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  1. That's scary looking. We witnessed a rock slide down on route 30 a year ago black Friday. It wasn't that big but it did total our Grand Cherokee.
  2. Yep. Yesterday is the first time I touched a snow shovel this season. I really debated about using it. Going to be 50's this weekend.
  3. Last time I checked about 30 miles west of Pittsburgh was West Virginia. I believe the story writer got East and West mixed up.
  4. When I read that name this is the first thing I thought.
  5. I agree there's a lot of bad "drivers" out there. Slowing down would help. Enforcing the speed limit would help. I drove that section of I70 every day for a while last year. Its a dangerous road and I didn't see the speed limit enforced. I always figured they didn't pull people over because there isn't much berm to pull people over. Anyway this is a bad situation. I attached a pic from WTAE. Looks like the accident happened at the end of a downhill bridge that froze up. Any speed could be deadly if it was ice. Maybe it was just the bridge that was icy. Bad deal. Prayers to friends and family.
  6. RIP. That's a dangerous stretch to begin with. Add ice to the mix very bad.
  7. What would be even scarier is if they caught fire from a hot catalytic converter. Yikes....
  8. I always wanted a house between Panic and Desire.
  9. pwacm

    Faith Marie

    Prayers for Faith and your Family.
  10. pwacm

    Local attorney

    Play stupid games win stupid prizes. If you're a professional anything don't drive around drunk acting like an idiot. Wouldn't be much of a story there.
  11. As Jackie Gleason said in Smokey and the Bandit. "What the Hell is the world coming ta"
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