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  1. Wolf has to help his Muslim community some how..
  2. I really don’t think the deceased are worried about catching the covid.
  3. jt85

    Ohio Reopens

    Is it baloney because u don’t believe people have medical conditions??? Go to the Amish stores or even to a country store. I don’t see anyone wearing them there.. And not one person complained.
  4. It must run in the family because mr. Ds son is a great guy also and his grandson isn’t to bad either lol. Very genuine people.
  5. jt85

    Ohio Reopens

    I don’t see the mockery in it. I see a serious question.. why are some things allowed open and others are not. U can go to Walmart and be elbow to elbow but u cant go to a restaurant or certain businesses. I don’t understand a lot of what is going on. I still have yet to meet or hear of someone knowing someone with covid. I think people need to be cautious but not overly cautious. I know what I say is wrong to you and is what u think of others also but just think about the logic of all this.. there is none besides government control and to scare the people. It’s where they want us...
  6. So when we go out what are we supposed to do?? I can’t remember.
  7. Wonder if this has anything to do with the pork shortage..
  8. jt85

    Need Haircut

    I cut my girlfriends hair and the kids hair and they like it. I also cut mine off as well. I’m the only one with short hair so I must be doing something right and they don’t complain either haha.
  9. jt85

    Need Haircut

    110% agree. I don’t understand this man bun crap.. it is so much worse then a she shed....
  10. Really 56.17.. just pay it company.. what a dumb thing to make a bad name for yourself...
  11. jt85

    Arrest records

    Me either lol
  12. jt85

    Arrest records

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