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  1. Hot Sausage and Spaghetti with homemade pepperoni sauce.
  2. Ham, Kielbasa, Potato Salad and Baked Beans. I didn't make Cwikla since I couldn't have company.
  3. They are supposed to shut them down. By a court decision, they are also illegal. About a month plus ago, Liquor Control Officers raided bars and clubs across the state. The Fireman's Club in Easton, PA, that I am a Life Member at, had their machines confiscated and had $48,000 in cash seized. They were going after Licensed Establishments before the shutdown. can see them going after places like Uni Mart after things settle down.
  4. I would have to look at his old papers. My brother has them at his house.
  5. If it gets to bad, I can go into the old family business of winemaking and bootlegging moonshine. My Great Grandfather was a wine maker and would trade a barrel of wine for a barrel of moonshine during Prohibition. He would then sell the moonshine to the Boarders at his place and to the neighbors.
  6. All hats off to Bigfoot. He or She is the Champion of Social Distancing. When as anyone actually seen a bigfoot up close?
  7. I had my corned beef and cabbage with potatoes tonight.
  8. Meatballs and sauce from St. Bernards. Their monthly dinner was takeout only. had it with spaghetti earlier and then a meatball sandwich tonight.
  9. Any Burger King Commercial with the "King " in it. The Burger King "King" freaks me out.
  10. I can sympathize with her. For most of my working days, I did not start until 2:00 PM and or was on the road at night. There were times, that I would wake up on the road and not know what city I was in. I would have to look out the window to know what city I was in. To this day, I can't, out of habit, function until at least 10:30 AM.
  11. the PSAC is a different level than most of the teams that have played here. This is a higher level Division 2 Conference. PSU DuBois has played Clarion and IUP in the past. It was no contest. The lengths of the power alleys are to short for that level.
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