOT get a National emergency alert text today.
  15. Sanibel

    Song Title Game

    Make My Heart Fly- Barenaked Ladies