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  1. I just read an article the girl ran away to start another life.
  2. It would be a long shot for a random predator to be there at that time and abduct her in a public place during daylight. She put up a fight and scream. And sounds like there was a witness in the area at that time. Could happen but small chance. He was more likely there to meet her. She willingly got in his car but then he took her. Things could have turned bad and she may be a victim now. Or she ran away with him. Article said she had a live in boyfriend so not sure why she would meet someone else unless she wasn't happy. Was she a drug user? Search of her cell phone/computer should hold some clues.
  3. LFG....maybe you could bring up a K5 blazer or OJ Simpson bronco from down there. Probably a few that are rust free where you are. Not many left up here in rust belt. The ones that are look like swiss cheese. I had a K5 a few years back and always wanted another one.
  4. Shot an elderly couple in a cemetery. Sorry excuse for a human.
  5. We accept that about 36,000 people die in car crashes a year. We could all govern our vehicles so the top speed is 25 mph saving thousands of lives a year. Nobody wants to do that. So we, as a society, are willing to sacrifice thousands of deaths a year to save time. Time will tell what death number society will put on covid.
  6. Maybe Dr. Levine can be posted at a Wal-Mart and explain the importance of masks to the understanding customers.
  7. Martin's has had a private security company there in the mornings and evenings the past couple weeks. Most stores will have an employee there and call the cops when they get assaulted.
  8. There is one in Punxsy.
  9. Antifa members seems to be taking the virus serious. No news on acting tough at protests while while wearing their bandanas. Must all be holed up in their parents basement.
  10. An excerpt from Jefferson county geneology. Mr. Coxson claims that the council of the Delawares, Muncys, Shawnees, Nanticokes, Tuscorawas, and Mingoes, to protest against the sale of their domain by the Six Nations, at Albany, in 1754, was held at Punxsutawney, and cites "Joncaire’s Notes on Indian Warfare," "Life of Bezant," etc. "It is said they ascended the tributary of La Belle Riviere to the mountain village on the way to Chinklacamoose (Clearfield) to attend the council."** At that council, though Shekiemas, the Christian king of the Delawares, and other Christian chiefs, tried hard to prevent the war; they were overruled and the tribes decided to go to war with their French allies against the colony. "Travelers, as early as 1731, reported to the council of the colony, of a town sixty miles from the Susquehanna."*** "After the failure of the expedition against Fort DuQuesne, the white captives were taken to Kittanning, Logtown, and Pukeesheno (Punxsutawney). The sachem, Pukeesheno (for whom the town was called), was the father of Tecumseh, and his twin brother. The Prophet, and was a Shawnees. We make this digression to add another proof that Punxsutawney was named after a Shawnees chief as early as 1750."(***
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