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  1. Sign says vape shop.
  2. buschpounder


    Wal-Mart will. They send it away to develop.
  3. Covid has put the brakes on an already slow court system.
  4. A check on the appointment at the hospital revealed that it was intended to be a teleconference and not an in-person appointment. “He lied to me,” Ryen stated. Now there's A big surprise.
  5. Call and ask them for an update if you want one.
  6. Who--- a$$ holes'. Why--- because their a$$holes
  7. Some people must not have heard of Wii bowling.
  8. Violence has nothing to do with what a person is on the inside. Its if your a criminal or not. Violent people on the good side are needed to stop violent criminals on the bad side.
  9. You can eat in two tent walls in the parking lot but not three. Who came up with that? Our good gov who marched with blm during the pandemic?
  10. Seems like he was stalking the victim....he sounds like a real wack job.
  11. Its unfortunate the people who aren't getting paid because of covid fears are judged most harshly by the people who are still getting paid through the covid fears.
  12. I doubt the meaning of Christmas played much of a role in their lives.
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