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  1. Exactly. The article says removing low risk pervs so they have better choices of employment and housing so they are less likely to re-offend. That statement is ridiculous. I could go along with no risk and because they are not going to offend.
  2. Low risk is some risk in my book. If it was up to me I'd give them a barrier to re-offending with a sharp knife.
  3. I think Flying J truckstops have a good bathroom layout. It would not be cheap to implement. Each toilet in the mens room is it's own separate room. Sinks in a common area. I would assume the Ladies room is similar. IDK. I have never been in it.
  4. People Wonder About Appliance Safety

    I don't think most people have any idea how dangerous electricity can be.
  5. Sounds like a guy you wish could be brought back to life just so they could execute him again.
  6. The state really needs the money.
  7. Yep. I'll pass on mine too. As I've said before. Death therapy is the only cure. I'm almost positive there are drug users who think of Narcan as a safety net. Oh they will revive me. Its almost like the powers that be want to prolong the epidemic.
  8. Sure it's free. Who's paying for it? Wait I think I already know...
  9. Things must be really slow over on the political board. Connie must be trying to liven things up.
  10. Bad accident Weedville

    I'm sorry to hear that.
  11. Bad accident Weedville

    A vehicle like this is a side by side
  12. Florida Boy Fighting Rabies

    Sure put the bat in a bucket and tell a 6YO not to touch it. What's likely to happen? SMH
  13. Bad accident Weedville

    2 or more person ATV. Passenger sits next to the operator.