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  1. jt85

    DuBois Area High School Closed

    They wont let the kids go to school but they will still have the basketball game at the middle school today.
  2. So let me get this right. Its bottom bun then condiments then burger with lettuce tomatoes onion and the the top bun. Then on the side u have fries and mayochup. With a glass of pop?
  3. jt85

    DuBois water

    I won't drink the water in town or anywhere. Who knows what crawled inside those lines and died in them. Yuck.
  4. jt85

    DuBois Area High School Closed

    In the high school they did now its the middle school.
  5. jt85

    DuBois Area High School Closed

    The middle school is now closed till further notice.
  6. jt85

    DuBois Area High School Closed

    The high school will reopen tomorrow.
  7. jt85

    Old CVS - Sandy Plaza

    Let me be the first. Olive garden. 😛
  8. Just seen where sandy township posted that he was an officer. So sad for both the familiea in this tragic time. Prays to everyone involved. Hopefully they honor both of these men in the same way.
  9. I know their buring the lines for the lights.
  10. jt85

    DuBois Area High School Closed

    Closed tomorrow Tuesday September 18.
  11. I dont mind people using the side streets but do u really have to go 30 mph in an alley way. I'm about ready to get a set of spike strips for these goons.
  12. jt85

    What's In A Kiss ?

    Great wrestlers back in the day. One even was a golden glove boxer. Once their dad passed they both went done hill fast. Drugs will control ever aspect of your life. So terrible.
  13. jt85

    DuBois Area High School Closed

    That's what I was thinking also but they won't come out and say its mold.
  14. Just got the call that the High School is closed today till further notice. They said they are having professionals come and clean it due to all the rain we have been having. You think if any school was having issues it would be the middle school being in the swamp area.
  15. Took this not to long after they started. I'm surprised more of this hasn't happened.