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  1. jt85


    I'll be working so no enjoying the fireworks tonight. I hope everyone has a good time.
  2. jt85

    Happy Birthday jt85!

    Thank you. It's a beautiful day today. Time to go spend some time in the woods.
  3. jt85

    What’s going on at Tickle Belly?

    Missing Reynoldsville Man Found Dead Posted on Tuesday, May 29, 2018 by Gant Team in Local News WJAC-TV photo WINSLOW TOWNSHIP – A missing 38-year-old Reynoldsville man, Nathaniel Nalder, was found dead in Sandy Lick Creek on Monday evening after a day-long search. According to DuBois-based state police, Nalder was last seen by his mother at approximately 8 p.m. Friday. Through the daylight hours Monday, several search and rescue teams, along with police, were attempting to locate him. Nalder’s boots and hat were discovered along the shore of Sandy Lick Creek, located off Water Street, in Reynoldsville Borough. At approximately 5 p.m. Monday, a recreational kayaker discovered a male body in Winslow Township. The body, state police say, was approximately 2.4 miles downstream from the location of Nalder’s boots and hat. The Curwensville Water Rescue Team recovered the body at approximately 6:23 p.m., and it was identified as Nalder. Nalder’s death has been ruled as accidental. An autopsy has been scheduled. State police were assisted by the Reynoldsville fire and police departments; Reynoldsville Ambulance; Pine Creek, Sykesville, DuBois, Brookville and Sandy Township/Sabula fire departments, Curwensville Water Rescue and the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office.
  4. jt85

    What kind of bug is this?

    Not a stink bug at all I know what a stink bug is and I've never seen one the size of my palm
  5. jt85

    What kind of bug is this?

    Ok I'll remember and if I come across cool bugs I'll get them to u.
  6. jt85

    What kind of bug is this?

    So I guess I found the answer myself and it's a water bug. Same family as a cockroach but it lives in and around water and can fly. They say the bite is very painful so thank goodness it didn't bite me. I found it outside and needless to say after the picture was taken it ended up dead. And the picture doesn't give justice to the actual size. I would say it was closer to 3 inches ( or a guys 6 inches hahaha).
  7. I guess lol. I thought the same thing pretty stupid.
  8. I found this also and the price for a radar gun is around 285 and up. According to the operations manuals that come with police radar, to ensure accuracy every radar unit is supposed to be calibrated with tuning forks before each and every working shift and also before and after being used to detect each speeding violation.
  9. To answer all four questions. Who cares? They should be allowed to use them. If there is a possibility to save someone's life that is speeding then let it pass. No difference in local or state using them. You wouldn't think the training or calibration of them wouldn't be hard. Now the price I'm sure is pricey for them. And I don't see how they could abuse them because if you get pulled over the police are more than happy to have u come back to their car and look at what the radar says. And if not I'm sure u can report it and the number of complaints will determine what officer is abusing them.
  10. jt85


    Go to accident reports on here. It's on long avenue where the Mike's hardware building is.
  11. jt85

    Fire in DuBois

    They haven't cleared my area and I'm right by it down wind of the smoke
  12. jt85

    Need more bars in Dubois

    Yea it was the kids play area and they took it over because it's a right of way. I just don't look that way and I'm going to put up signs and then this summer the fence if I can find it cheap enough. I'm just disgusted on how he treated me and then what he did. I'm getting g grass seed and going to make it look nice and maybe he will be alittle nicer next run in. I don't want conflict with my neighbors. I've lived here over ten years and never had problems around here and now I have the city telling my to clean my clean yard or I'll get a fine. I don't get it. Only good thing is the police presence I. The neighborhood now. So I do like that.
  13. jt85

    Lab caught a chip#2 just now

    Chipmunks are not protected by federal law, but are protected by thePennsylvania Game Commission.Pennsylvania law allows landowners to take chipmunks when they are causing or about to cause damage to property. Just shoot them but don't let the game commission see you do it.