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  1. BART


    This would be a good thing for the debate forum
  2. I love to hear those birds !
  3. BART

    Facial Coverings

    Sounds like the Govt. is passing the buck to the business !?
  4. I watched the video Was very informative . Going to try this a1 Thanks for sharing the video.
  5. It sure is strange how your body reacts to Drugs!! This is from what I have seen. Never took them and never will!!
  6. BART

    Wake up call

    I have purchased some of these T-shirts . I choose them and they are doing the job. Thanks Made in U S A !!
  7. BART

    Wake up call

    It would be great to see MADE IN U S A on caps and hats and clothing giving Americans the employment !!!
  8. Nice pics on the flyby ! Lots of great memories in Brookville ! Thanks
  9. Never been to Disney and have NO DESIRE TO GO !!!
  10. Looking into past conversations of my 80 years of life, my memory is very good in some areas, especially the late 40's. Would hear "Aint Spring yet = Aint seen a groundhog"
  11. We lived about 10 miles from Green Tree Landfill. In the summer we could smell it like it was in our back yard ! Such Stench Odor!!!
  12. Does anyone know what is going to fill the vacant lot next? To our surprise, we saw the motel was gone in our travels.
  13. Oh ! She is such a cutie! We send love and prayers for this lil dumpling. Love and hugs to Mom ,Dad Grama and Gramps and all the family!! Love you so much!
  14. until

    Nice to see a small business in operation. Hopefully some of the younger generation will follow the business. Not positive ,but think maybe the Lyons are part of our family tree! Love the smell of flowers!!
  15. Praying for your friend ! From a survivor!
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