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  1. Yes it did and I don't feel bad for the guy
  2. How in the world did they fit 27 in an suv??
  3. So basically whites and Asians are now being punished because of their race. Nope not at all an issue 🤦
  4. Good ol Michael Myers. He already did time for robbing Unimart many years ago. Apparently didn't learn his lesson.
  5. Looks like it was designed using common core math.
  6. The stimulous isn't a reward.
  7. Try it anyways. We ripped out the carpet in our Dubois house a few months ago and they took it. We cut it into 3 pieces and just put it with our trash.
  8. If Biden has it his way, your daughter won't even have any student loans.
  9. Lol I thought this was going to be about people letting their pets out in the snow 😂😂
  10. I told her she has to work around here because since we paid for 4 years of her college we need to have like 20 years of free vet service 😁🐕
  11. Well we have the first 4 years saved up for it and then she has a trust fund from my grandfather for the rest. She is fortunate for that. She says she wants to stay in North Carolina which is where she is going to school. I would like her to come back lol.
  12. I feel the same way because they money has to be paid back somehow. My daughter is in her 2nd year of college and still has 6 years of college left ( she is going to be a vet). She personally doesnt need the money because she hasn't had any real life altering changes in college. I guess some must have? Some was online, some was in person. Didn't really affect her income wise.
  13. They do specify it. They have been saying all along that anyone over 16 including college students or anyone that works does not quality for the stimulous if claimed on someone else's taxes.
  14. They have to file their own taxes if they work but can still be claimed on a parents return and that makes them not elig for the stimulous. Supposedly the 1400 is to go to everyone including those claimed on their parents taxes. She should still get her own tax return at least.
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