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  1. Most of them are in safe Districts and don't have anyone running against them.
  2. All the Recreation and Camping facilities are run by the Curwensville Lake Authority. Originally, the Dam was designated a State Park but the State never did much to develop it. After a while, the Authority was formed and they developed the amenities. They are independent of any Government control. They also receive no government funding.
  3. Don't forget DuBoistown, Pa, in Lycoming County. It was founded by John DuBois and his Brother Mathias. John sold his business interests and moved west.
  4. This is just my theory about what a leader is and leadership in today's society. For the record, I am not an elected official or my college major wasn't political science. This is based on life observations. No disrespect meant to any Veterans past or present. I am a Life member of the VFW Auxiliary (Now open to relatives of Veterans) in Curwensville and the Sons of the American Legion in DuBois. Growing up with a WW2 Veteran Father and who was a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and was an officer at our local VFW for 46 years and did an outstanding job with the finances of the Post Home Association. The World War1 Veterans started the VFW as an offshoot of the Grand Army of the Republic from the Civil War. When the WW2 Veterans took over as officers of the local VFW, they, and rightly so stayed in charge of the VFw until the early 2000's when they started passing away. This is reflected in our American Politics. The WW2 Veterans were the Senators, Representatives and President until the end of George H. W. Bush's term. The big problem, is that they never let the next generation step in an become the next generation of leaders. They were ll Military and knew how to plan and lead. The next generations never got this chance. This was reflected in the VFW in Curwensville, which almost shut down because of lack of forward and experienced leadership. The Korean Veterans, who were next in line for officers positions, did not know how to run things. It took several years to get the club going in the right direction. It will take a long time for any positive leaders to emerge at our state and notional level. Governor Wolf and Donald Trump are not leaders (nor Joe Biden). The Key thing about being a Leader, is to have the guts to make a decision and stick with it and not change it the next day and be prepared if things go wrong and be prepared to explain your decision and make adapt to the situation. This is not happening at our State level or at the National level. I was sad when my Professional Society, started having "Leadership CLasses". Leadership is not taught. This is a behavior that is an extension of one's personality. We have gotten to the point in our society where there is no distinction between a leader and a member of a team. Our current leaders our a product of the "Hippie Mentality" of the 60's. If it feels good, do it. What this Country needs now is Leadership with Balls! We do not have this at the State or National Level. Please the Masses. If I PO'd anybody, tough kazotsky as our equipment manager in College would always tell us. I good go on about this subject, but I am out of Vodka.
  5. Don't forget Charlie Chen's. He is set up in his backyard!
  6. They have the PA Skill Games. I couldn't see if there is anything else when I was stopped at the light in front of it.
  7. I thought the School District bought Osbourne's building.
  8. Try selling paper bottles in Brockway and see what happens.
  9. What about White Lightning? Just have to stick with calling it Moonshine.
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