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  1. Wild guess but don't believe people cared for you statement that a black person would have been shot sooner.
  2. But it's so easy for some people to sit on a couch and criticize another's decisions on subjects the couch potatoe knows nothing about.
  3. How go you know these deaths were the result of meth? An average person wouldn't know that. I would bet an investigation by police is more complicated than when you watch CSI on tv. Just guessing though. Cops probably need something called proof. If dopes the cause, then maybe don't do dope.
  4. Wow. What a smart idea. I bet the real cops never thought of that. Maybe they will read this and try it.
  5. Did you ask on duBois live?
  6. Sometimes being nice gets you hurt. Maybe the reason cops seem mean. Also, thank the judge for leaving him back on the streets.
  7. I installed mine. Wasn't too difficult. In fact, I bought the openers off of Penn central. Very friendly there.
  8. If a person admits guilt, it it worth it to pay for a lawyer? A trial would not take place in that case, only assuring receiving proper punishment. That also takes into account a persons back ground record also. The officer, the d.a. , the victim if there is one and the person arrested can reach an agreement without paying for an attorney.
  9. Interesting how further rioting has been stopped so far after 1 million dollar bail. Maybe some of these other pathetic judges will see that and grow a set. Or maybe they don't mind being ball less.
  10. Remember benghazi victims on this day too.
  11. Retail theft is stealing from a store. Receiving stolen property is having stolen items in your possession. Cops catch you with stolen items but can't prove you stole them. Not sure why he was charged with both.
  12. There is already a thread on this started by Mr d. A partial collapse from rain/wind .
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