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    Vader is correct it is satire taken from an app called "The Babylon Bee". They poke fun at many current events by twisting the truth in a way that provokes thought. Look for the app it's pretty fun to see what's the target of their daily satire.
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    What is this?

    Here is a couple of sentences about this icon. "what’s happening with search boxes. Many designs are swapping the traditional button labeled “Search” with a magnifying-glass icon without any label. Some even drop the text field entirely, leaving only the icon." It is the newest replacement of a search box as it takes less space on a web page. You will notice the magnifying glass at the end of older text search boxes, sample image below. Really shouldn't have any effect on the number of ads you get except that if you click it when it is connected to an ad thereby doing a search through an ad it might prompt a cookie showing you are interested in ads. Any time you have an abundance of ads it's always good to clear your browsing history and cookies. Hope this helped.
  3. Thank You, Petee for this informative post. Have taken the gelatine three times since seeing your post and can say without a doubt that it does have a beneficial effect. The lack of what this gelatin provides is due at least in part from an ever changing diet that we have accepted without much thought. Know that you like myself are old enough to remember when most meat was sold with the bones in, not de-boned or chicken that is boneless and skinless. Many of our grand parents would cook the meat and after a beautiful first meal of roast or whatever, the remaining bones with leftover scraps of meat would have been boiled further and the resulting broth used for a soup or stew. And gravy was made more often than not from drippings off the meat, once again containing at least some of what this gelatin has to offer. And miracle of miracles those grand parents born late 1800's into the early 1900's who often worked a lifetime of jobs that where far more burdensome than most of today's jobs with some exceptions of course. In their later years most weren't stacked up like cord wood waiting for the invention of joint replacement surgery. Just the opposite they were still carrying on with the tasks of life in many instances healthier than we seem to be today. Minor update to your first post. Wanted to give it a try myself but really didn't want to order any large quantity before seeing if it helped. Happened to be in Martin's and they had some of the Knox unflavored Gelatine in the baking needs aisle. In the section where the jello is go to the top shelf and all the way to the right just before the Pectin for jelly making. One small row of the one ounce box with four paper pouches per box for $2.69. So definitely better to buy online once you decide to use on a regular basis. Picked up a few boxes and was glad to find it locally for now. Did a bunch of research online and while one site extolled the virtues of the more expensive, less commercial "better for you than Knox" brands. It was posed that Knox might be more apt to present a risk from mad cow disease due to the higher volume production and less quality control that could be an issue. Although in later research someone who seemed to have done a great deal of investigation stated that Knox was a product of swine extraction while the other more natural brands were from bovine sources. And while I'm no scientist don't think pigs get mad cow, but I could be wrong. Again, Thanks Petee for such an informative post. My shoulders and ankles thank you as well!
  4. Don't just watch them outside invite them closer. While doing work on the storm windows recently this brave little chickadee seemed happy to have a personal feeding spot even if I was standing right there holding the trail cam. After viewing this on YouTube thanks to Steve posting there for me, it seems we still have a way to go as many have gotten Chickadee's to eat from their hand. They seem to have a good sense of direction as well knowing enough to turn and go right back out the open window
  5. Now lets be logical both ways are over the top! It's just a matter of whether the usable end faces you or is facing away.
  6. That's only due to the well know scientific fact that female dogs don't suffer from hydrant envy!
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