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  1. I always wondered if she killed the baby..accident or not..and then caused the explosion and disappeared. Probably not but it was always a wonder of mine. If she was vulnersble maybe the online guy convinced her to get rid of the baby and then she could be with him. It happens.
  2. Lyndsey33


    So if the proper authorities won't be bothered what do you expect the landlord to do? You said he had traps set. Maybe he has called in the past and was told the same thing? Hoping someone gets bit by a snake is just ignorant.
  3. Family can work together just fine if nobody does anything criminal. It's pretty simple not to be a criminal.
  4. Well heck it seem a like his wife is the one who should be in the most trouble. She embezzled all that money and was also on the tax return so why is she not in trouble for filing a false return too and is she is prison for taking all that money? That interests me more lol.
  5. Well at least he used something to make it so the seatbelt wasn't in his face and had him buckled.
  6. Marijuana cake would make more sense then a Moena cake for a 25 yr old so I can see how they would get confused lol.
  7. I was thinking that too. We drive thru there several times a year and I don't remember any visibility issues.
  8. Probably desperate to get herself and the kids out of the vehicle. I'm sure she didn't expect him to take off with them. Not knowing the ages of the kids maybe she would have had to get out to get them out.
  9. It's a different price for males and females but not by much. I looked and it's sold out for the July 11 clinic so have her keep checking the spca website for another clinic. They are always Thursdays. If she has Facebook she can like their page and she will see each time there is a clinic. I have liked their page so that's how I see the clinics.
  10. Clfd spca has a spay and neuter clinic monthly and it's like 25.00.
  11. Yah great idea to let a 2 year old go out alone and play on a croc farm . Maybe she snuck out but the article males it look like she was allowed to go out alone.
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