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  1. I'm not getting a Covid vaccine until it's been around awhile and can see how people react to it. If nobody can force any other vaccine, they should not be able to force this one.
  2. Ok. Another few other articles said they were his children and I guess I believed it because he has 5 kids. He use to post on Dubois Live about trying to get his kids back. I do not personally know him.
  3. At least they know who killed Chase. They caught the 4. One was Denny Bailey but I can't remember the other 3.
  4. Good for her. I admire someone who cares for their employees that much.
  5. Lyndsey33

    RIP Dr Austin

    Yes he was. Terrible loss.
  6. Yah I thought I'd refrain from saying my real thoughts.
  7. He worked at the hospital and his coworkers were pretty shocked and disgusted. U don't always know what happens behind closed doors.
  8. Everyone can have fun wearing them tomorrow when it's supposed to be the hottest and most humid day of the year so far. They were even saying to limit activity because of possible heat stroke. No thanks.
  9. The food trucks were at the mall today and will be again on Saturday if anyone wants fair food. It was also good to see Zumba going on in the park on the stage ( and it was packed) and the kids having games on the little league fields.
  10. So where is his mask in this picture? He is out of his house, in a public place and you know there are others in the room with him. Tisk tisk can't follow his own "rules". Also the picture on all of the news channels with him and Levine standing maybe a foot behind him..both maskless
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