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  1. Basset3

    When did a half gallon become 1.6 qts.??

    The common terminology for shrinking the size of the product and maintain the same price is called "Stealth Inflation". Look at a bar of Dial soap, used to be 5 oz.; then down to 4 & 1/2 oz. but same price for a little while, then increase the price. Same with ice cream, orange juice or most any product. It's a sneaky marketing technique that will probably never go away...and it's hard to notice. And here's another one that burns me...we're all still paying for the 1936 Johnstown Flood. The State enacted a 10% tax on all alcohol sales in Pennsylvania to fund relief/rebuild efforts from the 1936 flood. The tax was baked in with an additional alcohol tax which is now 18%.
  2. Goodyear probably gave them all snow tires as severance.
  3. Basset3

    Deer saved from icy lake

    Dramatic video shows hunters rescuing buck deer from frozen lake By Michelle Gant | Fox News Facebook Twitter Flipboard Comments Print Email Pennsylvania man rescues deer from frozen lake Raw video: Pennsylvania resident Jeffrey Sidle uses a small boat to rescue a deer from a frozen lake. Two hunters rescued a deer stranded on a frozen lake in Pennsylvania — and the dramatic sequence was all caught on video. Josh Davis and Ed Schmalzle found the three-point buck laying helplessly on the ice of Greeley Lake “over 100 yards” from shore on Saturday, just two days before hunting season. The two men didn’t want to see the animal suffer, they said, so they performed a rescue mission to save him. STARBUCKS' NEW JUNIPER LATTE DRAWING MIXED REVIEWS, STRANGE COMPARISONS: 'IT TASTES LIKE GRASS AND DIRT' "He must have made it out that far, slipped and fell, and couldn't get back up," Davis told WNEP. Schmalzle carefully slid out onto the ice in a boat then tied the deer up with rope and was towed back to land while photographer Jeff Sidle captured the whole thing on camera. "I wouldn't want to see the deer suffer. I am a hunter. There's a giant difference between an animal being harvested humanely and one being left out to die on the frozen ice," Davis said. The hunter said that even if someone kills the deer during hunting season, which began Monday, at least it would feed a family instead of going to waste. FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE FOX LIFESTYLE NEWS "People don't realize that just because hunters go out and kill that they're not humane or they don't have those feelings about animals and the environment. That's the way we are. It captured who we are," Sidle said.
  4. https://www.wfla.com/news/florida/florida-porch-pirate-unknowingly-steals-package-filled-with-worms/1615242589
  5. Want to see one of the best westerns ever made? Watch "Once Upon a Time in the West". Best ever...next to "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly".
  6. Basset3

    New Blazer vs reborn Bronco

    $74,000 for an F-150 King Ranch??? 1/2 ton pickups used to cost $2500 for a new one, albeit not as many features...but holy cow!!!!
  7. The same CEO that drove JCPenney into the ground; he got out of JC and headed to Lowe's. It's already beginning to happen.
  8. Basset3

    No Mo' Palumbo

    Got to pay for all those private jets they fly around-in.
  9. Basset3

    No Mo' Palumbo

    Joe cut them off?
  10. Basset3

    DuBois Sears Closing

    Your dream has come true!!! Olive Garden.
  11. Basset3

    DuBois Sears Closing

    Hey...I moved to Florida but the only buzzards I've seen are the ones circling soon-to-be dead folks of a varying kind.
  12. Basset3

    Morning All

    Good Lord....here in Florida we've been tieing or breaking daily high temps. Yesterday was 96, low was 80. 92 right now. Could use some cool weather...believe it not.
  13. Basset3

    Kanye West