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  1. About time they do something with it. But then again how long will it last.
  2. Time to get our poop kickers on. But I'm sure the Dems are arguing that this isn't true and they won't prove anyone "right" hahaha
  3. I get your point. And I don't count anything as a covid death. A death is a death and that's hard enough. I think the rug was pulled way to hard under people and they hit their heads hard and this covid isn't as bad as we think it is. I feel it's another flu virus that's just worse if it is even true. I dont know I haven't seen the proof. But I get where someone with health issues would be concerned. Myself I feel I'm very healthy and if I went to a doctor he/she would tell me different.
  4. I know multiple people who have died also but not from covid. Most people that passed away have preexisting conditions. Sorry for your lose but to tell someone to kindly shut up is like telling someone to kindly ram a bar up the butt. Good day.
  5. Wtf is wrong with people. Hung him in his cell and no more worries.
  6. I think the political signs are just like a stump on the ground at this point. They are there and we know it but yet we don't care to look at the same old stump over and over for months..
  7. Start pressing the investigators. If u know something say something...
  8. That's because he's following the rules hahahaha. Not because he sucks. Well ok yea maybe it is hahahah.
  9. Andy is a great guy and his crew is very respectful. I'd give him a call. Wouldn't think it would be to expensive to install them. Penn central doors would be the best option. Sorry he's my neighbor and is a great guy.
  10. I was dropped not shaken.
  11. jt85


    Started building a new chicken coop that is going to be winter friendly. Then going to Sharon pa for some haunted walk/hay ride. Rather finish my coop though.
  12. jt85


    Didn't realize there was a block button.
  13. jt85


    U are really impossible. How about u you've one unless u need me to hold ur hand and wipe ur ass.. but if it's to much of a responsibility to choose one of the many I gave u then maybe u need to hang ur hat and stay on the porch and not try to play with the big dogs. This is the problem in this world u hand people the truth but their opinion is their truth and nobody can tell them any different. So I'm not wasting anymore of my time with a worthless conversation. Ur right I'm wrong and Trump will prevail. So I'm sorry that u will be on the wrong side when a civil war breaks out. Just remember don't call 911 when ur in need of help because when ur choice wins there will be no 911. Have a good day and sorry ur so butt hurt about the truths that u can open ur eyes big enough to see
  14. jt85


    And I gave u multiple choices for u to choice from. But then of course I'm sure u can't remember. Conbiden it will be ok
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