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  1. Fox's in DuBois

    I know. I went to school with his daughter.
  2. Fox's in DuBois

    Thats funny because my husband calls them Shakey wings too. Thats how i know when he wants foxs wings. He says this seems like a Shakey wings day.
  3. Fox's in DuBois

    I didnt know Brockway even had one.
  4. Ponderosa closing

    I agree with the Texas Roadhouse and Longhorn. Love both of them.
  5. Fox's in DuBois

    Thats been our issue with the pizza the few times we have been to that one.
  6. Fox's in DuBois

    I hope its still as tasty as it is now. May still be Foxs but the food quality can be different with different owners. The Foxs in St Marys is not even close to being as good as the one in DuBois. Same goes for Sykesville.
  7. Fox's in DuBois

    I hope they are as good. We eat there a lot. Bob and Cathy really have that place running good.
  8. Duncan Donuts

    You sure sound like it by telling people to only shop local and saying its dumb to be excited about something new. We need new places around here. We can agree to disagree.
  9. Duncan Donuts

    Scottys is out of the way for us. If im over that way..which i hardly am..then id get donuts there. Duncan donuts is in a good spot for me because i always drive past it and thr drive thru is a plus. Not gonna drive way across town out of my way for a donut. Im sure he will be just fine.
  10. Duncan Donuts

    A job like this is better than nothing. I know that the managers are not in high school or just out. I guess i like to have a nice outlook on things. U dont like it then dont go but dont try and make others feel like they shouldn't go because it isnt the local place.
  11. Duncan Donuts

    No but now i will definitely watch for it. That sounds so good.
  12. Duncan Donuts

    I love their iced coffee.
  13. Duncan Donuts

    And the new place provided more jobs for locals. Many different ways to look at things.
  14. Duncan Donuts

    We love the one in Clearfield. My hubby often brings them home if he comes home from work thru clfd.
  15. Duncan Donuts

    I definitely will be going. I bet they will get a lot of business from high school kids passing there to go to school. My kids already said they are going Wednesday.