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  1. This is a form of "Death Therapy" I bring up from time to time.
  2. Exactly. Who's to say the racing was not to promote to youth how fun farming could be.
  3. I guess nippy is used differently in the United Kingdom. I would say it is "pretty nippy" out tonight. Maybe it would be "pretty nippy" driving that tractor tonight at speed with an open cab.
  4. I've thought the same about myself. Prob 10 years ago now I was over in Punxsy I had a couple questions so I stopped at the state police barracks. While in the reception area I look at their posters. One poster involved items laid out on how to recognize a meth lab. I'm like O my. I have 90% of that stuff in the Blazer I'm driving parked out in the parking lot. It was all stuff I was using for my job at the time. I'm thinking hopefully no one looks in the windows or I'll have a lot of explaining to do.
  5. IDK. Looks like the back seat has a stack of them. One in the front seat floor.
  6. The Foster a child signs are disturbing to me. Hopefully he did not have interaction with Foster children.
  7. I stand corrected. My trip home this afternoon on I 80 was much different. The commonwealth is most definitely enforcing the commercial vehicle ban.
  8. Anyone see any evidence the commonwealth is trying to enforce the bans or speed limit? I was on 80 this morning after 6 AM. More tractor trailers than cars. I was also passed by a commercial bus and a few tractor trailers. The message boards said Commercial vehicles banned.
  9. pwacm

    Super Bowl Commercials

    I missed that commercial. I did start watching a bit late. Thanks for posting it Bon.
  10. pwacm

    Super Bowl Commercials

    I liked a couple. The Alexa dog collar was funny. The Audi commercial that ends up with the guy choking on a nut was also funny I thought. For the most part @ 5 millon for the spot and whatever production costs I would be very disappointed in most.
  11. pwacm

    Jefferson County Radio Station?

    I really need to fix the radio in my vehicle. Currently I just listen to the engine hum.
  12. Aw. I was looking for a number. I don't think the opening question was answered. Myself shirt- cotton tee, FR long sleeve, heavy FR coat pants- FR jeans Heavy FR Bibs Wool socks Muck boots. Balaclava and Beanie cap with. hardhat Leather gloves.