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  1. Lyndsey33

    Old CVS - Sandy Plaza

    I agree. I wish we could get an Ollies or Rural King.we already have 2 yucky Goodwills why do we need a third unless one of the other stores wants to move in there.
  2. Lyndsey33

    Older single engine plane

    The Bulsta Busters Flying Club is right by Brookville Wood Products. They fly on Sundays but maybe also during the week? Maybe it was someone from the club?
  3. When my kids were small I had those teddy bear back pack "leashes". Where they wore it like a back pack but it clipped around them and it did have a "leash" but it was around the waist. I got dirty looks but it was nice to have at amuzement parks. Maybe they should make one for adults with Dementia. Around the neck is insane.
  4. Lyndsey33

    DuBois Area High School Closed

    They are. Huntingdon school district was closed a couple days and there was another one but I can't remember who.
  5. That could be. I guess I'm use to seeing people plastered all over Facebook when they pass away no matter who they are or what happened and I haven't see that in this case. I feel bad for both families.
  6. I haven't really seen anything on the other guy. I read on Facebook he had 2 children. So sad. I feel bad for his family. His name should be mentioned like the other, cop or not.
  7. Lyndsey33

    Where can we donate for North Carolina

    There is a post..Donations..that has Info. Someone posted it Monday.
  8. Lyndsey33

    where can I look for..

    Love that store
  9. Lyndsey33

    City street-escape project near Main and Long ...$$$

    And they have NOTHING to do with the Main St construction.
  10. Lyndsey33

    DuBois Area High School Closed

    Oklahoma had 1 or 2 rooms. The highschool had 12+
  11. Lyndsey33

    City street-escape project near Main and Long ...$$$

    Yes throwing things in the street is a wonderful idea.
  12. Lyndsey33

    DuBois Area High School Closed

    I cut off the word classroom at the very bottom. Should say working to reopen the classroom.
  13. It's an all you can eat buffet and he ate all he could eat. If they don't like it then they need to quit calling it all you can eat and put a limit on the amount of plates you can have.