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  1. Have carried thermos bottles for years. Never had a problem. I have used denture cleaners. Fill bottle with warm or hot water and drop in a denture tablet, let set for a while, rinse with clean water____---- it's as clean as new!!
  2. Great choice on your daughters part! She will do fine "Dad" don't worry
  3. BART

    Could you??

    We have noticed that manicuring ones property has become a lost desire. I wonder if personal pride and grooming of private property just doesn't exist with some property owners(land lords included}!
  4. Oh ! She is such a cutie! We send love and prayers for this lil dumpling. Love and hugs to Mom ,Dad Grama and Gramps and all the family!! Love you so much!
  5. We really don't know what, or should say,who is lurking in the jungle we live in!
  6. Yuengling fits ,when I have one which isn't often.
  7. Have been afflicted with Charlie horse many times! It ain't no fun!!!
  8. until

    Nice to see a small business in operation. Hopefully some of the younger generation will follow the business. Not positive ,but think maybe the Lyons are part of our family tree! Love the smell of flowers!!
  9. Praying for your friend ! From a survivor!
  10. This is so tender and heartwarming ! We cannot comprehend how close our Lord watches over these little ones. God bless to all in this family, and prayers for this tiny Youngster!!
  11. Lady whos Kidneys shut down>> Is taking Dialysis. A young Mother
  12. BART

    prayer request

    Thank You for all who prayed n God Bless! Improvements are coming!
  13. BART

    prayer request

    Please pray for a family whose child , under 6, has been diagnosed with ADHD and ODD. Thank You
  14. Two very elderly gentlemen were walking from a Mortuary after making arrangements for their deceased relative. One said to the other " I think it would have been cheaper to bury him in a new Buick"
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