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  1. The Necco Candy Company has been sold to a company that specializes in struggling food brands (e.g., Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, Ghirardelli chocolate). It will be called "Sweetheart Candy Co." That means I can still buy Clark bars and Zagnuts!! http://www.bostonherald.com/business/business_markets/2018/06/necco_deal_falls_apart_second_highest_bidder_wins
  2. Olive Garden isn't cheap....yet there's this empty feeling inside when I leave the place. Like I ate too much...but I'm not filled.
  3. A Rural King in Dubois......or an Olive Garden? Me? I'll take Rural King any day!!! Olive Garden...maybe once a year or more.
  4. Basset3

    Hormel Foods Recall Spam

  5. In this case...the dog should have a leash on him!!
  6. Basset3

    When & Yummy

    Thank you, although I give the credit to my buddy, Mr. Hawk, for his tireless efforts.
  7. Basset3

    When & Yummy

    Across the creek from me is a hawk's nest that's been there for years. For a couple weeks in early spring, I have a lot of chippies (Rats...with racing stripes) and squirrels. After two weeks...the hawk's belly and it's young ones are full and I'm out of critters. My .17 is most saddened.
  8. Basset3

    You sittig down Mr D?

    Sure looks like a case of attempted murder; self defense.
  9. Basset3


    What then? We would be navigating up a river of excrement in a native American water vessel with no means of propulsion
  10. Basset3


    Just voted....although not many on the ballot. More voting workers at the polling place than voters.
  11. The whole outhouse goes up in flames!!!
  12. Basset3

    Lab caught a chip#2 just now

    Q: Why can't you be friends with a chipmunk? A: They drive everyone nuts.
  13. Basset3

    Lab caught a chip#2 just now

    Chipmunks....rats with racing stripes.
  14. Basset3

    5 Foods Americans Call By Different Names

    In New England they call it Tonic.
  15. Basset3

    To the 219 Smokey Pickup

    Are you reporting this from deep in West Virginia?