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  1. 2 weeks ago we were over at Moraine state park in the Butler area. The cicadas were pretty noisy there in spots.
  2. Jersey barriers are too rough and tough. Maybe we need to invent our own barriers. We could call them Pennsylvania barriers. Trucks and cars could just bounce off and keep on going.
  3. Yep. Tractor trailers going down Jenks-Valley street. Thats kind of unusual.
  4. That's what I thought. Sounds like they're great friends.
  5. All this rain stinks. I'm about ready to do a Lieutenant Dan from Forrest Gump and have a yelling and screaming fit.
  6. I haven't heard anyone say "We need the rain lately"
  7. Sounds like me a few years ago when we were able to feel the effects of one here in our area. We had some finished welded brackets lined up on a shelf. I was going over some paperwork with a co-worker at a nearby desk when they started shaking. I remember looking at him like what's up with that? But didn't say anything. Later that evening found out it was an earthquake. Don't really think about them here.
  8. The bread knife like the title says would work a lot better than a butter knife like the last paragraph says. Now I wonder which is correct. Judging by the time it took to cut it sounds like a butter knife to me.
  9. For some reason I have the Country song by Joe Diffie in my head. Prop me up by the Jukebox when I die. Maybe deer have a version but it's prop me up by the overpass ?
  10. The car thieves must like 80's and early 90's GM products. That era GM is pretty easy to defeat their very limited "anti theft"
  11. I think it's part of the it's not my fault. Find someone or something to blame mentally.
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