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  1. My kids are often having to print stuff off at home for their homework. I always wonder what kids with no home computer or printer do. I guess go to the library after school if they can get there.
  2. Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Daughter is away for the weekend, son and hubby already in St College doing whatever till the White Out game so I am alone in my pjs eating pizza and chips and watching Lifetime.
  3. Sandusky question

    "Karma" go most of the ones involved. We may not agree on a lot of stuff on here Petee but i totally agree and your comments are spot on.
  4. Never been so sick...

    Im glad i dont drink beer or eat yogurt. I do eat a tom of pickles. Hope you get to feeling better Buster99.
  5. Sandusky question

    All I can think about is if thishappened to someones child who thinks what Paterno and others did was good and all they could do, would they still be feeling the same??
  6. Sandusky question

    I don't judge the current football program or the school. I judge the people involved in the crap that took place..All of them.
  7. Never been so sick...

    You lost me at fermented
  8. Sandusky question

    Yes and it isn't fair to the current players.
  9. Never been so sick...

    What is kombucha?
  10. Sandusky question

    I could say the same for your posts on the subject too.
  11. Sandusky question

    Well said.
  12. Sandusky question

    So if someone doesn't agree with you about Paterno they are wrong and bashing u..oooook. I will keep my thoughts about Paterno to myself..and they are not good thoughts... but I will shut up and not spout my opinion even though its fine for you to give yours
  13. Where are the police in DuBois

    Very hard to go 25 on that road. I was pulled over in 2010 going 55. Luckily I had a nice cop and just got a ticket for disobeying a traffic sign $110.00 no points. He could have had my license.