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  1. Abuse accusation from the 1980's.. JEFFERSON COUNTY, Pa. – A Jefferson County priest who also serves as the president of DuBois Central Catholic School Board has been placed on administrative leave amid accusations that he sexually abused a juvenile. According to a release issued Saturday by the Diocese of Erie, an allegation of sexual abuse of a minor against Msgr. Charles Kaza, pastor of St. Tobias Parish, Brockway, and president of DuBois Central Catholic School Board, was forwarded to the Diocese and its independent investigators at the K&L Gates law firm by the Office of the Pennsylvania Attorney General. As a result of this referral, K&L Gates has conducted a preliminary investigation. The Most Rev. Lawrence T. Persico, bishop of Erie, has placed Msgr. Kaza on administrative leave, restricting him from active ministry, effective May 13, while further investigation is underway. Msgr. Kaza is cooperating with the investigation and is presumed innocent unless proven guilty,” said Anne-Marie Welsh, Erie Diocese Director of Communications, in the release. During the investigation, Msgr. Kaza will not be in residence at St. Tobias Parish; he will be living at a private home with family. The abuse is alleged to have taken place while Msgr. Kaza was serving at St. John the Baptist Parish, Erie, in the 1980s. “In accordance with its Policy for the Protection of Children, the diocese will cooperate fully with Pennsylvania’s Attorney General and Erie County’s District Attorney,” said Welsh in the release. K&L Gates will also continue to conduct its investigation, according to the release.
  2. I have one and it's fine but I don't drop it or hit it off if things lol.
  3. I just knew when this first happened that the guy set the fire. I even told my hubby that he did it. Sad I was right.
  4. I never watched it but I love Young Sheldon.
  5. Yes!! The small college world series is going on this week and there are people from all over. A lot of them have to stay a night or 2 plus eat and maybe even shopped. They will also be having other big events bringing in a lot of outsiders too. Both Penn State DuBois baseball and softball both made it to play in these games too which I think is great.
  6. I am serious. I never shop downtown to use the meters so I don't get tickets either and never will have a ticket so I really don't need to worry about a 15.00 parking ticket but it's still a big jump from $5.
  7. Parking meter fee goes up $10 and they wonder why people don't want to shop down town. I get you need to pay a fine if u don't put enough in the meter for the time you need but a 10.00 ticket is insane. I will stick to out of town shopping.
  8. Not me. I don't care about the change. I won't switch from Hersheys.
  9. I get flare ups too and the doxy kills my stomach 😣
  10. Steak hoagie, cheese fries and vanilla ice cream at Applewood BBQ.
  11. Yup. I saw a bunch of people from snappys to the mall picking up garbage a few weeks ago and the amount of garbage bags piled around was sickening. I'm assuming it was these folks.
  12. And people are worried about groundhogs..this is 100% worse. Humans suck.
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