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  1. Our code enforcer is a joke. We’ve called many times about obvious code violations and he’s flat out ignored them. They don’t bother him, he lives in clearfield I believe.
  2. it was on WJAC that night but I saw nothing after that, nothing local.
  3. State College has Various Geisinger doctor offices located there as well as some of the best orthopedic doctors in the area.
  4. It has nothing to do with Covid, the treatment is not good compared to those other hospitals.
  5. Maybe they should concentrate on getting better healthcare than paying high salaried office staff. Everyone I know would rather travel to State College, Altoona, Pittsburgh, or Cleveland before they get treated here.
  6. Yes, they are coming, unfortunately at the expense of our own local children, players, and local teams. They are being run out of using their own local fields in order for some people to pad their pockets.
  7. Clarion and IUP played a double header at Showers a couple years ago. Combined they hit 15 home runs I believe. That is two bottom of the barrel PSAC teams and they still hit that many out. The outfield fences are too short as well as the backstop. A standard backstop for collegiate baseball at the D1 or D2 level is 60 feet, Showers is about 15. It would be nice to see it, but I just don't see it happening. However, the softball field is perfect for that level.
  8. When Herm becomes senator, he can take over Sykesville, build some big ball fields and the revenue will come. "If you build it, they will come"
  9. They are at showers field doing more work.
  10. L8RG8R


    As long as Sandy Township is willing to fund the ball fields for all of the out of town teams, there should be no worries.
  11. Maybe a little less sarcasm, however the coach is making a statement. It's a hard pill to swallow when someone's child is gets passed over because of ability and knowledge of the system. Coaches cannot hold the summer practices against you, however you fall behind on skill and knowledge of the offense/defense if you are not there. And if you are not there, someone else is. Unfortunately, that player got passed over by a better work ethic.
  12. It happens all the time. One specific board member is always in the middle of removing coaches.
  13. It doesn't break my heart one bit. I just wish people would understand that yes, our local private schools do recruit just like the big city ones. Everybody believes ours are truthful because they are not winning state championships consistently like the others or as I've heard many time "they are good people", unfortunately the talent base isn't as deep here as it is in a larger metropolitan area to win more championships.
  14. I appreciate your concern, however I have many hobbies, and the majority of them happen outside where there is sun light and vitamin D.. Lurking around the City Park? Hardly. Why am I at the City Park, well, I am there with my children as they play sports. Weird, some people still go outside. Yes, they play sports at the City Park. Am I listening to conversations going on with other individuals, absolutely not, however when one of my own children are approached by other coaches (not involved with any team my child or to be honest, no team at the field) and begins to tell them about the great things other schools offer, such as athletics, I begin to take offense to that. So yes, I have made calls to my child's sending school, the school where the coach is employed, district 9, as well as PIAA. I do not feel that children should be put in these situations. If you feel that is acceptable behavior, then keep telling yourself that.
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