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  1. Let's put it this way....Joe has an electric screwdriver in pocket, so I'd say Bernie & AOC will be on the business end of that electric screwdriver.
  2. My thoughts from the very beginning in late February when the Chinese released the virus, is their apparently successful attempt to create world political chaos together with their efforts to rule the world. There was an Austrian corporal man years ago who had the same idea....and look what happened to him.
  3. Pelosi's voters take a dump on her driveway; there's a video of a guy that did just that over a month ago.
  4. Here we go again...bad idea. Below is a photo from 1983 in Connecticut where a truck lost its braked and crashed through a toll booth area and killed 7 women and children. Bad idea!!
  5. Unfortunately...she is beginning to sound like Adam Schiff, although he spent 3 years stating he had evidence wherein he did not. Expect the worse....hope for the best. I hope there is hard evidence and it's taken to court.
  6. CNN: "If we're not lying....we're not trying!!"
  7. AT & T....and they're debt burdened and looking for a buyer for CNN. Latest rumor it may be Jeff Bezos. And yet they keep Jeffrey "Zoomin" Toobin.
  8. Gov. Wolf and his Pixie hired social workers to scour targeted areas begging them to wear protection.
  9. Put Gov. Wolf on this...he has the nose of a bloodhound, and his face doesn't look so good, either.
  10. Part of the Big Bad Wolf and Pixie's Master Plan.
  11. While you're shipping him, label the carton that Biden is in..."Danger: Live Poisonous Snake"
  12. It was meant to be humorous....got to pardon my sarcasm, it runs deep. Good post and accurate, I might add. Thank you.
  13. Question: Why did you post a photo of Pixie? My computer screen went blank and the screen cracked. Thanks a lot.
  14. So Pixie is telling all Pennsylvanian's to do what IT says...not what IT does?
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