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  1. I bet she kept crying and saying she didn’t know he was there hahahaha.
  2. They said it was a black lab but we are in 2019 so maybe it’s trans shar pei . Can’t keep up with times anymore hahahahaha.
  3. Not sure that’s a bad habit or being one step ahead of your surroundings.
  4. jt85

    Car storage

    https://www.alansfactoryoutlet.com/metal-garages Take a look here if ur interested in buying.
  5. It’s kinda like when u look at the weather and it says 45 but the real feel is -35 lol
  6. Being an adult u think her name would have been released.
  7. I have hunted deer with the rifle for many years. The past few I’ve switched over to hunting archery for buck and I love the challenge. It’s a whole different view in hunting. It Has it’s up and downs more than rifle and u really have to learn the deer in the area you hunt. I’ve learned more archery hunting and the respect of the land and animals I’m hunting. If you would have asked me about archery five years ago my opinion would be worth nothing. I say this because I was not knowing of how great it really is. You have to have the skills to get the deer close enough to get a clean shot and a fast kill. U might see twenty deer a day but never get a shot off so U get to watch how the deer act. And the best part is u don’t have to dress like Ralphy in the Christmas story. So for anybody that hunts rifle and thinks bad on archery go try it and you will change your mind. Its a great experience. But then again anytime in the nature is a great experience. Great job to all who went out and got a deer and to the ones who didn’t because u didn’t come out of the woods empty handed. You came out with more self respect and respect for the land.
  8. So if u rob a bank it’s not robbery because the money was in there?? Hmm
  9. I just want to know why he had to tackle someone with no arms or legs. Pretty hard to resist arrest. And how did they handcuff him?? Did he only have hands and no arms? I’m very confused.
  10. Laws that protect people Is the only reason I can think of.
  11. Why is one better than the other? I feel the best candidate for the position should get it. I see humans as humans not donkeys and elephants.
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