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  1. Lyndsey33

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Spicy chicken sandwich, large fry with 2 cheese cups, Dr pepper and a small chocolate frosty. Yummmmm.
  2. Lyndsey33

    DuBois Schools are now closed

    I got my call and email at 6:12 am. Being that they were already on a 2 hour delay they probably figured they had time to make a decision because nobody (except maybe staff) would be leaving that early to go to the school.
  3. Lyndsey33

    DuBois Schools are now closed

    Not really. They called a 2 hour delay last night for DuBois. Everyone should have received both auto calls at the same time.
  4. I was thinking of that poor lady while I was reading this article.
  5. Lyndsey33

    Who's Jesse Porter?

    I was just going to put that it's probably something with child porn. Wish i was wrong.
  6. Lyndsey33

    Accident on NY/PA border tonight

    Poor cow
  7. Lyndsey33


    We saw the one by the pharmacy. It wasn't to bad. We saw the white suv being towed out of someone yard.
  8. Lyndsey33


    Oh that could be. The only thing we saw here is an suv must have slid and went Into someones yard beside the pharmacy. It was getting towed out. That wouldn't cause that many fire whistles.
  9. Lyndsey33


    Anyone know what is going on in the Valley? Fire whistles have been going off for about a half an hour now and I hear the trucks.
  10. Lyndsey33

    How Twinkies Are Made And More Fun Facts

    One of my favorite snacks. I always have them in the house.
  11. I had no doubt that it would take longer than expected.
  12. I know, I saw this yesterday on Facebook and busted out laughing.
  13. We found that out. We just couldn't believe when we opened the box and it was all plastic.
  14. It seems like when we buy stuff there it's all just over priced junk. We bought a new faucet for the bathroom for 99.99 and it was plastic. Took it back.