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  1. The reporter said on another site because she covers 4 counties and doesn't work the weekend.
  2. There was an Amish cabinet maker on spring road off big run Prescottville road near big run. I think his name is leslein. He made our front door very good job. He also makes cabinets.. This was about 8 years ago not sure if still there.
  3. Can go to Winchester Virginia and do a wedding if you want to go on a road trip. Same day for a magistrate or next day for a preacher.
  4. I don't know...your the one who said there isn't.....link???
  5. How do you know there are no suspects?
  6. Why wasn't the name of this gentleman released?
  7. Yup peeping loudly by the mall this afternoon. I haven't heard but I'm guessing big run peeper banquet was cancelled again this year.
  8. Are windmills lubricated with petroleum products?
  9. More likely she was there in hopes of the hospital giving her more drugs and they refused...I would bet rehab was last thing on her mind.
  10. Dui's from boozing is almost a thing of the past. Driving while cell phoning and driving under the influence of dope is what the larger problems are now.
  11. Lying government officials?? I can't believe it. Too bad the parada's trusted them at first.
  12. When I drive on paved roads and see the white marks on the pavement from the horse shoes and the buggy wheels, I slow down even more because I come up on a buggy more times than not.
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