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  1. pwacm

    refill fire extinguishers?

    Not sure if you are aware of the Kidde recall. I received several new fire extinguishers due to this.
  2. pwacm

    DuBois Sears Closing

    My question now is how does the craftsman lifetime tool warranty work now. Ace and lowes don't stock everything. I feel for the employees too.
  3. Just reading this made me tired.
  4. Extended blast siren like tornado warning again this morning. 3:10 AM.
  5. It would tick you off. Looking at the grass pic If I was the driver I believe I would have went for the corn field rather than the garage and truck.
  6. One would like to think some action would be taken against the employee. According to the story some of the mail was a month old when it was dumped along the road.
  7. That Chevy Equinox must be pretty tough. Took out a garage and a Chevy truck and only had minor damage.
  8. I was working south of Washington, PA when the Presidential alert went out. My straightalk phone went off before other phones in our group. My phone is straightalk using ATT towers.
  9. I refuse to be in the right lane coming down to that bridge and crossing it. I'm not going to let some dummy smash me into the wall or worse.
  10. Just cut the roof and doors off. Then it would be like a Jeep.
  11. It was one extended blast like a tornado warning.
  12. Just wondering why it went off a few minutes ago?
  13. Skip the trial. Give him a permanent "black out". Not necessarily a quick one either.
  14. Looks more like dash cam footage to me but prime example when a taser isn't getting it done then a fire arm should be used before the actor can get back to his vehicle. Put the word out if you don't want to die don't wrestle LEO.