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  1. Looks more like dash cam footage to me but prime example when a taser isn't getting it done then a fire arm should be used before the actor can get back to his vehicle. Put the word out if you don't want to die don't wrestle LEO.
  2. I'm glad I had a somewhat flexible schedule when my family had a loved one in a skilled nursing facility. I would absolutely not keep a regular schedule. Sometimes it would be first thing in the morning. Late morning Lunch time- afternoon - supper. evening. Keep them on their toes.
  3. pwacm

    Help the dummy with a puter question.

    That's prob better than giving them the finger. Sorry couldn't resist.
  4. pwacm


    Yes Connie I will agree we think totally different. When I think equipment I'm thinking about a excavator or a tractor and the like. You think about a cell phone or a computer. I'll take a machine over a spade shovel any day.
  5. pwacm


    I agree with understanding and using what you have. The less is more sounds great but if a piece of equipment can do a job in a fraction of the time who has more time to enjoy life, earth, and children?
  6. Yes but you would think most people would be smart enough to move over too. 5 minutes to figure it out and 55 minutes of terror to send it home.
  7. This is excellent. They need to. I think along with the $250 fine for the first offence the offender should have to stand next to a disabled vehicle along the interstate for an hour. It may give them an appriciation for the law.
  8. That's what I was thinking. And he was speeding.
  9. pwacm

    Black Man Ask To Leave His Own Pool

    The rent a cop confirmed he was a resident with the manager. After that I would not give the rent a cop the time of day.
  10. Quite a few people pass each year from heat related illness on the job. I didn't think too much about it till I was reviewing OSHA Fatality inspection data. If Peggy Frank passed due to a heat related illness it may have been she was not conditioned to the heat since it was her first day back on the job. Also the previous heat stroke is not a good thing.
  11. I'd add Mother, Father, Sister, Daughter, and Friend to the list.
  12. Yes must have been a "stand up" guy. Just run away. Don't try to help someone trapped inside the building.
  13. Maybe there is something special about South African morgue refrigerators.
  14. pwacm

    Bad Weather/ Tornado siren in Brockway

    It's like a long continuous blast of the siren instead of the up and down cycle normally associated with a fire siren.