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  1. I believe you just sat back and spouted off. Another intellectually absent post. Keep em coming contradictiveman633
  2. Are you off your meds? Yes people “pay into it”. It doesn’t matter if it’s more than any other tax or not. That’s like saying I paid for this loaf of bread but, it was less than the gallon of milk I bought so I didn’t really pay for it.
  3. Hahaha..... you live in a fantasy land. I’ll take the word of my accountant vs yours. The best part of this is that you appear to truly believe what you post. You can’t pay for this kind of entertainment. You really never disappoint when a laugh is needed, I’ll give you that. As far as a PM, you not knowing is much more entertaining for me.
  4. Nothing is independent of the market. Other Governments are not independent of the market. It affects everything related to money and then some one way or another. The market is not just money. It’s the overall “mood” of the dollar and what the dollar buys. You should know that for as smart at you claim to be. My taxes went down after the current President took office. I’m gonna throw the BS flag on the entitlement comment. You can play the high and mighty card if it makes you feel good but some people know the fact on that as well (I will not go into detail, that would be rude)
  5. Didn’t you get embarrassed enough the last time you posted something similar? Posting this again and again doesn’t make it a fact. I almost wish that you get your way in November just to watch you whine about your dwindling investments, outrageous taxes, and your Social Security being cut by 30%.
  6. Do you ever read what you post? If the President were to demand PA to comply to any other regulation that wasn’t this poorly politicized excuse of an election year vote grab, you would be on here comparing him to one of several horrid Rulers as you have done many times before. Your posts are paper thin and contradictory at every turn.
  7. Add paprika/smoked paprika and a small amount of cumin to the rub. I prefer a little brown sugar on mine as well. Hickory might be too much for a wing if you’re not used to smoked meat. I like Apple and pecan
  8. No clear shot? Felt the need to preserve life as much as possible? You think their first thought was.... hmmm we should let this guy run away since he’s white. I think they treated him like they should have. The funny part is that you are arguing outcome vs color when you seem to try to project that you are above all of that. You are wrong. Black or white, he would be JUST a local boy.
  9. Damn..... that’s down right rude. I think you need a coloring book and a time out
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