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  1. I've actually never seen that but that's ridiculous too.
  2. That is insane. People are crazy to wait in a line like that.
  3. I love the thunder and rain
  4. I don't know who Kristen Baker is, her post just keeps getting shared. I know this has nothing to do with the op but it's interesting.
  5. There is currently a random donkey running around Knox so if u know anyone missing one... no I'm not joking. It's all over facebook.
  6. Those poor cows. They don't know they are in a place they shouldn't be. He needs shot 100x with a bb gun.
  7. What about a single working parent with 2 kids ( my sister). Do they get $ for the kids like a married couple?
  8. Oh I can't wait to sit on a boat and bask in the sun again ☀🚤
  9. WTAJ just posted that Wolf thinks the virus is largely contained to 8 counties and the rest of the state may not be locked down. It keeps spreading so I don't get where he gets this idea from.
  10. My brother in law is in the septic business and he said the "flushable" wipes are the worst thing to flush. Paper towels are bad too.
  11. One of my nurse friends posted this.. again they do appreciate the hard work and thought that goes into the cloth masks but..
  12. A few of my nurse friends were saying that as much as homemade masks are appreciated and the thought is great, 3/4 of them will end up in the garbage after 1 or 2 patients for sanitary reasons.
  13. Virginia is closed for the year and North Carolina till the middle of May.
  14. In all the symptoms I have read, a stuffy nose isn't even a symptom of the c virus.
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