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  1. You think his daughter would get charged with receiving stolen property.
  2. Eggs

    Your eggs are the best eggs I have ate. So yummy. Happy chickens lay amazing eggs.
  3. Right of way

    On my property.
  4. Right of way

  5. Right of way

    I know I'm not gonna make myself look like the a$$ like he wants me to. I will get a surveyor here and then fence and put signs up. If he destroys that then I'll press charges. What boggles my mind is how my yard is a right of way. I'm not understanding of that but I soon will find out.
  6. Right of way

    Tried and didn't work. He snapped and walked away. Very rude.
  7. Right of way

    So when can the city just say a business can take over ur property and the owner can do whatever they want because it is a right of way? I was ok with them cleaning up the trees and putting the dumpster where they have it. All I asked was to leave the beautiful lilac bush and the maple tree. What do they do? They rip out the lilac and I went down and said something and the owner was so rude and told me to call the city because he don't care and he's cleaning up the garbage mess which was woods. Very rude guy. He will never get my business first off and with the I don't care additude he will not get far. I hope he reads this and understands my frustrations. I will be getting a fence and putting it on my property now so I won't see his business. And if he's patrons keep parking in my yard well there will be towing happening. Done being the nice guy. Rant over.
  8. (Provided photo) DUBOIS – Butterflies will be the focus of the DuBois Area Historical Society’s 11th annual luncheon, Saturday, March 17, beginning at 12 p.m. at Christ Lutheran Church, Sunflower Drive, DuBois. Cheryl Shenkle of DuBois will be the guest speaker presenting “Monarchs 2018, What to Expect and How to Help.” For the past four years, Shenkle has led an effort to raise and release monarch butterflies, helping to replenish a species long on a downward spiral. “Every year the releases get bigger,” said Shenkle. “They are rebounding. These butterflies are important to nature. I call the monarchs ‘pretty flying flowers.’” Shenkle will use a PowerPoint presentation to explain the preservation effort in DuBois. She will also explain the cooperative efforts of the governments of the United States and Mexico to establish a highway of food and safety for the butterflies as they migrate between the two countries. Reservations and payment for the luncheon are due by March 13. The cost is $10 and includes soup, sandwich, salad and dessert. Reservations should be sent to DuBois Area Historical Society, P.O. Box 401, DuBois, PA 15801. Checks should be made payable to the DuBois Area Historical Society. For additional information telephone 814-371-9006 or e-mail A reservation is available at the society’s webpage at
  9. Bull crap. If my kids deserve discipline they get it. Tell me other wise. Now I'm not aloud to beat my kids which I won't but nobody can tell me I can't discipline my kids. And my kids get the a and b honor roll. They know how to handle bullies and I will pay whatever comes out of the situation. Usually they try to befriend both people in the situation and try to find a solution. It's all on how u raise ur kids. Being a parent is number 1 in controlling ur children's actions. I've had my problems growing up and I was the "bad" kid. There was no help they just tossed me to the trash and it was my sister that helped me understand life and the things I was doing. I believe if u get help and are willing to change and see change then u should get another chance. Don't ever just throw people of any age to the curb. We are all human and we all have a snapping point. Be kind and have compassion and the world will revolve smoother.

    I've been working like crazy and I love it.
  11. He should have asked for just 30 seconds.
  12. K1 kerosene?

    Thank u we went to tractor supply. Alittle pricey but it does the job
  13. K1 kerosene?

    Does anyone know where to get k1 kerosene around dubois? Sheetz on east dubois avenue switch to k2 kerosene and I can not is it indoors unless I had a heater with exhaust on it.
  14. Ponderosa closing

    Love their chicken santa Fe.
  15. Duncan Donuts

    Thank you. That means alot to me. I'm actually taking a small job but starting wage is 10.00/hr. So it's a start. I'm actually excited to start. And I'll still be able to volunteer my time with b.u.d.s garden still. Can't wait to build the house around the water.