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  1. Mara....on the Liberty Mutual commercial is Natalie Palamides....from Pittsburgh and graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
  2. Basset3

    Gas prices

    Does this price include the water that's always in their gas?
  3. Florida county commissioner says blow dryer up nose kills coronavirus https://www.foxnews.com/us/florida-county-commissioner-meeting-blow-dryer-up-nose-kills-coronavirus A Florida county commissioner faced blowback after spreading a debunked claim at an emergency public meeting that sticking a blow dryer up your nose can kill the coronavirus. “This sounds really goofy - and it did to me too — but it works,” Okeechobee County Commissioner Bryant Culpepper said at the meeting Friday. “The answer was, you use a blow dryer,” he said, according to the New York Post. “You hold a blow dryer up to your face and you inhale with your nose and it kills all the viruses in your nose.” “Sometimes, the cures for some of these diseases are very simple.” The meeting was called so Okeechobee County officials could brief Culpepper and the other elected commissioners on the county's response to the coronavirus pandemic. Video of the meeting shows Tiffany Collins of the Okeechobee County Health Department responding immediately after Culpepper speaks, saying: “There is lots of misinformation out there.” Collins urged residents to rely on the advice of their own doctors and not something they see online. Culpepper on Sunday apologized on Facebook for angry exchanges he had with online critics as well as the “embarrassment” he caused his fellow commissioners and staff, the Post reported. “I will not offer any more suggestions unless they are tried and proven,” he said, according to the paper. On Friday, the Associated Press assessed the claim that using a blow dryer to shoot hot air into your sinuses to kill the coronavirus as false—and dangerous. “False! Please don’t. Our nose carries bacteria, as part of normal flora. Those bacteria may get confused,” Faheem Younus, who specializes in infectious diseases at the University of Maryland, in a tweet knocking down the false claim, according to the AP. Dr. Jen Caudle, a family physician and associate professor at Rowan University in New Jersey, told the AP that “depending on how hot the blow dryer gets, I would be concerned with some adverse effects.”
  4. Here on the west coast of Florida there's activity at the beach as usual. Tried to visit the beach today and there's not a parking space to be found. Traffic is still heavy.
  5. He may have been suffering from CHS (Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome) a condition of cyclic attacks of nausea and vomiting in people who are chronic users of cannabis. The condition typically develops in people who have been using cannabis for years, and its cause is unknown. Despite the well-known effects of marijuana in reducing nausea, there is increasing evidence for these paradoxical effects on the gastrointestinal and nervous systems.
  6. Just when the Sears catalog would come in handy!!!
  7. I was counting that one as well, actually...ALL of them with the emu.
  8. Liberty Mutual commercials with the emu.
  9. Sunny and 82 here...a little breezy, though.
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