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  1. Im curious to know why the employee even called the police. It just says he callled because the kid knocked over a garbage can. Was that all he did?
  2. I will have to try that. When I get Palmolive i usually get the green apple.
  3. I personally have never smelled a wierd smell in dish soap. Maybe its something with ur water. Dawn, Palmolive etc have a pleasant soapy smell and dishes or the air should not stink when using them.
  4. What detergent do u use? My husband uses 2 stainless steel thermos's for cold drinks and coffee for work there is never a soap taste. I use Dawn. Maybe get stainless steel?
  5. A lot of people decorate while its still nice out and not freezing.
  6. I know. I was just saying that a new fd wasnt mentioned on the news that i have heard anyways. They just mentioned swearing in a new coroner.
  7. Yes!!!! Id be fine with the tree if it didnt grow the apples lol. Makes nice shade.
  8. I dont know but i love when they eat the apples.
  9. A new coroner was sworn in on Tuesday. The news didnt say anything about a new fd.
  10. For all the years we have been there they really havent done any damage. They chew on our apple tree but im fine if they kill it. I hate apple trees.
  11. No idea. They really arent picky. I buy milk in all brands. Great Value, martins off brand, save alot off brand, Gallikers. Whatever i grab. Deans is the only milk they have ever complained about.
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