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  1. I wonder how well many Democrats sleep at night. Do they grip their pillows tight while they weep in it. This is the America u all wanted. Say good bye to ur jobs. Say good bye to america as a whole. God bless us all because we need it more than ever.
  2. jt85

    Masks again

    See I wouldn't have that problem because I don't drink lol. But I'm sure they will get it if they need it that bad. I think some of the people I know could use a dry out lol.
  3. jt85

    Masks again

    If this crap is so bad then why don't we see hazardous waste bins for all these mask and gloves. Why don't every business,school and any other place provide the mask for u. And when u leave it goes in the bin. It's all crap. The flu virus is what we get and they say its covid. They just want us to do as they say and stay home to waste away. If it's so bad then lock us all down and shut the country down. And then maybe a miracle will happen and it will disappear. But it's all going to get better because we have a wonderful president that will make this whole world better. No more being broke no more diseases and global warming will be no more. Joe the hero is here to save us all. Sounds like something the devil would tell us..
  4. jt85

    cops radar

    Ur right and I laugh when I see them sitting out there. But I never see sandy pull anyone over it's always DuBois police having someone pulled over leaving town.
  5. jt85

    cops radar

    Long Avenue towards christ the king
  6. I've seen how the system works here. I have no criminal record. And I've been to clearfield county jail. It's adult daycare. I'm just saying I wouldn't want to go back or to any jail in that matter. I love my freedom. And yes I like the people here and I love the outdoors but that doesn't mean I hate the area because of the cops or court system or the fact there are no good paying jobs here. I just would rather be where my family is. I've lived here my entire life and I've seen many places and I feel like there is more potential in this area then the people that run it sees. I feel they are about money but don't want to do anything to bring it in. Hopefully in the next ten we will see more opportunities around and here.
  7. Wouldn't want to go to court in this corrupt county...
  8. jt85

    cops radar

    All they got to do is sit by my house and they can keep writing till their pen is dried. People fly down both hills and not many ppl stop at the stop signs.
  9. Mr.Ryen??? Lmao just kidding. But I may think u have something to do with authority to get this upset about the truth. The guy should have done his job and checked this before saying ok... Common sense says do your job and do it right...
  10. Steelbums need to rid of rottenhamburger. Same thing over and over. He's hurt blah blah blah. A team that works together comes out on top and steelers well they are old news.
  11. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  12. I agree but I also know that it was adults that did the breaking in the cars. At least this is what I'm hearing and the people are drug addicts and dealers that are being watched. Also heard the one stole a car that night and was out of jail in a couple days. Well the know where the problem is but just want to watch and do nothing about it. I say bust these no good s.o.b and get the out of this town. We don't need this crap here. This is a chilled town with to many bad apples.
  13. I hope it doesn't happen but there only gonna get the kids riverside bag of garbage or the one in the front seat..
  14. People shouldn't have to lock up their things. People just need to keep their grubby hands off poop that isn't theirs... when they get what's deserved people will be crying because somebody took it upon theirselves to solve the issue ...
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