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  1. Still it's not a night to be out and about especially with younger children. I'm huddled up with some blackberry brandy.
  2. It's not a movie but the Pittsburgh Pirates over the last few years has been a horror show.
  3. Yes. It was Jack's before. He retired and sold the store.
  4. Triple header today. I went to St. Bernards to get meatballs and sauce for later in the week. Then to the Slavic Buffet at St. Nicholas Orthodox church for lunch and then AVM in Sykesville to get a turkey dinner for tomorrow night.
  5. Pork Chops, Sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. Hopefully the last canned Saurekraut for a while. We did thirty pounds of cabbage this weekend for Kraut.
  6. A hot hoagie from East End Pizza in Tyrone. They are a bit different. They put in ham, American cheese, a little bit of lettuce, tomatoes and smother is with a lot of onions marinated in Italian dressing and hot pepper flakes. You can get them without the hot peppers. They have 8 different variations. It is nothing special but the onions make the difference. This draws a lot of people in from out of town for their hoagies. https://www.zmenu.com/east-end-pizza-pie-tyrone-online-menu/
  7. One more week and I can break out the mild hot dill pickles. Sauerkraut making in 2 weeks.
  8. It was a subway night. But I did break out some of the hot peppers that we canned over Labor Day weekend to put on it
  9. After talking with some experienced archery hunters, they have said that it is a bigger challenge than a deer. One of them said that three of the bigger challenges to him was an elk and turkey with bow an arrow and fishing for trout with fly or spinner. Of course this is open to discussion but knowing him and the offer he had back in the 90's to do an outdoor show, I have faith in his opinion.
  10. It is going to become a Golden Ticket Cinema. On Facebook, they said that they will honor all 2019 Popcorn Buckets. Here is their Website: https://www.gtcinemas.com/
  11. Charlie Chen did the cooking tonight. Shrimp and Beef Lo Mein with garlic sauce
  12. Lol! Must have been a Heck of a Beer! Or a Heck of an Engineer. Lol Landfill Guy!
  13. What do you put in them besides Steak, Cheese and Oinons?
  14. Texas Hot Lunch is awesome. I usually have the hot dogs with sauce and onions and the greek fries.
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