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  1. Sure does. I think the guy came off 80 over the bank and into the concrete barriers. Still a dangerous section. Atleast most of the locals know to slow down and keep and extra eye open.
  2. Seen on the traffic camera there is a bad wreck at the falls Creek I 80 exit/entrance right under the bridges. Be careful looks to be a bad one.
  3. That depends on where ur kids decide to hide it. Find mine in the shower their room and the kitchen sink. What's so hard about brushing ur teeth at the bathroom sink. Think your out and go buy new and then 15 things of toothpaste just casually show up out of nowhere. Only thing more irritating than that is when the girls put the seat down. Hahahahahaha
  4. jt85


    This is normal behavior around here. I really enjoy seeing the Amish boys with their minature horse and little wagon attached riding down the road.
  5. jt85

    Got Goya

    Should be every countries endeavor to secure their boarders. I go behind walls everyday I come home.. why to protect me from invaders. Just like we need to do our boarders. If you want to come to our great country then do it the legal way just like I would have to if I decided to leave the u.s and go elsewhere. What is so wrong with keeping our country safe from foreign invaders?? My creator gave me the right to protection from bad and love to bring in the good. I just can't believe how many people have put down our president and nothing is done to them. If you don't like him try to vote him out. If u don't want to vote and just whine then shut up u have no right to be in the discussion. Not saying u yourself just people in general. And if people don't like the laws and rules we'll go to another country. Me personally wish I could go to Switzerland but I love my country and will honor our president and enjoy what time I have on this earth while I have it..
  6. jt85

    Got Goya

    I'm not sure our great president was the one who is out building the wall. That would be the contractors fault.
  7. I feel everyone that is taking history away is causing more racism. I don’t see Indians out having a movement and making a big deal about butter or football team names.. by the end of this white Americans will be a thing of the past..
  8. I totally agree with u. I just didn’t know that I wasn’t aloud to feed them. There are no signs about cwd but now that I know I’m in that area I cleaned up what needed to be done. I know I want to get chickens since I have a coop and space now but afraid I’ll get yelled at by someone for having them..
  9. Hope u have electric on.
  10. Already ahead of ya there lol.
  11. Reposted this with the sounds. Sorry I’m new at this lol.
  12. If you notice the corn is no longer there.
  13. Why I enjoyed having corn out.
  14. Here’s one picture. I’ll go get more soon
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