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  1. The mother should be charged as well if she knew the abuse was taking place and did nothing about it. This poor dear little child. I pray she is safe and doing well now.
  2. What wonderful news.....God is Great....Thanks Be To God for this precious child!❤️🙏
  3. I am so sorry...prayers for you & your daughter!❤️🙏
  4. If you all have noticed recently...so many assault stories that have to say the least have been so disturbing...I found this story and video a breath of fresh air. I first saw it on the Today Show and got tears in my eyes...it was a beautiful story.
  5. Congrats....everything for a reason!
  6. Where did you see that information?
  7. What a sweet little snowman...I love #3 also Petee!❤️❤️❤️
  8. What a gorgeous little girl....Happy Birthday Faith Marie!
  9. Sounds like some great Sunday afternoon drives....thank you!
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