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  1. It's Triple Nickel Distillary. I know it's irrelevant but still...
  2. People still use washable diapers but not me. Yuck.
  3. I'm the opposite. I crave their food.
  4. My mom has been using this mix since I was a kid..minus the rubbing alcohol. Always worked good.
  5. Lyndsey33

    Giant Eagle

    Doesnt seem that ghetto though.
  6. I never noticed that she is cross eyed until this picture. My nephews eye was exactly like this when he was a baby. By the time he went to first grade it was pretty much corrected and never bothered him before it was corrected. Hopefully she will have the same success. She is really cute. Love the tutu.
  7. At Applewood? U have to. It's amazing and u will probably have food left over the next day.
  8. Brisquit sandwich, fries and a salad at BBQ Joes in High Point NC. Almost as good as the Applewood but not quite.
  9. Lyndsey33

    Giant Eagle

    Agree. I love their wings.
  10. Lyndsey33

    Giant Eagle

    So if u hate it there and can't afford it then then don't go. How hard is that. Don't wish for a lot of people to lose their jobs. A lot of people shop there.
  11. Lyndsey33

    Giant Eagle

    I have 2 friends that work there so hopefully NOT. Updated to say... I asked and they ate not closing. I'm sure you wouldn't be to happy if we cheered if Tractor Supply was closing.
  12. High Point. Is it safe there? Do i need to move there? Worried mom here lol. I looked and it's 1.5 hrs from Raleigh.
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