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  1. It is not a hoax. I know multiple people who have died. So kindly shut up.
  2. Does anyone know when spring cleanup garbage pickup is in DuBois?
  3. It’s annoying to hear honking all the time regardless of who the sign is for
  4. Well if he thought he could just waltz into sheetz and take whatever he wanted, it doesn't take much to imagine what he thought he was entitled to do with public funds entrusted to him.
  5. YourBoy


    The players, coaches, band, cheerleaders all count towards the 250 so there are not going to be many fans. Good luck rationing that
  6. Wait a minute. How can you be on city council if you don't live in the city?
  7. There has been a lot of malfeasance alleged. Fire hall, wrestling, etc. why did no one come forward for all of those?
  8. YourBoy


    Try Napoli’s sweet sauce. It’s great.
  9. Then they learned more and said wear masks. People decided to ignore that. Now stuff is cancelled. See you can learn new facts then adapt.
  10. Exercise helps your immune system. Yes has nothing to do with playing organized sports
  11. That’s a bunch of gobley gook. But if you believe it then anyone can go for a run by themselves at any time.
  12. If people had worn masks, distanced and treated this like a public health emergency maybe we’d have sports.
  13. Let's start a thread for food truck sightings around town. They seem to pop up randomly then disappear. There was a Chinese food one last night by Advanced Auto Parts. If you see one, please let us know so we can check it out!
  14. We don’t need another bank or building supply place. Dunhams is the most disorganized sports store I’ve ever been in and there’s never anyone to help you.
  15. Does anyone have a recommendation for an internet provider in DuBois other than Comcast? we are having tons of issue with Comcast. Thanks. elliot
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