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  1. I never thought to say in my younger days. I'm 17 but I identify as a 21 year old.
  2. I have been using exact change more than ever since this started. Can't blame me for the shortage.
  3. Are you refering to the Master Debater or are we trying to limit the use of Master?
  4. Anyone here familiar with automotive hydraulic clutch terminology? Also what about computer router terminology? How do we refer to these items now?
  5. Too busy thinking about who he was going to sleep with ?
  6. You are fine. That was a terrible thing C-E did and how they responded at first. You absolutely had every right to call them out on it. Sorry you are in pain. Hope it subsides soon. This heat and humidity make me cranky too.
  7. Nice day at Presque Isle in Erie.
  8. Do you remember this gentleman from the news in 1992 ? Reginald Oliver Denny ?
  9. For some reason I think getting rid of Aunt Jemima is racist. If a white person is on a product is that racist? I guess I don't understand.
  10. All that plus he knows everything about nothing.
  11. I'm on my phone. If I move to the right the whole story is one letter on top of the next.
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