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  1. It's a compliment that the Orioles invited him to the pro day, however the way things look now, the Orioles will most likely be taking Catcher Adley Rutshman from Oregon State with the first overall pick.
  2. L8RG8R

    PA Gas Tax

    This doesn't say it's illegal, it just says they will not approve it for what Pennsylvania wanted to use the money for (Pay State Troopers). If they actually stated they wanted to use the revenue to an approved area, I'm sure it could get approved.
  3. L8RG8R

    PA Gas Tax

    Why would it be illegal? Ohio does it the whole way across the state.
  4. L8RG8R

    PA Gas Tax

    I still think they should toll I-80. Make the truckers who beat it up pay for the repairs.
  5. You can complain all you want about the ball fields and charging for parking there, however when was the last time people filled the restaurants and hotels for visiting one of our many dollar stores and auto parts stores? These ball fields have actually helped the local economy by filling seats in restaurants, shopping the local places, etc. So if we want to push these tournaments and people away, the businesses are the ones that suffer, which in turn effects the people that live in this city.
  6. L8RG8R


    We used to go into Super Sub a lot to eat and try out different beers they have on tap, however we no longer go there. The owner and employees were disrespectful all the time to the patrons. From what others have told me, this is not uncommon. I have chosen to spend my money elsewhere.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I do believe Sandy Township taxes are significantly lower than those of the City. If that's the case, would the taxes in Sandy go up, or the City go down to make it uniform across the board?
  8. L8RG8R


    Who has the best wings in town? I used to love Julio’s before they closed. Diamond in the rough Napoli’s has my vote right now but the airport, Post, Fat Kids, and the Diner have some darn good wings.
  9. Then which manager is out of a job? I’m assuming Herm’s proposal doesn’t include him taking a pay cut.
  10. The kids could be sent to a cyber school for the rest of the year. However, that doesn't reduce the risk of harm to the student or their family at their house. However, that would bring a brand new set of charges.
  11. That's a lot of coin to pay someone if the systems aren't working correctly. Especially if it's a pay raise. And, for the record, I am retired, so I don't have a salary anymore.
  12. Maybe the new IT guy that's making $85k can make some positive changes.
  13. I agree we should take care of our own first, however I am not on the hiring committee. The job of the administration and the board is to hire the candidate they feel will be able to instruct the students the best. Whether we agree with who they hire or not, that's really a moot point. After these teachers are hired, they then have to go through the same evaluation system as everyone else, they are clearly meeting the standards as they have not been let go yet.
  14. Yes, please enlighten me. I just went through the past couple years of hirings and I do not see what you are talking to. This is clearly a “perception” you have developed over the years. If you don’t have concrete proof that you are willing to provide, quit spreading rumors.
  15. What are you referring to the hiring of teachers? They just eliminated some not long ago.
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