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  1. Let's start a thread for food truck sightings around town. They seem to pop up randomly then disappear. There was a Chinese food one last night by Advanced Auto Parts. If you see one, please let us know so we can check it out!
  2. We don’t need another bank or building supply place. Dunhams is the most disorganized sports store I’ve ever been in and there’s never anyone to help you.
  3. Does anyone have a recommendation for an internet provider in DuBois other than Comcast? we are having tons of issue with Comcast. Thanks. elliot
  4. Since when are people in this country put to death with out a trial by jury for crimes? Apparently that's ok now.
  5. This is ridiculous. You don't get the death sentence in this country for any crime other than 1st degree murder.
  6. Hoss’s buffet seems like the opposite of safe practices.
  7. Wonderfully sourced. I know all involved. It’s 100% true.
  8. It’s a home health nurse. Not a nursing home patient. The nurses go into the patients home.
  9. This worker infected at least two elderly patients who then infected their adult child and spouse. No reporting on this.
  10. Furloughs were supposed to end today but most were pushed back to the end of June now. Somehow that’s not in the paper. As I said previously, most were layoffs anyway.
  11. Awesome! Beautiful bar in there.
  12. Mostly junk from my garage like an old dresser but there is some salvageable stuff as well like a craftsman self propelled mower that needs a minor repair to run, a weed eater edger, an old hockey net, like I said mostly junk i'm trying to clear out of my garage so i can organize it and have more space for storage.
  13. Does any one have a recommendation for a junk removal service?
  14. Masks prevent you from spreading germs to others. They don’t do nothing. It’s a minor thing and if everyone wore them we could get back to normal much more quickly. That case number is going to skyrocket now that everyone is going out again. This summer we will be right back where we started on lockdown.
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