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  1. Isn't brockway putting in some kind of multi-sport complex?
  2. I was born and raised here. I have a Subaru Outback. This mornings roads were some of the slickest I’ve seen in some time.
  3. It is extremely dangerous out there right now. It's been snowing since before 5. Where are the plows? I just pulled out from Kiwanis trail and nearly did a 180 and I have an AWD subaru outback. What is going on? This is an unacceptable and a very dangerous situation.
  4. I don't know where the plows are at. The roads are awful! Super slick. Be careful everyone.
  5. I heard Master Cuts closed. If anyone knows how I can get in touch with Jess B who cut hair there please let me know through PM. She did a great job. I'd like to find where she is cutting hair at now so I can continue to have her cut me and my sons hair.
  6. YourBoy


    Sol has classes for every level including kids.
  7. YourBoy


    Saying nothing has changed in 20 years and then saying we should keep doing the same thing doesn't make much sense. This would be great if it would open up Kiwanis trail to get city water and sewer so that area could be developed. There are lots of health care professionals coming to the area that would be interested in acreage up there. Hunting will not be affected. That is a scare tactic that has been used over and over.
  8. YourBoy


    Drug use and drinking in high school is way down from 20 years ago.
  9. YourBoy


    I'd like to see the evidence the area is growing.
  10. YourBoy


    The combined entities should have more leverage to offer more attractive incentives to industry/business looking to locate to the area.
  11. YourBoy


    There’s no good reason not to consolidate. Would be great for the area
  12. You could try Archives Management Warehouse in Brockway.
  13. I saw PENN DOT plows out around 6 am but roads in town not touched. Then after they cleared the first squall, another came through.
  14. Mine was picked up on the regular schedule
  15. Parents are out of their freaking minds if they went to the SCHOOL BOARD about playing time.
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