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  1. Im sure it was a very good book. Especially during the toilet paper shortage.
  2. If I was Joe and Jill. I would vote for Trump. Look how much better they did with Trump as President.
  3. Looks like Punxsy did the worst or had the strictest enforcement. Tied Pittsburgh for the most warnings and violations. Pittsburgh had 138 inspections Punxsy had 9.
  4. This is what makes it so difficult for the "other side".
  5. Lyndsey you must have really hit a nerve there. LOL
  6. This is kind of late but It would be exit 90. The Airport exit.
  7. I did. I also thought mini vacation or just taking a break. Glad you're doing OK. Mrs LFG OK?
  8. Not that I think masks do a thing to help protect against the China Virus. I have to wonder if this data is any more accurate than Presidential race polling. Are people afraid to say they were not following the rules?
  9. That's why I can go from being nice to being a a-hole in about 2.2 seconds.
  10. These deputies don't deserve this. Seems like they were being more than fair.
  11. Well I wish The President and the First Lady a speedy recovery.
  12. What's with the caps lock? Angry or ecstatic?
  13. pwacm


    I can't see why this is a tough choice either. Vote Trump.
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