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  1. Congratulations Billy C.!
  2. I only comment when I can't keep my mouth shut! That's surprisingly not very often. 😂
  3. This is interesting! Ant colonies farm them! EcologyEdit Bloodroot is one of many plants whose seeds are spread by ants, a process called myrmecochory. The seeds have a fleshy organ called an elaiosome that attracts ants. The ants take the seeds to their nest, where they eat the elaiosomes, and put the seeds in their nest debris, where they are protected until they germinate. They also benefit from growing in a medium made richer by the ant nest debris. The flowers produce pollen, but no nectar. Various bees and flies visit the flowers looking in vain for nectar, for instance sweat bees in the genera Lasioglossum and Halictus, cuckoo bees in the genus Nomada, small carpenter bees (Ceratina), and bee flies in the genus Bombylius. Some bees come to collect pollen, including mining bees (Andrena), which are the most effective pollinators.[7][8] The bitter and toxic leaves and rhizomes are not often eaten by mammalian herbivores.[8]
  4. She may be referring to the picture that is under the article, but unrelated. It is from Illinois.
  5. Sanibel

    Books on CD?

    Petee, I don't know if you feel comfortable going into Goodwill, but the one on the boulevard had a small section of them with the books. They are open 10-5 now.
  6. Yep! He's mooning you!
  7. The problem is the scale of the gathering. In the National cemeteries, THOUSANDS of scouts have traditionally gathered to place the flags at the same time.
  8. My opinion: I think some people are still under the impression that the lockdown was meant to eradicate the virus. It wasn't. It was meant to slow it down to reasonable infection rates that our health care system could handle. Businesses will and must reopen. Staying home forever will not eradicate the virus, not in a mobile society. The most vulnerable populations must still exercise great caution, and the rest of the population, reasonable caution. Yes, more people will contract the virus. Things are not going to be back to pre-virus normal, but just don't be stupid. And be kind. Not everybody is in the same situation. I need to do what is reasonable for me and you need to do what is reasonable for you.
  9. Those might be "cicada killers". Big and ugly, but they only kill cicadas.
  10. Ridiculous thugs! The poor security guard was out there working trying to support his family. He was just doing his job.
  11. If you currently have it and have only the mild, or asymptomatic version, it would help in tracing any contacts you may have exposed or encourage you to quarantine for 14 days to stop spreading it.
  12. That is odd, but pretty. It looks like purple broccoli!
  13. The problem remains that not all students in the public schools have devices or internet access. The Catholic school kids are required to have both. I agree with this in principle, but until the access to both can be addressed, online days don't work unless coupled with paper packets for the kids without the tools that they need. That solution would work best for public schools.
  14. You can also make one out of a paper towel folded accordion style with rubber bands stapled on the sides.,I can't sew either.
  15. I think they are referring to the paper checks, not direct deposit.
  16. I wear a mask and use the 6 AM senior hours when I absolutely have to get groceries. I get in and out quickly with my list. The problem is I also have severe allergies and don't breathe well with the mask on. Occasionally I will cough and the whole store looks at me like I am Typhoid Mary! I feel like I should tape a sign to my back " Allergies! No pitchforks needed!"
  17. It is worldwide. We would only have been done with it until the first traveler, whether by cruise or plane, carried the virus back to the US. I do believe that masks and social distancing will slow but not eradicate this virus. Without these steps it can grow too quickly.
  18. The Cargill plant in PA has also been temporarily closed due to an outbreak among workers.
  19. Ham, potato salad, baked beans, pickled eggs with beets, vegetable tray and peanut butter fudge. Happy Easter!
  20. Petee is right. You have to compare the TYPES of eggs. Cage-free, organic extra large eggs can easily run over $4 a dozen normally. If that is what they were selling, that $6.98 price is higher but not necessarily gouging. If they were regular eggs though, that is crazy!
  21. Maybe you should save those for when you run out of worms.😂
  22. The problem that people are ignoring is that NOBODY had immunity to COVID-19. It is highly contagious so the chances of too many people contracting it at the same time overwhelms the health care system. The seasonal flu, although slightly mutated , does present with a certain limited "herd immunity". The COVID-19 virus will still be here for a long time after things "go back to normal". The initial wave is the most deadly because of numbers. Look at New York City for confirmation.
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