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  1. Lyndsey33

    Mall Update

    There were a lot of people at the mall last night since the racecars are there this week. The pretzel place was almost sold out of pretzels and all out of cheese sauce. Must have been a shock to the business.
  2. I wouldn't think so since the person whose name was forged was the one being asked about it.
  3. Lyndsey33

    Vasectomy Cakes Are A Hilarious Trend

    You did not disappoint
  4. Lyndsey33

    Vasectomy Cakes Are A Hilarious Trend

    I only clicked on this post because I saw you were last to comment and I figured it had to be good lol.
  5. Lyndsey33

    Pansies by the Flat?

    I always get my flats of flowers at Hanzelys but I don't know when they begin selling them.
  6. Prayers to the Snyder's. That's two great losses in such a short period of time.
  7. Article said that the girl said she wrecked due to icy conditions. We went right thru there before the accident and the road was completely dry.
  8. Lyndsey33

    Air condition on in the winter

    Did u speak to them first? I doubt they will just pay your bills worth $80 due to a 10 min bus ride because you were cold. Bus drivers won't automatically assume u have health issues just because you are a senior citizen. Next time tell him you are cold and ask that the air at least be turned down. I'm sure he or she will do it.
  9. I was gonna say that's a good yoga pose lol.
  10. Finally someone with a sensible post
  11. Lyndsey33

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Whopper, fries and 10 piece spicy nugget for dinner and DQ later.
  12. The one In Weedville is done. It's really nice. Mostly still Family Dollar items but some Dollar Tree items mixed in and there are Dollar Tree signs around the store.
  13. Lyndsey33

    Changes for a local WalMart

    If I was awake thats when i would want to go.
  14. Lyndsey33

    Changes for a local WalMart

    I can kind of understand. I like to go shopping there really late when I need a lot because there is no crowd and it's not very busy at all...ay least in St Marys. I would imagine from 1-6am they don't get the business to pay employees to be there.
  15. Lyndsey33

    Air condition on in the winter

    People don't wear winter coats to keep from getting sick. They wear them to keep warm because..its winter. Unless you were on the bus for a really long time it shouldn't have made u sick.