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  1. Oh not me. I eat so much of it. Nobody else in my family will so I eat it right out of the container. Of course Breakstone's is the only brand I will eat lol. I actually don't like it in lasagna.
  2. Im curious to know why the employee even called the police. It just says he callled because the kid knocked over a garbage can. Was that all he did?
  3. I will have to try that. When I get Palmolive i usually get the green apple.
  4. I personally have never smelled a wierd smell in dish soap. Maybe its something with ur water. Dawn, Palmolive etc have a pleasant soapy smell and dishes or the air should not stink when using them.
  5. What detergent do u use? My husband uses 2 stainless steel thermos's for cold drinks and coffee for work there is never a soap taste. I use Dawn. Maybe get stainless steel?
  6. A lot of people decorate while its still nice out and not freezing.
  7. I know. I was just saying that a new fd wasnt mentioned on the news that i have heard anyways. They just mentioned swearing in a new coroner.
  8. Yes!!!! Id be fine with the tree if it didnt grow the apples lol. Makes nice shade.
  9. I dont know but i love when they eat the apples.
  10. A new coroner was sworn in on Tuesday. The news didnt say anything about a new fd.
  11. For all the years we have been there they really havent done any damage. They chew on our apple tree but im fine if they kill it. I hate apple trees.
  12. The chocolate milk at Meyer Dairy is definitely amazing.
  13. No idea. They really arent picky. I buy milk in all brands. Great Value, martins off brand, save alot off brand, Gallikers. Whatever i grab. Deans is the only milk they have ever complained about.
  14. I only drink chocolate milk so i really don't know. They just wont drink Deans.
  15. My family wont drink their milk. They say it tastes bad.
  16. Yah for her to overtake him and tie him to the bed. The fact that he was half naked sure makes u wonder what was happening for her to kill him.
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