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  1. I guess the name of their business was legit.
  2. a question on buying a car

    In my early days I purchased quite a few vehicles without test driving them. Vehicles in my price range either didn't run or stop or maybe both. Then I would fix them. I remember my first test drive I thought Wow this one runs and drives. Since them I have purchased many without a test drive. Not because they didn't run but because they were thousands of miles away or belonged to Uncle Sam and Uncle Sam doesn't do test drives.
  3. We call it some-timers. Sometimes we remember sometimes not.
  4. Nurse VS. Cop

    Payne could also be heard after the arrest saying, “I wonder how this is going to affect my Gold Cross job.” Payne is said to also work as an EMT with Gold Cross Ambulance. He continued, “I bring patients here. I’ll bring them all the transients and bring good patients elsewhere.” This Baby sounds like someone who isn't used to being told no. I hope he looses his Job(s) and cannot find another one. Administrative leave with pay is a really severe punishment.
  5. Grinds My Gears

    You are right it Doesn't fill potholes it does make them harder to see and avoid.
  6. I would like to have seen the one that chewed through a rotary gas meter I had to fix. It chewed through the case. Prob got a mouthful of meter oil and natural gas.
  7. I've seen them chew through cast aluminum.
  8. To me the ultimate prize would be to never have to think about money again.
  9. First one I ever saw.

    This one wasn't taking any chances on the squashing thing. I looked at my phone and looked back. Gone.
  10. Golden tortoise beetle It has some bling.
  11. Teen faces 10 felonies after car wreck USA TODAY Joseph Paul5 days ago Her defense lawyer, Steven Knecht, said he plans to appeal the decision to charge her as an adult. "We expect the matter to be reversed on appeal (and) returned to the juvenile courts," Knecht said. In my opinion. If you do grown up things such as drive a car you should give up your juvenile rights.
  12. 6,7,16,23,26, 4 Wish I would have known this yesterday.
  13. That makes sense. Sounds pretty stupid to sit and wait if you are ready to leave just so someone can't get your spot.