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  1. Mostly junk from my garage like an old dresser but there is some salvageable stuff as well like a craftsman self propelled mower that needs a minor repair to run, a weed eater edger, an old hockey net, like I said mostly junk i'm trying to clear out of my garage so i can organize it and have more space for storage.
  2. Does any one have a recommendation for a junk removal service?
  3. Masks prevent you from spreading germs to others. They don’t do nothing. It’s a minor thing and if everyone wore them we could get back to normal much more quickly. That case number is going to skyrocket now that everyone is going out again. This summer we will be right back where we started on lockdown.
  4. Is there anywhere around that sells/installs gas or electric fireplace inserts?
  5. It won’t take years. Vaccine is coming. If people aren’t careful second wave will be much worse and restrictions will be even more stringent. Do you want to do this once or twice?
  6. That’s dubois board not the overall company. It good info
  7. With elective surgeries resuming, when will employees be brought back? It would be nice if the Courier actually asked some tough questions of the executives Instead of just regurgitating the company line.
  8. More?! Why? Elective stuff is resuming. This is unbelievable.
  9. The Board should be ashamed. No severances. Benefits gone in the middle of a pandemic. Misleading the public. If this was just about the Coronavirus then everyone would have been furloughed. Not the case at all.
  10. About 2/3 were laid off. 1/3 furloughed
  11. If you do a percentage force reduction, 600 was about 15%, there are rules that must be followed legally. Another nugget for thought, hospitals are poised to get bailout money. Will PHH hire everyone back when they get their bailout?
  12. Yeah but there are lots of rules for mass layoffs
  13. That’s what I’m saying. This is just an excuse to cut costs. Yes some people will come back but it won’t be as many as people think. That one article said everyone was furloughed. Not try. Most were laid off
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