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  1. Basset3

    Lost Faith in Humanity

    Those kittens were there for a purpose it seems....for You to rescue and care for them.
  2. He drank his Kryptonite that morning..."could bend mountain cats with his bare hands."
  3. Time Left: 1 month and 12 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    For sale is a practically brand new Toro snowthrower. Used about 10 times; it can blow snow up to 40+ feet. Electric start/pull start.


  4. Basset3

    Gymboree To Close All 900 Stores

    Bain Capital....Mitt Romney, co-founder.
  5. Basset3

    Planes Circling DuBois

    Flight delays around LaGuardia; often see them in a holding pattern around this area but mostly east of here.
  6. Basset3

    $409 Bicycle pump

    I was browsing in the Home Depot website, looking for a tire pump and came across this bicycle pump for $409. What a bargain!!
  7. I had the same thoughts. Along Rt. 36 from the stop sign towards Punxsy on the right hand side is enough evidence to support your claim.
  8. How many vacant houses in Mahaffey have gone up in flames over the past 5 years or more?
  9. They've closed and are opening up in the old Ponderosa Steak House location. There went the idea of Olive Garden coming to Dubois.
  10. An old saying..."Give a German a gun and the first place he heads for is France!"
  11. Basset3

    tomlin and his gut calls

    One week Tomlin's a hero...next week he's a bum. But on the average, he's on the winning side of the ledger.
  12. Basset3

    When did a half gallon become 1.6 qts.??

    The common terminology for shrinking the size of the product and maintain the same price is called "Stealth Inflation". Look at a bar of Dial soap, used to be 5 oz.; then down to 4 & 1/2 oz. but same price for a little while, then increase the price. Same with ice cream, orange juice or most any product. It's a sneaky marketing technique that will probably never go away...and it's hard to notice. And here's another one that burns me...we're all still paying for the 1936 Johnstown Flood. The State enacted a 10% tax on all alcohol sales in Pennsylvania to fund relief/rebuild efforts from the 1936 flood. The tax was baked in with an additional alcohol tax which is now 18%.
  13. Goodyear probably gave them all snow tires as severance.