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  1. 10/227. Doesn't seem like it even worth checking and using the manpower to do so.
  2. That is the worst thing ever.
  3. Easy. I just smile and flash my "I don't have to wear a mask" paper at them and keep walking. Hardly anyone even asks or says to wear one especially in Altoona. Stores aren't as strict about it as people seem to think. I personally have never had to leave a store and am never rude to employees. I am smart and practice basic hygiene and don't crowd people. It's really not that hard.
  4. That's my plan. Best shopping day of the year. You are right though. Makes no sense.
  5. So just nobody is all offended, LFG and I are making fun of ME not others with these window lickers posts
  6. Or everyone can just have their opinion. I'm not degrading anyone for spending the holiday alone am I.
  7. My hubby loves moonshiners. I just told him you said it was on tomorrow and he got a big smile lol.
  8. They have private beaches. Does that count??
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