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  1. Mahatma Kane Jeeves

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Southside Sub from Curwensville.
  2. Mahatma Kane Jeeves

    25 Insane Vintage Ads You Won't Believe

    A group like this?
  3. Mahatma Kane Jeeves

    What Root Beer Do You Like Best ?

    Hires Root Beer!
  4. Mahatma Kane Jeeves

    rent a car

    Fran Morelli's in Brockway.
  5. Mahatma Kane Jeeves

    brain test

    No I ddn't google it. I did have to think about it for a little while.
  6. Mahatma Kane Jeeves

    brain test

    The number 8. On it's side it is the symbol for infinity. Cut it in half and you have two zeros.
  7. Mahatma Kane Jeeves

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Kielbasa from the Lewisburg Farmers Market on th grill with saurkraut, macaroni salad and corn on the cob.
  8. Mahatma Kane Jeeves

    2018 Beavers Football Schedule - International Flare

    The most interesting game is their final game scheduled with Brookville. It will be interesting considering that their former Head Coach is th Offensive Coordinator for Brookville.
  9. Mahatma Kane Jeeves

    Casino For State College

    It would be a good business decision for a Casino Compny to get on of the License for a mini-casino for that area. Wtih the amount of people that come there for home football games, they could make a good chunk of change just on those weekends. Meyer Lansky would be proud as to how the gambling business has evolve over the years since the National Crime Syndicat Syndicate ruled the day in gambling. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bugsy_Siegel
  10. Mahatma Kane Jeeves

    Supreme Court ruling deals major blow to public worker unions

    I have some personal experience in this aarea. When I started working in a school district in New Jersey, after I was employed for 6 months, the union rep came around and asked me to pay my dues. I paid them but asked where the money goes beyond local activities. The union person coudn't give me an answer. I said that I will not sign off on paying my "fair share" until I got an answer. They did not approach me for 3 years for my money. At that point, I had an offer from another School District. The administration created a new position and increase in salary to keep me in the district. One year later, when contract negotiations started, the union discovered that the administration removed me fro the bargaining unit. Without consulting me, the union filed an unfair labor practice and won. They informed me that they were going to negotiate for me and both of us in the same position told them how the position should be on the salary guide. When the contract came out, I discovered that I lost about $10,000 in the deal. After explaining to the union officers my stance and being told that they in the past had done a lot to increase the position (not) and told them that there was case law that supported my position (they didn't believe me even after I showed them the decisions). About 2 weeks after that, the building rep came around and asked me to sign to have dues taken out of my paycheck. I politely told her that I was not going to pay until they got the $10,000 that I should have received and an explanation as to what the dues that were sent to the state NEA were used for. They never got back to me on either issue and I resigned in March of that year. I made sure that I told the administration and the parents my reason for finding another job and leaving the school district. If you can tell my by explanation, I am glad that the Supreme Court ruled the way they did. Yes, the Public unions need to become customer friendly if they are to survive. And yes, I have belonged to unions in the past (Musicians and Teamsters) and did not have a peroblem with them.
  11. Mahatma Kane Jeeves

    3rd annual Frank Varichetti AML VS KSAC football game

    There were several reporters covering the game but I did not recognize any of them being from D9 Sports. I don't know if they are going to post anything about the game.
  12. Mahatma Kane Jeeves

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Lastnight Chorizo with fried peppers and onions and today was pork chops and sauerkraut in the electric frying pan out on the front porch.
  13. Mahatma Kane Jeeves

    Need information, please....Saw

    If I remeber this right, there was an article about one of the members of the Shondells who is living at Treasure Lake. I can't find the article but I think it was within the last year.
  14. Doodie in the pool!
  15. No he didn't. He was given a warning.