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  1. This is beyond ridiculous on both parties. I'm all about people standing up for their rights but when it comes to mindless teens trying to do adults things and stand up for stuff they really don't understand is not right... where are these kids parents? They are just as wrong for letting these kids do this unsupervised. I know two of the kids holding signs for "the right reason" and they are beyond senseless to this. They are at the age where kids experiment and think how other want them to because they can't make up their own mind yet because they are young. And what ever happen to free speech. #1 they are all under age kids that think they know how the world revolves. #2 back in the day if this was me or my friends either my parents or someone they know would have stopped right there and then and busted my ass and take me home to get another ass beating. Sorry if my comments offend u but that doesn't take my rights away. Can't wait for Jesus to come down and fix this world because there are way to many offended wimps in this world. And start the hate because I'm a straight white male. I'm used to it.
  2. jt85

    New Ford Bronco

    Its a ford.. thats all I got to say lmao.
  3. If he doesn't want guest accounts then he needs to remove that option then. Why provide something u don't want people to use?
  4. Or someone that doesn't understand computers or phones very well.. I just don't understand why something so small bothers u. Trust me it doesn't get anywhere ever. I've calmed down a hell of a lot.if it bothers u so much just look at the name as Ted and not guest.. heck half the time I don't even look who I'm typing to. Godubois forum is like the voices in my head. U have the nice ones the grumpy ones the ones that talk a bunch of crap and then disappear. And ones who just want to be a guest. Their scared. Or maybe its u arguing with yourself. Lmao sorry I'm an idiot one hahaha.
  5. Calm down. Maybe they don't understand how to do those things. Maybe just fishing for details or something someone might say. Maybe someone who wants answers but are afraid to be anything but a guest.
  6. Take the guns away bet people will still kill one another. Just put us all in our separate bubbles and life will be perfectly unperfect. Blacks will get everything they want. Whites go to the dungeons and Mexicans get to have America. The Asians will be fine because everyone wants the latest technology. And any other race well they will get their place when they get noticed their not the same as others. California will be their own country where all the unicorns and rainbows will be there. America the Great divided country because (not my) government thinks control is the answer and being offended gives you special rights....
  7. They don't have to have a back door to spy on any of us.. we all have one device or another in our homes or on us 24/7 that records sound and video. If u think they don't know then people need to wake up. If u don't believe me start talking about stuff u don't buy and watch it start showing up in ur ads. Happens all the time. I try to shut a lot of things off my phone but they still have control of it.. oh well hopefully they like seeing a donkey in shoes or pictures of my chickens..
  8. Makes me wonder what this lady was involved in that she gave in to this scam. Guess she doesn't realize bribes don't work using gift cards... only on young kids and even then they look at u like wth is this card..
  9. jt85

    Gasoline Prices

    I've been wondering the same thing. Must be in Tahiti living off that hush money their getting for voting for him.
  10. Well thats just purely stupid to do that. I was actually discussing this with my buddy and he was explaining that to me and I don't agree with that. Do night courses for adults or these adults can go to triangle tech or another school. Why put these kids at risk. If he is sane then the spike will come out. And since he's only 23 gonna have to heat the spike to teach him a hard hot lesson..
  11. And adult student.. so I'm assuming this guy has learning disabilities and has a mind of a 14 year old. He says he knows it was wrong but is that true or is that like a child saying yea I know just to drop the discussion. I'm not making excuses for the guy but why didn't the school have a special class for him. The school messed up by letting a 23 year old man child interact with young kids. I'm not sure if he needs a spike or proper guidance...
  12. Pittsburgh is gonna have to start making steel for all these spikes im gonna have to make..
  13. U can run but u can't hide. Either the product he supplied did him in or the cartel got him for not paying up. Sucks he died and a family lost one of their own but if u mess with something u can't handle it will bite u. In his case it bit him hard. Couldn't imagine running from the law and criminals just to end up dying. Now theres a spot opened for the next "kingpin" but I'm sure it was filled the day he got busted. Hope his family gets the strength to get through this.. And for anyone wondering i have not a clue who this guy is or his family. Just know what its like losing someone and no matter their past it still hurts to lose a loved one. God bless and love one another. And before u speak think with compassion and care. Just because someone thinks ill about someone else doesn't mean there isn't someone who loved that person. Could be someone you love. Never know.
  14. Atleast they are finally admitting they don't know their head from their ass...
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