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  1. Crime is an issue.... I don’t care what race u are. If we were all purple in this world there would still be “racism”of some sort. I don’t understand why it matters the color of the people. In dubois there is white on white crime I don’t see protest. In Luthersburgh, Curwensville, and troutville there is white on white crime. And what’s crazy is there is black on black crime in Atlanta, Pittsburgh,Dallas,and Tampa. It’s just the predominant race in the areas. U just see more black on black crimes because the media covers it more than joe blow shooting his neighbor,girlfriend or random white person.
  2. AG Shapiro Charges PA State Senator for Possession of Child Pornography HARRISBURG- Attorney General Josh Shapiro on Tuesday tonight announced charges against Pennsylvania State Senator Michael Folmer for possession of child pornography. The investigation began as a result of a CyberTip, which reported an electronic service provider, Tumblr, discovered that a user had uploaded an image of child pornography using its application. The investigation led to the home of Folmer in Lebanon, Pa., according to Shapiro. The Office of Attorney General ‘s Child Predator Section, Lebanon City Police Department and U.S. Department of Homeland Security executed a search warrant on Tuesday and allegedly found images of child pornography on the defendant’s phone. The defendant was charged Tuesday night with sexual abuse of children, possession of child pornography and criminal use of a communication facility. “This defendant serves as a state Senator and was entrusted to honor and represent his community in the Pennsylvania Capitol,” said Shapiro, and “… tonight, our office arrested Mr. Folmer for possession of child pornography. “I will continue to say it—no one is above the law, no matter what position of power they hold. I will continue to work to protect children and hold those who abuse them accountable.” The case will be prosecuted by Senior Deputy Attorney General Christopher Jones. All charges discussed are accusations. The defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.
  3. The wrong thing done was when the man shot someone that was running away. When they are going the opposite way in fear there is no longer a threat. No need to shoot the ones without a gun unless they had weapons also. I think I would have eliminated the main threat and assess the situation on what to do next. Some people pull that trigger and never realize how many times they have pulled it. And to say what u did is kinda dumb. Black on black or whatever color on whatever shouldn’t be dismissed because of whatever reason. Crime is crime no matter what lifestyle anyone lives. No there shouldn’t be a protest but rather a discussion, awareness brought to all about these kind of things and be address. It’s not about race but being equal humans. We are all on this earth together. Let’s all enjoy it.
  4. jt85

    Movie Theater

    That’s a bummer. You would think they would have said something. And now u have to spend more money. Maybe u could call corporate and see if they can make it right??
  5. jt85

    Movie Theater

    My daughter said they were closing down.. I wonder if someone else bought it..
  6. Who even says I smoke? Wish I could but my company doesn’t like that very much. Paying my bills are more important.
  7. Better than wagging something else lol
  8. Well that depends.. sometimes .423765097 and other times 458,98,876.654354 .
  9. Guess no one liked the comments on here
  10. Then their wrongly accused. Everybody wants a smack in the hand and let to do whatever. I say bring back town hanging and stoning for the rightfully accused for bad crimes and I will see crime rate go down. It’s said when kids can’t eat at schools but criminals have everything handed to them. There is no human way to treat criminals they don’t care about humans
  11. Yes because clearly the person has done a crime in order to be handcuffed and lead away by the police. Maybe more people need to be embarrassed this way to learn a lesson..
  12. For some reason I find it hilarious when I add any bad word to the censored part. Try it. Possibly might make u laugh it did me
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