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  1. Maybe even farther than that if we are in the green phase.
  2. I was thinking along the same line. All you have to do is mention wolf in PA and the Majority gets creeped out.
  3. When it said G rated that's the guy I thought of.
  4. If the story wouldn't have said they were G rated it would have been game on.
  5. The article say they are being allowed to open. I believe LFG mentioned this in another thread. Not all state's behave like PA.
  6. pwacm

    Need Haircut

    I think the governor is trying to make everyone long haired hippies on assistance.
  7. pwacm

    Ohio Reopens

    Guessing Bureau of Motor Vehicles. If I remember correctly each county has their own. Print titles on the spot- renew plates and what not. Wish PA was that way.
  8. Anyone else thinking he is a little bit the way he is because of his name?
  9. pwacm

    Ohio Reopens

    The worst part is you have to pay to do it. (toll road)
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