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  1. Mahatma Kane Jeeves

    DuBois Mall is in a Receivership Sale

    This ad was in the Courier Express yesterday. There is a Receivership Sale for the DuBOis Mall. RECEIVER’S SALE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE WESTERN DISTRICT OF PENNSYLVANIA DOCKET # 3:17-cv-00042-krg (the “Action”) Wherein, U.S. Bank National Association, as Trustee, successor in interest to Bank of America, National Association, as Trustee, successor by merger to LaSalle Bank National Association, as Trustee for the registered holders of Citigroup Commercial Mortgage Trust 2006-C4, Commercial Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2006-C4 is the plaintiff (the “Plaintiff”) and Gemini Dubois Mall H, LLC, et al. are the defendants (“Defendants”). Execution for Sale of Premises and other things Dinsmore & Shohl LLP Attorney Richard A. O’Halloran (610) 408-6035 By virtue of the Consent Judgment in Mortgage Foreclosure in favor of Plaintiff and against Defendants entered on January 16, 2019, and the Order Appointing Receiver entered on January 18, 2018, Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc., the Court-appointed Receiver (the “Receiver”) in the Action, shall conduct a sale (the “Sale”) by public venue, pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 2001, et seq. The Sale will take place on March 18, 2019 (the “Sale Date”) at 11:00 A.M., prevailing time, at the Dubois Mall, 690 Shaffer Road, Sandy Township, Clearfield County, PA 15801. The premises being sold are Control Numbers: 128-82096; 128-96827; 128-82098; 128-82097; 128-34585; 128-82099; and 128-82100 (the “Mortgaged Premises”). The Receiver shall sell the Mortgaged Premises, and Defendants’ interest, rights and other property, identified in the Mortgage, Assignment of Leases and Rents, Security Agreement and Fixture Filing (the “Mortgage”) and the UCC Financing Statements (the “UCC-1s”) in favor of Plaintiff and as more fully described in the Complaint filed in the Action (the aforementioned interests, rights and other property, together with the Mortgaged Premises, collectively, the “Mortgaged Property”), to the highest bidder. The above concise description of the Mortgaged Premises and Mortgaged Property does not constitute a legal description of the real estate. A full legal description can be found at the offices of Dinsmore & Shohl LLP. Depending upon the nature and amount of the successful bid, surplus money may be generated from the Sale. Claims must be filed at the offices of Dinsmore & Shohl LLP, Attn: Nicholas Godfrey, Esquire, 1300 Six PPG Place, Pittsburgh PA 15222, (412) 288-5861, nicholas.godfrey@dinsmore.com not later than three (3) days before the Sale Date. A schedule of distribution will be filed with the Court by the Receiver no later than thirty (30) days from the date of the passing of the deed to the Mortgaged Property to the successful bidder, unless Plaintiff is the successful bidder by way of a credit bid that does not exceed the amount of the indebtedness evidenced by the judgment order, and funds, if any, shall be distributed not more than ten (10) days following the posting of the schedule of distribution. Claims to the proceeds from the Sale, if any, must be made with the offices of Dinsmore & Shohl LLP, to the attention of Nicholas Godfrey, before distribution. Plaintiff will not be required to make a cash bid, but rather will be permitted to credit bid against its judgment. Any sums in the Receiver’s estate as of the date of passing of title following the foreclosure sale shall, after payment of all costs associated with the receivership, be the property of Plaintiff. Approximate amount due to Plaintiff on the execution as of June 11, 2018 is $33,505,543.39, with continuing interest and costs thereafter. Receiver makes no representations or warranties (expressed or implied) as to the existence or validity of any liens and encumbrances on the Mortgaged Property which is the subject matter of this Sale. Lienholders and/or claimants are hereby notified that liens and claims relating to the Mortgaged Property will be divested as a result of the Sale, unless lienholders or claimants take necessary steps to protect their rights. Twenty percent (20%) of the amount bid will be required as a non-refundable deposit at time of Sale, in cash or Certified Check to be held by the Receiver, balance to be paid within thirty (30) days following the date of the Sale. Plaintiff will not be required to post a deposit or tender cash on any credit bid it makes. The Sale may also be subject to additional terms and conditions which may be announced on the date of the Sale. Receiver hereby reserves the right to adjourn this Sale from time to time on its own initiative or at the request of Plaintiff. Any adjournment or adjournments will be announced at the Sale date or adjourned Sale date, and Receiver will not be required to advertise any such new date(s). For questions, contact Richard A. O’Halloran, Esquire at (610) 408-6035 orrichard.ohalloran@dinsmore.com.
  2. Mahatma Kane Jeeves

    Hitching Post

    I drove past there earlier this evenng. They are opened. The parking lot was packed.
  3. I figured that Olive Garden would get mentioned. I wanted to be the first person to bring it up this time.
  4. Mahatma Kane Jeeves

    Oscar Mayer Accepting Applications For Wienermobile Drivers

    The perfect job. Promoting hot dog SANDWICHES!
  5. Mahatma Kane Jeeves

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    I introduced my girl friend to some DuBois area delicacies. Seasoned roast from Biggies, and a peppered ham from Joe Palumbos. She took me for some sushi in Corning NY and Pizza from Pudgies in Elmira. We had roast leftovers with fired cabbage, bacon and mushrooms and the leftover cabbage fried with ground beef today. It was a good weekend other then the food. I also had her granddaughter dancing the Curly Shuffle on Friday Night. You can't start them to early with some culture!
  6. Mahatma Kane Jeeves

    Age of posters

  7. A hot Dog Sammich?? Sorry LFG, I couldn't pass this one up.
  8. Mahatma Kane Jeeves

    Congrtats to the District 9 Champs!

    When the PIAA did their biannual classifications, Brockway, Kane, Clarion and Keystone were also moved up to Double A. Keystone, being the smallest Double A School, was placed in the Small School Division to balance the Single A Divisions out. The would have been in the Double A playoffs if they would have qualified. Next December, the PIAA will conduct their reclassification. The smallest Double A school will again be placed in the Small School League..
  9. Mahatma Kane Jeeves

    Stranded Camel Entertains Motorists Along Pa. Roadway

    A bar in Bethlehem, PA created a drink to honor the "Snow Camel". https://www.lehighvalleylive.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2018/11/snow_camel_cocktail.html
  10. Mahatma Kane Jeeves

    School Closings And Delays

    Clearfields game with Erie Cathedral Prep was moved to tomorrow night at 7. It was moved to Slippery Rock University. It was postponed because Clearfield did not have school today . As of now,, Brockway's game is still on fo tonight.
  11. Mahatma Kane Jeeves

    School Closings And Delays

    As of right now the Brockway game is still on for tomorrow night. The Smethport-Coudersport game that was supposed to be played at Bradford tomorrow night has been moved to Saturday at DuBois. Bradford had new artificial turf installed this year and the copany that they purchased it from recommended that it not be plowed.
  12. According to the Docket Sheet, he received a continuance on his hearing until December 20th.
  13. Mahatma Kane Jeeves

    Brockway District Sports

    You are correct. High School Sports has lost a lot by not having Teachers who would coach. They knew how to teach and would run their team as an extension of their classroom. They were much more organized, pay attention to details and could teach the skills necessary for the sport. Now, you are seeing a lot of Coaches who do not know how to build a program. They do not teach the fundamentals but just rely on the talent that they have in front of them. They can not grasp the concept that they are in charge of a program from the elementary through high school. And as a result, when the taltent runs out, there are't enough athletes prepared to sustain a winning program.