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  1. I am glad you understand me you are the only one that knows what I am talking about Thank you
  2. How many drop a cigarette and cause a accident cigarettes are bad for your lungs alcohol is bad for your liver main part of your body liver runs everything and how many couples break up because of cigarettes and how many couples have domestic problems because of a cigarettes compared to alcohol
  3. Elvis

    Alcohol verses cigarettes

    But cigarettes don’t wipe out a family like the one coming from Florida and a man hit them traveling on the wrong side of the road and killed wife husband and two or three children it didn’t happen from a cigarette you here more of related deaths with alcohol than cigarettes
  4. Elvis

    Alcohol verses cigarettes

    A shooting at State College 4 dead plus a local man killed just because of alcohol not cigarettes alcohol kills innocent people not cigarettes instead of banning cigarettes they should ban alcohol and so many accidents not by someone smoking a cigarette but alcohol and a lot by drugs they illegallies marijuana then they go to crack marijuana isn’t strong enough and that kills people to
  5. Elvis

    DuBois Area High School Closed

    You can bet that the teachers still get paid and keep there benefits