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  1. These people should be put in jail and throw away the key but all they will get is a slap in the wrist you can’t take nothing from nothing and they no this if they don’t want to work stop there welfare they no each child they have is more money in there pocket and a free place to live they can drink and smoke but can’t work that goes for most of them I am a Veteran and I can’t get anything for agent orange they were sitting on there bums having kids and eating free and a free roof over there heads well I fought for there freedom Now is that justice
  2. They don’t no what they are missing anyway I wouldn’t attempt to go there it’s alright with me I sleep good I don’t loose any sleep over that place
  3. They won’t listen either
  4. Don’t under estimated them because they are old
  5. The Vietnam Veterans would do a fine job and take the job for less money
  6. Just awhile back this school hired a retired State policeman to walk the halls in school and keep it secured,first of all a retired Sate policeman gets a good pension why does he need another job when there is a lot of Vietnam Veterans are out of work and could do that job just as well after all they served are country, they should get some recognition didn’t get it when they came home,also they have combat experience and weapon experience and no how to handle all situations, I am speaking for are Vietnam Veterans after all I am one myself
  7. I don’t give up that easy when I no I am right
  8. Bus driver ought to have common sense
  9. It takes more than 10 minutes a lot more from Walmart to Giant Eagle the bus driver should no better than have the air condition on in the winter I am in a budget I don’t have money to throw away common sense 65 degrees is not summer some people don’t have a good head on there shoulders
  10. I am sending my bill to dufast to pay my copay and medicine
  11. No I didn’t say anything to the bus driver I thought he new better with Senior Citizen riding the bus and there health problems and I would like them to pay my med express bill and my subscription
  12. I called the bus company and nothing happen
  13. And the air is blasting in your face if being cold don’t make you sick then why do people wear winter jackets in the winter just for show
  14. It does when you have COPD
  15. I took the Du fast bus from Walmart to giant eagle and the man driving the white bus penn highland had shorts on and a light jacket on and the air condition on full blast 65 degrees out needless to say now I am sick went to med express cost $50.00 co pay and $30.00 for subscriptions and there was a lady on to she was covering her hands thank you still sick
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