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  1. L8RG8R

    Chicken Pox at CG Johnsom

    I'm happy to hear the child was vaccinated. However, for the parents who do not vaccinate, there are many diseases out there that are much worse than chicken pox if you do not vaccinate against them. Measles, mumps, polio, are just a few examples.
  2. L8RG8R

    DuBois water

    Probably all of the broken pipes across town that they refuse to repair.
  3. L8RG8R

    DuBois Area High School Closed

    What does this have to do with mold? The teachers will still work their required amount of contracted days.
  4. This has always made me wonder. Does he have the inside scoop on where the price needs to come in?
  5. Not sure how they award bids, but it seems like that company wins them all. Maybe he's taking too much on.
  6. I'm sure they are probably being pulled to work on one of the fields. There's another never ending "project"
  7. L8RG8R

    School board creates a job

    Not to mention, then parents could have free daycare all year around!!! WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!! I have kids in elementary school and they are so burned out by May that I don't want them to go in the summer. It's not always about the teachers getting time off, the students need a break from the grind as well.
  8. L8RG8R

    School board creates a job

    Here is the link to apply to Clarion to become a teacher. As you can see they are accepting applicants daily. I would get this in sooner than later so that you can begin your three months of free paid vacation of sipping coffee and traveling the world.
  9. L8RG8R

    Beaver baseball

    Within the past 5 years both softball and baseball have made runs. Baseball made it to the state quarters a couple years ago and softball made it to the semis. Girls basketball has made huge strides. Going from a sub .500 team annually to hosting playoff games the last two seasons. Girls volleyball had a great season last year.
  10. L8RG8R

    Beaver baseball

    Nobody is arguing this, however if you skip a game you are penalizing your other teammates who have worked toward the goal. If you miss the ceremony, it only involves the individual. If you're willing to go get recognized, which you deserve, be prepared to lose your spot for a game or two. If this was my child, I would leave the decision up to them but I would make sure they are totally aware of the circumstances. If they skip the game and are suspended, they WILL be at the next two games supporting their teammates who worked hard too. That also shows character.
  11. L8RG8R

    Beaver baseball

    Would this be the same argument if it was High School football? The area stops when there is a football game, and the team hasn't been relevant in the state playoffs for a long time, and as a 5A school, I don't anticipate they will be anytime soon.
  12. L8RG8R

    school board

    Jeff Vizza
  13. L8RG8R

    Beaver baseball

    It should be an issue of power and control. A coach is hired to keep order and discipline of his/her players. If the players begin to take control of the team, the coach loses all discipline and respect and bad things begin to happen. I have seen this many times watching high school and college sports. You can clearly see what teams are disciplined and well coached. As for the NHS ceremony, if this was clearly stated before the season in the team rules, I see no problem with it. You are not only letting down your coach by going elsewhere, but you are also letting down your teammates and friends that have worked just as hard on a specific goal. If these players have to watch a couple games from the bench as their punishment, that's not too bad. Plus, it gives the other players who held up their end of the commitment a chance to show their skills.
  14. L8RG8R

    school board

    240K to buy a garage and level it into a parking lot? They could easily get half this money if they would do the right thing and get rid of the current superintendent. He has done nothing but spend countless dollars on visual renovations. What has he done to improve the district? Students? Test scores? I'll answer that for you, nothing. I have only heard negatives from current employees. The morale is bad, teachers and administrators are unhappy and want to leave, etc. Sounds like the district is really flourishing under him. Maybe it's time for him to go back to his home district where he lives.
  15. L8RG8R

    school board

    So the board wants to buy a piece of land at 240k but we just sold how many properties for under appraised value? That’s brilliant!!!! (Sarcasm)