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  1. The F word is a protected speech no matter how anyone feels about it. The city is wrong and that's it.
  2. Conman, once again you are incorrect. Saying the city is correct is not true. They absolutely are not correct.
  3. So they basically get away with torturing that poor lady. Probation?? House arrest?? They had a lot of big charges against them. It looks like Brittany did far worse to her and got basically no punishment. Whoever the judge was really failed this woman. Completely sickening.
  4. Swedish fish must not have this affect because I eat bags and bags of them lol.
  5. I bet if he had a child or grandchild in sports he would think differently and this wouldn't even be an issue.
  6. Did not see this coming from you!!
  7. Lyndsey33


    I "heard" it was a domestic dispute that got out of hand.
  8. He is completely worthless and has mishandled everything. You would of course bow down to kiss his feet if he would let you. I can picture it now.
  9. I know a lot of people who work who would like the daylight in the morning during the fall and winter. My hubby is one of them. He hates the drive to work in the dark for the majority of the year. He says driving to work in the daylight makes the start of the day so much easier. I know of others too because we just had this conversation a few weeks ago at a labor day cookout. Easier to get motivated to go when it's lighter when they get up and get going. Not everyone who works prefers later daylight especially when its cold and snowy and you can't do anything outside anyways.
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