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  1. Thanksgiving Day

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on here. Hope u all have a great day with loved ones. This guy will be in bed for this day. Holidays hurt me but the joy of everyone else makes it alittle better.
  2. Boycotting the courier

    They are the same company not paper. One is the courier and the other is the progress. See the difference. Me either. Lol
  3. Boycotting the courier

    Hahaha just funnin' I like that. But yea I don't watch mainstream media I search the truth and make my own thoughts lol.
  4. Boycotting the courier

    U know those thin pieces of paper that has a bunch of stuff that nobody cares about and they charge an arm and a leg for it. But then again if your over the age of 60 then you would know lol. The paper here has gone down hill and the price went way up hill. But if u want to know anything just Google it lol. Find more of the truth when doing research instead of reading what they hear. And the progress paper is damn near the same as the courier just a few things switched around or alittle more added.
  5. Restaurants open

    Doc gs is open and the fort Worth will have a buffet. Not sure where else
  6. Reynoldsville Lakelawn Cemetery Burials

    Seen this on and thought of this post. State police received a report about deceptive business practices that occurred Aug. 8, 1980 at the Lakelawn Memorial Park in Winslow Township. State police say the victim signed a contract to purchase a burial vault for $350. However, state police declined prosecution of this case due to it being beyond the five-year statute of limitations. In the report, state police noted that as of Sept. 13, Lakelawn Memorial Park will not honor any previous contracts for vaults, opening and closing costs and memorials. You would think they would honor previous contracts since they have been paid. Alot of people are losing money and now have to sit down and do this all over again and I bet burial plots are even more expensive.
  7. old member just re-joined

    Shes the master debater of
  8. old member just re-joined

    Sometimes when in a pinch it's hard to think lol. Your new name seems pretty fitting though
  9. Damn China trying to make us Americans crazier than we already are. This crap will turn u into a monster. I've seen some crazy videos of people on this and it's pretty scary.
  10. At 6'-0" 215lbs for a stripper in this area is normal really. As tall as she would be that's not fat. Maybe alittle healthier than some. But it could be a misprint on the height also. Seems to me maybe she left Virginia and ran away to Johnsonburgh and then to quiet Clarion. She may have figured being a stripper is easy cash with no paper trail till this happened at the club. Once she was caught and booked she may have made bail and maybe the two that killed this young lady was possibly hired to cover her name from being uncovered and found. Seems pretty coincidental that this young lady died and now she is free of all charges and probably missing again. Hopefully someone will look into these two very similar people. Doesn't take much to disappear and become no one untill something unexpected happens. I just hope a light bulb turns on and they really look into this.
  11. old member just re-joined

    I'm guilty of the same thing a few years ago lol. Welcome back usedtobeabennyboy lol.
  12. Commotion in Falls Creek

    A meth lab can cause alot of things. Lose of family, valuables,friends,fires, ruined towns and cities. And most of all your life. Why people don't understand this I'll never understand. My prayers our with whoever has this lose. I'm just surprised we don't see more houses going up or worse things happening in our area from this drug.
  13. Very heart warming story.
  14. If the officials are worried about their teachers then maybe the need to look into them and fire the perverts. If a 17 year old boy doesn't get distracted then an adult shouldn't either.