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  1. I would think if a person has a mask phobia or at high risk, then going to a restaurant is a luxury that can't be afforded.
  2. The left the walls at the one in punxsy. gutted it out though.
  3. POS. Now the taxpayers get to support him for the next 60 years like they have already been doing I'm sure.
  4. Hopefully kids can break the cycle. Poor role model. Dopers are worthless to society.
  5. This news release is very odd. They were sure to point out the weird persons rights weren't violated.
  6. Is that what you did when you hunted coyotes? Still hunted them with a recurve bow?
  7. What's the chances of was the same bear? Don't know if it was tagged, game commission would know. It was about same size and just seemed to show up this summer.
  8. I guess now you don't even need a light with a thermal image scope.
  9. If it was brown color, it probably was.
  10. Scavenged food from people instead of living in the woods. I saw many pics of the bear in peoples yards.
  11. Was struck by a vehicle next to DQ near Dubois about 2:30 this afternoon The bear was still laying along road when I went by. Lots of people there. It was a big bear. Have been seeing photos of it on social media recently around houses in the area. Too bad the bear got used to people.
  12. The media only force feeds the public on murders that create division. Other murders don't align with the mission of blm.
  13. Too bad these black lives don't matter to blm. Doesn't fit their mission.
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