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  1. On the plus side I am not home cleaning or feeling like I need to be productive. I can sit here and read and be lazy šŸ˜
  2. Nope. She had the shot before she left for college. The Dr said it should have at least given her a milder case but it didn't. She is being hit hard with it and then adding in the pneumonia in both lungs. I have to wear a mask in her room ( their rules).
  3. I am currently sitting In the hospital in North Carolina. My daughter has influenza A and double pneumonia. She is one sick girl. Of course as soon as we got the call that she was admitted, this mamma bear got the first flight there. She was in ICU at first because she was having trouble breathing but is now in a regular room and will be here for the next few days.
  4. I don't know how anyone falls for this. Nobody from these places are going to ask for gift cards. It isn't just elderly who fall for it. Younger people do too and it makes no sense.
  5. You can't go by Facebook friends. Yes this lady apparently has issues but to bring up someone she is Facebook friends with mean nothing really to her situation. I have had some on mine that have ended up in jail. They do not reflect me what so ever.
  6. Same way anyone else can be fined for a crime if they have no income. They will have to get jobs. Do you think that everyone who receives a fine has a way to pay it?
  7. I get why you want an aplogy and you deserve one but the only thing about demanding an apology from the girl is that it most likely won't be sincere. Just words said because she has to. Does that really help?
  8. This is just heresay but a lady on Dubois live said it was her 11 year old granddaughters fault. Someone on snap chat said they wish the school would blow up and then this girl said well everyone wishes that and someone took a screen shot and turned them in. The grandma said she is being punished. Not gonna lie, I use to wish the school would blow up. We just never had social media to be dumb and say it where it can be taken out of context. This is probably why they did not make a huge thing out of it.
  9. Netflix, u pay for screens otherwise more than one can't watch at once. We pay for 4 screens but it's still cheap.
  10. That's a good way for nobody to find and use them šŸ˜‚
  11. Don't know. We have had it a long time.
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