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  1. ok..u have to explain the sort of pork chops...lol
  2. stuffed shells, garlic bread and then my hubby is making milkshakes..yummmm.
  3. Oh ok so i dont live in this society lol. Good to know 😁 I am exempt from the "English "evil ways that you constantly speak of. My point was that just because you may feel that you live in a way that is to be ashamed of doesnt mean everyone in " society" does. We are not bad people because we dont eat all farm fresh organic foods, drive cars, listen to music, watch tv etc. We live life and i for one live a good one and am not at all ashamed of it and im sure a lot of people feel the same way. In your posts u act like we are a bunch of heathens. Not true. I couldnt care less about how the Amish live. Thats their problem not mine. My issue is someone acting like the whole society sucks. To keep myself out of trouble i will be quiet now. Carry on.
  4. Must have got the idea from us bums. We lead awful lives incase u didnt hear. I currently watching tv with my aunt and devouring a bag of chips and french onion dip with no regrets 😁
  5. I was gonna post this yesterday but figured id be accused of bullying the amish again lol. I had a good laugh reading the article.
  6. Thank u. I was wondering what it looked like and was used for.
  7. I have a friend whose daughter has prader willy syndrom and she does lock the cubbords and even the garbage cans but i dont think Bella eats anything that isnt food. This situation does not sound like prader willy. Sounds like nothing but abuse.
  8. His name was Gary Haupt. He lived in Penfield. Very nice guy.
  9. His name was Gary Haupt. Very nice guy 😢
  10. Sounds like its going to be really nice.
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