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  1. Did anyone listen to the meeting
  2. Do they actually have good cigars?
  3. The fbi led by a republican has said it was not antifa. We all know this because of you look at the websites of all the trump people, they’ve been planning this for weeks. There are videos, tweets, Reddit. That guy with the Viking hat has been at multiple qanon events.
  4. No you only have issues when people protest for racial justice. I condemn all looting and violence by anyone.
  5. peaceful protest is protected. violence is not
  6. Yeah that's not how it works. You think you can just walk into the white house?
  7. There has been a bunch of audits and once Dominion started suing people for defamation they have conveniently retracted their statements about issues. This is banana republic crap and makes the US look TERRIBLE.
  8. They stormed the house and senate floor! You think they are permitted to be there? lol
  9. Biden supporters aren't violent. Why would they be there? Biden and Kamala will still be in charge on Jan. 20.
  10. If you have any proof of malfeasance, show it! There have been over 60 court cases rejecting Trump's claims of fraud and Trump's own legal team doesn't even allege any when pressed. Time to stop living in fantasy land.
  11. If you support a violent coup, you are in no way american. You should all be ashamed for advocating this violence. Or do you only take umbrage when it's BLM doing the violence? It's a sad day in America. Never in my life would I dream this would be happening in this country and certainly not incited by the POTUS. A dark day for america indeed.
  12. Is anything open today?
  13. YourBoy

    Snow Hysteria

    It's rained many times on one side of town and not on the other. You can have vast differences in snow amounts within a mile radius. So DuBois to Reynoldsville isn't that crazy.
  14. Ugh. Can I get reimbursed for my sidewalk I redid because it was in bad shape or do just some people get a free sidewalk?
  15. The Trees on Maple Ave. are being cut down just like they did on Main Street! It looks awful! It's literally called MAPLE AVENUE. Who thought this was a good idea? Why are new trees not being planted? Are they burying the power lines? Otherwise it looks ridiculous. Why are they intent on making our town look horrible?
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