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  1. Is that cheese and crackers?
  2. pwacm

    Giant Eagle

    Thanks. I did find the Wikipedia info yesterday, but I enjoy hearing from some local people too. Things like the Yamaha dealer, the Steak n snack, and the nearby Green Stamp store. I kind of forgot about the Green Stamp store. I remember my parents and older sister going there.
  3. pwacm

    Giant Eagle

    I would have been 7 when it closed. What year did it open?
  4. pwacm

    Giant Eagle

    I wouldn't call it ghetto either. Here is my question. I was pretty young when PT closed. Do you remember the year it closed? Were there other PT stores in the region or was this the only department style store Penn Traffic operated ?
  5. Advance auto parts with AutoZone building pretty near next door or right in front like Clarion PA.
  6. No stories I read on the matter said the mother did anything more than call 911 to help her daughter. Maybe if she would have helped the 13 year old son the outcome would be different.
  7. Reminds me of Lethal Weapon.
  8. What's your problem? I said basicly the same thing you just said 3 months ago. I absolutely was not trying to be funny.
  9. I'm glad no one was injured. As far as the dead guy. Mess with the bull you get the horns.
  10. My exact thought. Wonder if he is related to Al ?
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