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  1. Anyone else notice the similarity? Fraternal twins, maybe?
  2. Yeah, felt bad for the dog. Those two....not so much.
  3. The Pontiac Aztec designers must been at it again.
  4. Cessna 421 Golden Eagle originating from Bridgeport, Ct to St. Mary's; front landing gear collapsed, 3 people on board, 1 with minor injuries.
  5. Is this another Biden executive order coming up? Don't be surprised!
  6. Sadly....you're correct. But....payback is a b****!!!
  7. How can I ever get through life....now that Bette Midler has made an inane statement like that? Oh....the horror!!
  8. Nutmobile??? Gov. Tom Wolf....ya got yourself a job, finally!!
  9. "All and all, they're just another brick in the Wall"
  10. Excellent....another reason to get Nancy triggered.
  11. Nancy's teeth are like stars....they come out at night.
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