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  1. Perkins is sponsoring a team in U6 soccer right now if that means anything.
  2. I just thought they were renovating
  3. They couldn't come to an agreement on the land purchase.
  4. Why? So we can lose the areas largest employer?
  5. We wanted to get married outside so used it to pick our wedding date. SUCCESS!
  6. The Denny Bonivata OP Ed with nearly the same title in yesterdays paper was one of the more tone deaf things I've ever read. He compared the Sandy Dubois relationship to that of North and South Korea. Then referred to the North South Korea conflict as a kerfuffle.
  7. At my old apartment, the residents prior to us did. Our toilet wasn't flushing right so we called in the plumber. They pulled out a ton of floss and match sticks.
  8. YourBoy

    Giant Eagle

    They had 4 lanes open yesterday after work which was a major improvement from 2 weeks ago when they had one. For people on that side of town, it would be a hardship for those that don't drive if the store left.
  9. I asked for a refund for local channels.
  10. Peking has been closed for months. Is another Chinese place going in there? I saw it was sold
  11. YourBoy

    Art Walk

    Why have it same time as community days
  12. YourBoy


    They shouldn't. And that's why they have the lookback period as well. Anyone that is concerned about this should look into the newer life insurance policies that contain conversion ability to be long term care insurance.
  13. YourBoy


    If you have assets you aren’t going to qualify for Medicaid until they are exhausted minus the excepted items.
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