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  1. Cook forest has a place by ranger station with stocked trout just for kids.
  2. With municipalities possibly having to pay for state police coverage like the governer wants and if locals are allowed to use rader guns, these radar guns will definitely be used by local police to make money in reduced speed zones.
  3. I'm not made for the current society. Not sure how the younger generation thinks. Just keep to myself is best.
  4. If they can't act like adults, they should have settled it in the parking lot with fists like the old days and call it a day. Now they call the cops for name calling, both are babies.
  5. buschpounder


    They can come after family, like a child, for payment in penna. But I believe only after money or property that is in the child's name only. If the child is married or is a co owner of a house/car or if a bank savings has two names on the account the nursing home can't touch that then.
  6. buschpounder

    Route 310

    Maaaaaaybe he was also a military vet that was deployed multiple times overseas in active war zones fighting for our country too. Prayers. Shhhhhhhh.
  7. My guess it was col. Mustard with a pipe in the kitchen.
  8. Doesn't the walkway to through the park? Does that mean no bikes on the grass then?
  9. If the definition of pedestrian is a person walking along a road or in a developed area. NonPedestrian would mean everything besides walking is banned in the walkway.
  10. buschpounder


    From what I know is your monthly payment on the house is based on how much you can put down up front. Then when you move out of the house, you get 80% back of what you put down up front. You are also guaranteed a spot in the nursing home. Not sure how payment would be if there would be a couple in the house and one moves to nursing home and one state in house.
  11. Looking for a family dentist in Dubois. Thought I would see which dentist people on the forum recommends. Thanks.
  12. I believe the walkway goes through the city park. It sounds like you can have a dog in the city park as long as your on the walkway?
  13. If you drive toward the back of the cemetery there is an office. I believe they have a map you can look at.
  14. That's fine, that's your choice. But you aren't a serious thru hiker on the Appalachian trail either.
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