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  1. buschpounder

    Nicole's Niche

    Is the former Nicole's niche open or closed while you are renovating? If closed, when will it open? Or isn't there going to be a store like Nicole's niche there anymore? Thanks
  2. No fixing problem for these people. It's the way they are wired. They won't cease being a threat to kids until they draw their last breath or are physically unable. Meagan law website is filled with these people and all, with few exceptions, are lifetime offenders cause there is no fix. That's also why the meagan law website exists so police and the public can track them for life. And these are the ones that have been caught, many many more prowling that haven't been caught. Sentencing for these people should include tattoo on forehead and castration to start with.
  3. buschpounder

    Oklahoma Salem Road

    Mental health commitments can be voluntary or involuntary. He can be held 72 hours i believe for involuntary commitment. In that case he would be in custody because he can't leave for up to 72 hours. If it's voluntary, he could leave when he wanted.
  4. An article now says "The mountain lion was determined to be around 3 to 4 months old and weighed 24 pounds at the time of its necropsy ". That's the size of a big farm cat.
  5. buschpounder


    Dudes 77. Isn't everything shriveled up when your that old?
  6. buschpounder

    Boys basketball playoffs

    I believe Dubois plays Carrick Tuesday night. Not sure where though.
  7. Pretty good chance the boyfriend isn't gainfully employed.
  8. Are you sure it was a fingerprint? There is touch DNA now so DNA can be deposited into an item from simply touching. That may be more likely.
  9. buschpounder

    Advice on security cameras

    Don't have any myself but a friend has blink and is happy with them. An app for the smart phone and you can see the video live whenever you want from wherever you are. Also receive notifications if movement detected. No monthly fees either. I think they also started making outside cameras too.
  10. They must have expanded into the building with large windows next door. I have been seeing a lot of activity in that building recently when driving by.
  11. buschpounder

    Sunday Hunting Moves Forward In State Senate

    Just drinking buschpounders with the mind wandering and not a shred of evidence but I once heard the game commission and the vehicle insurance companies were in a friendly position. Also heard that coyote were originally introduced from another state to decimate the deer population which would result in fewer deer crash insurance claims. If on the chance that is true, could it be the cwd threat is another try at reducing the deer population? Now we have Sunday hunting, soon to be semi auto rifle to be legal, and the game commission wanting to shoot thousands of deer in the state under the veil of cwd. maybe cwd is the next coyote for the insurance companies. Cwd is only proven if the deer is killed and the results are reported by the game commision. How convenient. We are to just believe the results. Conspiracy all the way. Now another buschpounder please.
  12. Maybe in state prison, this group will meet the three guys from clearfield county who liked having sex with dogs and horses. Seems like a perfect fit.
  13. One tough dude. Lucky he didn't have his entrails clawed out.