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  1. I'm sure some water "accidentally" spilled inside.
  2. Perfect timing with the boulevard screwed up. A lot of people bypass the boulevard using this route. Seems about normal.
  3. pwacm

    New auto parts store coming to Sandy Township

    Do you mean a store that sells 4 wheelers, side by sides, Jeeps, boats, Corvettes etc. Or something else ?
  4. I was thinking possible drugs too. The taser issue and trying to fight 3 PSP troopers after yelling through a window.
  5. I know I was thinking about that. They should have provided us a clue. First letter ?
  6. Is there something wrong with working in a supermarket? Again probably not decided by the bakery.
  7. Funny how someone suggests gun owners should be more responsible with the storage of their weapons and some people take that as Oh no they're trying to take my guns.
  8. Sign of mental illness right there. Trench coat when the forecast is a high of 92°
  9. Their TV must not have had DVR or rewind feature.
  10. Pop if you're from around here. I guess Soda if you're from anywhere else.
  11. pwacm

    Grandma Shoots Alleged Home Intruder

    I agree good for her. Maybe these dirt bags will think twice if they think it's possible they could be shot and killed.
  12. How about a "Try not to do anything Stupid" challenge.
  13. That's funny right there!!! I don't care who you are....