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  1. I'm interested in what combination your friends have. Weight and how many axles.
  2. The beads would have to be much larger for that big of a a$$hole.
  3. pwacm

    Masks again

    Sleepy joe is working to pull the permits for the pipeline project. It is not running.
  4. I see the lefties out west mostly in Seattle and Portland still aren't happy. More rioting and destruction.
  5. If this is the case maybe they should focus on the Constitution and law.
  6. In the one pic the pickup hauling a gooseneck trailer looks like it has car tires on it. That probably didn't help the situation.
  7. Check out Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame discuss "Safety Third"
  8. It wasn't a ham sandwich. It was heart failure.
  9. Hopefully the driver makes a full and speedy recovery. Is it just me or do you get a fine no matter what with the state police. In the police report the driver was charged with "driving on the right side of the highway" I think if the roadway was properly treated she probably would have continued driving on the right side of the highway.
  10. First time he would be positive about anything.
  11. Extreme body aches and scratchy throat. 1st symptoms for me Less intense body aches and fatigue no fever later on day 1. Slight cough. I did not run a fever until day 5 or 6. Extreme sinus pressure and tightening of the neck loss of appetite. Cough shortness of breath. Thank you. Me too.
  12. Not back to normal yet. I usually go years between colds or having illness. Not sure why this is worse for some people than others.
  13. I felt perfectly fine on Thanksgiving started getting sick on the Saturday after Thanksgiving early. Went to get tested Saturday morning negative rapid test they did send out test at the same time it came back positive last Wednesday I was really sick and still not right. Where we had Thanksgiving has to be the cleanest house in the world we are a clean bunch I washed my hands before our meal together didn't sneeze or cough while I was there. So far everyone who was there except one person has gotten it. Very bad timing on my part. I just wish I had gotten symptoms 3 days earlier.
  14. Levin (e) and Wolf. Why do these names seem so familiar........sounds kind of funny and I don't mean HA HA Funny.
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