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  1. jt85

    Outside light part 2

    This was it but I edited it.
  2. jt85

    Outside light part 2

    There was a picture of a big middle finger all lite up. It was funny but not appropriate.. I guess lol
  3. Because it attack a woman. So they feel it needs to be put down. I say it was doing it’s job and protecting its cubs. It wasn’t attacking for food.
  4. jt85

    Alleged Rape At Paris Companies

    On the original report it says about a 22 year old woman. But then it never meantions her again so I wonder if it was a male and female that was on work release and was transported to work together and got caught when they went to let them out of the back to go to work. I don’t know it’s a pretty crazy story but nothing surprises me anymore. People are something else anymore.
  5. jt85

    Alleged Rape At Paris Companies

    “ two inmates engaged in consensual sexual relations in the jail’s transport vehicle.” I don’t understand where there was a rape of a woman. It clearly states that it was two inmates that engaged in consensual sexual relations in the transport van nothing about raping a woman in the van. I mean I’m not much of a reader but I can even read that. Lol
  6. jt85

    Alleged Rape At Paris Companies

    State Police Release Update on Sexual Assault Investigation DUBOIS – DuBois-based state police have released an update with regards to an alleged sexual assault that involved two local jail inmates. State police say the incident was reported Dec. 6 and involved two Jefferson County inmates who were out on work release at Paris Cleaners. The business provides employment opportunities to qualifying inmates, which assists them and the community. According to state police, during a planned work release break, two inmates engaged in consensual sexual relations in the jail’s transport vehicle. As required by the Prison Rape Elimination Act, jail officials reported the incident to state police. The investigation is continuing at this time.
  7. jt85

    Polaski Area

    Seen three cops flying three town heading there the chief almost lost it by Charlie’s alternator on the anti skid. Also seen one ambulance but didn’t know what happened.
  8. I’m offended that people are offended about an offensive movie.
  9. I just say the fields because I see everyone blame them so I laugh inside every time. I don’t see a problem with the updated park it looks great. And I’m ten years the town will have many more changes. It’s all called hope and as a community we all could do a little more. Petee I try and that’s all I can do. I’m always willing to help when I’m able to. I love my city and I hope more positive will happen. We need more activities for all ages and for all the proper lights possible. I don’t believe we need as many as they put up I think they went over board. Just in the last two years I have notice more plants and cleaner areas but like I said everyone needs to do their part. For me I’m the type of person that will help anyone. We are all here so why not lend a hand when possible. It definitely makes me feel happier inside and I know people appreciate the things I can help with.
  10. Your quick to judge. I’m actually neither I love my city I live in. If I didn’t I would move. I think some of the projects they have done are stupid. I feel that they need to bring bigger better jobs in this city if they want people here. I believe the council does what their able to do with the funds they have and we have it better than other towns and cities. IMO I could careless for treasure lack yea I said lack because they lack a lot of things. Why have a gated community that anyone can go to. Why make it their own municipality when people move their to have the “safety” of the gates. I think every town has their highs and lows. I think it’s great that they are trying to make it look nice but add some trees, take out ever two light post out and that will pay for the trees and take the lights above out there a waste. Instead of having a very few Christian bands play in the park rent it to other bands and let them play. There are plenty of things that can change if people stop living their old ways and see new light. So don’t judge someone by a few words because they said DuBois can’t afford because I’m sure they can’t. They have to spend extra money on the fields for maintenance.
  11. jt85

    Show me your rack!!

    Reminds me of my eight I got four years ago
  12. The city probably can’t afford these lights. The have to pay for the new lights and the fancy Christmas lights on the poles that they only have the ones by the meat market on.
  13. jt85

    Main Street Lost Its First Lamp Post

    Probably eating a hashbrown
  14. Maybe franklin is racist and that’s why he’s sitting by himself. I’m so tired of everything being racist. Ridiculous
  15. jt85

    Neighbor's outside light

    Just get big mirrors and position them so it reflects their light back threw their window. Eventually they will get sick of it.