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  1. Gunga, Lunganga, Gunga Gunga. So on your deathbed you will have Total Conciousness.
  2. Lol. That is my brothers birthday. I am not holding my breath to see it as that is the darkest day of the year!!!!!!!!
  3. That's great that they were able to pass it on. I have had some relatives and friends that would not and said that they would be taking it to their grave. They did. And the family never got to use it in their memory(:
  4. So if all of us wear a mask for 100 days, the virus will just disappear? This is his solution to the problem? I can think of a few choice words on this but I will behave myself.
  5. Part of the directives from Dr. Levine was that if you work out of state, you do not need the test. I talked to a friend of mine in New York and she said it is the same there. He would not have to show proof.
  6. They keep flashing numbers. What I would like to know is how many actual active cases are there. I'm sure the number is out there but they don't want us to know what it is. They need to keep that fear factor present for control.
  7. I will probably vote for Jo Jorgesen because that is who I want to vote for. Not because I want a certain candidate to win. My right as a citizen is to freely vote for who I want to vote for. Not because it might give a candidate an advantage. That is how are country is founded on.
  8. My point is that they are allowed to endorse who the want. Just the same as you or I. Again, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press!!!! It doesn't matter to me. I wil vote for the person who is in my best interest as a voting citizen!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I respect everybody's opinion. I am a Republican although my views tend to be in the middle. I will vote on Tuesday as to how any opinions are. I don't vote one way or the other because of how a newspaper or a celebrity tells me how to vote. I am leaning towards Jo Jorgensen at this point.
  10. They are entitled to their opinion under our constitution. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press. Or doesn't that apply under the Democrats New World Order?
  11. Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk. They can't fool me. I'm a Moron! Amalgamated Association of Morons 6 7/8!!!!!
  12. And don't forget, Governor Wolf withheld funds from Lebanon County because they didn't go along with him.
  13. Most of them are in safe Districts and don't have anyone running against them.
  14. All the Recreation and Camping facilities are run by the Curwensville Lake Authority. Originally, the Dam was designated a State Park but the State never did much to develop it. After a while, the Authority was formed and they developed the amenities. They are independent of any Government control. They also receive no government funding.
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