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  1. I thought the "Love Shack" was the Walmart Distribution Center.
  2. From what I've read...it's because it was Nancy Pelosi's driveway. Otherwise, if it were in San Francisco he would have been ignored. Further, he videoed himself in the act and stated it was Nancy's driveway. We can draw our on conclusions on how/why he was arrested.
  3. A little payback...man poops on Nancy Pelosi's driveway and gets arrested.
  4. Let the lawsuits against Wolf & Levine begin....thousands of them for putting people out of business.
  5. As I've stated before..Pennsylvania used to have a Coyote problem...Pennsylvania now has a Wolf problem.
  6. The walls are closing in on Nancy; it started with her tearing up the State of the Union Address and it's been downhill for her ever since.
  7. I just heard from your friend....said the salon photos are both before and after.
  8. Remember, the Constitution is written whereby if the election is not determined by January 20th, the Speaker of the House becomes acting President of the United States until such time the winner is determined. Nancy has aspirations of being President, IMHO.
  9. Hey...that's nothing. I saw Herm's campaign signs on Rt. 41 in Sarasota. This guy gets around!!
  10. Basset3

    My Addiction

    WatchWesWork is really good; also, check out Andrew Camarata. Wes works on cars, trucks, tractors, etc. Andrew Camarata has an excavation company in upstate New York, check out the castle he built out of shipping containers.
  11. Basset3

    My Addiction

    Been a subscriber for well over a year....he posts great videos; he uses a 4K video camera which makes better detail.
  12. Need a much better Secretary of Health.
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